What are the best aspects of living in Batangas, Philippines as a young adult?

I work Sto. Tomas, Batangas which is just a jeepney ride away from Laguna, but my home is in Batangas City, at the very heart of Batangas province.,To be perfectly honest, my living conditions here isnu2019t very magical. But things here are not as expensive as NCR, and the traffic is more tolerable, and though the shops are quite limited, with the

Why didnu2019t the US invade N. Vietnam and capture Hanoi and Haiphong in 1966?

Because they were not interested in starting WW 3.,Also, it would have demonstrated that all the propaganda about helping an u201cindependent countryu201d called South Vietnam was a total lie. The war was sold to the American people as being a conflict between different kinds of Vietnamese and this would have proven that what the war was really abo

What is a good milk replacement for baking?

You can replace regular milk with other u201cmilksu201d, such as soy, oat, coconut, etc, in a 1:1 ratio.,You can also use 1/2 cup evaporated milk + 1/2 cup water for every cup of milk.,In an emergency (as much as baking can be an emergency), you can try 1 cup water + 2 tsp butter for every cup of milk, but the results will probably not be the best.

Which is the smallest country in Asia?

Three smallest countries in Asia would be:,49 Bahrain 765 km2,50 Singapore 716 km2,51 Maldives 300 km2,All islands. On the mainland smallest county in Asia would be Palestine, if it existed (disputed borders, occupied), followed by Lebanon 10,452 km2.

What is your craziest TSA experience?

Three interesting experiences, one somewhat memorable. My first memorable TSA experience happened on Friday September 14, 2001.,On Tuesday, 9/11, I was working in a steel mill in Peoria, Illinois. Iu2019d flown in the day before, was buried in dust and steel residue troubleshooting a controls problem (steel dust and electrical equipment - anyone th

What does the bible say about polygamy?

No.,But it does require that anyone fit to be a leader must be married to only one wife. It has become a Christian mark of moral leadership to be monogamous.,Also divorce and remarriage is not allowed unless the partner has been unfaithful, which frees you from blame.,Andu2014if you have sex with someone that is u201cmarriage equivalentu201d snd yo

Can untouchables achieve moksha?

aham u0101tmu0101 guu1e0du0101keu015ba sarva bhu016btu0101u015baya sthitau1e25 | aham u0101diu015bca madhyau1e41 ca bhu016btu0101nu0101m anta eva ca || Gita 10:20 ||,20. I am the Self, O Gudakesha (Arjuna u2013Conqueror-of-sleep), dwelling in the hearts of all beings. I verily am the beginning, the middle and also the end of all beings.,This verse

Can astrological predictions about marriage come true?

Compatibility In AstrologyIn ancient times, when in the East marriages were concluded between the parents of the bride and groom, it was horoscope compatibility that played a key role in making a decision. At the same time, we can observe a low percentage of divorces in such countries, in addition, the stability of Eastern marriages impresses every

How can I boost my homes curb appeal?

People pay attention to the exterior, public facing side of their home for a number of reasons. As soon as u2018curb appealu2019 is mentioned, all of those other reasons melt away and boil down to marketability. Not what you find appealing, but what a buyer would find appealing. Here are the top aesthetics a buyer scores high on curb appeal:,Landsc

Which restaurants of the world provide you with the best views?

Waterfalls restaurant in Philippines:It is located in the midst of the palatial Villa Escudero resort plantation in the Philippines. the Waterfalls Restaurant calls for a no-shoes policy as it is located right in the middle of a small river and waterfall. The tables are made of bamboo. The small falls, known as Labasin Falls, is not actually a natu

What is HDR photography?

High dynamic range (HDR) digital photography throws around a lot of vocabulary, which can be pretty confusing at times. Here is a handy list of terms you can use to help you get over the hump:,Bracket: A single photo in a bracketed set. The word u201cbracketu201d can also be used as a verb, as in u201cto bracket,u201d which means to take bracketed

How will my country (Philippines) be affected if I saved my money in the U.S. dollar rather than Philippines currency. Which will be helpful in the long run and short run?

