How many grams is one cup of rice?

There are approximately 210g of long grain basmati rice (uncooked) in one cup. This quantity is the same for long-grain brown rice (uncooked). However, one cup of uncooked sushi rice should weigh approximately 225g.,To know about healthy recipes for boosting immunity and about various spices of India, you can get these amazing books on Amazon, by t

What is the highest scoring football game?

An NFL game with multiple touchdowns is always the most entertaining for fans, especially when the offenses of both teams continue to cause damage to the opponent in search of victory, which makes us think about what is the highest score in a single NFL football game. During Week 16 of NFL 2021, there were games with extremely high scores, such as

How good is the 13-inch MacBook Pro (2020)?

Are you asking if itu2019s worth upgrading the MacBook Pro options, like adding SSD, RAM, upgrading the CPU, etc. Or upgrading to the 2020 MacBook Pro from an older device? Not trying to be pedantic, just wanted to make sure Iu2019m understanding you.,Assuming youu2019re asking about if itu2019s worth upgrading to, that highly depends. What is your

How do you calculate daily protein intake from grams to calories?

For crude protein, multiply grams by 4. So, 1 gram of crude protein = 4 calories.,If you are trying to figure out how much protein to eat, you basically canu2019t eat too much without forcing yourself. So, if you eat to the point you feel full, youu2019ll probably be fine.,Most people get an insufficient amount, largely because they calculate their

Is there a secret menu at Dairy Queen? Where can I find it and what is on it?

My dad bought his first DQ back in 1981, and I can tell you that any items that officially exist have been on the menu at some point or another.,There are a few items that customers think exist that never have though. Such as butterscotch sundaes, or shakes. Customers keep asking for these, but get upset when we use butterscotch cone dip. I donu201

What is the most dangerous snake for humans in the world?

The inland taipan, which also called the fierce snake, is considered to have the most potent venom of any snake. These snakes are native to Australia and if a bite from one is left untreated, you could die in as little as half an hour.,The highest amount of venom an inland taipan has ever produced in one bite is 110mg. This is likely enough to kill

What are the arguments for and against the death penalty?

Support it? I'm a fan of it. ,To begin with, I don't disagree with any of John Burgess' points about failures in the practice of capital punishment. He is correct on all accounts, but that doesn't deter my opinion.,It isn't that I agree with putting people to death just to scare people into submission against. I don't want it because it deters othe

Is love jihad really happening in India, or is it a hoax?

I've had the chance of meeting a victim of this crime (yes, it is a crime) a few years back.,I was traveling from Kolkata to Mumbai in train after my summer vacation was over like we do every year. It was all well and good except it wasn't as it seemed. There was a muslim woman with her 4 year old son and mother in law traveling along with us too.

Why does Dexter (from Dexters Laboratory) have an accent and what accent is it?

The Wikipedia entry for Dexter's Laboratory answers your question:,,Although he comes from a typical all-American family, Dexter speaks with a thick accent of indeterminate origin. Cavanaugh described it as "an affectation, some kind of accent, we're not quite sure. A small Peter Lorre, but not. Perhaps he's Latino, perhaps he's French. He's a scie

How do you tell a guy you miss him over text?

Missing someone means that you miss the moments spent together. You guys share the comfort that you feel relax in each other's company.,You can do that very articulatively by making them recall the time spent together.,You can make them realize their importance.,You can show them that you are doing good but not that good as in their presence.,Do sm

Why are Capricorns attracted to Aquarius?

Lol. Iu2019m an Aquarius so I know the situation.,Capricorns love the Aqua intelligence, niceness, friendliness, positivity. They think if they could just control a bit of the Aqua quirkiness, individuality, love of freedom, rebelliousnessu2026 then they have an ideal mate. Ha!,Caps need to control. They are a sign renowned for insecurity & pessimi

Who is most compatible to an Aries Sun, Cancer Moon, and Libra rising?

Using a Whole House system, your answer is: Libra Ascendant makes Scorpio/2nd House, Sagittarius/3rd, Capricorn/4th, Aquarius/5th, Pisces/6th, Aries/7th, Taurus/8th, Gemini/9th, Cancer/10th, Leo/11th, and Virgo/12th. This puts your Aries Sun in the 7th House and Cancer Moon in the 10th. Since you havenu2019t provided any additional information, lik

Is 2022 a good time to invest in ICICI Bank stocks?

