What is the difference in taste of catfish, tilapia, and swai fish? What is the preferred way of cooking each: breading fried; deep, crispy fried, or battered fried? Can any of them be baked?

First: It will depend on if the fish are farm raised or wild caught. For instance, Catfish tends to be muddy tasting if wild caught, but farm raised would be bad for your health, because they eat their tank mates poop. This goes for all farm raised fish. Swazi and Tilapia are equivalent to carp or Gold Fish. They eat whatever doesn't eat them. nCat

Which foods do people think are healthy but are actually unhealthy?

I think it's important to start with me saying that I hate the 'unhealthy' vs 'healthy' debate when it comes to food. Good vs Bad is a natural human bias, but it tends to create a bit of a toxic food environment. It hurts our relationship with food and increases confusion about nutrition, rather than enhancing it.,Healthy or unhealthy, is entirely

What are the pros & cons of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10+?

The Galaxy Note 10 is a great device. It has had the s-pen with it since the original Note. It has made a niche for itself in the market of other android devises and has done very well for itself. It is the top of the line smartphone from Samsung. It runs a custom version of android with their UI on top that is much better than from previous years.

What is the probability that the Democrats will lose the House and the Senate in 2022?

Conventional wisdom has been rattling a few cages since Joe Biden was sworn in as President. Democrats are going to lose control of at least the House of Representatives in the 2022 midterms. Right?,Conventional wisdom is rarely turned on its head. That is, until recently.,Still, since January 20th, 2021 many a Republican has said Dems will lose co

What are some mind-blowing facts that sound unreal but are actually true?

1.,GPS Coordinate of pyramid of Giza = 29.979245 , 31.134269,Speed of light = 299792458 m/s,We can see so much similarity between them.,Proof: Open Google map, search for pyramid of Giza, zoom it in and click on top of pyramid, check the coordinates; or open Google map, put 29.979245,31.134269 in the search box. It will take you to Pyramid of Giza.

What is a 2-week ketogenic diet plan for beginners?

Keto is best approached as a lifestyle change, not a get-thin-quick 2-week plan. That said, the basics are this: meat, eggs, fish and low-carb veggies with a bit of low-carb dairy. Consuming less than 20g net carbohydrate (total carbs - fiber) per day will induce ketosis. Make sure to plenty of salt, and adequate amounts of potassium and magnesium

Is San Francisco or NYC better to live in as a 20-something?

25 from central Europe? I think you'd prefer NYC if you'd like something more familiar, and San Francisco if you'd like something pretty different. In general, NYC is bigger, faster, older, more diverse, more European influence. SF is smaller, friendlier, more compact, more Asian influence. Expenses are high in both locations, quite comparable.,The

Beautiful Places: ", "modifiers": {}}, {"text": "Where is the best beach on earth?

What countries have the best beaches for tourists?Note: This question has been merged with u201cWhere is the best beach on earthu201d which is a completely different question than the original query about the countries with the best beaches. Iu2019m sticking with my original answer for the countries that have the best beaches.,ResearchI did a simpl

What can I do with bachelor of arts degree?

I got a BFA (Bachelor of Fine Art) in Illustration.,I also got a BA in Multimedia- 3D Animation.,I have other degrees but those are not relevant to this answer, so letu2019s just talk about my BA and BFA.,Was the degree (and the student loan) worth it?,Well, I didnu2019t find a job with it, if thatu2019s what youu2019re asking. To be honest, none o

As a software engineer, I find a lot of the projects in Silicon Valley frivolous (e.g. Pintrest, in my opinion). Where can I do meaningful work (e.g. Uber and Hotel Tonight)?

Sometimes it's the "frivolous" companies that are doing the most meaningful work because they have the resources and the scale; you just have to look harder. ,Take Facebook, Twitter, YouTube -- agreed, people are very good at wasting time when given the opportunity to, but these platforms are also incredibly powerful tools for coordinating people,

What are some good stories from the early days of Quora?

I was Quora's first employee and captured some very early moments. Pardon the image quality on some of these I was in a trying-a-bunch-of-different-phones phase. For a lot of this stuff you really had to be there... ,The First Quora Officen,I remember when I first visited the office one weekend, I sat in a folding chair next to mountains of bottled

What are some interesting possibilities that will likely occur before 2045?

People will be fluent in every language. With DARPA and Google racing to perfect instant translation, it won't be long until your cellphone speaks Swahili on your behalf.,u00b7 Software will predict traffic jams before they occur. Using archived data, roadside sensors, and GPS, IBM has come up with a modeling program that anticipates bumper-to-bump

How do I install presets to a Lightroom mobile (iPhone)?

Being a leading platform in the photography and videography industries, Other than editing photos and videos with cinematic presets in post-production. Cinegrading provides much more, like,,-Cutting-edge tools for a better final product.,-How to get the film look with any camera in lightroom,-Color Grading in premiere pro,-How to install lightroom

Is it possible to show good credit without having a credit card?

You might want to try a co-signed loan,credit-builder loan, or secured loan.,There are ways to use your rent,utility payments and phone to build credit or you can seek the help of a credit expert (which i recommend is the best,safe and fastest method) like myself to help you build your credit without a credit card.

Some Dem presidential candidates are promising to erase student loan debt. I wonder if this is wise because I worked my way through college and never took a student loan. Is that fair to the students that worked their way through?

Dear Kurt Sawyer,,Your bio says that you graduated college in 1977. nAn average cost for private university in the 1976u20131977 calendar year was $4715, including room and board. It wasnu2019t much different for a public university. nA maxed Pell Grant in 1977 for a student at a 4 year private university averaged about 45% of the cost of tuition,

Why is it that most good start-ups are not products of business plan competitions?

There are some examples of business plan competitions that have produced some successful startups in the USA. Just off the top of my head, you have Tubemogul which won the Berkeley Business Plan Competition, and then you have the founder of Qwiki who won a business plan competition at Columbia for his previous successful startup. I know there are d

Is instant coffee bad for you?

Coffee is a healthy drink; However, the method of preparation and brewing process can affect its overall chemical constituents, thus its health benefits and risks. Here is a comparison between instant coffee and ground coffee specifically.,Antioxidants and nutrients:Instant coffee beats the ground counterpart and many other brewing types on the tot

Isnt Vanellope von Schweetz a Disney princess?

Technically, not yet. She hasnu2019t been inducted.,She does fit all the requirements though. Sheu2019s a human, she has a sidekick (Ralph?), had a primary role in her first movie appearance, was born (coded) a princess, and her movie did well in the box office.,Aside from her height, she would make a great Disney Princess.

What are some cheap foods that are also healthy?

The first thing would be a vegetarian or mostly vegetarian diet. Just that alone will save you a lot of money. Buy dried beans, lentils, and chickpeas rather than canned. I have the routine down of putting my beans and chickpeas to soak when I go to bed and then pressure cooking them first thing in the morning as I get ready to leave. They're ready

Which state has the highest standard of living?

United Nations publishes a report every year declaring best country to live in but thereu2019s no specific general body report is published stating best city in the world (basis on the living standards).,However, few major news platforms have rated Vienna as the best city to live in as per living standards.,This city is the cultural, political and

What are the best untapped business possibilities in the field of sustainability?

Possibilities arise when we look at problems and pain points with different lenses and perspectives. I adopt this mindset u201cThe Best has yet to comeu201d as ingenuity and innovation prevail. Today, we have a pressing need for more green, business solutions now as we face challenges to prevent our Planet Earth from over-heating and to make it u20