What are the best social media technology platforms?

It totally depends on your "purpose". Following is the list of major social networks with their best suited purposes: ,1. Twitter is best suited for B2B businesses and publications. 2. LinkedIn should be used by B2B service providers and recruiters. 3. Facebook can be used to promote B2C products, B2C brands and Apps. Mostly companies with visually

What is a step-by-step guide to retouch your skin professionally in Photoshop?

What is a step-by-step guide to retouch your skin professionally in Photoshop?There are many books written on the subject. If you really want to know the answer you ought to look into buying one of them. There are also some podcasts of several episodes dedicated to the subject.,Thereu2019s no way one can get all the information necessary in a Quora

I installed a new low profile recessed lights, but the wall switch doesnt work, but lights are on. I have red wire in ceiling which I connected to the blk one. Any ideas what I should do?

Normally, the black wire is the Switched wire, White is Neutral.nYou should not have the black and red wires tied together.nThe Red wire is normally always Hot and designed to power a ceiling fan.nIn some cases the Red wire is switched by a separate switch.,What to do: Disconnect the Black Wire from the Red Wire and put a Wire Nut on the Red Wire s

Is the Netherlands richer than France?

Thatu2019s depends how do you define richer.,France is much bigger country and much richer as a country.,Looking per capita Netherlands looks pretty good but it doesnu2019t mean that Netherlands is richer country than France generally.,France GNP 2019 s $2,846.91B,,France Gross National Product (GNP) was reported at 2,665.945 USD bn in Dec 2020.,Th

What are the reasons behind Indonesias 21.88% growth in 2017 tourist arrivals?

Indonesia doubles its tourist arrivals growth in past year despite of some country gave travel warnings prior to Mount Agung eruption in late 2017. In 2016, it's around 12 percent. There are several reason behind this.,Strategic promotions in other countries.The government splurge huge amount of money to advertise Indonesian tourism in public buses

Why does my MacBook charger get hot and heated?

Any electronic device will generate heat because of the electrical losses in its operation, some more than others depending on its efficiency. All laptop chargers will get hot but it shouldnu2019t be too hot to touch. If it does you have a problem and shut it down before it starts a fire.

What is Recipe for Panerau2019s new 10 vegetable soup?

I donu2019t know the recipe but I do know the ingredients. As the name suggests, the soup is packed with a TON of vegetables: carrots, celery, onions, red and yellow bell peppers, regular and sun-dried tomatoes, corn, spinach, and poblano peppers. All of those go into a seasoned vegetable stock with chickpeas, dried Aleppo chili, and healthy grains

Whyare variables important in research?

variables guide the researchers to persue their studies with maximum curiosity. variables also determine the cause and effects in research.,Vaiables are independent and dependent variables The independent variable is the variable the experimenter changes or controls and is assumed to have a direct effect on the dependent variable. The dependent var

Which countries should I visit in Africa? Why?

I like to visit low income countries with a good track record of peace, safety, and political stability. I get affordable trips and that way, I can go to more countries.,Zanzibar and Tanzania.The best words I keep hearing is that Zanzibar is a paradise island on earth. I gotta make a trip out there to see it myself. A friend of mine just got back a

How do I change the background color in Photoshop?

1. Open a document or create a new documentn2. Right click on the background (outside of the canvas)n,n3. Choose any shade or any custom color you want. Choose "Select Custom Color..." to select all other color. Done!n

What are the tips to decorate master bedroom?

A bedroom is the most heavenly place where we relax after a long day of work. So, there is no wonder if you go for a natural palette to decorate your master bedroom, even if you have a smaller carpet area.,The best choice for a small master bedroom is soft white colors with a bit of warmth to keep the place from feeling stark.,Most of the time, a s

How do I connect two monitors to a PC which has only one VGA port?

You donu2019t specify if after connecting it what you need is just a mirrored image, or indeed you want to expand the desktop to another monitor. In the first case, you just need a VGA splitter. They are cheap.,In the second case, it will be easier if you have another port, even if it isnu2019t VGA, since there are cheap port adapters you can use.

What is the pixel size for a standard business card?

Adobe InDesignn,InDesign does page layouts. It allows you to produce and preview documents for magazines, both in print and online across mobile and desktop platforms. It offers more precision with typography than Photoshop, but less in the graphics department. InDesign is made for publishing. Ideally projects rendered are newspapers, posters, and

How long could the looming recession in the UK last for?

Based on Bank of Englandu2019s forecast, the UK is facing a 15 month recession.,u201cReminder in light of the Bank of England's gloomy announcement today that IMF also expects UK performance to be the *worst* in the G7 next year Meanwhile, Tory members and leadership candidates obsess over Boris Johnson.u201dnMujtaba Rahman, Managing Director, Eura

What is the best trading platform for beginners?

The simplest and most common type of stock trade is carried out with a market order. Market orders indicate that you are willing to take whatever price is presented to you when your order is executed.

