What is YouTube partner program?

The YouTube Partner Program lets creators monetize content on YouTube in many ways, including advertisements, paid subscriptions, and merchandise.,Expand your earning potential: YouTube is the largest online video community in the world, enabling you to reach a global audience with your monetized content.,Gain flexibility through a non-exclusive ag

What are a few vegetarian recipes that are healthy and easy to make?

Iu2019ll link to a few that I like:,Eggplant and Tomato Sauce With Israeli Couscous by Serious Eats - I prefer to keep the couscous and vegetables separate in this recipe.,Carrot, Cumin, & Kidney Bean Burgers by Jack Monroe - I skip the softening step. This is actually my favourite veggie burger recipe!,Simple Mushroom Broccoli Stir Fry Noodles by

Is kimchi easy to make?

YUMMiii !!!!!!!!!Kimchy is basically spicy, fermented cabbage, kind of like the idea of sauerkraut, but with a Korean flavors u2013 garlic, ginger & chilies.,Kimchi is like the heart and soul of Korean cooking. And itu2019s tasty with so many things!This easy kimchi recipe makes enough to fill a large two-quart jar (about 8 cups). It starts with on

What was the most mature thing you have ever done?

Being a guy, I once told a girl to correct her dressing style.This incident happened in 2012, Bangalore.,It was during my first year engineering, there was this girl in my class. She was new to the city. She got famous among many guys due to her choice of attire. According to few people her dressing was u201coddu201d and for few others it looked u2

Iu2019m staying in Sedona in January and have 2 days to explore Grand Canyon, Antelope Canyon, and Horseshoe Bend. What would be the best way to view these areas across 2 days? Sunrisesunset etc.

You must not be too familiar with the Southwest. First of all, the distances involved between your requested exploration stops would involve non - stop driving with very little time to u2018enjoyu2019 the sights. Sedona is a neat place to explore in itself, but all the overlook roads up to the rim are closed for the season.,Hwy 89A is your route to

How do I calculate percentage of marks from final CGPA?

I will embellish this answer with an example. A percentage increase is given by: y = A u00d7 (100 + x) u00f7 100,Where A is the start value and x is the percentage. That can also be written as: y = A u00d7 (1 + (x/100)). So letu2019s transfer the concept to a spreadsheet formulau2026,Letu2019s say the start value is in cell B2 (value = 35) and the

How does Gopal Kavalireddi calculate the target price of a stock?

Calculation of the price target of any stock is the final part or conclusion, after completion of the fundamental analysis. I have given in my earlier answers on how to do fundamental analysis. Hence I will not cover it again, but proceed further with arriving at the price target.,Loosely used term, u2018Intrinsic valueu2019 is defined as the fair

We have sold goods to our customer for 30L on credit. He hasnt paid the money for it for the past 1.2 years. Whenever we ask, he is asking for some more time. What can we do now? We have bills for it.

Debt recovery procedureUse the following steps u2013 from friendly reminder through to letter of demand and bad debt collection u2013 as an escalation process to contact your customers about an outstanding payment.1. Contact with a friendly payment reminderWhen payment first becomes overdue, give your customer a courtesy reminder by phoning, emaili

How can I make Windows 11 faster?

Thanks for the question. My answer is, that I donu2019t know. Microsoft Windows 11 has not been released yet (as of September 2021).,After Windows 11 is released, I will begin to explore options on how to optimize Microsoftu2019s newest OS. Then, I will get back to you. Happy hacking.

Whats the best Nvidia control panel setting for gaming?

This would vary based on the game and possibly the other specs of your system. Your best bet is to use the Nvidia Geforce Experience software that has setting suggestions for many games based on your system settings. If you are having issues with a particular game you would have to search for recommended Control Panel settings for it.,Most of the a

Which mirrorless camera is best for videos?

Thereu2019s no single u201cbestu201d. I depends on your list of requirements. u201cBest for meu201d isnu2019t necessarily relevant to you, but I can at least include some suggestions and the u201cwhyu201d behind them. Some basics to ask about:,Does the camera fit my budget,Does the camera work with any of my existing gear, or must I buy new lenses,

How is compound interest calculated on mutual fund investments (monthly or quarterly)?

