How do you put multiple pictures on one story on Instagram Android?

A cool breeze! That's how easy it is to put multiple pictures on one story on Instagram on Android:,From your Insta Stories section, either take a photo, or upload one from your phone.,After your picture uploads, you will see a Sticker section. Choose to add a Photo and upload your other photo or photos.,That's it! Upvote if you find this useful.,T

Whats the best free antivirus for Windows 10?

The one that comes with it. Nowadays antivirus is not the only thing that helps you avoid security problems with your computer. It is only part of the solution.,The most important thing is to follow a set of basic rules. I already gave my list in a previous answer but it isnu2019t hard to copy/paste, so here it is:,NEVER modify UAC settings and, fo

What is Microsoft Excel used for?

Microsoft Excel is the oldest spreadsheet application that is used in almost all companies. Here are a few usages of Excel:,MS Excel is used popularly for calculations.,Budget plans, forecasts, expense tracking can be done using Excel.,You can visualize your data and gain insights with Excel by creating different charts and graphs with Excel.,Excel

Why do flights from India to the USA not travel via the north pole?

Fascinating question! It is becoming more common to have flights over the North Pole, also known as 'the Polar Route' or 'Santa's Shortcut'. The airspace was opened up in 1998 and restrictions were further relaxed in 2011. For instance, most routes connecting Eastern seaboard of the US to East Asia (e.g. New York to Hong Kong, Shanghai or Seoul) no

Where is the best place to surf in June for beginnerintermediate?

Well it depends mostly on where youu2019re surfing. Thereu2019s probably a good chance that you live in California in which case June would be perfect for you because the waves there are small in the summer. Itu2019s the same for the Atlantic coast or the Caribbean. However where I live and surf in El Salvador the waves can get huge in the summer a

What is the cheapest but most developed country to live in (2022)?

Considering the 193 recognized countries of the world and two UN non-member observer states (Vatican City and Palestine), I can easily answer this question with mathematical analysis. Iu2019ve assessed the level of development for each country using the Human Development Index rankings and combined that with average monthly expenses using the Cost

How do I get from Manila to Palawan?

Like most things in depends.,Upon?,Where you live - Luzon Island, where the capital Manila and the largest city, Quezon City, are located is going to be far more expensive than outer islands like Palawan, Romblon and Cebu. If you donu2019t need the facilities offered on Luzon or can travel there when you do need them, then you should be g

What 12 foods should I eat every day?

Desi ghee or clarified butter. Itu2019s super healthy and yummy.,If you want to look like youu2019re 20 in your 40s start including good fats in your diet for every single meal that you eat.,It lowers bad cholesterol levels and increases good cholesterol levels, thus maintaining a healthy balance.,Good quality fat is a key ingredient in the prevent

What types of fooddishes does the US do really well?

What food is better in the U.S. than anywhere else in the world?During my travels to 79 countries and all seven continents, Iu2019ve eaten amazing food in every country Iu2019ve visited. Every nation has those dishes that cannot be duplicated elsewhere. The U.S. is no exception. America is most certainly a melting pot of cultures and subsequently i

Will the food prices increase even higher in 2022?

The forecast for 2022 is a further rise of as much as 3% by the end of the year. If it gets too high you can always move to Thailand where a fine dinner for two at a fine air conditioned restaurant comes to 300 Baht. About $9.

Where can I buy office tables and chairs at a good price in India?

The best place to buy the best dining table set is online because you can check lots of the latest styles and designs that too with different material. The biggest advantage of online furniture websites is that they have a wide range of furniture and not just dining tables but you can also buy some other items for your home or office which will com

What professional skills I should learn to make my resume strong?

A resume can make or break your career efforts, hence putting the right measures to build an effective resume are essential for career success. Apart from job-specific skills, there are a set of soft skills fundamental to almost every job role.,You might have a high knowledge of technology or any other skill for that matter, but it would be ineffec

How do I make garlic butter sauce for seafood?

Depends on how creamy you want it. Melt a stick of butter gently. Add enough fresh peeled garlic cloves to taste. Allow the garlic about 1 minutes to sauteu2019 until you can smell it. Then add cream at a low temperature slowly stirring it in until it emulsifies. Splash last right before service with a very small amount of lemon zest and chopped fr

Why does October have two birthstones?

Birthstones were the brainchild of a gentleman who worked for Tiffany & Co. in the early 1900s. Three months have two birthstones and two months have three birthstones. If this isnu2019t confusing enough, I understand that this was done to give people the option of choosing another stone, should the other, or others, be too pricey.,Some examples of

What city completed an airport that will be the worlds busiest air travel hub by 2025?

