What was the best hidden bonus you found in your home after living there for years?

Not me but my sister and her husband. They bought an old u201cmansionu201d that needed a total renovation. They got it for, if I remember correctly, $45k, as it was during the early to mid u201970s when mortgages were high and so was oil - an old mansion with an ancient boiler was going to be expensive to heat. No one wanted it. But the structure w

What are the best stocks to invest in 2022?

First thing we can't predict what happens, Atleast we can hope this happens:,EV,FMCG,HEALTH CARE,IT,AI,Other Notable Stocks,These are not just for 2022 , it's beyond that,EV:The raise of E-vehicle caused the Industry to Evaluate from 3.0 to 4.0, There are lot of companies trying to replicate what Tesla has achieved.,But India has it better:,The Rai

What are the current topics for a paper presentation by an ECE student?

List of all Technical topics (ECE) in recent trend is given below :,,A Digital Speech Effects Synthesizer,Advanced Queue Management Techniques,Agent Mediated E-commerce,AircarsAircraft GPS Tracking,Ambiophonics,An Electric BicycleLogin application in java using model view controller(mvc) and MySQL databasen,Anatomy and working of search enginesAndr

Will JLO and Ben Afflecks relationship last long?

Yes. It will absolutely last this time around.,I am basing my opinion on the history of their relationship as well as their astrological charts, which I have looked at several times over the years.,Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez at Gigli Movie Premiere in 2003Family Interference In The Past Is No Longer An IssueWhen Jennifer and Ben Affleck were to

Whatu2019s the film Dune about?

5 stars with a caveat. (no caveat now because Part 2 has been confirmed)If I have seen a more stunning movie I cannot remember it. This movie makes Star Wars look like a joke. The way they play with perspective is something to behold.,You know how every movie shows the big CGI shots in the trailer, thatu2019s not the case with Dune. Every 2 minutes

Is it likely that Mount Vesuvius will destroy Naples during its next large eruption?

Let me throw some brief highlights regarding the history of Mount Vesuvius, and then I will tell you what this could mean for Naples.,Above: Graph Of The Avellino Eruption If It Were To Happen Today u2014 NOTE: Ashfall would continue to fall throughout the White Zone, and well outside this map.FACT ONE: Mount Vesuvius has had no fewer than THREE er

How do you charge a laptop without a charger?

If you have a broken charger but the tip that plugs into the laptop is not broken, you can cut it near the tip, strip the wires, and connect the appropriate voltage to it (from either a DC power supply or another battery).,If you don't have a tip, that's a lot more difficult. You would have to either find one, or open up the laptop and solder wires

Excluding pepperoni, what is the best pizza topping on pizza?

I consider the best topping to be the one that lets me eat some of what Iu2019ve ordered.,The u201cpizza snatchersu201d arenu2019t a problem these days, but back in college, I remember ordering a pizza only to maybe get a slice or two by the time it made it to my room. This happened time and time again.,Needless to say, this pissed me off. To fix t

What do deers symbolize?

The deer symbolises many things; it is sacred to the feisty goddes Artemis, from Greek mythology.The instinctual energy that represents the deer, tells us to u201ctrust our gut reactions", these will tell us to u201cfight or flee".Symbolises the gentle, enticing lure of new adventures.,Symbol: regeneration.,Christian: piety, devotion.,God take care

What is the state of the art for propagating a new telephone number?

There is SpellDial http://www.spelldial.com/, a startup from Cebu, Philippines.,On their landing page:n,Numbers are uber difficult to remembernIt's such a hassle to inform all your friends when you change itnAnd, most of all, Numbers don't express who you aren,nBasically, you sign up for a unique name per country code. For example, +ph.mynameiskit.

How should a person decide whether he or she needs psychiatrist or psychologist?

Always start with a psychologist unless you are certain you want medication.,I have known and admired many psychiatrists, and was trained in part by great psychiatrists, though Iu2019m a psychologist myself. For much of my career I worked alongside some very good psychiatrists, and I was even clinical director of two multi-specialty mental health c

What is the resolution for the fujifilm instax mini 90 Neo classic camera?

Fujifilm Instax uses instant film instead of digital sensor. Film is an analog medium, so it doesn't have "pixels" per se, though film scanners have pixels and a specific resolution.,Fujifilm states their instant film can resolve approx. 12 lp/mm (thatu2019s line pairs, not pixels). Instax Mini has 46mm u00d7 62mm image size, so theoretically you s

If I were to start a small business, what kind of accounting and finance skills would I need to understand my balance sheet and to make decisions accordingly?

