What are some advantages of a sole proprietorship?

If youu2019re starting a business in the Philippines, the biggest advantage of a sole proprietorship is having convenience when forming your business. Since you are the one and only owner of your business, all decisions came from you. The problem with this is since all decisions came from you, all the liability that comes with you too.

What is the best time of year to visit Salar de Uyuni?

I went to Salar de Uyuni last year in the end of february, and it was amazing! I doubt it would matter too much exactly which month you decide to go, as long as you dont go during bolivian winter (may-sep) - it gets really cold and the desert gets a dirty /brownish colour (instead of the original white one). I recommend that you do some researching

I have a Canon 700D (t5i), 18-55mm IS STM, 55-250mm IS II, and 50mm 1.8 II. My budget is $500, give or take. I like photographing wildlife, macro, products, and people. What lens should I get next?

You already have basic coverage for most things. Not the best lenses, but you have to think about whether you're going to upgrade your existing collection or start to buy more specific-purpose lenses. ,For the APS shooter with a couple of kit lenses looking to get into macro photography but also interesting in shooting people (I live on 26 acres in

How can you design small spaces?

Smart design ideas for small spaces,Home office nook. When dealing with a small bedroom, don't let any extra space go unused.,Bathroom storage.,Multipurpose space.,Keep it light.,Curtain divider.,Beneath the stairs.,Get creative.,Add a mirror.

What is the best budget for a video editing PC?

What size video source(s), how long are your projected projects, how long do you want to wait?,You could and I did do video editing on 720p with an Athlon 64 ~1.6GHz ~90Min clip to finish the project would take ~6 Hours to Encode, similar work on the Pentium 4 2GHz was ~8 Hours.,If itu2019s 4k Work youu2019ll need at least 16GB of RAM, friends of m

Why did the Soviet Union collapse?

The Soviet Union went bankrupt.,By 1991, it could no longer maintain the normal functioning of its civil economy (read: feeding and sheltering people) and run its enormous military-industrial complex at the same time. The Kremlin had to choose, for the first time since WWII.,Lenin and Stalin would have chosen the military. Population would have sta

How would the military take over North Sentinel Island?

While I do understand the Indian governmentu2019s position on leaving the island completely isolated, Iu2019m not convinced it is the correct one. It kind of reminds me of the story of Ota Bengau2026 A Pygmie tribesman that was actually kept in the Bronx Zoo around the turn of the century as a quasi great-ape. Who among us would call that humane? W

What is an example of population distribution?

There are three types of population : 1. Dense / More population . 2. Stable / Medium population. 3. Rare / less population . 1. Dense population : Dense populated countries are India , China & Africa in which countries has more population . 2. Stable population : Stable population is a population in which countries provide every need & standard li

What are some good birthday gift ideas for my sister?

1.Take her to shopping..there she could buy stuff she loves and will thank you for that,2.If budget is not an issue, you could gift her a smartphone with a good selfie camera that would make her feel great,If she is not having a phone right now3.A selfie stick,4. A Bluetooth speaker,If she likes listening music5.A photo frame of you and your sister

My major is English education, what else can I do except be an English teacher?

Absolutely anything.,But, my advice would be to find the industry/job you love and feel passionate about.,Your major does not limit you in what you can do.,In my own experience, most people are doing work unrelated to their major.,The other two questions are more important:,(1) How do you get skills the employer is looking for?n(2) What do you real

What are the advantages and disadvantages of limited liability company?

LIMITED LIABILITY Company:Is a HYBRID between partnership and private limited company,Definition: Minimum of two people each having a shared responsibility of the business u2013 no limit to number of partners u2013 here owners are seen as separate entities legally,Advantages:LIMITED LIABILITY:Protects membersu2019 personal assets from liabilities o

Who said "Vox Populi Vox Dei"?

Alcuin of York also called Ealhwine, Alhwin or Alchoin.,What he actually said was,Nec audiendi sunt qui solent docere,u201dvox populi, vox deiu201d,cum tumultuositas vulgi semper insaniae proxima est.Nor should we listen to those who say u201cthe voice of the people is the voice of Godu201d for the turbulence of the mob is always close to insanity.

In India, how much will a date at Starbucks cost me?

