What are the best ways to earn money while traveling around the world?

You can go my route:,Instead of only travelling, travel and work both at the same time. Write to companies beforehand, ask them for a job, show them your skills, and negotiate for pay and accommodation.,I had all my expenses paid for, when I was in Spain, even my food was paid for.,There are many ways to earn money whilst travelling, I found mine t

Whats your favorite easy weeknight dinner for a family?

Well, if Iu2019m tired, my favorite dinner is to go to a restaurant I like and enjoy a glass of wine while somebody else does the cooking.,Sometimes Iu2019ll pick up a rotisserie chicken and make a few side dishes to go with it.,Otherwise, an easy, quick meal at our house would be steaks or pork chops, which my husband fries or grills while I make

What color goes with black and white?

Any color really can go and match with both of these because they are neutrals. In general, neutrals have the ability to match and go with any color you decide to pair it with: blue, yellow, orange, red, purple etc. It doesnu2019t matter what color you choose which is the beauty of the neutrals. You can pair them with any other color and you can 10

What fast food restaurants in the US have the best French fries?

There used to be a place in Norfolk, Virginia named Dog N Burger that had the best fries in the USA. They served super crispy crinkle cut fries that beat the hell out of anything any corporate fast food joint served.,Two bbq pork sandwiches with slaw and a side of fries was my order.,R.I.P. Dog N Burger.

What are the best Indian restaurants in Fremont, CA?

I am the citizen of Fremont CA, and here, I lived since 2010, so, Here are given some of the best popular restaurants which are marvelous to offer the best food, such as,Krishna RestaurantBuzzy restaurant cooking to veggie lovers with a full menu of vegetarian Indian standards.n Address: 40645 Fremont Blvd, Fremont, CA 94538n Phone: (510) 656-2336,

Statistically speaking, when can you define a business strategy as a "niche"?

The term u201cnicheu201d is like the terms u201centrepreneuru201d or u201csmall businessu201d . Ask ten people to define it and you will get ten different answers.,I would describe a business as a niche if it addresses a segment of the overall market that has been under-served or even ignored. This segment of the market needs to be big enough to su

What color was the Christmas that Elvis u201cThe Kingu201d Presley had?

Blue. The song was called u201cBlue Christmasu201d and tells the tale of a man who remembers the love he lost as his former girlfriend married another man. Words and music are by Billy Hayes and Jay Johnson. The lyrics are:,Ill have a blue christmas without youn Ill be so blue just thinking about youn Decorations of red on a green christmas treen W

How do I make money on social media in 2022?

There were number of social media sites that you can use in India or Abroad. Human nature by default has been programmed to be socially active to a certain extent. Some people are more active, while others are less so!,However, people have always been looking for ways to connect and network with each other. And, in this age of digitisation, people

Which was the most successful Chinese dynasty?

I think Tang dynasty is the greatest Chinese dynasty. The culture of Tang dynasty is the most property.,Although 152-year AnLushan Rebellion and eunuch dictatorship, Tang lived a long life. At that time, the map of Tang included Central Asia, Afghanistan and Iran!,The built-up area of Tang Empire is the equation of 3 palace of Versailles, 4 Forbidd

Which countries are located in South America?

From North To South and main national languages spoken:Spanish Speaking:1. Venezuela,2. Colombia,3. Ecuador,4. Peru,5. Bolivia,6. Paraguay,7. Chile,8. Argentina,9. Uruguay,Portuguese Speaking:10. Brazil,English Speaking:11. Guyana,Dutch Speaking:12. Suriname,French Speaking:13. French Guiana (Dependent territory of France, not a free country),

What are the must see places to travel to before you die?

A2A,There are five place I want to see before I die. These are places I have never been and that I would absolutely love to see.,Some of them are in India. Don't @ me lolIn no particular order ~~~,County Tipperary, Ireland. The land of my paternal heritage.,I'm the only person who has been to India 6 times and never seen the Taj Mahal -_- one day,

How do I remove the background of an image perfectly without using Photoshop? What is a simple site that can remove background automatically with HD resolution?

Well if you are not willing to use Photoshop then let me suggest you a very good online tool that will help you automatically remove image background and provide an HD resolution output image. The name of this powerful and popular online tool is Media.io. It is developed by software giant Wondershare to improve your day to day productivity.,Media.i

How much does one McDonalds earn in one year?

