What is the best sprite, cranberry, juice, and vodka recipe?

Skip the Sprite and use club soda with a squeeze of Fresh Lime. A cran/pomegranate juice would add some refreshing sweetness as well.,Build in a Collins Glass,1.5 oz Vodka,3 oz cran or pom/cran juice,.5 oz fresh lime,.5 oz light simple syrup (optional for those who like sweet),Ice,Balance with club soda (about 4 oz)

What can I make with 4 large containers of strawberries?

Strawberry jam,Strawberry ice cream,Strawberry salad with fresh mint or basil and genuine balsamic vinagar.,Strawberry pie,Strawberry mousse,Strawberry muffins,Strawberries and cream,Strawberry, blackberry, and raspberry parfait with whipped cream and a cookie or crumble,Strawberry soup with white wine topped with sour cream,A strawberry daiquiri f

What vegetables do Italians normally include in their pasta dishes?

Whatever is seasonal. Literally. Seasonal vegetables in June include the following.,Asparagus (carbonara with asparagus),Chard (tortelli stuffed with ricotta, cheese, and chard),Artichokes (penne with artichokes and pancetta),Spring onions (spaghettoni with spring onions and chilli),Green beans (trofie with pesto, potatoes and green beans),Fava bea

How did Elizabeth Holmes manage to lose $4.5 billion?

By not really having it in the first place.,As Gil Silberman writes, Forbesu2019 estimation of Holmesu2019 net worth was almost exclusively based on the stock she owned in Theranos.,At the time of the estimate (2014), Holmesu2019 owned ~50% of a company valued at $9B, making her net worth $4.5B, on paper. She may have sold some of her shares as par

What should I keep in mind when visiting the Maldives?

SUNSCREEEEEEEEEN! - I got so many sunburns over the span of three days and Iu2019m not mentioning how long it took for me to get rid of my tan.,If thereu2019s salt water - thereu2019s annoying hair. Your hair is gonna make you look like you got electrocuted. Donu2019t make my mistake of forgetting to bring extra conditioner.,Be a nice person and tr

How are mortgage interest rates calculated?

Iu2019ll dispel a couple of myths first.,The lender does not decide what your rate will be. The odds are extremely high that they will sell your loan on the secondary mortgage market. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are the best-known participants, but there are others. Fannie and Freddie buy funded loans from mortgage companies, then pool them into Mor

How do I make a photo frame at home?

The most simple frames are based of cardboard which is then padded on the one (right) side with polyester, and then covered with your choice of fabric. This was a technique I learned more than 20 years ago at a night school craft lesson.,There are many variations on this technique, you can sew, use glue gun or liquid glue, and even cover an ugly wo

What was your wedding cake like?

Strawberries and Cream. Hazelnut Almond. Chocolate Cappuccino. Caramel Apple. Red Velvet. Lemon Berry. Ginger Spice. Chocolate Raspberryu2026,There were too many choices, and the huge list of fancy cake flavors was making me dizzy. Picking just one was excruciating.,And that was just the tip of the iceberg. There was the venue. The caterer. The pla

Out of all the Disney princesses, why do you think Tiana is the least talked about?

As a black girl, I hate the princess and the frog. I donu2019t hate Tiana, but I pretty much hate everything about her story. I feel like most other girls feel the same way.,Number one, Tiana is a frog for 90% of the movie. The princess and the frog came out when I was 9 and just from the previews, I didnu2019t want to see it. Out of all the Disney

What is the cheapest and best laptop for graphic design?

Hi,,Cheap and best are two words which rarely meet.When we talk about a laptop,the first constraint is BUDGET.We should look for the work you have to do and the best specification you will get in that range.,As you asked about Graphic designing,I hope I am doing it with my laptop.I usually use Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator for my work.,I think my

How do I file a civil lawsuit in California?

