Why are so many billionaires living a minimalist lifestyle?

Short answer: Because they want to focus on things that matter the most in their life.,(Steve Jobs and his fancy living room)Honestly, I donu2019t think itu2019s fair to judge their lifestyle in the way that billionaires are trying to show off. Many billionaires are incredibly humble and bragging is just not their way of life. I believe they chose

Which is the largest oil exporter company?

List of countries by oil exports - WikipediaRank , Country/Region, Oil- exports (bbl/day), Date of information,1 Saudi Arabia 8,300,000 2018 est.,2 Russia 5,225,000 2018 est.,3 Iraq 3,800,000 2018 est.,4 United States 3,770,000 2018,5 Canada 3,596,690 2018,6 United Arab Emirates 2,296,473 2018,7 Kuwait 2,050,030 2018,8 Nigeria 1,979,451 2018,9 Qata

What are some good mirrorless cameras for a beginner?

Normally I make qualifying statements, but in this case I would say hands down the Sony a6000. It is inexpensive, the kit lenses are very good, and it is a full APS-C sensor. It does amazing in high ISO low light situations. The video is incredible. It is lightweight. The setting where the LCD will brighten and dim as you adjust exposure is incredi

Is Coca-Cola an element or a compound?

Neither. Coca-Cola is a mixture consisting mostly of carbonated water, high fructose corn syrup, caramel color, phosphoric acid, u201cnatural flavorsu201d (Shh, itu2019s a secret!), and caffeine.

Where do flight attendants go after long international flights?

I work for United.,The pay varies depending on how much you work. Each flight attendant is given a schedule of 80-95 hours a month which can be traded and built upon depending how much you'd like to work. Some people give away their hours (trips) and have the ability to drop down to 0 hours a month and others like to pick up more and can work as mu

Is it possible to have an IQ that is too high for a person to maintain sanity?

Yes. The issue is not IQ per su00e9, but that humans are social creatures and the thrice-goddamned 30 pointsu2019 communication range.,Humans are social creatures and they thrive in groups. Families, clans, tribes, societies, you name it. We really long the company of each other. Rejection and being isolated is the worst feeling we can feel save ou

How do I earn bitcoins without any investments?

If you keep looking, all you are going to find is scams. They love people with that combination of greed and gullibility. It makes them incredibly easy to con out of money.,Instead, start investing. Fandoms is a good choice for beginners. Fandoms is a platform that presents a powerful opportunity for all content creators u2013 amateur, up-and-comin

What dishes are named after places that they dont actually originate from?

A few weeks ago, while perusing the shelves of Value Village, I found a copy of the Heritage of America Cookbook, published by Better Homes and Gardens in 1993. It provides a cornucopia of information about American dishes and their origin, including: ,Parker House rolls: Around 1865, a baker named Ward introduced plump, yeasty rolls at Bostonu2019

What are the best things to bring to Cancun?

1. Water Bottles: The most important thing to remember when you're going to Mexico is that you cannot drink the water. Everyone talks about it for a reason u2014 because if you slip up, it sucks... a lot.,2. Sunscreen With High SPF: This seems obvious, but is still worth repeating: you need sunscreen in Cancun. Not just SPF 15 spray-on tanning oil,

How do I screen cast in Android without using Chromecast?

Yes. Search on u201cwireless HDMIu201d.,However, for the problem described in the comment on the answer, they donu2019t need an internet connection to have a LAN implemented with Wi-Fi. Just buy a cheap 802.11n router. (You can get a new one those for as little as $20.)

What things should I know about the 2015 NFL Draft to sound smart at a party?

Have to know the #1 pick overall Tampa Bay Bucs select Jameis Winston QB out of Florida State. High on talent; short on character. Accused of sexual assault, stole crab legs from supermarket, stands on table and yells profanity in FSU cafeteria.,The draft was held in Chicago. It was the 1st time the draft has been held outside of New York in 50 yea

How many rolls of wallpaper would it take for the standard size living room?

Even if there were a u2018standardu2019 sized living room you would still have to measure. No rooms are exactly alike and not all wall papers are the same width and length or have the same pattern. These variables determine how many rolls you need.,Measure: Length (of room). Width. Ceiling height. A solid color paper has no repeat. You need less. B

How can I download Instagram stories?

