What are some of the best Skillshare classes to take?

Skillshare is a great platform to learn something new every day. Here are some of my favorite courses:,Animation, Illustration & Graphic DesignAnimating With Ease in After Effects | Jake Bartlett | SkillshareIntro to UX: Fundamentals of Usability | Marieke McCloskey | SkillshareAdobe Illustrator CC u2013 Essentials Training | Daniel Scott | Skillsh

What it is like to quit your job and travel the world?

I would like to tweak the question a bit, because my travels were only within India and not the world.,So, I shall talk about my 10,000 km journey across India, which I have already written partially in the 'Insights On India' blog, here is the link - What Kind of an IAS Officer Should One Aspire to be? - Akand SitraI had quit my job in October 201

What is a complete example of a good freelance web design contract scope section? Theres many free "templates" online, but they all leave the scope section empty.

To understand how you can leverage that scope section in a contract template, letu2019s break down what your clientu2019s business needs related to the website look like.nYou also usually should book a consultation to understand the specifics of the work clients want to complete for their website. After that, you should put together a proposal base

Which video games have the biggest learning curves?

I guess simulators?,I mean real full blown simulators, not Ace Combat, Jet-de-Go, or War Thunder series, but this:,Digital Combat SimulatorThey ask you for $80 for its high-fidelity simulated aircrafts!,Because it took so much time, access to real world data and manual information to model it accurately for the armchair pilots to criticise.,DCS: F/

How accurate is horoscope compatibility?

The Kut scoring system is a lunar compatibility analysis that compares for a pair the nakshatras of the natal Moon, the signs it occupies, and their rulers..,Points are determined for twelve different lunar compatibility factors (Kut) pairs with a total value from 0 to 36 points.,A score of 18 or more is considered to be a good score.,The higher th

Why do I see some people prefer Bangkok over Manila, though I visited both of them and I found Manila is more elegant, advanced, and better planned?

Itu2019s a matter of perspective & itu2019s about where you are in terms of your net income in hand. I have lived in PH & TH for couple of years. To begin with-,Getting visa for Philippines for most countries is painful, whereas Thailand gives you Visa on Arrival,In terms of banking, TH is a lot more advance. You will find money exchangers & ATMs e

What is the best country in South America to vacation, what are must sees while there?

What is the best country in South America to vacation, what are must sees while there?Does it need to be only one country?,Although far from EU or Canada-USA friendship ties, South America is a fairly integrated continent, land crossing are quite fluid.,I would recomend the former Inca Empire, spanning from Nazca And Cuzco in Peru to Salta, Argenti

What is the best time to drive from San Diego to Los Angeles on a Saturday?

What is the best time to drive from San Diego to Los Angeles on a Saturday?Seriously? Between 10pm and 7am.,Any other time you will have traffic.,I lived in San Diego for about 10 years so Hubster and I visit often. I once made it home to Los Angeles in just over 90 minutes. We had left Old Town (a suburb next to downtown) at 6am otherwise we would

Does the planet Jupiter actually have a terrestrial surface to it, like Earth?

Unfortunately, no.,Jupiter is big. REALLY big. All of the planets of the solar system can easily fit inside Jupiter, with room to spare. It is the largest planet in our solar system, and it is made up of hydrogen and helium (mostly). This will be important later on.,Jupiter, in all its beauty. Credit: JUNO/NASA/ Science News.Because of the fact tha

In China, is it really common for the average person to know their specific zodiac in the combination of Element-Animal (like Wood Ox or Water Tiger), or just Animal? (in America, Chinese Americans often know their animal sign, but not element)

You may go to my INDOCHINESE ASTROLOGER page or Astrological Analysis Facebook pages for the said questions thoroughly.,Or,You can go through my first blog on Google search engine regarding the detailed information on my INDOCHINESE ASTROLOGER Facebook page.,Love and Grace,Ashish Sisodia,Indochinese Astrologer

When did smartphones become popular?

Smartphones became popular in 2012 before that it was mostly common for people to just have a regular dumb phone. In 2008 the use of smartphones were less than 10% and dumb phones were around 70%. Dumb phones stayed around 70% up till 2010. In 2011 the percentage did start to go down and smartphones just started to go up but dumb phones were still

Whats the strangest thing youve seen for sale on Craigslist?

I made $3,000 selling pure junk. Hereu2019s the full story. At the bottom is a cool list of the strangest items I saw for sale.I live in Dubai, UAE and worked for a famous website here called dubizzle.,dubizzle is the Craigslist website of the Middle East and North Africa. (The guy who created Craigslist wasnt too bothered about launching his site

What does a vegetarian dog look like?

BUBBLES, OUR GERMAN SHEPHERD GIRL (7/17/2005-6/26/2016) DID NOT EAT ANY DOG FOOD. She just was NOT interested in food. She ate because she thought that is how SHE WAS FEEDING HER STUFFED TOYS! LOL,She ate steamed broccoli and cauliflower, baked sweet potatoes and baked spaghetti squash, oatmeal and Granola bars, Bssmati Rice with Ghee (clarified bu

How do you write a U.S. number in international format?

