Are buttermilk pancakes healthy?

It depends.,You can make ordinary pancakes or you can make healthier ones like:,Whole-wheat pancakes with honey,Oat flour pancakes topped with Strawberry puree,Banana pancakes,The best thing about pancakes is how versatile it is. Want it indulgent? Add tons of bacon and maple syrup! Want it healthy? Switch it to healthy fruit fillings and toppings!

Some Dem presidential candidates are promising to erase student loan debt. I wonder if this is wise because I worked my way through college and never took a student loan. Is that fair to the students that worked their way through?

Dear Kurt Sawyer,,Your bio says that you graduated college in 1977. nAn average cost for private university in the 1976u20131977 calendar year was $4715, including room and board. It wasnu2019t much different for a public university. nA maxed Pell Grant in 1977 for a student at a 4 year private university averaged about 45% of the cost of tuition,

What is a chief executive officer salary?

In the United States, the average income for a chief executive officer is $115,193 per year, plus $25,000 in profit sharing. A company's highest-ranking executive is the chief executive officer (CEO). A chief executive officer's key tasks, in general, are making major corporate decisions, managing a company's overall operations and resources, and s

How do I find the coefficients of kinetic and static friction?

Sliding friction (also known as kinetic friction) results from pushing the object without a change of the point of contact on the surface and the moving object. Rolling friction is dependent upon static friction, where the frictional surface actually does not permit the point of contact from sliding, but rather forces the object into a rotation. So

What countries would you like to visit?

As you can see from the map Iu2019ve made below, there are actually quite a few countries that Iu2019d like to visit (in short, blue = already been, green = want to visit, yellow = really want to visit, purple = maybe, but , and red = no way in actual Hell would visit):,,However, if I could only pick a handful of countries to visit, then my top 10

How compatible are Pisces and Capricorn?

The worse combo; pisces men or women with cap women or men.,Friends wise: pisces woman with cap woman u2026 there's about 30 percent chance better of holding up. But friendships don't last because someone will have sickness and die or just die.

Is the non-stop flight from Newark to Singapore too long?

Depends what you define as long.,,Itu2019s pretty much the longest flight weu2019ll ever see, as SIN and EWR as about the furthest distances you can get on the Earthu2019s surface with enough demand to support a flight. Weu2019re already seeing Melbourne to London (through Perth) as a fairly profitable flight because it links to very important cont

Why is the value of the Russian ruble so low and the Saudi riyal so high?

Well, low and high are qualitative estimates. Russian rubble was redenominated in 1998 at the rate of 1 = 1 000 RUB.,If there wasnu2019t for 1998 redenomination the current exchange rate could have been 68000 rub = 1 dollar. Easily. This illustrates how notional the value of ruble really is, just like the value of many other currencies.,Thatu2019s

What are some good lettuce wrap recipes?

Crab & Mango Lettuce WrapsIngredientsu00b7 8 ounces lump crabmeat, cooked,u00b7 1 ripe mango, peeled, pit removed, and diced into bite-size pieces,u00b7 1/2 cup jicama, peeled and diced,u00b7 1/3 cup fresh cilantro leaves, finely chopped,u00b7 3 green onions, white and part of the green, finely chopped,u00b7 10 leaves Boston lettuce, washed and dri

Which Android phone has the best battery life?

If you wanna know about smartphones then it would be definitely Ascend Mate 2 4G. It has a battery life of almost 25 hours and 54 minutes.,But if wanna know about a biggie how about this :nSamsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 LTE:9500mAh of raw battery backup!nAnd oh, for the record - My Laptop has a battery of 2260mAh.,Thanks to Ajinkya Ghadge.

In order to produce beats, should the two sound waves have slightly different amplitudes, slightly different amplitude, the same frequency, and slightly different frequencies?

The answer can be obtained from the math used to calculate the interference. The beat frequency is determined by the difference between the two frequencies generating the beat. The contrast of the interference is determined by the amplitudes of the two waves. You want the amplitudes to be equal to produce the maximum contrast and therefore a maximu

Is tithing still applicable in todays world?

No, itu2019s not and itu2019s always kind of rubbed me the wrong way, this tithing thing. Iu2019ve lived for many years in the Philippines and I recall this church called Iglesia ni Cristo in which members are required to give 10% of their monthly income to the Church, as well as additional donations.,Meanwhile the leadership of this church flies p

What kind of relationship would be between a Scorpio and a Capricorn?

There are many other variables that you are not mentioning. Are you talking about a romantic relationship? A business partnership? (In the latter, this pairing could be formidable as allies and financial growth through their combined powers of shrewdness, intuition and calculated risk is nearly a givenu201d),But I would honestly need the birth info

What are some tips for making good pork ribs?