In total sales the store must make at least 1-2 million a year to be profitable. Most McDonald's rent the land under their store and that can cost upwards of 500,000 each year. They also need to pay their employees and other bills so their profit margin is only going to be 8%. This equates to around 120k each year if the store generates 1.5 million

What is the meaning of market share in entrepreneurship?

Market Share is, very simply, the percentage of a certain sector that your product, service or software is responsible for, calculated by sales. Market share is used to give you an idea of how large, powerful or important your business is within its particular sector.,I guess itu2019s the same for entrepreneurship as well.

Where are the Gossip Girl cast now?

Gossip Girl ran from 2007 to 2012. It's 2020 now and we still love the whole entire cast!,The cast of Gossip Girl is all grown up now! The final episode of the show aired on December 17, 2012. The show ran for six seasons but the whole world kind of wished that more seasons were tacked on at the end so that we could continue seeing our favorite cha

Can you prove that astrology is fake?

The thing I am against most in astrology is the shame you get just because of your zodiac sign, Iu2019ve personally seen people get dumped and bullied because of what month they were born in, u201call because ofu201d their zodiac sign. I am a Cancer, and yes, people do depict and misunderstand us as emotional. But to be honest, being born on July 2

What are some of the best ways to express "I love you" without actually saying it?

One fine day, I was having a casual conversation with mom.,Me: Mom, did you ever say u201cI love youu201d to Dad? (trying to pull her leg)Mom: Never. Saying I love you is not needed if you can show it through your actions.,After few months:Mom and Dad had a fight. A very bad one, I figured it out easily.,u2018Don't call me againu2019 she said and c

What are some great Caribbean resorts?

I go every year. I keep begging Sean Kernan and Laura to go with us but heu2019s a jerk and wonu2019t do it. I have been going for a decade. I love going in the middle of winter and just sitting on a beach for a week or two. Theyu2019re expensive. Iu2019ve been to:,Atlantis - Bahamas (crap and it has small human maggots running about everywhere),Ri

Why are the rainbow hair colours never permanent? Why can we make brownblackredblondegrey permanent hair colours, but not redgreenblueyelloworangepink, etc?

The difference is between oxidative dye and direct dye. Oxidative dye changes the structure of the hair, opens the cuticle, lifts the natural colour and deposits the new colour. Direct dye only deposits colour. It is actually more permanent than than oxidative dye if you do it right. No shampoo. At all. Ever. No hot water, no sun, no heat of any ki

What is a market opportunity analysis example?

A market opportunity analysis examines the potential benefits and risks of a business investment, it provides a way to test new ideas for growth. It is a tool that helps you decide whether or not to take an idea from your mind to reality - before investing time or money. It starts with evaluating the market opportunity and assessing the level of co

What is the best way to build muscle?

Consistency and hope- you will not see results overnight but have hope and be consistent, you will definitely get it.,Training routine- Don't stick to same training routine for months ,try changing it every 4 weeks : example- routines for 4weeks;,Monday- chest and back ,Tuesday- Biceps, triceps ,shoulder, Wednesday-legs , then rest and follow the s

What are the top things to do in Old San Juan?

if you enjoy history but you are not a huge fan of boring tours, give Clue Murder Mystery a shot!! My family spend around 2u20133 hours solving this unique murder mystery that guides you around Old San Juan. The tour is self-guided, but a young gentleman named Dalton, did a great job of helping us when needed. If you have ever tried an escape room,

Can you use your credit card for PayPal?

Thatu2019s Easy. Add the credit card to your PayPal account. Then you can select the send money option with your card. You can also make online purchases and pay with your credit card

What can an inexperienced cook make as an entree for large numbers of people?

Thereu2019s quite a few simple group meals that wonu2019t take much skill, and youu2019ll fill everyone up.,ChiliOne HUGE pot, and a lot of beef and tomatoes, plus whatever else youu2019ve decided to put into it, a few loaves of bread, and youu2019ve got a big meal.,(from Large Family Cooking ),2. DO-IT-YOURSELF-SUBS & SANDWICHESMake a large sandwi