Do you mean what is the country prefix? I hope every country actually uses numbers as in 0u20139. Assuming they do and that you have the telephone number of the person you want to call, all you should need at that point is a country code. This (Country Codes, Phone Codes, Dialing Codes, Telephone Codes, ISO Country Codes) site here gives you all th

Is it worth buying the Samsung Galaxy 10+?

Four reasons to buy Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus Over Note 10Samsung just released its Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10 Plus; here are the things that would make you prefer Note 10 Plus to the main variant (Note 10). We already know the Samsung Galaxy Note series to come with S Pen (Stylus); however, in these new devices, the S pen comes with more functio

What are some names for healthy Indian evening snacks?

Indian snacks - if healthy have to be cooked from scratch - like khaman, poha etc otherwise all fast food are Indian nowu2026pav bhaji, burger, pizza ..can be bought online.,I believe in 2 balanced meals and if I want to snack in the evening - I go for roti and achhar (Flat bread and pickle) with chai or a toast with butter.,A bowl of fruit can be

Is investing in the forex market risky?

How risky is Forex trading? This is one of the most discussed topics in the world of Forex trading.,Of course, every investment is risky but the risks of loss in trading off-exchange forex contracts are even bigger.That is why once you decide to be the player in this market; you had better realize the risks connected with this product to make suspe

What is the year of the rabbit?

The Rabbit is the fourth of the 12-year cycle of animals which appear in the Chinese zodiac related to the Chinese calendar. The Year of the Rabbit is associated with the Earthly Branch symbol u536f. In the Vietnamese zodiac and the Gurung zodiac, the cat takes the place of the Rabbit.

What are some good vegetarian recipes without vegetables for dinner?

Grilled cheese.,Spanish flan.,Tailleventu2019s sugarless apple pie.,Fettuccine Alfredo.,Pasta con pesto alla genovese.,Cru00eapes Suzette.,Dal tadka and chapati, Gujarati style.,Plain dosa.,Wild mushrooms fried in top quality olive oil and garlic, and eaten with Italian bread.,Avocado on toast.,Japanese rice of the best quality with a fresh raw egg

What are some good feng shui plants, and what do they do?

What Are the Good (and Bad) Feng Shui Plants?Plants and Feng ShuiDecorating with living houseplants strengthens the energy of one particular feng shui element: wood. The wood element brings vital energy of growth and action into your space. It can also inspire compassion, kindness, and flexibility. Moreover, the color greenu2014the shade of many pl

How did sushi get so popular in western culture?

Americanization of Sushi,The birth of California Roll and the inside out roll is probably one of the biggest influences on the popularity of sushi in the United States and the rest of the world.,What California Roll (Inside Out Roll) did:, * Introduced new ingredients (avocado) to sushi.n * Sushi Chefs could incorporate many seafood Americans are a

Does rubbing pink salt affect the taste of roasted chickens?

No more effect than rubbing normal salt.,Himalayan salt often contains trace amounts of iron oxide (rust), which gives it a pink color. It also has small amounts of calcium, iron, potassium and magnesium, making it slightly lower in sodium than regular table salt. ... However, the main difference is simply the color, which can make any dish visuall

What is a worm in computer network?

A computer worm is a standalone malware computer program that replicates itself in order to spread to other computers. Often, it uses a computer network to spread itself, relying on security failures on the target computer to access it. Unlike a computer virus, it does not need to attach itself to an existing program.,For a virus, it need an active

How do you write your own professional biography?

First of all, you need to be clear that your professional biography is probably the most important copy you have ever written about yourself. This is the first introduction to who you are, what you do and what interests you - whether it's a blur on the social media platform, a personal website, or a company page. What you choose to play can play a

What incident has traumatized you for good?

I have had quite a few throughout my life. Iu2019m answering anonymously as this account is linked to my Facebook and there are things I donu2019t want family/friends to see.,I have an eidetic memory. I remember things from as young as 1 year old. When I was 3, we lived in a one bedroom motel room. It was my two sisters, my mother, and me. We had a

What is the cause for the Iran-Iraq war?

The Iran-Iraq war begins on September 22, 1980,On September 22, 1980, the world awoke to news that six Iraqi Divisions had crossed the border into Iran. Iran which was in throws of revolution was predicted to quickly capitulate and either would part with vast amounts of territory, or face another revolution as Saddam Hussein would replace the regim

Do all iPhones have a SIM card?

Short Answer: No,Every iPhone model except one has had a sim card slot and GSM capability. ,When the iPhone 4 was released for Verizon and Sprint's CDMA networks they made a variant (model A1349) that did not have a sim card slot.

What is a standard normal distribution table?

A table that shows the area under the standard normal curve corresponding to various z scores (ie number of standard deviations from the mean).,A standard normal distribution is a normal distribution with a mean of 0 and a standard deviation of 1.