What is the best turkey burger patty recipe?

Do an internet search on"juicy turkey burger america's test kitchen". Their website has the most amazing turkey burger recipe that (in my opinion) is better (and better for you) than a beef patty. They use turkey thighs to grind in a processor. Half ground to a puree with rest rough chopped for texture. Included with pretty standard seasoning is gr

Can you take a boat across the Atlantic to the UK from America, instead of a plane?

In particular, Cunard Cruise lines has the Queen Mary II, the only ship afloat rated as a Atlantic liner, meaning she is designed and built to a much more rigorous set of standards than normal cruise ships.,Liners are designed to be able to cross the North Atlantic Ocean, regularly the roughest ocean in existence. They can go through smaller hurric

What are the best ways to measure employees performances?

For quarterly and monthly performance management, Iu2019ve used Objectives and Key Results for years.,As written in the OKR FAQ, OKR is a simple process of setting company, department, team, and personal goals and connecting each goal with 3-5 measurable results. As you achieve those results, they feed into the overall objective completion. It's al

What is it that we as Indians are collectively doing wrong?

Spending money to showcase ourselves, not our society as a whole.,I grew up in Kolkata, India and now I stay in Amsterdam, The Netherlands for work.,Let me give you an analysis of what I find the difference between the two places. This is a long post but with lots of pictures - so you can skim through it in less than a minute.,Real Estate-Kolkata -

Do you think social media is harmful to your youth today?

They forget that life is for living and not to record in mobile phone, social media.,Wasting so much time.,Anti social behaviour,Ignorant,Addicted to phone and internet,Affecting ability to develop strong interpersonal relationships.

Can I deactivate my Facebook account and still use messenger?

Yeah it's absolutely possible . Now i'm deactivating my acc for nearly 2 months but i can keep in touch with my friends via messenger. How brilliant it is! And for that you don't need a phone number or don't need to sign up with phone number. Just use the messenger like before. ,Just read carefully when you deactivate your account. Facebook will as

How safe is it to use an aggregator torrent sites to down load a pirated media content for the residents of Western world (European Union, Northern America) and developed Asian countries (Japan, Singapore, etc.)?

It is not safe. Piracy is a crime, plain and simple. Not only are pirate downloads sometimes full of hidden nasty surprises (malware), but you are risking administrative or criminal punishments for violation of intellectual property rights. Donu2019t be a criminal - buy your content legally.

How many wives did Zeus have?

He had two. First was a nymph, Metis, who was going to have a son prophesied to overthrow Zeus, so he drank her; that's how Athena was born. His other wife was Hera. However, he had too many affairs to count and was basically the worst husband ever. The Greek pantheon is very dysfunctional.

What are the arguments for the UK remaining part of the EU?

Note: Originally written 18 Nov 2012 5:50 PM. It seems to have lasted surprisingly well.A related answer here:nRupert Baines's answer to [Before the vote] What would happen if UK exited from the EU?A couple of comments first, then an answer:,Comment 1. Many of the arguments against the EU are based on misconceptions or are downright wrong. nA good

What is the importance of a midnight prayer?

If you are referring to Matins, the night prayer of the Church, which was always prayed in the middle of the night. It is still a required prayer of the Church, and all religious are obligated to recite it each day. But even the early monks did not pray it at midnight. St. Benedict says that they should arise after u201cdigestion has been completeu

What should I absolutely not do when visiting the USA?

If it were one thing, and one thing only? Donu2019t assume all Americans are alike. Weu2019re a wide and varied country, with 300 million residents of all faiths and lines of political thought. There are stereotypical Americans u2014 the fat redneck, the sleazy guy from the NYC area, the surfing/stoner Californian, just to name a few u2014 but that

Twenty of the top 24 contestants on season 7 of MasterChef Junior have hometowns in just four U.S. states (7 NY, 6 GA, 4 TX, 3 NJ). Why do these states have multiple contestants, while 42 states have no contestants?

Because those are the four states where the open calls for contestants to audition are held (or at least, that's where they were being held for season 8) .,You can opt to submit a video rather than attend an open call, but your chances of being chosen are clearly much higher if you can attend and have the production team meet you in person. And it'

What are some must-try campfire sandwiches for your next outdoor trip?

