Why hasnt Mount Kailash been climbed yet? Is the reason it hasnu2019t been climbed yet due to spiritual or political reasons, or simply because itu2019s a physically impossible task?

I was randomly watching YouTube videos and saw one about Mount Kailash , Then I spend my whole day reading articles and YouTube videos about Mount Kailash. I am not sure am I eligible to answer this or not but will try.,I am Hindu and my views might reflect Hinduism (sorry for that, I don't know much about the Mount Kailash and its association with

How do you calculate Karl Pearsons correlation coefficient?

Step 1: Make a chart. Use the data, and add three more columns: xy, x^2, and y^2,Step 2: Multiply x and y together to fill the xy column.,Step 3: Take the square of the numbers in the x column, and put the result in the x2 column.,Step 4: Take the square of the numbers in the y column, and put the result in the y2 column.,Step 5: Add up all of the

Why does the Thai Baht continue to stay strong against the Euro and USD?

Global financial market is in turmoil. Now, we are facing u2018US-Chinau2019 trade war, Brexit, Middle east problem, world economy on the brink of recession? etc. Investors are not expecting good news anytime soon, so they want to keep their money somewhere safe. Where should they keep their money? Thatu2019s right investors are buying Thai Baht (T

What does enlightenment mean?

This answer is an attempt to sketch out how I personally think about the meaning of the Buddhist concept of enlightenment. Itu2019s not exactly the orthodox definition of the concept, but itu2019s arguably more u201cconcreteu201d.,I would define enlightenment as being the realization that consciousness is the experiential manifestation of thought a

What is the one thing you did not plan for when you got older?

In our 60s we bought a bungalow. When I looked at it I thought (as did my husband) that it was nearly future-proof. There were no steps on the front of the house, no changes in level on the inside, it was roomy and had good circulation. The only thing we felt had to change was the en suite (master bathroom). We removed the bathtub and replaced the

How is a hotelu2019s occupancy percentage formula determined?

This sort of an Excel problem, not really Chemistry but here goes anyway.,What is your occupancy rate?I would imagine that your propertyu2019s occupancy rate is one of the most important indicators of success. It ought to be calculated by dividing the total number of rooms occupied by the total number of rooms available times 100.,For the month B/A

What is the cheapest way to waterproof a terrace with tiles?

Terraces or passable roofs can lead to moisture problems. To waterproof the terrace there are several methods but they all follow the same process.,From Quilosa, we want to show you an easy and simple way to fix your own terrace with guarantee and leave ii ready for parties and other uses that you will have this summer.,PREPARATION OF THE TERRACE F

What is a Superconsumer?

Do you know what a Superconsumer is?,A u201cSuperu201d is the scrapbooking fanatic who owns not one, but a dozen different pairs of scissorsu2014each one designed to cut different shapes from paper.,A u201cSuperu201d is the online course enthusiast who buys not one, but a degreeu2019s worth of online coursesu2014each one providing slightly differen

What problem do you want to solve in your life?

u201cHey man, could you take a picture of me?u201d I ask a passerby, wanting to document this totally Instagrammable moment in India.,u201cSure, mau2019am,u201d he says.,I hand him my phone. He takes one photo, hands my phone back to me, and says, u201cIs it ok?u201d,Itu2019s not okay. He cropped my forehead.,How is it so hard to get my entire fore

Can you use a business lounge after a flight?

Yes you certainly can in some places at least. At CDG airport in Paris there is (or was quite recently) a lounge available for business (or first) class passengers after coming through arrivals and collecting baggage etc. Very useful if you have some time to wait for another flight or a late meeting and would like to take a shower.

What are some popular tourist destinations that you have no desire to ever visit?

Machu Picchu looks like a yoga parlor these days. Also like speed dating. Pretty sure every woman on Bumble and Hinge in my city has been there recently. Because itu2019s a fad like yoga and internet dating.,Alternative: Arequipa or Lake Titicaca. Iu2019d go to either of those places in a flash. But I agree with another answer here: Machu Picchu lo

Why would a high school senior choose Caltech over MIT?

UPDATE: nI just wanted to update my answer now that I've graduated.,Everyone has a right to make an informed decision, so here are the downsides that have popped up since I've been a student: Is Caltech showing signs of decline? I'm sure MIT also has some issues as well, but I can't say whether or not they would be bad or prolonged enough to be con

Can a USB cable be used to charge the Canon 450D cameras battery?

No. As of now, the only Canon cameras that support USB charge are G9X, G7X Mark II and G5X. They all use 3.7 volt battery and have microUSB port.,There are Chinese third-party chargers for Canon batteries with USB power support, but I wouldnu2019t trust them. So, your only way is wall power or car 12V to 100/110/220/240V inverter, which effectively

What city completed an airport that will be the worlds busiest air travel hub by 2025?

