Is Apple launching iPhone 11 Pro Max?

The iPhone 2019 range was announced earlier today, on the 10th Sept 2019. Pre orders will commence on the 13th Sept and the launch is on the 20th Sept.,There are three iPhones for 2019: iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max.

Is Apple Inc. iPhone going to loose market in India?

According to Apple CEO Tim Cook sales in many developing countries including in India is decreasing because of three main reasonsu2026,First of all people having iPhones are not upgrading to the latest versions of the iPhones which is affecting its sells in developing countries.,Second is the foreign exchange value which has increased too much whic

Which are the most expensive hotels in the world?

The Ritz, doesn't rely on artificial star ratings that other hotels appoint themselves..(anything above 5 *) its the choice hotel of HM Queen Elizabeth II attends along with other international royalty, business leaders, political leaders and of significance who command the highest attention to detail. ,Its service is second to none, alo

Which Six Flags park is the best one?

Ive been to every single theme park in the nation. That being said I have not been to the canadian or mexican parks. Out of the entire US of A. There are 3 parks that are leagues above the others. n1. Six flags magic mountain ca. 2. Cedar point oh. 3. Six flags Great adventure NJ. nThese 3 parks have the most thrill rides, the most roller coasters,

If the weekly dark-green vegetables recommendation is no more than 2 cups, wouldnu2019t a salad for lunch each day cause you to eat too much from this vegetable category?

For most peopleu2026 or, for most people in the USu2026 no.,In the US, most salads have a base of iceberg lettuce, which is little more than water. You could eat a whole head of iceberg lettuce every day with little nutritional effect, except for the folate and vitamin A. Thereu2019s a reason why they specify u201cdark greensu201d instead of just g

How many shutter counts is the limit of Nikon D3400?

It is a lot. Quite a lot. And besides, it is not the shutter count limit. It is rated shutter life. The rated shutter life for D3400 is about 150,000 clicks.,An owner of d3400 is going to be a casual hobbyist and is expected not to exceed 500 shots per week. Even that is very high and at this very high rate of shooting, the camera will become 300 w

Should I publish this map of South Asia?

The map proves how shallow is our thinking and how shallow is out learning of history.,I will provide few points to ponder :,A. Balochistan is not exclusive territory in present day Pakistan. It has 2 other portions Iranian and Afghanistan.nThe real Balochistan is created by merging all three together.,B. There is no mention of Kurds in northern ar

Is there a specific relation between the golden ratio and Fibonacci sequence?

Here is the Fibonacci sequence:,0 1 1 2 3 5 8 13 21 34 55 89 144u2026,If you divide one number by its predecessor here is what happens,1/0 = undefined,1/1 = 1,2/1 = 2,3/2 = 1.5,5/3 = 1.6666,8/5 = 1.6,13/8 = 1.625,u2026.,144/89 = 1.61797,As the numbers increase the results of the division converge to 1.618083398875u2026 (Golden ratio),This number is

What is the best bank for a corporate account in Singapore?

The ACRA requires that businesses in Singapore set up a bank account. It can get a little confusing given that there are so many options to choose from. We've ranked the top four banks in Singapore: DBS, Maybank, OCBC, and UOB as well as a great new solution: Transferwise. Jul 1, 2019,So I have included below how to go about opening a corporate ban

What is an interesting fact about you?

I was born with an extremely rare genetic mutation. My body produces a lot more of Anandamide, a natural cannabinoid produced by the body. Due to this I am immune to stress, depression and anxiety. I'm not 'happy-go-lucky', I'm just immune to stress and anxiety no matter the situation, it allows me to remain calm and 'blissful' therefore I am unabl

What things can I do in my 20s to become a millionaire by 30?

To help you reach the seven-figure mark by 30, we rounded up 11 pieces of advice from people who became millionaires at a young age and people who have studied hundreds of self-made millionaires.,We can't guarantee millionaire status, but following this advice won't hurt your odds.,1. Focus on earning"You cannot save your way to millionaire status,

What is the difference between the net present value and the internal rate of return?

Net Present Value (NPV)To understand Net Present value (NPV), one need to understand the concept of Present value (PV).n n In simplest of terms Present value (PV) is inverse of future value. We all have at some point or other calculated the future value. Remember asking yourself this question u201cIf I invest $100 today for 2 years with interest ra

What is something your pet did that you couldnt believe?

In 1974, I was employed full time, and also a full time student. I shared a house with the SIL of a friend.,This kitty was always a determined being. She walked in the open back door of our house one day, very clearly looked around, and said, u201cWell, thisu201dll dou201d, and moved right in. My roommateu2019s three year old immediately picked her

Which two colors combine to make green?

I was always taught to mix yellow and blue to make green, the amounts of each determining the final shade of the green. More Blue moves to turquoise, more yellow to a brighter yellow-green.

Which is the latest 4G phone in 2020?

Energizer Power Max P16K Pro,N/A,u20b924000,Huawei Mate 20 X,N/A,u20b920000,Asus Zenfone AR,flipkart,u20b949999,Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus 128GB,amazon,u20b949999

How do you make extra crispy fried chicken?

Science.To be specific, frying it twice.This method, which I learned from studying the works of the great J. Kenji Lopez-Alt, is a brilliant way of not only ensuring that your fried chicken is extra-crispy while remaining moist inside, it paradoxically enables you to serve it more quickly.,It takes a bit of extra preparation, but it works. I did it

What is the scope of Artificial Intelligence in India?

Hello people,,Have you ever wondered how driverless automobiles drive from one place to another or how the Google assistant in your system responds to your questions? The technology that creates all these fascinating dreams is known as Machine Learning (MI) and Artificial Intelligence (AI). AI has been one of the most burning buzzwords in the tech

Superheroes: ", "modifiers": {}}, {"text": "Why dont we have a real life Iron Man?

Resources.,No one in the world has even close to the amount of resources that Tony Stark has: money, tech, people, fame, etc.,Government funding.,Iron Man is a government-funded hero. No government is going to have enough money or resources to fund a real-life hero.,Tech.,The future tech that Iron Man owns is improbable in todayu2019s society or ev

What is the best place to live in Europe if you are a US citizen?

In my opinion, itu2019s a three component thing. Youu2019ll like it best as an American in a place in Europe whereu2026,you connect best in terms of language, lifestyle, and culture. After all, youu2019ll want to feel like you have gained something, and lost hopefully nothing. I wouldnu2019t want to move to Europe from the US only to find myself li

Have you ever seen someone do something that defied rational explanation?

Yes, my step-sister.,Iu2019m just going to be very frank. Iu2019m pretty sure she does not even have a brain. And if she somehow does, she never learned to use it.,Just yesterday, she was trying to cook something on a gas stove. She did not turn it off all the way and had just left the gas running for about 20 minutes. Luckily, someone smelled it a

My daughter is 11 year old and her height is 53 and her weight is 56.5 kg is her weight fine according to her age if not then what should be her weight according to her height?

The scale us not the best measure of body fat. We will only have to worry if at 56.5kgs your daughter is fat.,Look at how she appears in pictures.,Does she fit well in her clothes? If her belly is hanging then you might have to worry, not otherwise.,I don't have to tell you that your worry about her weight might make her feel more conscious about i