How can I get some illusion photographs, is there any key receipe for it?

First of all observe your subject closely! See how you can improvise the conventional ways of photographing!,Trick photography is used to create illusions that can captivate the people looking by adding special effects to normal everyday scenes. It makes the scenes look exceptional by making it more attractive. Even if you donu2019t want to use tri

Is it possible to live cheap in the Philippines?

Yes. Although one thing I never understand is why expats insist on living in polluted and overpopulated Manila/National Capital Region, where prices are comparatively many times more expensive.,I donu2019t think they even realize that u201cprovinceu201d in the Philippines doesnu2019t mean backwater jungles and bamboo huts. The Philippines has aroun

What are some interesting facts about the Lighthouse of Alexandria?

There are a few.,The lighthouse was built on the small island of Pharos at the Nile delta. Such was the reputation of the monument and the boost it gave to lighthouse-building across the ancient world that pharos became the standard Greek word for a lighthouse. It remains so to this day.,The lighthouse famously bore an inscription with the name not

In which countries do people drive on the left side of the road?

There is a list on Wikipedia here:,There is a note mentioning that the section may be incomplete and needs references.,nAlderneynAnguillanAntigua and BarbudanAustralianBahamasnBangladeshnBarbadosnBermudanBhutannBotswananBruneinCayman IslandsnChristmas Isl

How do I mirror a layer in Photoshop?

Are you trying to do a mirror reflection of the image? If so, make a duplicate copy of the image layer. Then select image/image rotation/flip canvas horizontal/ or flip canvas vertical, or use 180 degrees. These will all create reflected images. You may need to increase you canvas size if you intend to include them side by side like in a lake refle

What are some unknown facts about Victoria and David Beckham?

Victoria Beckhamn1.Her full name is Victoria Caroline Beckham. Her maiden name is Adams.,2.For most of her life, Victoria Beckham has suffered from severe acne. Even now she has to combat acne. When she was a child, the problem with skin weighed on her self-esteem, which is why she was so quiet and lonely. Victoria told that she would apply a lot o

What are some of the most amazing natural wonders of the world?

Some of the most amazing natural wonders of the world are as follows,Living root bridges, IndiaLiving Root Bridges of Meghalaya which root made a bridge of Ficus Elastica that can bear the weight of 50 people at once and 30 meter long.,Lonar Crater Lake, IndiaLonar Lake is the Worldu2019s largest and only hyper-velocity impact crater in basaltic ro

What experiences have you had that you would describe as a miracle?

One time I was hoping that I could have a friend, and an older lady at church told me that God told her that I needed a friend, and she offered to be my friend.,One time we had no money for food or toilet paper in our campus apartment. We had been down to making bread out of flour and water on a pan because that was all that was left. We received a

What can I do if my 5 year old step son who only stays with us every other weekend is suddenly afraid to sleep in his room? Background lives with his mom, grandma, grandpa, uncle. Last summer had no trouble sleeping in his room by himself at our home

If your husband has a civil relationship with the boyu2019s mother, start by finding out if he is suddenly afraid to sleep in his room at their home. You ask u201cwhat can I do . . . u201c and itu2019s very important that your husband, the childu2019s father, be involved in whatever is being done. Are there any other changes in the childu2019s deme

What are the different types of Computer Science students?

The Elitist Jerk. This kid learned everything quickly or was already coding before he got to college. Either way, heu2019s super smart and has no problem letting you know he is super smart. Youu2019ll hate this little bastard, but youu2019ll still ask for his help.,The Moocher Male. You have no idea why this kid is in class. He clearly has no idea

What are the most inspiring short stories?

Masudur Rahman BaidyaIt was in 2005, that I first came to know of this fine gentleman, during a swim meet in Kerala.,Born in West Bengal, India (not far from Kolkata), Mr. Baidya had a knack for swimming. As destiny would have it, in 1979, at the age of 10, he tripped and his legs came under the wheels of a train. He survived miraculously but lost

What is the life of a flight attendant like? How often are they home? How do they find accommodations when theyre not? How long are their breaks between shifts? How long are their shifts? Do many of them maintain families back home?

I worked as a flight attendant in commercial companies for four years and then another two as a corporate flight attendant. Life of FA depends much of company she is working for.nFor three years I worked for commercial company based in Dubai. This company provides you with the accommodation, at the beginning you have to share your apartment with on

What is the most drastic change in Russia during the past 10 years?

Actually that is an intresting question and I ve pondered a bit about what really has changed in life of an ordinary Russian since 2010. I will not take in account the current international situation, the worsening of Russia-West relationship or the number of political talk shows on state TV channels and some other things that are actually not real

Is Palawan part of Luzon Visayas or Mindanao?