Not that it will be, but it could very well be.,The government of Turkey ordered the construction of a new airport to serve their largest city, Istanbul, because the previous airport (Atatu00fcrk International) was filled to the brim with flights and passengers. It was no longer able to take any additional takeoffs or landings.,In 2013, constructio

What are some great Caribbean resorts?

I go every year. I keep begging Sean Kernan and Laura to go with us but heu2019s a jerk and wonu2019t do it. I have been going for a decade. I love going in the middle of winter and just sitting on a beach for a week or two. Theyu2019re expensive. Iu2019ve been to:,Atlantis - Bahamas (crap and it has small human maggots running about everywhere),Ri

What are the differences between cage-free, free-range, and pasture-raised eggs?

Thank you for the A2A.,Speaking from the viewpoint of a city dweller who has to buy eggs:,Cage-free eggs come from hens that are not kept in small wire pens, several birds per cage, with feed and water in the front and a ramp at the back down which eggs roll. In agribusiness, the hens may spend their lives in large barns, packed in at 10 birds per

Andy is making a dollhouse for his niece. He is scaling it down based on his real house. If the dimensions of his living room are 10.1 m by 7.2 m, and he uses a scale where 1 m = 6 cm, what will the dimensions of the dollhouse living room be?

the dimensions of his living room are 10.1 m by 7.2 m.,he uses a scale where 1 m = 6 cm,room dimension of 1m , represents 6cm on the map.,dimensions of the dollhouse living room be ( on the map) = (10.1*6 and 7.2 *6),dimensions on map: 60.6 cm u00d7 43.6 cm,Answer :: 606 mm u00d7 436 mm.

What are the 10 attributes of Elon Musk?

1. Tesla Model S,2. Power Wall,3. Solar City,4. Space-X,5. Hyperloop,6. PayPal ,7. Gigafactory,8. Global satellite Wi-Fi,9. Mars colonization ,10. The only attribute that counts: he will stop at nothing to change the world

What if you hear the voice of goddess Durga in your dreams?

This actually reminds of a very popular bhajan on Maa Durga, sung by none other than Sonu Nigamji.,u201cSoja sapno me khoja, sapne me darshan degi maa,Soja sapno me khoja,Soja sapno me khoja, sapne me darshan degi maa,Mata jo hai shero wali, parwato pe rahne wali,Tere sang meri bhi hai maa,Aisi mithi nindiya me khoja,Soja sapno me khojau201d,Seeing

What are some well-designed options for a ceiling light fixture in a small bedroom?

Number one is a fixture that produces maximum light diffusion throughout the room. Typically small bathrooms have only one fixture u2026 mostly for lack of thought as if weu2019re still living in the early twentieth century. Nonetheless, take advantage of what you have by choosing a fixture that has no interruption of the light; generally a nice ro

What should I do when I travel to Japan?

A friend recently told me sheu2019s going to Tokyo, Kyoto, Hiroshima and is open to some other places. This post is for her, but otheru2019s may find it valuable. (also, others have great answers here!),First thing to do: make sure to get a JR Rail Pass that lets you ride the shinkansen. Treat yourself and get the first class ticket. Itu2019ll be a

How can I obtain free business plan templates?

Go to Bplans free templates for free downloadable business plan templates. Several to choose from. One page plans, full plans, plans for specific industries u2026 but be aware, none of these is a completed business plan. They are all templates, giving you a head start towards developing your own plan, along with some guidelines.

How do I change the opacity in Adobe Acrobat?

What opacity do you want to change? If you mean the background opacity of the PDF document, then you can open your PDF file in Adobe Acrobat first, then click the Edit PDF option, in the menu bar, click the u201cMore>Background>updateu201d button, then you can adjust the opacity of the background as you need.

What is something a classically trained musician knows that other musicians dont?

Today I was hanging out in my kitchen. Just browsing the internet, nothing special. My dad was playing music, as he normally does.,He loves more contemporary music. Songs and such. While I enjoy that, classical has always been my forte. He is the other way around.,As we will often do when the other is playing music, he asked me who I thought it was

What are some good easy fillers that go well with Parmesan baskets?

The answer is going to slightly depend on the structure of the basket. The one below is lacy and obviously cannot hold either wet or heavy things.,,nObviously, these won't hold anything liquid, so dry-ish salads, thick mashes of goat cheese, seasoned potatoes, small pieces of meats or fish, etc. will work.,nOthers are more substantial, but I find t

What are the most interesting facts about the Battle of Peleliu?

It was the first major battle in which the Japanese employed much harsher tactics instead of the traditional Bushido tactics. This meant that wasteful Banzai charges were not allowed, complete concealment was implemented at all times and that every Japanese soldier had to fight to the death.,The Japanese first developed crude, ad-hoc naval shell la