There are a few ways that you can download Instagram stories. One way is to use an app called MollyGram, which you can find on the App Store and Google Play.,MollyGram allows you to save Profile Photos, Videos, Posts, Stories, Story Highlights, IGTV, Reels from Instagram whether it's from your friends or from public accounts.,Just visit on MollyGra

What does Bolero mean in relation to music?

Stephanie V's answer to What does 'Bolero' mean in relation to music? mentions the most famous musical composition titled Bolero, by Maurice Ravel.,Last year, I learned that Bolero also can signify a genre of slow-tempo Latin music and dance. As noted in this Wikipedia article, the Spanish and Cuban forms of the music and dance differ in meter (3/4

Why is static friction greater than kinetic friction?

Good question indeed.nThe surface irregularities between two surface interlocks with each other which makes it harder(higher frictional resistance) to overcome it initially, but once the interlocking is broken or overcomes its easier(less frictional resistance) to slide the surfaces.,,nI hope this figure clarifies more, but if you are still in doub

How much water do I use for 2 cups of rice?

Most of the rice I have cooked, on a stovetop, called for 2 measures of water per measure of rice. So 2 cups of rice, about 4 cups of water or other liquid. This may vary for specific types of rice, or other cooking methods such as a pressure cooker. Rissoto and other traditional dishes are more of a technique than a recipe when it comes to specifi

In what ways are you still a child?

I still fall off from my bed while sleeping. Only that i don't cry anymore, get up and get back to sleep in milliseconds.I play ringa ringa roses with the little ones at home and make sure that I'm the first one to u201cfall downu201d. And do that.. Hahahahahaha!I'm very much fascinated by water bubbles and never fail to buy one whenever I pass by

Is pineapple safe during pregnancy?

When youu2019re pregnant, youu2019ll hear lots of thoughts and opinions from well-meaning friends, family members, and even strangers. Some of the information youu2019re given is helpful. Other bits may be ill-informed.,For example, you may have heard the old wivesu2019 tale that if you eat a whole pineapple, youu2019ll go into labour. Before you s

How do you give a fair performance evaluation?

Making performance evaluation fair and more effective can only be done well when the steps leading to the evaluation stage are effective in capturing the performance of the employees well. Some of the ways that will lead to a fair performance evaluation are as follows:,Clearly defined goals aligned with the organizational goal.,Result-focused proce

What is the saddest thing youve seen on a resume?

When I was in my second year of engineering, I had received an internship offer from a startup based in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. I was luckily one of the first ones in my college to grab an internship offer. During our third year, TCS visited our college for internship offers. The first round was u201cCV Shortlistingu201d. So the placement cell used my

How does one soft boil an egg from cold water?

Put the egg into the cold water and turn on the heat, bring the water to the boil and the moment the water is boiling start a four minute timer, after the four minutes lift the egg out and cool it in some cold water. If the egg is too soft try another with 5 or 6 minutes.

Why didnt serial killer Ted Bundy murder his girlfriend, Elizabeth Kloepfer?

Ted Bundy May Have Thought About Murdering Elizabeth KloepferElizabeth Kloepfer (aka Elizabeth Kendall) was the girlfriend of Ted Bundy for approximately 5 years.,She wrote about her haunting experiences with Bundy under the pseudonym Elizabeth Kendall in a little-known memoir called The Phantom Prince: My Life with Ted Bundy, which was published i

Russias war against Ukraine is not going as they thought. Putin appears to be looking for an "exit strategy" where he can leave the country. If he does, will the world just go back to normal with Russia or will the world demand reparations?

The Russians are winning. I want you to screenshot this answer. We can come back to it in 6 months. Go ahead.,The Russians have voluntarily moved their forces to Donbass. They havenu2019t u201cretreatedu201d because they were losing in battle. The Western media and Zelensky know that Westerners are so zonked out they would interpret this to mean th

Which is the best cloud storage service for uploading photos?

There are many factors to consider, when evaluating a Cloud Storage service to meet your specific needs.,However, most important of all these different factors is the overall cost for the storage you will incur, which will depend on what, how much, and for how long do you want to store your data/files.,Considering only the Top 3 Cloud players, AWS,