What company makes the most money?

It was recently reported that the most profitable company on the world is Aramco, the oil company that controls almost all oil from Saudi Arabia. It's nearly wholly owned by Saudi Arabia.

How do I make fish stock without bones?

Dried Fish Flakes and Dried Squid makes the best Fish Stock.,Put some of Ajinomoyo Bonito flakes onto your pot of water, add some soy paste, dump some msg, toss in your salt, and you have a fishy rich soup stock

What dishes do Chinese make with the pork belly that Americans use to make bacon?

A Singaporean-Chinese friend stir fries pork belly with "wood-ear" mushrooms. He's cooked it for my friends a few times, and usually serves with a side of mixed vegetables (sauteed or steamed). ,I don't have the recipe (he picked it up while watching his mum cook when he was young), but I imagine that it might be similar to this:,,1 oz. dried wood-

I dreamt my daughter drowned. What does it mean?

This is probably one of the most disturbing dreams you will ever have because a car represents your ability to go somewhere in life.,It is a stand-in or a symbol for your autonomy and capacity to make decisions and expect favorable consequences based on what you desire.,When you see yourself drowning or the car's cabin filling up with water, it ind

What are some of the most beautiful places in California?

Bixby Creek Bridge, and the accompanying view of the Pacificn,http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bixby_Creek_Bridgenhttp://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&source=s_q&hl=en&geocode=&q=bixby+creek+bridge&aq=&sll=37.0625,-95.677068&sspn=55.148262,114.169922&ie=UTF8&hq=Highway+1+%2F+Bixby+Creek+Bridge&hnear=Highway+1+%2F+Bixby+Creek+Bridge,+Monterey,+California+939

How can one invest in Bitcoins?

Firstly I bought 0.5 Bitcoin from zebpay for 19,000u20b9 in June 2016. Then I invested that Bitcoin into cloud mining for fixed monthly returns. Today, I feel crazy because right now i have 1.7 BTC just by Investing 0.5 BTC.,So value of my (19,000u20b9=0.5BTC) investment is somewhere around(1.7BTC) 6,30,000u20b9I have not stopped here nor im relaxi

Is the Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 a good choice to buy?

When you talk about fujifilm instax mini 9 camera, you will remember your best moment, within a few seconds you have that memorable photo in your hand.Talking about the camera, the camera is quite good. You will be very happy with this camera.,If you have a camera, but you want to have an Instax camera that allows you to print your pictures quickly

Where is the hyperion tree found?

Hyperion is the name of a coast redwood (Sequoia sempervirens) in Northern California that was measured at 115.61 metres (379.3 ft), which ranks it as the world's tallest known living tree. Despite its great height, Hyperion is not the largest known coast redwood; that distinction belongs to the Del Norte Titan. Hyperion was discovered August 25, 2

Is Chinas new Hong Kong-Zhuhai bridge necessary or is it just a vanity project?

When China started to invest heavily in high speed rail network over a decade ago, people criticized government for wasting money on u201cvanity projectu201d and they were quite convinced the slow trains were good enough for Chinese.,Those critics were just near-sighted and lacked vision of how this would change China and her people and how it woul

What is a list of renewable and nonrenewable resources and how are they used?

Renewable : Solar, hydro power, wind energy, biogas, and geothermal energy,Non renewable : Oil, Natural gas, and Coal,Hydro power and wind energy sectors use turbine and generators inorder to convert mechanical energy to electrical energy,Solar energy is gerenated by using solar cells or photovoltaic cells made up of semiconductors which converts l

What is the best keyboard for one handed typing?

Preferred option: use a standard keyboard and practice a new typing position. The author of that website, Lilly Walters, can type at 85 wpm on a standard keyboard with one hand.,How do you type with one hand on a normal keyboard?Using standard PC keyboardThe idea is to only use one hand (preferably the left one) and type the right-hand letters by h

How can I boost my homes curb appeal?

