Do they know the exact spot the atomic bomb hit?

Watch the video at,If you donu2019t want to watch the entire 15 minute video, then cue it up to about 07:45. The Hiroshima target is marked with a red circle. It is a T shaped bridge.,You can see it at Google Maps where it is the T shaped bridge at the point of land immediately above the PEACE BELL

Which are the best, similar, and cheapest Garmin Dash Cam Tandem 2022 in the US?

u2705u27a1ufe0f 9 BEST Similar Garmin Dash Cam Tandem 2022,u2705 1. Garmin Dash Cam Tandem, 1440p Front and 720p Interior Lens 180 Degree FOV and Signature Series Cloth"[EXTRACTO]"This Bundle Contains: 1 Garmin 010-02259-00 Dash Cam Tandem, Front and Rear Dual-lens Dash Camera With Interior Night Vision, Two 180-degree Lenses, Front-Facing Lens wit

What is the most ordered drink at Starbucks?

Theater kids / Thespians.,Characteristics: Loud, outgoing people who often obsess over musicals (ex. Hamilton, Dear Evan Hansen, etc.) They also are pretty confident.,How to Spot Them: Theyu2019re the ones breaking out into song (in the middle of class), practicing their choreography for the next school play, or laughing loudly with their friends.,

What should I serve for a birthday party?

If the party is for a child, then you canu2019t go wrong with hot dogs, hamburgers, cake, and ice cream. Kids may enjoy dinosaur-shaped chicken nuggets and macaroni and cheese. Pizza is always a winner too. Kids may be picky eaters, but they are still really easy to feed.,The options are limitless for an adult. You can go fancy with a 4 course sit-

What is the list of differences of being a dog person then a cat person?

Cat people donu2019t want to be bothered with having to take their pets out on daily walks, follow them around picking up their poo, and cleaning poo from their carpets.,Dog people donu2019t want to be bothered with pets that donu2019t like going for rides in the car or pickup truck, wonu2019t jump in a lake to fetch a stick, and wonu2019t alert yo

How are you different from your spouselife partner?

This is my partner in life. We have been together for 7years and been married for a year now + we got a baby girl who joined us since last year u2764ufe0f,Iu2019m a brown Asian, heu2019s white European.,Iu2019m filipina, heu2019s swedish.,Iu2019m a licensed Nurse, heu2019s an electrical supervisor.,Iu2019m 160cm, heu2019s 202cm tall.,I love shoppin

What are the best airlines in the world?

Youu2019re asking the wrong person. I am extremely unfussy about airlines. As long as it has a plane that will take me where I want to go, Iu2019m good.,I once, somewhere in Africa, boarded a 727 that had clearly been in service pretty much every day since I had been in high school. The poor thing looked exhausted both outside and inside. But as it

Can I eat pizza toppings and cheese on Keto?

Maintaining a keto diet often means giving up some foods that used to be our favorite, but that might not have to include pizza. Obviously, the traditional high-carb crust isnu2019t compatible with a keto diet, but can you just eat the pizza toppings instead?,Free Get Your Custom Keto Diet Plan - Click Here to Read <<<Many standard pizza t

What is the best type of manicure for soft or weak nails?

Manicure procedure is the same, but you would use gentle tools. Donu2019t use files that are very coarse. Use fine ones and the same with polish. Use a polish and top coat that is not full of chemicals. Just be very gentle with your nails.

What is it like to be an investment banker?

I was an investment banker in London in the early to mid 2000s. I have not been in investment banking for about 7.5 years and I moved away from London in 2011, so it feels a bit like a foreign land in a distant time. I was sort of an accidental investment banker. One turn in my career path led to another turn which led me to investment banking.,Let

What are some things about living in Portland, Oregon that nobody tells you about?

Itu2019s further north than you might think.Which of these cities is at a higher latitude than Portland, Oregon?,a) Minneapolis,b) Boston,c) Toronto,d) Portland, Maine,The answer is of course e - none of these. Minneapolis is at 44.9 N, Boston is at 42.3 N, Toronto is 43.6 N and Portland, Maine is also at 43.6 N, compared to 45.5 N with Portland, O

How do I practise non-attachment detachment?

Junaid had 14 years old son. The son died, Junaid performed all the rites and came back to home. He said please serve me food post bath. He went to take a shower. His wife was so surprised.,When he was back, his wife asked him, u201cYou are not crying? Your son is died, don't you feel anything?u201d,Junaid said something eye opening.,u201cWhen he w

What is the acceptable value for standard deviation?