Will wired charging still exist in the next 25 to 50 years given the fact that breakthroughs will free us from charging cables, perhaps utilizing WiFi networks u2014 a technical use case Apple has filed a patent for?

Itu2019s probably still going to be cables. I wouldnu2019t bet on WiFi for most things. Or any other wireless power technology.,Qi Had the Right Ideau2026.The ideas behing the Qi standard, the most common wireless charging protocol, was never to send all the way across your house. Rather, it was to put wireless charging devices in pretty much every

Where is the North Pole?

You have to understand that there is NO Physical NORTH POLE. There is no post sticking out of the ice. Our globe is laid out in grid lines and just as there is a coordinate for the very spot you are at right now The North pole is a place where all the lines of longitude meet in the Northern Hemisphere it is also the point of the axis of the earth.

What is $ limit I may withdraw from an inherited IRA this year? Received from my dad, age 90, died 2018. Ill be 59.5 in 2022. I want to withdraw without penalty now. I am okay paying the marginal tax rate, but want to avoid the 10% penalty.

Short answer: Nobody can say for sure without looking at the terms of your fatheru2019s IRA agreement vis-a-vis beneficiary disbursements (you might have 5 years to take everything out, or you might be on an annuity schedule). We donu2019t know if itu2019s a traditional IRA or a Roth IRA, or whether that IRA has a basis in it. Lots of unknowns! Ret

What formula in Microsoft Excel would you use to computate loan amortization?

It is possible to derive one mathematically.,The loan amount would be the present value of all the payments.,I will define v = frac{1}{1+c} as the present value factor.,L = Pv + Pv^2 + Pv^3 + cdots + Pv^nFactoring:,L = Pv(1 + v + v^2 + cdots v^{n-1})This is a geometric series.,L = Pv left(dfrac{1-v^n}{1-v}right)I will rewrite this as a formula I am

What is your best trick for making a perfect steak on the grill?

Individuals are free to make their own choices, but my ideal grilling steak is a T-bone. The bone helps it to keep its shape whereas some steaks such as boneless sirloins will tend to curl up on the grill. I also personally like to chew the last bits of meat off the bone, and love turkey drumsticks for much the same reason. Itu2019s both a ritual t

How did you become a millionaire?

I started with $200, sort of. $200 was all that we had in our savings account and we had about another $1 in our checking account. I borrowed the $200 from our savings, and went looking for something to buy that I could make some money on. I bought a stainless Ruger Security-Six .357 Revolver for $167 at a flea market. I guess I could have started

Who were the most brilliant students amongst the Pandavas and the Kauravas, and what subjects and skills were they very excellent at? Could you also suggest examples of their learning skills, practice and special stories of their application?

Everyone had their own skills.,They died fighting for such things like who is most brilliant and still after so many years people are still thinking about the same as who is powerful, brilliant, best, etc.,I guess Balrama was the best who did not choose to participate in war.,Reason : Thr side of Balrama would win so itu2019s better he is out at fi

What is the best BBQ rib place in the Bay Area?

I don't have enough experience to say which is the best, but Uncle Frank's BBQ in Mountain View was really good. They are now closed (I tried to order last night). According to Jeffrey Yip, there was a kitchen fire.,They are still available Friday through Sunday at Quarter Note Bar and Grill:1214 Apollo WaynSunnyvale, CA 94085nPhone: (408) 732-2110

What exactly is Internet of Things (IoT)?

There are few definitions that I can think of when it comes to Internet of Things. n,Oxford Dictionary (yeap, IoT was added in August 2013) : A proposed development of the Internet in which everyday objects have network connectivity, allowing them to send and receive data. (Internet of things),Next, wikipedia: uniquely identifiable objects and thei

Why does a camera shutter sound the way it does, even in phones?

In professional cameras u2014 and yes, even digital ones u2014 thereu2019s a mechanical shutter. Thatu2019s responsible for at least part of the u201cclicku201d you hear. Most pro cameras use a u201cfocal planeu201d shutter, which operates very close to the focal plane, the point of focus. It sits right in front of film on a film camera, right in f

Whats the best American pancake recipe?

Gramma Mattsonu2019s (Boston Cooking School circ. 1918) recipe - now she was Swedish - so is this Swedish or American (since she was here)? I donu2019t know - but they sure were good:,1 cup buttermilk,1/2 cup milk,1 cup AP flour,1 egg,1 teaspoon baking soda,1/4 teaspoon baking powder,1/4 cup sugar,1/4 teaspoon vanilla,1/2 teaspoon salt,1/4 cup non-

What are the best technological inventions and gadgets of 2016?

CES 2016, the first and debatably most important consumer technology show of the year, is over. Weu2019ve already gone over some of the weirdest technology from the show (and there was plenty to choose from), but now weu2019re going to list off the stuff from CES that actually got us excited about the future.,There are some mainstays of the show su