Will someone ever be able to travel to the center of the earth?

Probably not. The pressure is too high. Whatever tunnel you dig is going to have the weight of the entire planet above it trying to crush it. No material in the universe is going to be hard enough to withstand that. Even if it werenu2019t hotter than the surface of the sun, which it is.,You can never completely rule out the possibility of something

What are some good vegetarian recipes without vegetables for dinner?

Grilled cheese.,Spanish flan.,Tailleventu2019s sugarless apple pie.,Fettuccine Alfredo.,Pasta con pesto alla genovese.,Cru00eapes Suzette.,Dal tadka and chapati, Gujarati style.,Plain dosa.,Wild mushrooms fried in top quality olive oil and garlic, and eaten with Italian bread.,Avocado on toast.,Japanese rice of the best quality with a fresh raw egg

What is the best point and shoot camera?

I'm partial to the Panasonic (company) Lumix brand, in particular the FX series of cameras.,Things that are great about these cameras:,,They are tiny - about the size of a cell phone,They take great pictures - find the ones with Leica lenses. These are essentially similar to the Leica point and shoots but much much cheaper,They allow for lots of ma

How can a scientific paper have copyright protection?

The scientists took the time to sit down and put words to paper. They made choices throughout, such as the wording of the hypothesis, the presenting of the data, and the wording of the conclusion. That qualifies as expressible content under copyright law.,I think the question that you are asking is whether the concepts and ideas in the paper are pr

Is there any way in which I can calculate my monthly loan amount?

If you need a quick approximation, remove the two least significant digits from the loan amount. Monthly payments are in the ballpark of 1% of the original loan amount. The longer the loan term, the lower the monthly payment, but typically it will be between 0.7% and 1.2% of the amount borrowed.

How do I connect a Nikon D3400 to a computer?

My question to you is why do you want to connect your D3400 to a computer? I am guessing that it is for one of two reasons; you want to transfer photos from your camera to a computer or you want to tether your camera to a computer so you can compose your photographs on a big screen rather that on the live view screen.,If it is to transfer pictures

What are the most harmful foods? Why?

I used to be a big spicy eater. I loved spicy food. Red chillies to be precise. I would sprinkle some red chilli powder on every dish without even tasting the requirement. I always believed I have a good digestive system. A bit of chilli won't hurt. And this continued for years.,Until one day, I suffered from severe epigastric pain. I brushed it of

What are some infamous architectural blunders?

Ever heard of a building that can melt a Jaguar car ?n,u200b,nThe 'Walkie-Talkie' building ( officially called '20 Fenchurch') in London's financial district has the infamous reputation of being able to melt parts of cars that are parked nearby. The curve-shaped 'Walkie-Talkie' building has now been dubbed 'Walkie-Scorchie' after it caused u00a3950

What is the story of the Apple company?

The story of Apple could be tracked along similar lines. The iconic technology company is 43 year old a huge achievement given the breakneck speed of technological evolution during this period. When Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak founded he Apple in 1976, they persuaded their mutual friend Ronald Wayne to buy 10% of the company and stand by them. But

Some claim that private market pricing in US healthcare just makes the same mistakes government does. Does your health insurance company pay providers based on a modified Medicare price list or do they use some other price list as a baseline?

If not for the 180 million Americans with employer sponsored healthcare, there would be no Medicare or Medicaid as we know it. The employers pay 85% of the premiums and their employees get that benefit tax free.,Medicare and Medicaid in general pay less than half of what private insurance pay doctors and hospitals. Absent the insurance payments, qu

What are all the languages spoken in England?

I donu2019t mean to be harsh butu2026,Is this a real question?,England,English,They speak English.,Yeah, some people speak other languages, as some people have come from other countries, but overall the people of England speak English, just like the people of Germany speak German, and the people of Spain speak Spanish, and the people of France spea

What is a good, cheap laptop for gaming? Iu2019m not a gamer, so Iu2019m not looking for an expensive gaming PC, I just want to be able to play some games that wonu2019t wreck my current laptop which I use for school. my budget is around $600

If you are dead set on getting a laptop from this yr, look for some deals and anything with a 1650 or 1050 is fine for casual gaming. However, look at previous generations of laptops that are 8th or 9th gen as they perform great still and you can get them much cheaper.

How does a train get built to go under the sea? How is that possible?

2019 was the 25th anniversary of the opening of the Channel Tunnel.,The Channel tunnel, in use since 1994, is one of mankind's most stirring feats.,It cost nearly twice as much as anticipated and ran more than a year behind schedule. But you wonu2019t hear a civil engineer speak an uncivil word about the Channel Tunnel.,Like the Panama Canal, the 3

How would you landscape a large, sloped front yard?