The question is unanswerable, as it depends on the scale of the measure, the field of study, what other scales exist, and so on.,For the simplest problem, changing the scale of measurement changes the SD without changing the u201cacceptabilityu201d at all.

What are some traditional desserts eaten in Denmark for Christmas time?

Recipe for Buttermilk Apple Dumplings u00c6bleskiver med ku00e6rnemu00e6lk ,5 dl flour ,u00bd tsp salt ,2 tsp sugar ,1 tsp cardamom ,1 tsp baking soda ,grated peel of 1 unsprayed lemon ,3 eggs ,approx. 4 dl buttermilk ,oil or butter for baking,Recipe for Rice u00e0 lu2019Impu00e9ratrice Ris a lu2019amande ,Serves 4,1 plateful of cold rice pudding (

How many carbohydrates are in a cucumber?

It contains almost 4u20136 gm of carbs with low fiber and vitamin in one cucumber. Majorly it is used for re-hydrating body and for getting re freshness. Green salads are best for maintaining the body temperature or heat produced in body due to heavy diet. Must go for cucumber, tomato, carrot, Palak, Beet in Salad daily at least for once. And at le

What are light novels to read online?

Some of the best light novels and web novels that I have read are:,About a reckless girl and a reincarnated man,Arifureta,Sevens,Mushoku Tensei,High School DxD,A Step into the Past,Everyone else is a Returnee,Battle through the Heavens,Heavenly Jewel Change,Maou na Ore,Maouyuu Maou Yuusha,Overlord,Testament of Sister New Devil,Campione,In Another W

What is a Texas twinkie?

Itu2019s indescribably delicious, is what it is.,A Texas Twinkie is, basically, a stuffed jalapeno pepper. One good recipe I know stuffs them with cream cheese and a teaspoon of chopped beef brisket, then wraps the whole bundle of gastronomical delight in a strip of bacon and bake until done.,There are other ways to go. Some people like them with a

How can I create a completely new YouTube account while keeping the same email?

In 5 steps you can create a new YouTube account whilst also keeping it under one email!,Step 1: Sign into your YouTube account,Step 2: Select your profile image to bring up this view:n, ,Step 3: Select the YouTube settings button,,,Step 4: Select, "See all my channels or create a new channel",,,Step 5: Create a new Channel ,

What should Reebok be doing to reclaim some of their lost marketshare from Nike?

I don't view Reebok as having lost market share to Nike. ,Reebok has lost market share to Skechers and Under Armour, Hoka One One, and other emerging brands in the athletic footwear marketplace, especially in running.,Reebok was never a very technical brand, and when it was acquired by Adidas it became something of a downmarket stepchild. The shoes

How important is the Italian sign language?

Original question : How important is the Italian sign language?,Answer : i think that you mean body language amd not sign language.,I mean : almost every single country have is own sing language that is used by the autoctone deaf community. The importance of those sign languages change based on how many people talk about it. For example : italian l

What are some of the best Jennifer Lawrence wedding photos?

Jennifer Lawrence, one of the stars of 'Don't Look Up', a new comedy produced by Netflix, revealed that she reached a state of u201cabsolute miseryu201d during the filming of the film.,In an interview with The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, the actress, in a good mood, said that she lived "the most irritating day" of her life, while recording one

What is the most disgusting thing you have ever found out about your spouse?

That for 5 years she charged up $70K in credit card debt, unbeknownst to me!,She had had problems with spending previously; had been in debt to the tune of $8k when we met; was even close to light embezzlement charges at one point (tho she borrowed money to pay it back before it was discovered). When I asked her to marry me, I did so knowing this a

Of the 10 provinces of Canada, the 3 territories of that country, the 50 U.S. states, the District Of Columbia (Washington, D.C.), and Puerto Rico, which ones have you visited (including where you live now)?

Canada: Quebec, British Columbia (have been less than 90 minutes from Ontario for years but havenu2019t gone).,U.S.A. states-Maine. New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhide Island, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, Georgia, Florida, (West Virginia and South Carolina have driven throug

What is data collection and its importance in research process?

It is the base and the foundation, required to get that analyzed knowledge for making your business decisions. It is the proccess on what your whole market research depends on. Data collection is getting all the possible required raw data to derive some information and lastly to extract the knowledge or the statistics required to develope your stra

Which country is the most beautiful in this world?

I believe Saudi Arabia is one of the most beautiful countries in the world, because it was closed for international tourists for decades (it opened in 2019). This left many of its natural attractions pristine and untouched! Furthermore, the Saudi culture, history and food have not yet been discovered by international tourists.,This makes a trip to