What equipment is needed for micro-photography?

I am assuming you mean u201cmicrou201d photographyu201d and not u201cmacrou201d photography. They are two different types of photography. Micro photography refers to anything that is generally larger than 20:1. Yes, thatu2019s it. The subject looks at least twenty times bigger on your camera's sensor than it does in real life.,To start with, you ne

What is the rudest thing you have experienced while eating dinner at a friends house?

I was in high school and staying with a friend, her mom asked if I would mind making dinner for the family (including a few that would be coming over that night for game night) nothing unusual, I quite often cooked meals for the family, I like to cook so not a problem. The problem came when we sat down to actually eat the dinner I prepared, the mom

Will your iPhone get iOS 14?

iOS 14 release date, beta, features and compatible iPhonesApple's iOS 14 update is finally bringing widgets and picture-in-picture features to the iPhone,The iOS 14 release date can't come soon enough, as Apple is introducing a host of new, long-overdue changes coming to your iPhone in 2020.,New iOS 14 features include widgets finally coming to the

What do you think is the Philippines tech specialty?

I'd venture to take a look at this from another angle, starting with what we know about Filipinos' specialties/expertise in general then look at how tech applications have risen to meet the demand: ,Specialty 1: The Philippines is good at social. Chismis chismis, diba?,Social Media - Filipinos are all over Twitter; the Philippines has ranked Top 10

How do I cook frozen tuna steaks in a grill pan or oven?

Defrost by submerging in cold water. Do not use warm water because it will break up the fat in the fish. It's important that the fish is completely thawed before cooking, otherwise you will have an overcooked outside and raw inside.,BAKED TUNA STEAK,2 lbs. whole tunan3 c. sherry winen2 carrots, shreddedn2 ribs celery, sliced thin,Preheat oven to 45

Can I stay at a Toronto airport hotel during an international flight stop over?

Yes. The reason for this is that there is no such thing as an international stopover in Canada. If you land in Canada you are processed by Immigration and your admissibility is determined by factors such as your country of origin, means, length of stay etc. If you are successfully admitted you are then free to stay at a Toronto hotel and then retur

What is the most beautiful city in Montana?

Beauty is subjective and if you look for it, can be found in places one normally wouldn't consider. ,For instance, Butte isn't the first city most people think of as being beautiful, but its historic Uptown area is home to many beautiful landmark buildings. ,Billings (where I was born and raised and currently reside) is cursed with the lack of havi

What are interpersonal skills?

Interpersonal skills are the skills of Life we use every day when we communicate and interact with other people, both individually and in groups. People who have processed on developing strong interpersonal skills are generally more successful in both their professional and personal life.

What is the latest technology?

FLYING TAXIS,Meet CORA :u2026,u2026,Cora is developed by Kitty Hawk, a company founded by Alphabet CEO, Larry Page.,But CORA isnu2019t just your average aircraft. Itu2019s a self-piloting aircraft, all electric.,As in - AUTONOMOUS.,Itu2019s an electric-powered vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) air taxi.,TOP Speed- 93 mph,Range- 62 miles,It takes

How much wildlife does your garden attract? What makes your garden so attractive?

Our garden doesn't belong to just us, it also belongs to all the wildlife that lives there, plays there and even takes up residence in it. This could include hedgehogs strolling through your garden at night, birds stopping in the thick undergrowth right down to the beetles and woodlice under the stones at the end of the garden.,Ensuring that wildli

How long do I boil eggs for deviled eggs?

There are two ways to make hard boiled eggs which is what is needed for deviled eggs.,The first is to place eggs in a pot of cold water, bring it to the boil, lower to a hard simmer or slow boil and cook for 11u201313 minutes.,The second way is to place the eggs in a pot of cold water, bring to a boil, remove from heat and let stand 20 minutes.,The

How should I start making a cv from my fresher year?