Depending on direction and location: Terracing.,Terraces allow all sorts of stepped u2018flavorsu2019 of plantings to be brought in, you can create open view or private spaces accordingly. Container and movable raised bed gardening also allows for some more flexibility as you master the specifics of your space.,Steepness of slope and underlying sub

How do reproductive, endocrine, and nervous systems work together?

There are entire books written on this subject and it has multiple facets, it can't be answered in a few paragraphs. What exactly do do want to know? Here's a short answer. The endocrine system is regulated by the pituitary and includes regulating sex hormones required for ovulation and other body functions to keep the organism alive. The nervous s

Why would someone want to manually grind their coffee?

One very simple reason: my $100 manual grinder gives me a better grind than my $250 automatic grinder.,I have a very cool but unfortunately equally finicky coffee machine:,(Please ignore my dreadful attempt at a machiato!),To get the pour just right, I need to get the grind absolutely exact. If I get it right, its the best damn coffee I've ever tri

What does "R" stand for in an iPhone XR?

Itu2019s not been officially announced by Apple what exactly it means and they probably wonu2019t come out and say. It most likely it doesnu2019t really stand for anything or stands for lots of things or just they liked the name.,XR has been used a lot in the Virtual and Augmented Industry to cover all the `Realities` which may be a clue with Apple

Will the habit of sleeping directly after eating lead to weight gain?

Yes and No. nWell it depends on what you have eaten and how much you have eaten. If you are eating a bowl of rice at night and go straight to bed, you will gain weight in no time and also have a bigger belly. Always wait atleast half hour before sleep and eat light. The food you eat before sleep digests slowly releasing the energy into the bloodstr

What is the best online loan lenders for bad credit?

You may be having a hard time finding a loan with bad credit, or you may find yourself in a situation where you need a loan, but you do not have a decent credit score. For some people, finding a reliable loan with bad credit is nearly impossible. And if the situation is bad enough, then your only option would be to pay back your loan with a high in

How do I astrologically rectify my birth time?

Rectification of the exact time of birth - Meaning and methods!What is horoscope rectification?,Even those who can answer this, in general, a simple question, may be confused by the following: why is it needed?,Why is it so important to know the time of your birth to the nearest minute?,Without this information, the interpretation of the horoscope

Why do flights from India to the USA not travel via the north pole?

Fascinating question! It is becoming more common to have flights over the North Pole, also known as 'the Polar Route' or 'Santa's Shortcut'. The airspace was opened up in 1998 and restrictions were further relaxed in 2011. For instance, most routes connecting Eastern seaboard of the US to East Asia (e.g. New York to Hong Kong, Shanghai or Seoul) no

Almost every time I travel to the Philippines, I become a victim of credit card fraud back in the USA using my Citibank Card. Can someone explain how the fraudsters get my CC info to further their criminal activity?

How are you protecting your information?,Does your wallet have a blocker in it? Do you ever hand your card to someone? Do you let the credit card company know your travels?,The chip in your card has all the information they need? All they need to be is next to you for a couple of seconds?,How good is the security it the place you use the card? Iu20

What is the best way to earn money online in 2022?

Well, what is easy for you to do?,Did you even know that we vary in what we are able to do and can do without any issues?,There are tasks I could never do or even want to do online. The same will be for you. Some things you will never know unless you try it.,So it is up to you to discover what you can do. Only you can take this quest to determine w

How do you take a slick, professional headshot with your phone?

The keys to any kind of portraiture are lighting, posing, and composition. The type of camera is mostly irrelevant, but you do need a lens with a long focal length and (most importantly) distance between the camera and the subject.,Photos taken from too short of a distance exaggerate facial features in an unflattering manner. The camera should be a

What is the best Canon PowerShot G series?

Officially G1 X Mark III is the top model with its APS-C sensor. It, however, is rather old being introduced in 2017. It lacks 4K video. Also the zoom is limited being only 3x.,the G5 X Mark II and G7 X Mark III are never (from 2019). They at very similar with G5 X more still oriented and G7 X more video oriented. G5 X has a longer zoom (24-120 mm

How do you design curtain ideas for bedrooms?

Bedroom curtain ideas are not easy to come up with. So, you have to research depending on your decor, lifestyle and the size of the window. Before investing your time into the finer details, you first have to ensure that it blocks out the light and gives you privacy. Here are some bedroom curtain ideas that you can use.,u25cf To maintain your sleep