How do I change pic background in Photoshop 7?

It is advised to leave the first layer of your work for background and do the remaining process in the other layers, so it will be easy to change the background whenever necessary.,Otherwise, create a layer at the base of all the layers and do the background (also deleting the previous set background).

What is an essay about quantitative research?

Generally an essay is, according to Wikipedia, u201ca piece of writing that gives the author's own argument.u201d So once you have defined what quantitative research is (some good definitions in other answers here), you need a thesis statement that shows your point of view about it. Something like this would work: u201cQuantitative research only go

What is a step-by-step guide to retouch your skin professionally in Photoshop?

What is a step-by-step guide to retouch your skin professionally in Photoshop?There are many books written on the subject. If you really want to know the answer you ought to look into buying one of them. There are also some podcasts of several episodes dedicated to the subject.,Thereu2019s no way one can get all the information necessary in a Quora

What are the best historical places to visit in the Philippines?

The Philippines is rich in history since it was colonized by Spaniards, Americans, and Japanese.,Some of the best historical places in the Philippines are Intramuros in Manila, Luneta Park (in Manila also), Vigan in Ilocos Sur, Corregidor Island in Cavite, and Magellan's Cross in Cebu.,Happy traveling!

Which businesses actually operate 247?

The overwhelming majority of Walmarts are open 24/7.,Unless the area has high levels of crime (some of the Walmarts around the Chicagoland area are not 24 hours) or local ordinances prohibit it, you can get your fill of the big box chain whenever youu2019d like.,Except for a few hours on Christmas Day.

Does anyone have a passenger airline code like cactus in "Sully"?

Yes, they did at the time of that incident. USAirways radio callsign was indeed u201cCactusu201d. This was a result of USAirways earlier merger with America West Airlines. Using America West Airlines was too confusing for air traffic controllers, since there were many other airlines that had u201cwestu201d in their callsign. So America Westu2019s c

What food is popular in your country, but unacceptable in other countries?

Iu2019m from Jamaica and we have a lot of delicacies here that I donu2019t think would be considered conventional in other countries. Here are some of our stranger delicacies :,Mannish water - Despite what the name might suggest, itu2019s not actually water. Instead, it is a soup that is cooked with scotch bonnet pepper and various boiled parts of

Is Apple making a mistake with their new MacBook?

Sigh. Yes. This is the first MacBook that I havenu2019t bought. And I donu2019t think I will.,Whatu2019s the matter? The connectors. The new MacBook has no USB Type A, no slot for reading any of my external hard drives; no slot for reading SD cards (which I use extensively with my camera). My main way of transferring information from one disk to an

What is the biggest problem that line cooks or chefs want solved?

Honestly? The American idea that the customer should always get what they want. The idea that every customer should be able to alter whatever element of a dish they donu2019t like instead of just ordering a different dish.,It drives us crazy, slows the kitchen down, and is nothing more than a massive pain the in a** for no other gain.,It is one of

Which is the best free stock photo website?

For 5 years I have used 1000u2019s stock images from multiple sites. These sites are too much helpful for marketers or designers. But the problem that started slowly is the same photo has been used by millions of websites or creators which affects the search ranking.,So the trick that I have discovered is when you search for any image, the change t

What does CTR mean on AdSense YouTube?

CTR stands for Click Though rate. i.e it means the number of times an advertisement is clicked divided by the number of times advertisement, ad unit or the page containing advertisement is viewed.,It is the percentage of No of clicks on advertisement and number of page views.,CTR = Number of clicks / Number of exposures.CTR% = Number of clicks * 10

How long does it takes to boil sweet potatoes?

Donu2019t boil them - use a microwave and partially cook them - say 5 minutes and then cut them up to make candied sweets potatoes - brown sugar, maple syrup and butter in an oven proof deep dish.

What are lightworkers?

Lightworkers come in with a particular code held within their DNA to assist in the ascension process. All twin flames are lightworkers but not all lightworkers are incarnated with their twin flames. I posted this on my facebook page, perhaps this will help clarify:,"Serving humanity doesnu2019t have to be in the limelight, on the stage, you donu201

How does YouTube send money?

Being a You Tuber, after you have done your job by creating, editing, mixing etc. Itu2019s time to upload to YouTube.,Just as you upload, people from all over the world start engaging with your video, if itu2019s creative and interesting and informative.,After a period of time when your channel is grown up a bit and videos are getting more views, y

What is the height of the Eiffel Tower?

The tower is 324 metres (1,063 ft) tall, about the same height as an 81-storey building, and the tallest structure in Paris. Its base is square, measuring 125 metres (410 ft) on each side.

How can I replace the quick release plate for a Mohawk MTR-2110 tripod?

I read a good answer and saw the picture. Manfrotto also makes a qr plate that looks like the picture. You could do research at manfrottou2019s website and find the actual dimensions of the plate and what it looks like on the bottom. I donu2019t know how to find the dimensions on the Cullmann plate but Iu2019d research first. Remember, Amazon has a

Can anyone share the pictures of the dishes they made during quarantine?

It was my first time cooking.,Dhokla,Cheese chilli toast,Pizza,Cheese garlic bread,Hummus falafel,Momos,Mac and cheese,Lasagna (somewhat),Nachos and cheese sauce,Medu wada,Cheese corn balls,Dry Manchurian,Bhel,Spanish omelette,Egg burji,Pesto and white sauce pasta,Mug pasta,Utappa,Burnt garlic fried rice,Noodles,Pav bhaji,Chocolat cake,Mug cake,And

What are the national foods of Australia?

In terms of choosing a dish that represents Australia as a nation, us Australians will always be divided on this. Generally there are so many foods we associate with our country.,Roast lambAuthentic and traditional dish in Australia. roast lamb is soo delicious and tasty.,VegemiteVegemite is proudly made in Australia. And also Australian food sprea

What company makes the most money?

It was recently reported that the most profitable company on the world is Aramco, the oil company that controls almost all oil from Saudi Arabia. It's nearly wholly owned by Saudi Arabia.

As a cookchef, do you use MSG when you cook at home?

Yes.,I bought this in my local Chinese supermarket because I was following a fried chicken recipe that aimed to reproduce the flavour of KFC, and KFC, as everyone should know, uses a metric ****-ton of MSG in its brining and breading. The fried chicken recipe was awesome, by the way. My daughter and I agreed after eating it that we never needed to

What misconception about your occupation would you like to clear up?

Doctors are very misunderstood people.Dr Chloe Abbott, 29, who took her own life in January this year, after her sister begged her to leave the profession.,,Dr John Moutzouris, 38, who committed suicide in January this year as well.,,Dr Ronak Patel, 33, died in car accident after falling asleep at the wheel while singing to his wife on a hands-free