How many calories do I need to gain a weight calculator?

I don't understand the question. What do you mean gain a weight calculator?,Do you mean how many calories do I need to consume in order to gain weight?,If that's what you mean, then the short answer is, you need to consume more calories per day than you burn.,So first you would need to determine how many calories per day your body burns. There are

Is it harder to face a boxer with no experience than a boxer with a little? I was sparring with an inexperienced boxer, and it was so hard to hit him as he constantly was throwing punches. How can this be explained?

There is this chinese term"u4e71u62f3u6253u5012u8001u5e08" which meant the chaotic fists defeats the teacher.,If you ever fought with someone who is untrained and on a adrenaline rush, you will realize the punches comes up fast and furious. That fellow is basically thrashing to survive, and lack the accuracy or inefficient delivery of punches is ma

What is the best temperature to cook steak on a stove top?

This would depend on thickness.,Lets say they are about 3/4 inch thick. I cut them from a Pork Loin into Pork Loin Steaks. Got about 15 steaks off the one loin.,Then the answer would be 40 minutes at 350 F.,Thatu2019s about how long I cooked mine last weekend. Did this with Shake-n-bake BBQ coating mix.

How do I use the Lightroom in Instagram posts?

Using Presets for ConsistencyPresets are like filters. Presets are a set of settings that are saved and can be applied to any photo so that you create the same look from one photo to the next.n Sometimes presets can create very artistic looks like vintage film or cross-processed tones, but they can also be perfect for applying basic edits that crea

How is the Maano PM 420 microphone for singing? Is it better than AU04 and AU03? Are there any other mic which are better than this in this prize range? It costs 5,000 now.

Personally, I havenu2019t used any of the microphones you have mentioned. I have been performing on stage professionally and doing some home recordings for myself and my clients in singing, voice-overs and narrations. For stage, I have been using a Rs.2500/- Indian wireless microphone since the last 10 years. Still using it without any problems. Fo

What did Taylor Swift mean when she said "snakes and stones never broke my bones"?

This particular lyric is a clever play on words that Taylor wrote for her single, u201cYou Need To Calm Down". The central theme of the song was putting haters in their place (specifically haters attacking the LGBTQ+ community). The old saying, u201csticks and stones may break my bones, but words can never hurt me" means that insults and hurtful wo

How do I connect a camera in a MacBook Air?

Numerous Mac PCs and presentations have worked in iSight, FaceTime or FaceTime HD cameras situated close to the top edge of the screen. The camera naturally turns on when you open an application that can take pictures, record recordings or make video calls. You can choose which applications are permitted to utilize the camera on your Mac.Turn the c

What is the most economical and safest way to go from Vancouver airport to Surrey?

Two options from YVR:,1. Take The CANADA LINE to either BRIDGEPORT STATION (if your Surrey destination is SOUTH SURREY/WHITE ROCK/CRESCENT BEACH) u2014 then board a corresponding Rapid EXPRESS TRANSLINK BUS u2014 makes an express /limited stop journey mostly via highway99 until reaching South Surreyu2019s Semiahmoo Peninsula;,2. Otherwise, if heade

How can visitors avoid "tourist trap" restaurants in Italy?

1. Avoid any place with waiters whose only job is to stop tourists.,2. Avoid any place that displays pictures of the dishes being served. McDonalds does this, and we donu2019t consider McDonalds a proper restaurant.,3. Avoid restaurants where the majority of the customers are not Italians. If Italians donu2019t eat there then the food sucks, or it'

If someone finds San Franciscos weather too hot, would living in Iceland, Faroe Islands, Scandinavia, Russia or Canada be better in terms of weather for them?

By u201cSan Franciscou201d, I assume you mean the actual city of San Francisco, not the Bay Area, which has numerous micro-climates where the weather can vary from almost constantly cool in the Daly City area to highly variable with hot summers (>30C or 85F on average) in places like Livermore or Morgan Hill south of San Jose.,Even within San Fr

I want to major in computer science. Can I get a brutally honest opinion on this major?

Hello! As someone who got a CS degree (my experience is via the software path not in the engineering/hardware field), here is my u2018brutally honestu2019 opinion of a Computer Science degree.,Very condensed story: I rolled the dice on CS degree, worked a programming job after college and ultimately did not find any satisfaction in programming for

Where are the best places to spend vacation in Cebu?