Palawan is part of the Luzon group of islands.,There are three main group of island in the Philippines.,Luzon group of islands or kapuluan ng Luzon,Visayas group of islands or kapuluan ng Visayas,Mindanao group of islands or kapuluan ng Mindanao

Whats your favourite Chinese snacks?

u201cI don't usually snack" - however when I come across my favourite Chinese pastry I go beserk u2014 eating more than I should, in southern China, Hong Kong, Macau, and Malaysia Penang-Ipoh.Many of the old Chinese bakeries/pastry shops have been making their specialty bakes for over a hundred years.Penang's soft, crumbly tau sar piah (green bean

What is the best Keto-friendly vegetable soup (without mushrooms or brocolli)?

This is so simple and yet so tasty.,Fill a pan of water two thirds full, about two litres.,Add three stock cubes, salt, cracked black pepper, half a head of garlic roughly chopped, and a handful of beef or pork tenderloin thinly sliced.,Dice an onion, add that. When that's almost cooked, add some French beans, Chinese cabbage and boil for another f

Where is the best place to get a private van tour in Seoul, South Korea?

Kim's Travel and Tours in Gangnam. You can even have English speaking guide if you are willing to pay the fee and tipu2026,They mostly handle South Korean tours for foreign tourists .,We had a great time last year on the 8-day, private tour of family of 6 peopleu2026,Enjoy!!!u270cu200du2640ufe0f

What are some lesser-known facts about the Titanic?

1. The iceberg that sank the Titanic began its journey somewhere around 1000 BC.,2. The last remaining survivor of the disaster, Millvina Dean, died on May 31, 2009, aged 97. She was 2 months old at the time.,3. At the time of her launch, the Royal Mail Steamer was the largest man-made moving object on Earth.,4. The Titanic crash could have been av

What are some tips for wardrobes design in 2021?

Looking for a suitable wardrobe is a difficult task when you are confused by all kinds of wardrobe designs, materials, door styles, finish and so on. Here are a few tips that will help you zero in on the best wardrobe design in your search for a perfect wardrobe.,Available space in room - You will find a number of wardrobes with various sizes, no m

How do I download Adobe Photoshop Elements 2020?

Click on Download button to start Adobe Photoshop 2020 Free Download. This is complete offline installer and standalone setup for Adobe Photoshop 2020. This would be compatible with 64 bit windows. While the 2020 version of PS Elements has only a handful of new features and improvements, it remains the best photo editing software overall because of

How do I change the age in a death certificate in Andhra Pradesh?

Apply In-Person1) Applicants must visit the office of Registrar (Birth and Death) of the Municipality/Panchayat/Notified Area Committee assigned to your area in order to correct or update a death certificate.,2) Here is the link with the contact and address details of Municipalities and local bodies in Andhra Pradesh: Contact link and Contact link,

What are some examples of excellent customer service for nurses?

I am not a nurse myself but my sisters and a lot of my friends are. Being in the healthcare service industry means the lives of their patients are always their top priority. Customer service will follow thereafter however there are always cases where the patient is stubborn that they overlook their own welfare. Thatu2019s the time nurses throw cust

If inflation continues at an average of 3.2% a year, then in about 400 years $1,000,000 will be just about enough to buy a loaf of bread. Will we just start dropping 0s at that point, and call a million dollars a dollar?

More often than not when inflation occurs like this either a new currency is issued or notes in new denominations are issued.,For example, in Argentina the peso replaced the austral in 1991 at a rate of 10,000 austral = 1 peso. Before that, the austral had replaced the peso argentino in 1985 at 1,000 to 1, and the peso argentino had replaced the pe

What is the meaning of gross investment in economics?

Gross just means before deductions. Like you have gross pay and they take out taxes, insurance payments, deductions like that. When you subtract all the deductions from gross, you get net.,Gross capital investment becomes net after you account for depreciation.,Macroeconomics-wise, gross investment (in the NIPA accounting) for government, is the fo

How is a relationship between a capricorn female and a libra man?

Yes, it can happen. When it does, it is usually because other planets are in compatible signs. For example, both Mercury, governing the ability to talk with each other, and Venus, governing the ability to express affection, are normally found in either the Sun sign or one of the two signs on either side of the Sun. So if your Libra man had Venus in

Can you name a band that starts with the letter B?

Black Crows, BTO, Bangles, Beach Boys, Badfinger, Blue Oyster Cult, Breaking Benjamin, Black Keys, Bad Company, BB King, Bee Gees, Blonde, Black Sabbath, Black Flag, Billie Joel, Bestie Boys, Blink 182, Billy Idol, Billy Ocean, Billy Squire, Buddy Guy, Bob Dylan, Bob Segar, and Boston

How safe is it for a woman to travel alone in India?

India is as safe as any country to travel, with some small differences. Solo travel in any country means being prepared and organised.,As I always say, the media perpetuates a negative view. You will be safe to travel a a woman alone.,I would suggest the following for solo travel in India:,Dress appropriately for the place you are visiting. If I wa