Should I go to my crushs house? I met her again today, and shes just as amazing, but I forgot to ask her number. I know where she lives, and Its close, but Im a bit socially akward, so if her parents open the door instead, it would be horrible.

When I met my now husbandu2026it was through friends and he dropped me off at my parentu2019s house where I was staying until the house I had bought was ready to move into. He never asked for my phone number (this was long before cell phones) so I figured he was not interested in getting to know me better.,About a week later, I heard someone at the

How often do customers ask oil portrait painters for extensive changes to their paintings, like adding extra people, a background that isnt there, remove something from their person, etc? How do you adjust price for labor intensive edits?

The terms of the contract have to be very specific. The artist needs 50% up front and an agreement on a u201ckillu201d fee. The details should be worked out ahead of time: clothing, setting, size etc. The artist should provide a drawing for approval before hand. When finished to the degree that matches the artistu2019s previous portrait work the co

What does the deep depth of field in photography mean?

Depth of field in photography refers to the area both in front of the point of focus and behind the point of focus that also appears to also be in focusu2026the deeper the depth of field, the greater the area that appears sharp and in focus. This is generally used when doing landscape photography. This can also be used to make aspects of a photogra

How do I remove the music from a video soundtrack without removing the other sounds?

This rate of success in this scenario is very context specific, and depends on what you want to keep, and what you want to remove.,A combination of different factors are involved including sound clarity, bit rate, sound quality, nature of the sounds, difference in pitch and volume levels. nSome types of sounds are much harder to remove than others,

Which is the best laptop 2022?

Lenovo IdeaPad Slim 3 Intel Celeron N4020 15.6" (39.62cm) HD u0ba4u0bbfu0ba9u0bcd & u0bb2u0bc8u0b9fu0bcd u0bb2u0bc7u0baau0bcdu0b9fu0bbeu0baau0bcd (8GB/256GB SSD/Windows 11/Office 2021/2Yr u0b89u0ba4u0bcdu0ba4u0bb0u0bb5u0bbeu0ba4u0baeu0bcd/3u0baeu0bbeu0ba4u0b99u0bcdu0b95u0bb3u0bcd u0b95u0bc7u0baeu0bcd u0baau0bbeu0bb8u0bcd/18QINQ0),u0b9au0bbfu0bb1u0b

How can I download Adobe After Effects for free, without paying for it?

Look it up on youtube. Just search u201cAdobe After Effects effects free downloadu201d and youu2019re gonnna get plenty of videos teaching how to crack AE using different methods along with the downloaf links for the files in the description. I suggest to look for a video with u201c0 dislikes and at least 4 Likesu201d and about 200+ views

A Catholic family of six wants to visit Mexico City. How would you plan the trip?

Mexico, of course, has a long Catholic tradition, tempered by a heavy-handed secularization history. Youu2019ll have a lot of fun in Mexico City (CDMX), exploring the Mexican Catholic history. And if you like Baroque and Mexicou2019s own u201cChurriguresqueu201d style, youu2019ll feel at home.,I donu2019t know how youu2019d like to organize it or h

Why were stairs so deadly in Victorian era England?

Because the people building those houses didnu2019t worry much about the lives of servants.,To be clear, the main stairs in households werenu2019t particularly deadly, itu2019s the staircases for the servants, such as those leading to the kitchens, that took a lot of lives.,Most of us donu2019t think much about staircases, and when we do, we consid

What are the cool things, some Indians do, that appear lame?

Owning a DSLR and calling themselves a photographer,Celebrating 1 week, 1 month, 2 months, 6 months anniversary,Inglish Culture rant,Shirtless selfies,The Mirror Selfie (especially iPhone owners),Writing Caste name on the Number plate,Spitting anywhere in a public place,Following the u201cHookup cultureu201d,Using abusive language and bad words jus

What is the best paid job in kinesiology?

From a stand point, I think the best paid job in Kinesiology/Human Performance field, would be a head coaching job somewhere. More applied sports science type jobs, I do not know. Related fields like Physical Therapy or Occupational therapy pay high, but arenu2019t really in the traditional Health Human Performance area.,I mean, I was studying Kine

What is your favorite ice cream? I need 300 responses for a math project.

I am going to make it easy for you.,A u2013 Almond, Apple, Almond Chocolate Coconut, Almond Divinity,,B u2013 Blackberry, Banana, Black Cherry, Blueberry, Brownie, Bubblegum, Butterscotch, Banana Chocolate Chip, Banana Cream Pie, Banana Nut Bread, Banana Peanut Butter Ripple, Birthday Cake, Black Raspberry, Black Raspberry Cheesecake, Black Raspber

What are some best lighting ideas for home interiors?

Well, if you plan to decorate your home interior then you can go for flush mounts or semi Flushmount lighting. These lighting fixtures are designed for different home interior decoration like bedroom, Kitchen, Dining room or hall. Flushmount or semi flush mount lighting fixture has much complex design lighting in comparison of simple ceiling lights

Can you print photos at home?

Generally speaking yes kind of.,There are certain inexpensive printer that can print fairly high quality photo using inkjet photo paper.,That being said, it is entirely depend on type of printer you have, and type of software you have to make necessary image adjustment for your pinter.,If you are familiar with inkjet photo printing and how to do co

How does one convert .doc files to .pdf files?

For this PDFelement is best solution which is have feature to convert PDF files into word document. It is a all in one solution to edit and create PDF document.,PDFelement provides you in the best work environment to create beautiful-looking documents which you have get many features to customize your PDF according to need like you can change the f

What is the difference between Baptists and Evangelicals in the USA?

What is the difference between Baptists and Evangelicals in the USA?Baptists emerged in Europe in the very early 17th century. Because early Baptists came to the colonies and flourished here, the Baptist tradition has taken on a strong American flavor, as well as imparting many of its values (separation of Church and State, free expression of all r

What are some best car gadgets one must try?

Here are top 5 best car accessories to make your travel little more comfortable and enjoyable. Lets have a look:,1.boAt Dual Port Rapid Car Charger (Qualcomm Certified) with Quick Charge 3.0> boAt Dual Rapid Car Quick charger 3.0 is engineered to refuel devices up to four times faster than any conventional charging.,> Equipped with exclusive

How do you differentiate fake memory cards (Samsung, Kingston, and SanDisk)?

Q: How do you differentiate fake memory cards (Samsung, Kingston, and SanDisk)?A fake card can boost the value of a cheap or even reject/faulty card from relatively worthless to tens of dollars or more, giving the counterfeiters a big profit for their efforts.,Detecting these fakes can be, by all accounts, extremely hard. The seller of the fake car