Why do flights from India to the USA not travel via the north pole?

Fascinating question! It is becoming more common to have flights over the North Pole, also known as 'the Polar Route' or 'Santa's Shortcut'. The airspace was opened up in 1998 and restrictions were further relaxed in 2011. For instance, most routes connecting Eastern seaboard of the US to East Asia (e.g. New York to Hong Kong, Shanghai or Seoul) no

Why are the rainbow hair colours never permanent? Why can we make brownblackredblondegrey permanent hair colours, but not redgreenblueyelloworangepink, etc?

The difference is between oxidative dye and direct dye. Oxidative dye changes the structure of the hair, opens the cuticle, lifts the natural colour and deposits the new colour. Direct dye only deposits colour. It is actually more permanent than than oxidative dye if you do it right. No shampoo. At all. Ever. No hot water, no sun, no heat of any ki

What is the best American beer according to the British?

You realize when you ask a question like this, youu2019re inviting an avalanche of answers like, u201cNone of it! Itu2019s all tiger piss! Those Yanks donu2019t know how to make beer!u201d And, though American, I have to agree that there is a good amount of the stuff made in my country that has no taste of any value. (Everywhere except in the forme

When is the right time to apply for off campus placements for economics (hons.) students in Delhi University? Also which are the companies one should definitely try for?

Depends on the interest of the candidate. If one gets a good opportunity right after graduation, one should grab it or can wait to complete masters .nThere are people who have made good careers with graduation degree as well. It's all a function of luck, interest and good opportunity.,As regards the companies, one could go in for research, consulti

How do you cope with dreams about your ex-lover? Its constant that I believe Iu2019m going crazy. We broke up 3 months ago, we dont talk anymore and he blocked me from everywhere. I keep dreaming of him every night.

Donu2019t worry about it. Just keep being stronger. I tends to still have dreams about him till today. But the past 2 years, it meant nothing. I dismissed it as nothing. Most of the times, my dreams came true, so technically I have fear for almost 5 years if he might returned back to me. It is scary whenever I had that dream that we are together. B

What is your favorite Chinese recipe to eat and how is it made?

Well, MY favorite and go-to when eating out is Chairman Maou2019s red braised pork belly. I taught it to myself and it takes FOREVER to make, but it is sooo sooo good in these days of lean cuts and chicken breasts which taste of nothingu2026 so rich, delicious and satisfying. I canu2019t even habe a bad conscience about the fat, it gets this super

How do you make whipped cream without heavy cream?

You do not. The gelatin is thoroughly unnecessary, of course, but you canu2019t make whipped cream without cream. Thatu2019s what whipped cream is: cream which has been beaten until foamy. If you donu2019t have cream, you may be able to make some other foamy substance (for example, fancy coffee-making devices have steam-driven gadgets which will fo

What is the best vlogger kit mobile filmmaking kit to buy in 2022?

Hello Travel enthusiastc,last 2 years were so bad for travelling lovers and travel vloggers,But now its time to grab your camera and book ticket to start your travel vlogging journey again,if you have good smart phone camera then you can buy following Rode Vlogger Kit,All-in-one mobile filmmaking kit, including a Ru00d8DE VideoMic Me-C, Tripod 2, S

What are some interesting facts about the Harry Potter series?

Here are 16 Brilliant small details in the Harry Potter Series!Harry Potter Intros become darker every year, just like the Movies!,2. In The Harry Potter Films, Voldemortu2019s robes faded in colour every time A Horcrux was destroyed, to give the impression he was slowly fading away.,3. In Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets (2002) before Harry

What are passive carrier proteins? What purpose do they serve?

Passive carrier proteins are a type of membrane transport proteins. Transport proteins are integral transmembrane proteins; that is they exist permanently within and span the membrane across which they transport substances. The proteins may assist in the movement of substances by facilitated diffusion or active transport. The two main types of prot

What are some ways to check your own ability to see color and test color accuracy?

The link in your question is based on the Farnsworth-Munsell 100 hue test. The other popular test is the Ishihara Test (test website) but that too might be too 'easy'.,Color - Method of Action is a more challenging test that requires you to perform a number of increasingly difficult colour-matching tasks under time pressure.,,nThis test is based ar

What is the best crypto exchange for day trading?

Cryptocurrency related scams have taken a total of $381 million from victims so far this year. This figure makes crypto scams the largest category of cryptocurrency-related crimes so far in 2020. However, a blockchain analytics firm cautions that current figures are only preliminary. The final figure might grow as more previously unreported scams a

What kind of insurance do I actually need?

Iu2019ll start the answer to this question with a question: what is insurance?,Insurance is the pooling of risk. People enter into a pool. Each person pays the expected cost of the risk being insured against. The insurance pays out each personu2019s actual cost, should they befall said risk. By doing so, they pay an amount they can afford (a premiu

What is the cause for the Iran-Iraq war?