Not that it will be, but it could very well be.,The government of Turkey ordered the construction of a new airport to serve their largest city, Istanbul, because the previous airport (Atatu00fcrk International) was filled to the brim with flights and passengers. It was no longer able to take any additional takeoffs or landings.,In 2013, constructio

What is the difference between instrumentation and mechanical engineering?

Mechanical engineering: It is the branch of engineering that involves the production and usage of heat and mechanical power for the design, production, and operation of machines and tools.,Instrumentation engineering: It is the branch of engineering that specialises on the principle and operation of measuring instruments that are used in fields of

Is Microsoft Photo Editor free?

Free photo editor GIMP is a powerful photo retoucher, complete with sophisticated features like layers, filters, and effects. Use it for batch-processing and conversion, or to paint and draw. GIMP is open source and is supported by an ever-expanding collection of third-party plug-ins and tools.

How does London Metropolitan Police use CCTV cameras in their investigations?

This is a straight forward easy answer:,The London Metropolitan Police use CCTV cameras in their investigation pretty much the same way everyone else does, by:,First checking their Digital Video Recorders for the corresponding footage. This is usually accomplished by first determining on what date and time the offense occurred, then on what street

What was life like in Cuba before the revolution?

He was (as the Americans are fond of saying) right out of central casting.,Cubau2019s dictator was a figure of distinction. Immaculate in dress, graceful in carriage, noble in bearing, compact yet sturdily built, Batista was five feet, seven-and-a-half-inches of formidable strength. His coup du2019u00e9tat had been cunningly orchestrated. Army tank

What are some of the best Halloween Christmas Tree Ideas?

If October is the month of Halloween then what is it? As soon as the month starts everyone starts embellishing their homes with Christmas-inspired Halloween decorations. Halloween is all about pumpkins, spiderwebs, witches, skulls, etc.,Let's discuss some best ideas to decorate your Halloween Christmas tree -,-> Mini PumpkinsHalloween Christmas

What is the most famous hospital in the world?

This question is like asking what is the best restaurant in the world? What is the best college in the world?,The answer is alwaysu2026 it depends. On best restaurant, what is it that you want to eat? No best restaurant prepares all food expertly. On college, what is it that you want to learn? No college is academically best in every subject.,Simil

Hey everyone, I have a question regarding stacking in Astrophotography. my current set-up allows only short exposures due to which number of subs are more. The stacking process takes too long. How can I fix this. Can I stack already stacked Images?

I use a free stacking program that doesnu2019t seem to get much notice in the amateur astrophotography community, but I find faster than Deep Sky Stacker (DSS DeepSkyStacker - Free), a popular freeware program. Check out Sequator. I can stack 15u201320 600x4000 pixel raw subs from my Canon T6i in under 3u20134 minutes, 60 or more in under 10u201315

What is the cheapest way to get a last-minute flight?

Echo Kika's answer that is a great aggregator. I would also point to (previously which is a price predictor (not sure how accurate it is). Finally,, which tracks prices for specific trips or how the fare has changed after you purchase a flight (you could possibly get a credit from the airline for fu

Which is the larger bra cup size, D or DD? What is the difference in measurement?

DD is larger.,We all know its hard it is to find bras that fit well and feel good.,Since 85-90% of your brau2019s support comes from the band, it should also stay in place even if you move your straps off your shoulders.,If your bra band fits perfect but your bra cups feel big, you might need to size down to a D cup. A well-fitting bra should conta

How did educated Byzantines view earlier Greek states, such as Athens, Macedonia, or the Seleucid Empire? Did they think that the Greco-Persian Wars somehow safeguard them? Were Pericles, Leonidas, Alexander and the like viewed as national heroes?

Dimitrisu2019 answer is excellent, so letu2019s take a somewhat different perspective here.,The Byzantine perception of historyItu2019s doubtful whether a Byzantine would put Pericles, Leonidas and Alexander in the same category as far as perception of history is concerned. Yes, all three were Greeks, but the notion of ethnicity worked differently

What are the worst travel experiences you have ever encountered?

I was in Bermuda at the end of 2016. Itu2019s one of the most beautiful places on Earth, in my opinion at least. On my last day there, I woke up extra early and went exploring. I stumbled upon a beautiful cove, where I sat and read a book for an hour. No one else was there, and it was so peaceful.,On my way out, I snapped the picturesque photo belo