ICICI was formed in 1955 at the initiative of the World Bank, the Government of India and representatives of Indian industry. The principal objective was to create a development financial institution for providing medium-term and long-term project financing to Indian businesses. Until the late 1980s, ICICI primarily focused its activities on projec

How do reproductive, endocrine, and nervous systems work together?

There are entire books written on this subject and it has multiple facets, it can't be answered in a few paragraphs. What exactly do do want to know? Here's a short answer. The endocrine system is regulated by the pituitary and includes regulating sex hormones required for ovulation and other body functions to keep the organism alive. The nervous s

Where can I find the Instagram filters?

Well, Instagram face filters come from Ar filters that found a prevalence by those creators who focus on the face filters. With a new wave comes from numerous photo effects and filters for boosting up Instagram stories content, the power of third-party apps such as VSCO and lightroom come to more eyes of marketers to produce sound, well-designed fa

What is Royal Caribbeans Symphony of the Seas like?

Itu2019s the largest cruise ship ever to be constructed by Gross Tornage. Symphony of Seas first voyage will commence on March 31. Symphony will spend its first few months sailing in the Mediterranean out of Barcelona before moving to Miami to operate cruises to the Caribbean.

What is the best cheap videophoto camera for traveling?

Here is the Top Budget Travel Cameras (Under $500),Panasonic Lumix ZS70 u2013 Best Budget Travel Camera.,Nikon D3500 u2013 Low Cost Travel Camera.,Canon Rebel T7 u2013 Popular Beginner Camera.,Olympus E-M10 Mark II u2013 Older 4/3rds Model.,Hope it would be a good suggestion for you.

Are there any good budget hotels in Chopta, Uttarakhand?

There are some of the best Hotels in Chopta. Hotels and resorts in Chopta can really give you world-class facilities and an unimagined experience. Staying in the best hotels/rooms can give you an unforgettable experience in Chopta. Here we have mentioned the top 5 best hotels in Chopta-Tungnath for your wonderful stay;,1. Hotel Chopta Heavens,2. Fo

How do I upload multiple photos on Instagram through my laptop?

Yes you can upload photos to Instagram using pc from web browser without any third party app or software(single pic only) but for uploading multiple pic you have to use third party applications (read last 5 lines of this answer for uploading multiple pic in single shot) (I prefer using Deskgram)Steps to post image using pc:,open your web browser li

What is the funniest restaurant incident you have seen?

Iu2019m writing this from the perspective of a former restaurant owner, and itu2019s a pretty unusual and funny situation in a very strange way.,Hereu2019s the underlying question for my answer: What happens to your big, busy Chinese restaurant when you mix a non-superstitious co-owner, the art of Chinese FENG SHUI and the Chinese MAFIA together?(f

What are some really cool geographical facts?

Here are some cool geographical facts -Dead Sea Depression - The lowest point on EarthThe dead sea is a 20 km long hypersaline lake shared by Israel, Palestine and Jordan. The shores and surface of the sea is 430.5 meters below sea level making it the lowest point on land!The dead sea also holds the record for being the deepest hypersaline lake in

How are cameras helpful for security?

A CCTV Camera System Plays An Important Role In Your Home SecurityTo observe whatu2019s going on, you can add to your home security system a security camera system. They are the ultimate home security product.,Whether you live in a spacious estate, in a gated community, or have a house in the suburbs, they are designed to fit your needs. Video came

Why hasnt the UK government nationalised the rail service in England?

For ideological reasons. Until the era of Mrs Thatcher, the nationalised rail service across the whole UK was starved of cash due to the prevailing notion that roads were u2018the transport hub of the futureu2019. It was therefore allowed to fall into a very poor state. She sold the rolling stock to leasing companies owned by the four major banks a

What is your best experience because you missed a flight or it got delayed?

In 2014, on the evening of December 23rd, my Delta flight from Atlanta to Los Angeles was oversold. I was burned out, and already snoozing in my favorite seat (up against the wall). I came to just as the attendant announced that Delta was now offering $800. to any passenger who was wiling to give up their seat to a serviceman returning from Afghani

Can you walk from Times Square to Brooklyn Bridge?

Itu2019s about four miles, a nice walk on a good day, Manhattan isnu2019t hilly so itu2019s a fairly easy walk, all paved too.,I add that because where I live now itu2019s very hilly and not paved and a two mile walk is a strain.