Okay so from my experience with money exchange rates is that everyday it varies here and some exchangers have their own rate while some have a fixed rate that only changes by a few. I personally was born in the Philippines but soon moved to Canada with my family. From my understanding is that the US Dollar is more expensive to exchange here in the

What is the best meat seasoning?

Depends on the meat, doesnu2019t it?,The only thing a good steak needs is a generous layer of salt and pepper, finish with a pat of butter.,But thatu2019s what you do when youu2019re having a steak. If Iu2019m doing fajitas, Iu2019m using a marinade of equal parts soy sauce, Lime Juice and avocado oil, adding in some brown sugar, cumin, chili powde

What is the best cheap videophoto camera for traveling?

Here is the Top Budget Travel Cameras (Under $500),Panasonic Lumix ZS70 u2013 Best Budget Travel Camera.,Nikon D3500 u2013 Low Cost Travel Camera.,Canon Rebel T7 u2013 Popular Beginner Camera.,Olympus E-M10 Mark II u2013 Older 4/3rds Model.,Hope it would be a good suggestion for you.

Has anyone ever taken advantage of amazon return policy?

Disclaimer: The writer do not intend to promote such tactics for monetary benefits.,98 orders, 81 returned!!!!!(unbelievable right!! u2026..I know),It was 7 Jan 2017 , the first order I had placed on amazon for some electronics required for my college project. The items was delivered on time but many of them were faulty equipment( CT, arduino board

What is the best thing you can (lawfully) do to make your neighbor rage?

This is going back to about 1993/4. My older neighbors, about 60. I was about 23. In the country our homes were about 500u2032 apart, with long driveways. I never had a party and worked away. So I would be home half a day on Sunday and slept days, as I worked nites. I do not know what I did, but they hated me. Complaints, letters, dumping lawn clip

What are your 5 favorite websites? Why?

Alrighty, besides Quora, here are my choices:,YouTube - To watch videos for entertainment, education, and everything else in between.,DeviantArt.com - To discover wonderful pieces of art and to showcase my own.,edX - To acquire knowledge without the burden of student debt.,YourMorals.Org - To better understand my personal values.,Watchcartoononline

What are the differences between scotch, bourbon, and Tennessee whiskies?

Scotch Whisky must conform to the Scotch Whisky Order of 1990, which requires that it:n,Be distilled at a Scottish distillery from water and malted barley to which only other whole grains may be added.,Be processed at that distillery into a mash (mixture of cooked grains and water).,Be converted to a fermentable substrate only by endogenous enzyme

What is the best basic DSLR camera and lens to buy for the beginners?

While this looks like a simple question, it is somewhat tricky. Surely, an entry-level camera should be easy to use, lightweight, as well as intuitive, and allow space for growth. A great basic DSLR camera should help to develop your passion for photography.,All of the cameras I have chosen are suitable for beginners in photography. Furthermore, th

How can I start a business with u20b9200?

Yes you can !!,Follow the following steps:,Tieup with Local Manufacturer or Wholesaler and ask for discounted rates alternatively you can also be a service provider ( Like Cleaning Services ,Pickup Services etc after tied with actual Service Provider).,Once you have Price list - Start listing products on Social Media Platforms like Facebook etc or

What does it take to become a good physiotherapist?

It's nice to see that you're interested in the field. Welcome to field full of satiating moments, and a world full of mysteries of different cases. It'll be you who is the savior from pain. ,I can advice you only about becoming a physiotherapist in India, since I'm not too sure about other countries. In this case, like any other medical field, you

What are some healthy recipes that I can make on a budget?

It's quite easy to eat cheap and healthy at the same time. First, I'll provide a shopping list of cheap sources of each macronutrient. You'll save the most money if you can salvage coupons or buy things in bulk(from stores such as Costco).,,Shopping ListProteinChicken(Thigh, Drumstick, Wings, Tenderloin, Breast from cheapest to most expensive),Eggs