There are various recipes for campfire sandwiches that you can make. However, you will need a grill grate for most of them. If you don't have one, you can try cast iron pie iron for camping. It can easily substitute a grill grate, or you can simply prepare one single sandwich.,Hot sandwiches on the grill are a simple, nutritious dish that can be ea

How much is 1 cup of all purpose flour in grams?

My printed conversion chart says 140 grams, but when I measured a cup out for myself and weighed it, a cup it came out 150 grams. The difference is small, and in my 60 years of baking makes no difference. Any difference may be due to how fresh the flour is, or how it's been stored since milling.

What was the worst version of an American dish you ever had in another country?

Potato salad at the Billy Bob's Texas restaurant inside Disney Paris was scary. It was a shade of orange. If you are from the US, you know that is not right. It was on a buffet. The smoked brisket and other meat was great. The desserts were amazing. They didn't have cornbread or the right kind of dinner rolls. I could survive the bread situation be

Is it okay to cook food with the oven door open?

Usually food in the oven is heated when the hot air touches the food and heats up the food by conduction. This how baking and roasting works. Sometimes you might want to broil food in the oven. During broiling the food is cooked by infrared light. By opening the oven door during broiling you can observe the food more easily as food can be easily ov

What is it like to be a Taurean?

Let me tell you my own traits as a taurean.I will not copy-paste any bilge from any random sun sign book but list down my traits as I see them.,First things first,as a taurean,I like to eat a lot.nStereotypically Taurean? nYou bet.nFood for me is a quick pleasure of the senses.Give me tasty food to get over depression,or let me celebrate with a ric

Can you share a photo of your house and the reason why you love it?

I recently moved to a new apartment I always wanted to answer this question but was lazy enough to take pictures.,I have put my heart and soul in this house.,Letu2019s take a tour :p. I love colours so be ready to witness rainbow !!,Living room,Dining room,Bedroom,Balcony,Work from home room,Random decor,I love greenery and fairy lights and itu2019

Are hanging baskets made to be eaten?

No. Please do not even try to eat a hanging basket. Plastic is not digestible in hanging basket form, and if your hanging basket is made of metal filigree with a coconut coir liner like mine is, I would still not eat it.,If however, you mean that the plants growing in the hanging basket are meant to be eaten, well of course, and here are a few: pea

Does China provide health care for its citizens?

I live and work currently in China. Iu2019ve been in Asia in general for nearly 10 years.,I have not had to seek medical treatment since I have been here (China), so I canu2019t attest to either the quality or the issue of cost and or insurance.,However, I have a parallel story that I think speaks more directly to the real issue that underlies medi

What colortype of emergency lights are allowed for volunteer firefighters and volunteer EMTs POVs in your stateprovinceterritory? Are sirens allowed? Please make sure to clearly list color and your stateprovinceterritory.

I live in North Carolina. Here in NC, volunteer firefighters, EMTu2019s, and rescue technicians who are members of a licensed department or squad are allowed to use red, white, and orange lights. If fact the only color that is restricted is blue. Blue is reserved for law enforcement. Emergency room doctors, anesthesiologists, and members of organ t

What are the top 10 best accessories for Samsung smartphones in 2022?

1.Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G S-Pen makes writing and sketching feel natural.2.Samsung Galaxy Watch33. Samsung ITFIT UV Sterilizer Smartphone Cleaner keeps the bacteria at bay while wirelessly charging4.Samsung SmartThings Smart Bulb5.Samsung Wireless Charger Stand 15W,6. Samsung Galaxy Buds,There are a lot more accessories out there you can get fo

What do investment bankers do?

Imagine youu2019re a small company, who used to be a nonexistent company.,You initially started your business, but you couldnu2019t get it moving too well without up-front money. So, a venture firm came into place and provided that cash to get you going.,A few years later, youu2019re making decent cash. Now, you want to be able to maneuver your ind

What age represents Gen X?

The Strauss & Howe Definition (they created the concept of "Millennial") runs roughly as follows:,(birthyears),"Lost" Generation - late 1800s,WWII Generation - 1900s into early 1920s,"Silent" Generation - 1920s into mid-1940s,Boomers - late 1940s to early 1960s,GenX - early 1960s to about 1980,Millennials - early 1980s to early 2000s,Plurals or "Ge