First, you need to have some good skills which can make you standout among your classmates.,Second, you should do lots and lots of projects and don't stick to a particular field, explore and experiment as much as possible. Even if the project fails, you still would have learnt something. Never say no to a project, at least when you're a fresher.,Al

What is stopping you from going to the store and buying a cake?

I would go to a grocery store and buy a cake mix to make and bake at home. If I want cake, which happens, I prefer to get it at a proper bakery.,I heard that grocery stores ice their cakes with sweetened Crisco. It tastes like that to me, although I donu2019t know if itu2019s true. In any case, grocery store cakes donu2019t usually appeal to me. So

What are some nice upscale, modern, boutique hotels in Hong Kong?

The Mira Hotel http://www.themirahotel.com/en/default.aspx,Hotel ICON http://www.hotel-icon.com/,Butterfly on Prat http://www.butterflyhk.com/butterfly-on-prat/en/index.html,Cosmo Hotel http://www.cosmohotel.com.hk/,The Luxe Manor http://www.theluxemanor.com/,Hotel LKF http://www.hotel-lkf.com.hk/

How do I get views on a freshly made YouTube channel?

I go to Vidcon regularly, and have hung out with a ton of YouTubers. Based on years of studying content creators, learning from content creators and creating content myself, the following would be my evergreen, never-expiring advice:,Focus on the long tail: Since competition is stiff, focusing on the Long Tail is generally recommended. This means u

Do I need to book early for Burj Khalifa At The Top (levels 124125)?

Q. Who is the owner of Burj Khalifa?To answer the question on its ownership, we will have to look at what is in the building:,Residential floors: The building has 900 residential units in the building were sold to individual buyers, with some owning as many as 22 apartments.,Offices: The building has 37 floors of corporate suites, which seem to hav

What is the best budget for a video editing PC?

What size video source(s), how long are your projected projects, how long do you want to wait?,You could and I did do video editing on 720p with an Athlon 64 ~1.6GHz ~90Min clip to finish the project would take ~6 Hours to Encode, similar work on the Pentium 4 2GHz was ~8 Hours.,If itu2019s 4k Work youu2019ll need at least 16GB of RAM, friends of m

Can a camera shutter count be reset?

That would be like rolling back the speedometer mileage on a car. If you go to sell your camera with a reset shutter count that would be fraud.,Cameras like cars last a finite amount of time and the buyer has the right to accurately know what theyu2019re getting.,Iu2019m pretty sure manufacturers anticipated this and make it difficult to change cou

Which affiliate marketing program pays on the same day?

Looking for the best affiliate programs that pay daily and/or weekly?,Best Affiliate Programs That Pay Daily. ClickMagick. CPA Lead. MobIdea.,Affiliate Programs That Pay Weekly. Entice Cash. MaxBounty.,Affiliate Programs That Pay Weekly (In Cryptocurrencies) PeerFly. AdWork Media.

What is typically Dutch food?

As a frequent visitor to the Netherlands, and having seen the contents of many Dutch kitchens and refridgerators, I would say that typical native Dutch food tends to centre around the following:,cheeses (usually firm, mildly flavoured cheeses such as Gouda, Edam, Leerdammer, etc.),sausages (usually of the salami, pork or garlic sausage variety),col

What is your review of the OnePlus Nord 2?

The latest OnePlus Nord 2 flagship u2014 NORD 2 5Gu2014 heats up the affordable flagship segment with a top-end Mediatek chipset, improved cameras, software and battery life. The phone u2013 which looks similar to the OnePlus 9R u2014 is priced between Rs 29,999 and Rs 34,999. Going by the specifications, the phone is a value for money offering. It

How can I edit raw camera images in GIMP photo editing software?

There is (or used to be) an open-source project called camera raw. That is how I used to deal with RAW images before I bought the much lamented bibble (which sadly was sold to Corel, better known as Black Dwarf). If the reason for your enquiry is that you want to process RAW images on Linux, then look at RawTherapee (I did, and stayed away, but YMM