Is the Netherlands richer than France?

Thatu2019s depends how do you define richer.,France is much bigger country and much richer as a country.,Looking per capita Netherlands looks pretty good but it doesnu2019t mean that Netherlands is richer country than France generally.,France GNP 2019 s $2,846.91B,,France Gross National Product (GNP) was reported at 2,665.945 USD bn in Dec 2020.,Th

How do you ask businesses for a donation template?

You dont! First can you Imagine if I said to you - I don't know how to do donations so what I want from you is a template that I can use for every business.,You don't say what county you are collecting nonprofits for? (Or state of US cause very state has its own nonprofit laws.,You don't say what you what it for -cash or in-kind?with your states al

Which coaching is best for GATE Aerospace preparation?

GATE preparation is planning and teamwork.,I recently got admitted to the Aerospace Engineering department at IISc, Bangalore in the MTech (course-based) programme for the 2019 u2013 21 session. I secured AIR 4 with a score of 902 in GATE AE 2019, which is well beyond my expectations (still hand overhead in disbelief). Previously, I was employed at

What are the formulas for mean, median, and mode in statistics?

First arrange the given numbers in ascending order,If there are u2019nu2019 even numbers,median is the average of n/2 and n/2+1 th values,For example find the median of 24,16,38,41,28,56,Arranging the above numbers in ascending order we get,,16,24,28,38,41,56,Here n=6,Therefore median is the average of n/2[3rd],n/2+1[4th values],median=28+38/2=33

Im American. I often notice on British cooking shows that they often spread butter on the inside of sandwiches. You never see this in America. Is that realistic? Will the average Briton put butter in the inside of say, a ham sandwich?

I can't really imagine a sandwich without butter in it, or what else butter could be better used for (other than cooking and baking), so of course we butter the inside of sandwiches!,Personally, if I'm using some kind of u201cmoist" filling or spread then I don't always butter the bread, but a sandwich with just bread and ham would be pretty dry ot

How can one prepare for the IB English Language and Literature paper 1 and 2?

AP English Language focuses more on the language conventions of English, and especially, develops the idea of writing commentaries on non-fiction texts. Per se, it asks you to analyze how the meaning of an advertisement, for example, is portrayed. Is it through the use of contrasting light and dark colors, etc. etc. There is much less focus on the

What is the biggest mistake that a big company has made?

Imagine working in the hot streets of Manila in the early 1990s. You are a butcher, slaving away in a loud, humid market for long hours. You only make several dollars a day to support a large family.,One evening, you are holding a Pepsi bottle cap in your hand. On it is a number. You bought several of these sodas in hopes of winning a big $40,000 g

What are the differences between scotch, bourbon, and Tennessee whiskies?

Scotch Whisky must conform to the Scotch Whisky Order of 1990, which requires that it:n,Be distilled at a Scottish distillery from water and malted barley to which only other whole grains may be added.,Be processed at that distillery into a mash (mixture of cooked grains and water).,Be converted to a fermentable substrate only by endogenous enzyme

What is the release date of the Redmi Note 5?

About the Company: XiaomiXiaomi Inc. is a Chinese electronics and software company. Xiaomi designs, develops, and sells smart phones, and other consumer electronics. Xiaomi released its first Smartphone in August 2011 and has rapidly gained market share in China to become China's largest Smartphone Company. As of 2017 Xiaomi is the world's 5th larg

What food goes good with lemon chicken?

I like to serve mine with a side of saffron rice and lemon parmesan asparagus. Yum,But really, anything goes. Potatoes made any way, steamed, grilled, roasted or sauteed veggies or pasta with a light lemon butter sauce.,More healthy alternatives are a quinoa or bulgur wheat pilaf. Soft polenta or cornbread with peas, pimento and garlic.,Just use yo

What are the best titles for a thesis on Philippine tourism?

This is going to echo a lot of advice I have given on on computer hardware servicing and food technology. Philippine tourism encompasses a LOT of territory. Are you specializing? Is your thesis written? If your thesis isnu2019t completely written yet, Iu2019d just slap on a working title and change it later. Iu2019ve always found titles to be one o

How can we get married in the Philippines? I am a Filipina and my fiancee is a German.

For foreigners getting married to a Filipino citizen, the documents required are.(1) Certificate of No Impediment to Marry; (2) Original copy or certified copy of Birth Certificate of the foreigner; (3) Original copy or certified copy of divorce order absolute or certificate of death of deceased spouse; (4) Moral Character Reference which takes a f

How can I obtain free business plan templates?