The Iran-Iraq war begins on September 22, 1980,On September 22, 1980, the world awoke to news that six Iraqi Divisions had crossed the border into Iran. Iran which was in throws of revolution was predicted to quickly capitulate and either would part with vast amounts of territory, or face another revolution as Saddam Hussein would replace the regim

Which is better - Vivo V9 or Redmi Note 5 Pro?

If, for you, looks and a good selfie camera matters, then go for Vivo V9 or else go for REDMI NOTE 5 PROu2026,Vivo V9 is a bit heftier in pricing as far as its price segment is concernedu2026 It looks good but lacks hardwareu2026 It has SD 625 which is an obsolete processor in 2018 at this price rangeu2026,I'll suggest you better go for REDMI NOTE

What is the importance of yeast in bread making?

Yeast ferments sugar to produce CO2. The CO2 expands the volume of the bread to be expanded. Its works same as leavening agent. (Though in leavening agents, you can use CO2 (using baking soda), H2, air, and steam (for Yorkshire pudding?),But it only works with dough that can trap the CO2 in its u201cpocketsu201d. This is achieved through kneading p

Is the pain of losing an adopted child the same as losing a biological child?

The answer as far as Iu2019m concerned is yesu2026.Here is our story with losing an adopted daughter to be.,My husband and I are Muslims and so we knew that we were facing a tough road if we wanted to adopt. We had spoken to many biological moms who loved us before finding out what our religion is. We went through many agencies that just flat out r

What are some healthy traditional foods in Italy?

Italian cuisine is vastly regional, but all regions have a cuisine that is based on lots of fresh vegetables, balanced amounts of carbs and proteins, and relatively little sugar. This means that overall food in Italy is healthy. This does not mean that everyone always eats a healthy diet, or that everyone sticks to an excellent shape. But whatever

Why was the first digital camera important?

Hereu2019s inventor Steve Sasson with his digital camera, the very first, which he created while working at Kodak in 1975. In many ways, this wasnu2019t all that important. After all, he was building a one-of-a-kind device in the lab that wasnu2019t replicated. This camera recorded its 10,000 pixel image on cassette tape, taking 23 seconds for each

How do I connect an HP LaserJet 1300 printer to WiFi to print to both a Mac Air running Catalina 10.15 and Surface Tablet running Windows 10? What is the correct driver to use?

You cannotu2026,Well, let me be a bit more specific. I've dealt with HP printers extensively in the past, and to my recollection, the LaserJet 1300 was not WiFi enabled. A check of the HP specifications shows only Parallel and USB connectivity.,OKu2026 if you MUST access the printer wirelessly, the most efficient way to do that would be to connect

Which country currency is greater than India?

The following are some currencies of different countries which value more than India Rupee:,1 Dollar=65.08 Rupees,1 Pound=85.86 Rupees,1 Kuwaiti Dinar=215.23 Rupees,1 Saudi Riyal=17.35 Rupees,1 Dirham=17.72 Rupees,1 Yuan=9.83 Rupees,Conversion Credit:Google

What are some interesting things done with AJAX?

I must say, I started learning/loving web programming just because of ajax power, else 90% of website still use javascript only for validation,See how quora use ajax for voting etc feature, how facebook use like/unlike without even page refresh. How google use Ajax in their most of the products.,Thats power of ajax.,I really don't like to wait for

How do I use apple cider vinegar to lose weight?

Due to the strong taste, acidity and low calorie count, I doubt you would be able to drink enough vinegar of any kind to cause you to gain weight.n nOn the flip side, it does not have any special fat-burning powers.n nSo, use vinegar if you enjoy it, but I would caution you to rinse your mouth afterwards, and wait a while before brushing your teeth

I wanted to make truffles but I ran out of cocoa powder and added a little more cream than needed. What can I substitute to make it thicker? (I also dont have chocolate)

Anything someone recommends is going to be a little bit of a science experiment, because weu2019re going astray from the traditional recipe. I think you could thicken with a little bit of starch from potato, tapioca, or corn. All of these are pretty pure and neutral. You could also thicken with a bit of confectioneru2019s sugar, but it may make the

What are the best places to travel to in Turkey, aside from Istanbul?

Turkey is much More than Istanbul. Below are the destinations which you would not like to miss while traveling to turkey.,Antique Pool, Pamukkale ,,Maiden's Tower, Kiz Kulesi Gito YaylasiMardan Palace, Antalya UrlaButterfly Valley, Fethiye Camlica HillAnd how can we forget this :Hot Air Balloon, Cappadocia Looking for a Turkey Deal ? Write me at bo