You have to file a complaint in the appropriate court in the appropriate county. It has to conform to the state and local rules of court and the state Code of Civil Procedure. You then also have to have it served on all interested parties.,If you have to ask a question like this, itu2019s a good indication that youu2019re probably not equipped to d

What are the best ways to lose weight?

Eat clean: Always remember, it is about 80% diet and 20% workout.,Use chia seeds: Taking chia seeds empty stomach in lukewarm water increases our metabolism and helps in reducing weight.,Water: Drinking 4u20135 liters of water in a day reduces weight faster. Try having lukewarm water.,Walking and Running: Running and walking for more than 8 KMs in

What are the qualifications needed for a research paper writer? For example, if a 12th or 10th standard student understands thoroughly about a topic, can he or she write a paper about it?

Do you mean a proper research paper that's published in a peer reviewed professional journal?,There are no qualifications, per se, but the standard is novel research. You need to do something no-one has ever done before, write about it in a very particular way, adhere to all the journal standards in terms and convince a panel of experts in the subj

Today, I saw my dog rolling around on a dead frog on the ground. Why?

Dogs love smelly things. The only theory I ever heard was that dogs roll on smelly things to cover their scent. Purely a theory so I donu2019t know how true it is though. I had a chocolate lab who loved to stink. He would hunt down skunks at night and would be so proud of himself when we would walk out gagging at the smell. My beagle mix has rolled

How much does Shutterstock pay contributors?

It is commonly accepted in the contributor community that if you have sellable content and want to have a payment each month, which is $75u2013$100, you need to consider that images typically earn $2/image/year (optimistically). So if you want a $100 monthly payment, youu2019re looking at $1,200 yearly payment, for which you need roughly 600 images

SSD vs HDD, which one is better?

There is no straight forward answer to your question. First, you need to know that how HDD and SSD work and then cross-match some parameters of HDD and SSD with your needs. Finally, you will decide which will be better for you. (So, Read till the end and then pick one of them),The Hard Disk Drive (HDD), which has been around for the last half-centu

How do I disable birthday notifications from Facebook?

Stop Birthday Notifications On Facebook (Phone)Launch the Facebook app on your phone.,Tap the three lines in the top-right (bottom-right for iPhones).,Scroll down to the Settings & Privacy and enter Settings.,Scroll to the bottom and find the Notification Settings.,This will let you choose which notifications you want and where you receive them.,Ta

What are some things not to do in Canada?

I had to think long and hard about this question because everything I initially came up with was more of a u201cduh, you shouldnu2019t do that anywhere.u201d I could not find twenty things that are unique to Canada, so Iu2019ll throw in some that are obvious to me, and Iu2019ll add a few pictures of my fabulous country instead.,Do not tell Canadian

What is the best free computer protection software for Windows 10?

Internet has made our lives so easy and have become such an integral part of our lives that it is unimaginable to have a life without them. Although internet has its share of benefits, but we can't deny the fact that Internet is a hub of malware. Clicking on a malicious link that infect the system with malware, so it is imperative to have an intern

Where do you apply the principles of mathematics?

I apply the principles of mathematics to all facets of my life. By principles, I take it you mean the underlying premise of mathematics which is way more than just operating on numbers. Abstraction, logic, rigor, deduction, and proof are all very powerful tools at our disposal...

How do I connect my drone?

Nobody can help you much if youu2019re not specific, but in general,,Almost every drone has a BIND button and almost every controller has a way to enter BIND mode either from a menu or a button to hold when itu2019s powered up.,Find the manuals for your drone and controller and youu2019ll find the binding procedure. You can google on terms like u20

How do you cancel Amazon Prime on Amazon?

For computer users,,Move your mouse over the u201cAccount & Listu201d,Left click u201cMemberships & Subscriptionsu201d,Left click u201cPrime Membership Settingsu201d,Left click u201cUpdate, cancel, and moreu201d,Left click u201cEnd trail and benefitsu201d,Left click u201cCancel My Benefitsu201d,Left click u201cCancel membershipu201d,More about paus