Go to Bplans free templates for free downloadable business plan templates. Several to choose from. One page plans, full plans, plans for specific industries u2026 but be aware, none of these is a completed business plan. They are all templates, giving you a head start towards developing your own plan, along with some guidelines.

What are the simple small front yard landscaping ideas at low maintenance cost?

It's the landscaping details that tie together the front yard of your home that give it an impact on the people who pass by.,For your convenience, I have compiled some cheap simple front yard landscaping ideas and tips.,Step 1: Envision the IdeaIn order to develop an idea of how you want your landscaping to look, you must first do your research. Th

How do I download Lightroom presets?

Lightroom presets are actually just DNG or XMP files. DNG file format was developed by Adobe as a universal digital negative format for cameras. Since it has the ability to store photo editing settings (exposure, level information etc..) photographers have been using it as a way to distribute presets, especially for Lightroom.,To download a Lightro

Which is the best zodiac sign?

My ranking (as a scorpio),Taurus (easy people who are direct to you and probably have more fun then you cause they donu2019t care or stress, also theyre more manipulative then you think they are but as long as you donu2019 t provoke them, they use their natural talents for good),Capricorn ( they are kind and smart and know how to control a situatio

What is the outlined understandingoverview of the economy of the Philippines?

In the rut as it ever is, pre and post covid. The philippins has been a third world country for the better part of the past 50 years, and will continue to be a third world country for the next 50, unless the demented rc church is excised, and apocalyptic levels of fecundity and libidinousness among filipinos is greatly tempered. For all of the comm

Whatu2019s are the top 10 restaurants in New York at the moment?

The Halal Guys.Itu2019s $7 for a plate full of rice, chicken, iceberg lettuce, and pita bread. Put some white sauce, BBQ sauce, and hot sauce, youu2019ll have your stomach filled with delicious Middle-Eastern delicacy!,Itu2019s one of the most popular foods.,A little fun fact. My friend actually ran into them in the airport heading toward a Middle-

What is the latest technology?

FLYING TAXIS,Meet CORA :u2026,u2026,Cora is developed by Kitty Hawk, a company founded by Alphabet CEO, Larry Page.,But CORA isnu2019t just your average aircraft. Itu2019s a self-piloting aircraft, all electric.,As in - AUTONOMOUS.,Itu2019s an electric-powered vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) air taxi.,TOP Speed- 93 mph,Range- 62 miles,It takes

Are narcissists truly soulless?

Spiritually, metaphysically, I cannot confirm whether anyone has a soul. But if someday I could, I might come back and edit this answer.,But if you interpret soul to mean the heart of the matter then yes, narcissists are soulless, they fake everything, pretend everything, and never care about the spirit of the matter for anything. Actually, I donu2

Russias war against Ukraine is not going as they thought. Putin appears to be looking for an "exit strategy" where he can leave the country. If he does, will the world just go back to normal with Russia or will the world demand reparations?

The Russians are winning. I want you to screenshot this answer. We can come back to it in 6 months. Go ahead.,The Russians have voluntarily moved their forces to Donbass. They havenu2019t u201cretreatedu201d because they were losing in battle. The Western media and Zelensky know that Westerners are so zonked out they would interpret this to mean th

Where can I exchange my 1 coin valued 100 Bahraini Dinar into peso here in the Philippines? I went to Rural Bank and the teller said that they do not accept such coin.

Is your coin actually worth 100 Bahraini dinars or 100 Bahraini fils ( 1/10th of a Bahraini dinar)? To find that out, please read my answer below.,Arun Tharuvai's answer to How can I change a 100 Bahraini dinar coin to Indian currency in India?Basically a Bahraini coin with 100 ( or u0661u0660u0660) on it is either a 100 fils coin, worth about 14 P

What phones have wireless charging capability?

Wireless charging support phones list ;,Oppo F19pro 5G -price 25,999rs,Oneplus 8 pro -54,999rs,Iphone 11 -46,999,Samsung galaxy s20 FE- 37,000rs,Samsung galaxy s21 ultra -91,000 rs,Iphone 12 12 pro max prices -79,399 ,1,30,000 rs,Samsung galaxy note 20 ultra - 1,00,000 rs,Xiaomi mi 10 -49,999rs,Iphone XR -46,999 rs,Apple iphone 12 mini -65,990 rs,S

How do I upload high quality videos on Instagram in 2022?

Hi there! Letu2019s stop our Instagram from losing quality! We know how important it is for you to post material of the best quality to your socials u2013 but sometimes the video of best quality is ruined for no reason. There is a range of cases why video or photou2019s quality gets ruined after you already posted it to Instagram: It can be caused