Depends,Starbucks is expensive,Lets assume you have a Frappe for Tall size ( 280 ml) which will cost approximately Rs 600/- and above for both.,If you increase your size, It will be around Rs 750/- and above.,And All the snacks and cakes starts from Rs 300/- and all are not worth buying. Veg sandwich they sell for 300 can be bought for Rs 50/- in S

What appliances have to be included in a kitchen?

I am a working professional, so I get lea ss time to cook food, so I prefer such appliance that reduces my time doing kitchen chores. So here is the list of my must-have kitchen appliances.,Hand Blender & ChopperI have recently purchased this 3-in-1 Mini Blender & Food Chopper from KENT and it really saves my time doing the kitchen task such as mix

How can big data provide solutions in the healthcare sector?

The healthcare industry is now facing multiple challenges, ranging from new disease outbreaks to maintaining an optimal operational efficiency. With Big data analytics, it can help solve these healthcare challenges through the vast amount of data available in the healthcare sector like financial, clinical, R&D, administration and operational data.

What element of horse is the year 1990?

The Chinese zodiac not only has a rota of 12 animals representing each year (in rat, horse dragon, etc):,But also subdivides each animal into Elements:,u201cIn Chinese element theory, each zodiac sign is associated with one of the five elements: Gold (Metal), Wood, Water, Fire, and Earth. A Wood Horse, for example, comes once in a 60-year cycle.Gol

What defines us that we belong to middle class family?

What Screams "I'm Middle Class," here is my list reflecting back on my upbringing and neighborhood in Belleville, New Jersey:n* Dutifully mow your own lawn and trim own shrubsn* Vacation in Disneyworld or Disneyland, and return regularlyn* Neighborhood parents or grandparents wrapped their living room furniture in plasticn* Camper parked in the dri

How do you upgrade a MacBook Pros graphics card?

Like any other laptop, MacBook Pro also doesnu2019t support upgrade of graphics card. The graphics card is embedded to the motherboard and upgrade means replacing the motherboard. Apple would hardly support this, as they request the users that while configuring, ensure the best configuration is selected as once finalized modifications are not suppo

In what countries can one see the Northern Lights?

In theory? All of them.(Northern Lights as seen last month by the city of Tromsu00f8, North-Norway),If a powerful-enough solar storm occur, essentially the sky over the whole world might start to display Auroras dancing around. In the Solar storm of 1859 people as far south as Cuba saw it!,But such events really are a once-in-a-century phenomenon s

Who are the most beautiful female politicians?

Free Republican has a top ten list:,Yuri Fujikawa,Mara Carfagna,Tania Derveaux,Alina Kabaeva,Luciana Leon,Angelina Sondakh,Ruby Dhalla,Sarah Palin,Yulia Tymoshenko,Segolene Royal,Also, Katarzyna Lenart, a 23-year old parliamentary candidate for the Democratic Left Aliiance (SLD),Marianne Thieme Parliamentary Leader for the Party for the Animals in

Is Robinhood Crypto worth the hype?

Crypto is worth the hype, but Robinhood's Crypto platform most certainly is not.,Instead of using Robinhood, please consider signing up at a crypto trading platform like Coinbase, Kraken, or Gemini that allows you to withdraw your crypto to a private wallet. For several years Robinhood has claimed to be "working on" adding deposits/withdraws. Howev

Have you ever tried to cook something that ended up a disaster?

1972, I was 22 years old and had been married for three months. There was a festival. My father-in-law was there with us.,u201cI will impress father with my cooking skills. I will prepare carrot halwa (a sweet dish made with carrots)u201d I said excitedly.,u201cAre you sure you can make that sweet? If you want I will purchase something from the mar

I have been to Guruvayoor and few other temples in Kerala recently. Can someone help me in understanding the meaning and reason for various offerings to made in Kerala temples as it looks hard to understand?

Well,,I assume the OP should be a Non-Malayalee and probably Non-South Indian as the question says that he/she finds hard to understand the meaning of offerings. It's quite natural as people often find hard to understand the meaning of many offerings in temples outside their cultural zone.,As the OP specified Guruvayur specifically, I think it's be

How does your school system work and how do students feel about it?

My highschool has a grading system that was suppose to help students, and lessen the effects of getting some low grades on your final grade during the year. This was abused by a group in my batch, and it got really extreme during our last year. Not to mention they shared it to the lower batches, and after we graduated, the whole grading system was