A great marinate for pork ribs is a combination of grape juice and apple juice. They impart a natural sweetness (but not too much) while at the same time act as a natural tenderiser. The tanic acid in apples, the ascorbic acid in both, plus the plethora of antioxidants in both, make for a very healthy way of adding flavor, tenderness, and a healthy

Which is better: SLTs or DSLRs?

Ok... so for anyone who hasn't been following this, DSLR of course standards for Digital Single Lens Reflex, as in camera. The DSLR is, of course, a digital version of the Single Lens Reflex camera, which has been the most popular professional camera format since the 1960s. ,,The idea behind the SLR is that the very same lens used for shooting the

What is your experience with Apple Magic Keyboard?

Love it.,I type for literal hours every single day, doing software development, writing emails, writing technical documentation, posting to Quora, and everything in between. Appleu2019s keyboards during the past decade have been THE best keyboards I have ever owned.,The key travel is extremely low, especially when compared to competing keyboards. T

What are some cool facts about Japan?

At the height of the 80s asset bubble, the Tokyo Imperial Palace was worth more than the entire real estate value of California.,In 1994, Japan represented 17.8% of the world's economy. It consistently ranked as the 2nd largest GDP throughout the 90s and 00s. Its growth was so impressive, some analysts legitimately believed it would overtake the US

How do you clean with hydrogen peroxide?

Itu2019s a potent oxidising agent, thanks to the relatively weak O-O central bond - that can easily be cleaved to produce the hydroxyl (.OH) free radical, which is highly reactive and degrades most organic compounds, including the chemical constituent components of bacteria, viruses & fungi. Furthermore, the end products of such reactions are harml

How can I spend my $35 to get the best return on investment?

Here's my idea, and it probably won't cost you $35 to do this.,Buy a cooler with a shoulder strap and some freezer bricks (for those not familiar, these are plastic boxes filled with water or gel that you use to keep food or drink cold. You freeze them in your freezer, then put them inside a cooler you take with you.),Whenever you leave home for a

What is the difference between San Juan and Old San Juan?

San Juan is the entire municipality which includes Old San Juan, the financial district and many wards including some rural areas and covers 77 square miles. Old San Juan is the 500-year old walled city located at the northern part of the municipality in a small island (connected with various bridges) at the entrance of the harbor. It was founded b

Which Chinese zodiac signs are lucky during the year of the ox or Chinese New Year 2021?

Rat, Rooster and Snake enjoy the best of luck in the year of the Ox.,The next tier is Rabbit, Monkey, Tiger and Pig. Everything goes smoothly without worry.,Ox and Dragon are not so lucky and may experience some troubles or setbacks.,The worst of luck goes to Horse, Dog and Ram. Toublesome or even dangerous year for these, must stay calm and cautio

What are the features of the globalization PDF?

u201cu2026,Betul Yalcin,Essay MSc. Comparative Social Policy Programme,University of Oxford, 2009,What is globalisation and in what ways does globalization affect social policy ?,In its general definition, globalization can be defined as an extensive network of,economic, cultural, social and political interconnections and processes which goes beyon

Why is global warming considered to be important?

The plants and animals that once thrived at a certain latitude are now not able to due to that area's climate being changed. Biodiversity is threatened. Plants and animals that can't take the heat are rapidly displaced by more heat-loving species and some are even seen migrating towards the poles in response to their changing conditions. And the po

How do I make oatmeal cookies without baking soda?

The leavening action with baking soda lightens the cookie by creating a slight rise, usually, an increase of size from half to near doubled. Without any leavening, the end product will be dense, chewy, and perhaps even crunchy as a challenge to chew if overbaked into dry. Pulling the cookie sheet at the first sign of browning will allow the texture

What is the best way to create a passive income in 2022?

Passive Income - A True ExampleOnline there are 1000s of methods showing you how to create a passive income.The true definition of passive is where you don't have to do anything. You can sit back and watch your income increase.,Many of these methods taught online are not really passive. They require constant work and support to customers.,Over 4 ye

Why do Michael Jordans eyes look so foggy as he has aged?

MJ has never commented publicly, however, on any liver problems or jaundice, which is leading others to believe his discolored eyes could be due to melanin, the pigment that gives color to our skin.,The rumour, early-2010s dominated reports of Jordan's health. Most of the rumours stemmed from MJ eyes appearing yellow in the pictures. Many hardcore

How Do I Clean My Cameras Sensor?

Very very carefully, or you have it professionally cleaned.,For DIY cleaning, take off the lens and turn on the manual cleaning mode which locks the shutter open. Hold the camera face down and GENTLY blow the dust off with a bulb blower from underneath, so the dust falls out.,Never use compressed air and never touch the sensor.