What are the best places to visit by a solo traveler?

You can go to most places alone. But to pick out the best, I think a place has to be,Cheap. Since you donu2019t have someone to split cost with,Safe. u2018nuff said,Friendly. So you can feel at ease without a companion and potentially befriend some residents,Has lots of other travellers. So you can meet new people,Full of things to do. So you wonu2

Whats it like to work for Hobby Lobby?

I worked there for a seasonal job.,They hired me as a u201cstockmanu201d, but all I ever did was sweep the store and clean restrooms. The managers were really disrespectful, but only to the guys. One of my coworkers had to use the restroom, and one of the managers (who was ALWAYS in a bad mood) started cursing at him and telling him to get out of t

Do I need 32gb RAM for 4k video editing?

Just do the math.,How long does it take to colour grade and render your 1080p videos?,Since a 4k video file has four times the data as a full HD video file, that should give you a good idea of what it will take to do the same thing with 4k video files.,32 GB of RAM is a minimum requirement.,Our video editing workstation has 64 GB RAM,You did not me

What is one thing you would love to have every single person on Earth understand?

See this?,This is a waning crescent moon, as evident by the shape of its shadow, creating a crescent-shaped luminance over the surface of the moon u2014 which brings us to the next question. What caused its shadow?Ask 10 people, and 9 of them will reply, u2018Thatu2019s the shadow cast by the Earth isnu2019t it?u2019Is it though?,Then what about th

Whatu2019s a recipe that you have made with only 3 ingredients?

Garlic Bread.,Slice open a loaf of bread and set it on a baking sheet.,Melt butter in a sauce pot and then add a heathy dose of chopped galrlic. Cook the garlic in the butter for 20 to 30 seconds or until fragrant.,Spoon the melted butter and garlic over the cut sides of the bread and them toast it in the oven until the edges become golden brown an

How did the Korean War start?

Korean war is in many ways a direct result of the post-Second World War reality. At the end of the WWII, US and Soviet Union emerged as the two largest powers in the world with great ambitions [to influence a large chunk of the world], fears [of revolutions and counter-revolutions] and ideologies [autocratic communism or democratic capitalism]., Ma

Who is Bill Gates?

A second generation eugenist than believes in the depopulation of the planet . He also has been caught tainting vaccines in Africa with HIV and polio. He has admitted his strong belief in depopulation through the use of vaccines . Check out his Ted talk videos . The man is a monster . His father helped create planned Parenthood. By the way have you

How do I broadcast on Twitch PC?

You download your streaming program of choice, faff around with the stream key to link it to Twitch, sort out your scenes and sources, hit Start Streaming whenever you want and away you go.

What are the similarities of dependent and independent variables in research?

They are just variables.,It depends on the research and hypothesys. They have to be stated clearly.,If you want to know how blood sugar rise as insuline decreases or viceversa, any of them can be dependent or independent. They are associated.,If the end goal is blood sugar levels with different values of glucagon and insulin, then the last 2 are in

Why are stars not visible from the moon, but only the Earth, in these pictures?

This one isn't a mystery to anyone who knows anything about photography. While a lot of people have explained this well, I shot a few photos myself last night and this morning to use as an illustration. The problem is this: cameras gather light pretty equally from all directions so if one object is bright and other objects are dim, you have to choo

How does your school system work and how do students feel about it?

My highschool has a grading system that was suppose to help students, and lessen the effects of getting some low grades on your final grade during the year. This was abused by a group in my batch, and it got really extreme during our last year. Not to mention they shared it to the lower batches, and after we graduated, the whole grading system was

What dishes can be made with at most 3 ingredients?

I am going to tell you the easiest and the most simple dessert using only three ingredients-,Buiscuits, milk and sugar.,Take 10 -12 buiscuits and grind it in the mixer ( you can take any type buiscuits),Add 2 tablespoon of sugar and mix it again.,Take out in a bowl and add half cup of milk. You can add more but keep in mind that its consistency sho

How do you find your user ID for the Navy Federal Credit Union?

Your user ID is more commonly known as your Access Number. This is the 7 digit number assigned to you when you opened your account. It can also be located in the top left of any statement (Savings, Checking, Credit Card, etc.). If you need additional assistance, their 24/7 Customer Service can be reached at 888-842-6328.

Which phone should I buy in 2022?

Life can never be perfect but your phone can always be. The phone is a very important thing in our day to day life. Without a phone, we can't imagine our lifestyle.,Buying a new phone is depend on the customer's needs and wants. Some customers want to buy a premium phone to maintain their class. Some customers buy a phone for work and some purchase

What creatures live in the astral plane?

What's the astral plane? I've heard of the astral plain.,Is it some kind of rocket made of flavoured ice with a wooden stick up it's jacksie? No, that's not a creature, is it? I give up, you'll have to tell me.