Finance skillnThe most important finance skill to master when starting a small business is cash flow management. That is, knowing 'what's in the bank' adding what can we reasonably expect to receive in cash in the coming weeks less what are we 'locked-in' to paying over the same time period and items would we like to purchase in this period. A Cash

If the amount of liabilities is 165,000 and the percentage of owners claim in the total partnership assets is 45%, what would the partnershipu2019s total assets be?

If the amount of liabilities is 165,000 and the percentage of owners claim in the total partnership assets is 45%, what would the partnershipu2019s total assets be?Kimberly,,The following is offered as advice from a CPA of 37+ years and the father of 3 college grad and 1 soon to be grad (just finishing his 1st semester of his senior year).,From you

What are the three measures of central tendency?

The term u201cmeasure of central tendencyu201d is used by statisticians and data analysts in connection with collections of data. A synonym is u201cmeasure of central locationu201d.,A measure of central tendency is,a single valuethat attempts to describe a collection of data,by identifying the central position within that collection of data.,The id

Is the USA the most evil government in the world?

No. North Korea is.USA is evil only by Western measures; on global measures, USA is far behind such paradises as Russia, Iran, Afghanistan, Yemen, Syria or any similar Arschloch countries in evil.,Whether USA is more evil than China is a question on itself.

What celebrity does not deserve to be famous?

Nikocado AvocadoNikocado Avocado is a YouTuber with a very unhealthy addiction: food. More specifically fastfood. He has 6 YouTube channels in which he just eats in front of the camera: Nikocado Avocado, Nikocado Avocado 2, Nikocado Avocado 3, Nikocado Avocado Shorts, More Nikocado Avocado and Noodle king.,And when I say he's addicated to fastfood,

What database is best for storing financial statements?

This is coming from a CPA.,Have you ever read a set of financial statements? The footnotes are an ESSENTIAL part of them.,How does ANY database handle such long verbage properly?,If you are just look at numbers pretty much any database will work.,If you are looking at the complete financial statements then I would suggest a simple PDF.

What are some little known but fun Christmas traditions?

75 Christmas Traditions Around The WorldThe holiday season is an exciting time all around the world and every culture celebrates a little bit differently. You might be surprised to learn what some children fear each year around the holidays or what takes the place of Santa Claus in another country's folklore.,What may seem totally normal to those l

What is the goal of a company?

Though Airbnb doesn't necessarily label anything as a "mission" or "vision" on their website, the below statement is on their about page (airbnb.com/home/about):,,nAs an active Airbnb user and SuperHost (airbnb.com/superhost), I would sayAirbnb's mission could be any or all of the following:n,Connecting people who need a place/space to stay with pe

What is the best organizational structure for a software company?

The organizational structure depends on a particular software company. As every structure has its advantage and disadvantage, it depends on the software that the company makes and the client requirement. A flat structure is an organizational structure with only a few layers of management. In a flat structure, managers have a wide span of control wi

How many carbohydrates are in a cucumber?

It contains almost 4u20136 gm of carbs with low fiber and vitamin in one cucumber. Majorly it is used for re-hydrating body and for getting re freshness. Green salads are best for maintaining the body temperature or heat produced in body due to heavy diet. Must go for cucumber, tomato, carrot, Palak, Beet in Salad daily at least for once. And at le

Which is the best country to live in?

My vote would go to Norway. There are so many positive things about Norway that I really find the citizens of Norway to be the luckiest ones on this planet to have been born there. For starters, education is free of cost in Norway. Schools and public colleges in Norway do not charge tuition fees. That ensures money doesnu2019t come into the path of

Is it possible to start a business with little to no money? How?

Firstly, Please avoid all this advice about drop shipping, this will NOT work for you. Notice all their posts have affiliate links in the bottom to sign up for a service, they get money when you click that link, they are selling you!,What I will explain here is what I have personally done with ZERO startup money, I am not trying to sell you anythin

How does lucky bamboo grow with just water?

Lucky Bamboo is not a real Bamboo; it is a Dracaena.It is easily propagated by cutting the stems and placing them in water until they grow new roots. It will grow in just water for a while. But after it has roots, it will do better if grown in soil like any other plant.,,

How do I recover data from WD my passport hard disk when it is not detected?

The WD external hard drive not showing up on the computer, it means you cannot access the drive to manage your data on the device. The solution to recovering our data from WD hard drive, you should fix the WD hard disk recognized and detected on the computer.,How to Solve My WD Hard Drive Not Recognized in Windows:Update WD hard disk device driver:

Do Mexicans have the highest average annual hours worked in the world?

No, but close enough.,Among 66 countries considered, Mexico ranks 3rd by annual labour hours , around 2,255 hours; behind Myanmar and Cambodia and ahead of Malasia and Singapore. It also ranks first place among the OECD countries , ahead of Costa Rica and South Korea.,The average Mexican worker works around 48 hours a week, however, over a quarter