There are a lot of choices.,If you're into beaches, Mactan island would be first in mind, although on some resorts it might be a little crowded especially on peak seasons( November to May ).,Going up north, there's San Remigio with its long stretch of white beach, Bantayan Island and Malapascua island.,Then thereu2019s Camotes island facing Danao C

What are the most popular printers in the world?

The top 5 brand printers are like :,HP DeskJet 4535 wireless colour ink printer:HP DeskJet 4535 printer is an all-in-one product, means itu2019s a low-cost price with the wireless product. Using this printer we can easily print from our smartphone or tablet. It has quick setup where we can print wirelessly from any room. This is in top 10 Multi Fun

Which is the best false ceiling for a bathroom?

Acrylic ceiling is mostly preferred for bathroom by people today. Because wide range of color shades and designs are available. Acrylic sheets are available in different sizes & thickness, like 8'x4', 10'x4' etc. For bathrooms 4mm, 6mm or 8mm thickness is used, which is supported with 1u201d inch L shaped aluminum strips.

What are the most overrated travel destinations?

For me, I think the one of the most overrated tourist attractions here in the Philippines is Boracay . Look how crowded it is.,Yes, it is a beauty, but I think it is hindering other beautiful tourist spots here in the Philippines to be discovered or exposed.

How do I colorize the old black and white image in Photoshop?

Ever wanted to add color to your old, vintage, or historical photographs? Load up some old pictures and see how color can be added quickly to any black and white photograph in this simple Photoshop how to.,While many purists simply donu2019t like the look of colorized black and white photographs, the ability to add color to black and white images i

What is the history of the Taal volcano near Manila?

Taal Volcano is the second most active volcano in the Philippines, with 33 recorded historical eruptions, all of which were concentrated on Volcano Island, near the middle of Taal Lake. The caldera was formed by prehistoric eruptions between 140,000 and 5,380 BP.,Volcano Island, called Taal Volcano, has erupted more than 34 times since 1572, most r

What are the 5 best dual paint combination ideas for your house?

Your house reveals a lot about your personality. Therefore it becomes very important to attend to these matters. Before you hop on colour catalogues and shade cards, what do you want your house to express. What mood board do you want your interior to follow? These are some questions you should find answers to. A suitable paint is not just about col

What has been created by Africans?

I got the following from the website,The PyramidsThe oldest pyramid was erected for King Zoser between 2667-2648 BC. In fact it is the first monumental stone building designed and constructed that we know of.,Metallurgy from North Pare in Tanzania 2000 years agoAfricans were smelting iron nearly 2,500 years ago. Metal tools ca

Is Iran Mall the largest mall in the world?

Chennai is one of the oldest cities of India with a rich cultural heritage along with highly urbanized population. It has been one of the most important places in Indian history which was part of many landmarks. The following 35 amazing facts are only some of the great things about the city which make it one of the greatest cities in the world!,1.

What is it like to live alone?

I have lived alone for over 6 years and I am living alone as I write this. ,This was my last weekend:,(Warning - I am Asian and I habitually take photos of food),08:00 - sleep through the morning.Because I am not staying with my housemate who makes a ruckus in the bathroom when he wakes up.,10:00 - wake up in pajamas, fix my favourite strong cup of

How do I lose weight with healthy diet plans for women?

The Best Weight Loss Diet Plan for Women in 2021are my friend welcome my name is dr.,Anthony Balducci I'm the founder here atthe fit mother project and I'm soexcited for today's video because we'regonna deep dive into the best weightloss and diet plan for women for you asa busy mom a working mom if you're awoman out there who wants to lose weightan

How do I write a power of attorney sample?

How a power of attorney is written depends upon to law of the state in which you are in. It's not a big matter to hire a lawyer for this. Itu2019s not complicated but if it is not drafted and signed properly, it may not be valid.

What are some examples of information technology?

Information Technology is a very vast and fickle subject, as the potential of Information Technology is always something professionals and even not so professional individuals tend to think about.,I'd say two examples of Information Technology or an u201cinformation systemu201d,Any organization with their own networking infrastructure. This would t