What is the importance of yeast in bread making?

Yeast ferments sugar to produce CO2. The CO2 expands the volume of the bread to be expanded. Its works same as leavening agent. (Though in leavening agents, you can use CO2 (using baking soda), H2, air, and steam (for Yorkshire pudding?),But it only works with dough that can trap the CO2 in its u201cpocketsu201d. This is achieved through kneading p

How good is the University of the West of Scotland?

Itu2019s a great place to be at, as an international student.,The University of the West of Scotland is one of the leading Young Universities, that falls in the Top 130 worldwide. With four campuses located at the heart of the West of Scotland and one campus in central London, UWS ranks in the top 3 Universities in Scotland for Teaching and Top 5 f

Whats the best way to spend six months in Europe?

So this is how I would approach it: there are 4/5 weekends per month times 6 months, assuming you travel half of those, you can get 12 to 15 weekend trips out of your stay. Since you are based in Amsterdam, I will look for destinations reachable by train, car or low-cost flights.,There really is an extraordinary amount of choice and these are just

How would you defend Minas Tirith?

Minas TirithThis magnificent city amazes me not only for its enormous size but also for its deadly, clever and well planned defenses.,Letu2019s have a quick look at this marvelous city. Minas Tirith consists of seven levels, each one approximately 30 meters higher than the other. The map of the city above, found on Google with a very quick search,

What do you think of British meat pies?

Theyu2019re an institution. A good pie is a great thing. We used to make pork pies in one of our restaurants and sell them to local retailers. Even though that place got sold to the head chef, he still makes them to our recipe and I still have one of the dollies.,There are so many amazing pies on the shelves, hot and cold. I once staggered out of a

Whats the most popular country in the world?

Hi, Lucas, and thank for the A2A. Ernest W. Adams beat me to it: Popular in what respect? Based on immigration it's the U.S.: 10 Most Popular Countries For Immigrationn nThe problem with raw numbers, of course, is that they don't adequately factor-in variables, e.g. "per capita," (relative) ease-of-access, affordability, etc. n nRe. tourism, France

What are some good mirrorless cameras for a beginner?

Normally I make qualifying statements, but in this case I would say hands down the Sony a6000. It is inexpensive, the kit lenses are very good, and it is a full APS-C sensor. It does amazing in high ISO low light situations. The video is incredible. It is lightweight. The setting where the LCD will brighten and dim as you adjust exposure is incredi

What are the greatest house party ideas?

From 2016u20132017, I lived in a Bay Area townhouse with Corey Sobel and Lili Jiang. We were not party animals by any means, but we did enjoy hosting creative get-togethers. Hereu2019s a list of some of the party ideas that we hosted or intend to host in the future:,Silent Reading Party. Everyone has books that theyu2019ve been meaning to readu2014

How do I promote any video on YouTube for free?

There are tons of ways to promote your channel for FREE. But here I've list only those which I personally found worth recommending!,Difficulty level Easy :-Putting it out in your Facebook post.,Sharing your channel link to your friends and families.,Telling everyone about your channel.,2. Difficulty level Medium:-Creating contents for other social

Why is it necessary to study on environmental issues that cause illnesses and diseases?

AIR POLLUTION IS THE MOST DEADLY ENVIRONMENTAL PROBLEM FACING THE WORLD TODAY AND IT IS EXACERBATED BY THE PSUEDO SCIENCE OF CO2 ALARMISM.Air pollution kills more than 4,000,000 in developed world because they lack electricity and cook outdoors where they are subjected to harmful smoke. Bringing more onto grid power will save thousands of lives but

What happens when you pass correlated variables to a k means clustering? Also, is there a way by which clustering can be used to group similar pattern observed for a variable over time?

Before I dive into this, I should probably warn that my experience with clustering is all on the job. I've used k-means on a number of projects and have done a fair amount of reading about the algorithm's mechanisms, but I am not well versed in the academics and research in this area - so someone with a PhD might be able to give a more detailed and

How should I start making a cv from my fresher year?

First, you need to have some good skills which can make you standout among your classmates.,Second, you should do lots and lots of projects and don't stick to a particular field, explore and experiment as much as possible. Even if the project fails, you still would have learnt something. Never say no to a project, at least when you're a fresher.,Al

What part of the Swedish diet leads to a longer lifespan?

The Swedish diet has changed a lot over the past 30 years.,Life expectancy data are of course partly based on observation, and partly on projection, because we can see how old the people are who currently die, but we can only assume that those now young will live even longer. Whether that will actually happen with the new food realities in Sweden s

Why does my Android always say insufficient storage space if I have enough room?

The Android storage space is 'partitioned' into different areas. For example, I have an old 4 GB Android tablet, but only about 400MB exists in the partition where software is installed.,In my case, I am running Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) and some applications will let you "move them to the SD card" (which is really just built in, permanent s