People pay attention to the exterior, public facing side of their home for a number of reasons. As soon as u2018curb appealu2019 is mentioned, all of those other reasons melt away and boil down to marketability. Not what you find appealing, but what a buyer would find appealing. Here are the top aesthetics a buyer scores high on curb appeal:,Landsc

How can I learn Social Media Marketing?

Social Media Marketing is a great method for companies to promote their business online through social media platforms. The main purpose is to create content tailored to each platform.,Before beginning, you must understand the benefits of marketing on social media:,Reach New CustomersWith social media, you are able to reach a greater pool of custom

Whatu2019s the biggest thing you hid from your parents as a teenager?

My mom did not like fireworks. I snuck two big firework tubes into the house called Fireball I bought one day. I hid them under my bed. One day my mother and father were away. I decided to set it off in the backyard. Being fifteen years old, I thought it was a great idea. I was carrying it down the hallway when my seventeen year old sister came out

Why doesnt Google Maps provide HD view, 3D view, and Street View in India?

You can see from here where the street view is available till now: Where is Street View (even for India). It started from Bangalore but was stopped soon due to security concerns: Google Street View halts in India . ,It does exists for following Indian universities:n,Indian Institute of Information Technology, Allahabad : Google MapsNIIT Warangal: G

Which is better, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite or the Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite?

In my honest opinion, I like the S10 lite. It has a flagship Snapdragon 855 processor and has a good 1080p Super Amoled display. It has a better camera, and the video taking capabilities are awesome.,The Note 10 lite, on the other hand, has an Exynos 9810 processor which is almost 3 years old. That's insane for an upper mid-range phone. Occasional

What is your review of Sapporo, Japan?

The first impression of Sapporo to me is u201ca land of snowu201d.When I firstly arrived at Sapporo, itu2019s still winter. I saw streets covered with ice and snow, lovers hugging and holding hands amid snow, and the ramen restaurant owner cosily opening the shop in snowfalls, which made me realize that I was already in a country of snow.,Actually,

What is the best HSBC savings account?

Currently, in the U.K., none of them are even remotely competitive for personal customers. You would be better served looking at other institutions covered by the Depositor Protection scheme.nFrankly, HSBC doesn't currently need deposits due to its strength, hence has no need to compete on savings rates.

What colors make beige or light brown?

Mix brown with white, adding more brown to get the depth of color you want. For a warmer beige, add a bit of orange or red; brighter beige, try a bit of yellow.

What are some unique ideas for an inexpensive outdoor wedding reception?

I had my wedding ceremony and reception at our local sportsmanu2019s club. Itu2019s bordered by two lakes and woods so it is very pretty. They have a big cabin with kitchen, bathrooms and a large hall we couldu2019ve used if it had rained. It had plenty of tables and chairs. It was free.

Why do the British say u201chigh teau201d for dinner?

Dance to your daddynMy little laddienDance to your daddy, my little ladnDance to your daddynMy little laddienDance to your daddynMy little ladnYou shall have a fish and you shall have a finnYou shall have a herring when the boat comes innYou shall have a codling boiled in a pannDance to your daddynMy little lad,Thats a song for tea or high tea. Fat

What kind of alcohol contains the least amount of sugar?

None.,u201cAlcoholu201d, or more correctly ethanol (two-carbon alcohol chain with single bonds) is a product of sugar.,Eth- means a u201ctwo carbonsu201d chain,-an- means u201csimple bondsu201d in the chain,-ol means u201calcoholu201d, presence of a hydroxile molecule (OH) in the chain; since there are only two carbons and the molecule is tridmensi

How can I edit a photo taken from a DSLR camera?

For Editing Your Photos on Phones/Mobile:-,Lightroom Mobile (Good for Colour grading and light fixing),Snapseed (Good for Light Fixing and adding filters),PicsArt (Advanced from both above. change background, Fix light, add filters /stocks),For editing on PC/Laptop,Lightroom (Same as Mobile Lightroom),Photoshop (one of the most advance photo editor

How can I update Canon printer drivers?

To update canon printer driver,Open canon and look for settings and then open driver update,Click to install driver of canon printer and follow on screen commands to update drivers.