The most accurate way to calculate return of any mutual fund investment (lump sum or SIP) having (purchase or redemption) with (dividend payout or growth) is IRR and XIRR. It calculates return considering date of investment till today and helps you to compare performance of all mutual funds in your portfolio.,The CAGR doesn't show real picture beca

What should you never say to a Scorpio?

Sun Or Fun Signs Are Not Really RealSun or Fun signs offer an extremely simplified viewpoint of astrology.,As you read this answer, please keep in mind that Iu2019m somewhat generalizing about Scorpio. To really know a person, you must look at their natal charts (month, day, year, time, and birth location).,Image Of Scorpio Astrology Sign - Courtes

What is an entrepreneur example?

1. Oprah WinfreyThe Oprah Winfrey Show.,2. Walt Disney3. J.K. RowlingHarry Potter book series,4. John Paul DeJoriaPaul Mitchell hair products, Patron Tequila,5. Madam CJ WalkerLine of beauty and hair products,6. Steve JobsApple,7. Andrew CarnegieCarnegie Steel Mill,8. Benjamin FranklinScientist, printer, politician, inventor, author, diplomat, busi

What is an interesting fact about you?

I was born with an extremely rare genetic mutation. My body produces a lot more of Anandamide, a natural cannabinoid produced by the body. Due to this I am immune to stress, depression and anxiety. I'm not 'happy-go-lucky', I'm just immune to stress and anxiety no matter the situation, it allows me to remain calm and 'blissful' therefore I am unabl

What are some simple, vegan, Asian dishes?

Vegetable tempura (Japanese) is very tasty and easy to make. Your imagination is the limit, but the ingredients used most often are carrots, green beans, mushrooms, broccoli, sweet potato, onion and zucchini.,,Tempura batter is super simple. 1 cup flour, 1 cup water, pinch of salt, 1/8 tsp baking powder, 1 tbsp cornstarch. The secret to good tempur

How to write reply to email for interview?

Ideally, by saying something like u201cOK, thanks, just what I was hoping for. Iu2019ll be there, at [place] at [time] on [date]u201d.,The interview request is exactly what you have been looking for. What i your hesitation about giving an immediate agreement?

How do I process bulk volume in Photoshop? I have thousands of images with the same size. I was asked to create recording and do action. But it is not getting stored as individual images with same pixel rather it is storing as board.

Hi Srinivasan Palanisamy, it is not very difficult. From your question I assume that you know how to create/record actions in Photoshop. Hence I am not writing about them.,Here I have recorded an action. It is Image>adjustments>desaturate.,(I wanted to convert all the folders in one of my folder to gray-scale images).,You can see the screensh

Where is the best place to surf in June for beginnerintermediate?

Well it depends mostly on where youu2019re surfing. Thereu2019s probably a good chance that you live in California in which case June would be perfect for you because the waves there are small in the summer. Itu2019s the same for the Atlantic coast or the Caribbean. However where I live and surf in El Salvador the waves can get huge in the summer a

What are some of the best ways to decorate a room?

Are you tired of coming home to a nondescript bedroom? Or have you had the same style for years and want to give your room a new look? Here are some great ways to give your bedroom a new look without spending too much money.,Decide how much time and money you want to spend. If you have a lot of money to spend, then you can decorate your room to you

What problems do medical students have to face when preparing for the NEET?

Pressure,of not meeting parents expectations,Relatives taunt,Do you know?,He got 99% in 12th and is doing bsc you cannot crack better do bsc,No scope in biology,Relationship,You only study ,study and study,you donu2019t give me time,You donu2019t love me,Tests,Confusion,If I score 720 in PITS test LAine test series will I get same marks in neet,Sel

Which airline is the best or recommended to fly from Manila to Los AngelesSan Francisco?

A lot of people are flying EVA Air over Taipei. They offer convenient connections, pretty low fares, and decent quality service and seat comfort. Itu2019s a good compromise.,You could always fly the PAL nonstop flight to LAX. I mean, I wouldnu2019t, but you could. I saw the line of people at LAX waiting in line to check in for the flight back to Ma

How do I download camera filters for Instagram?

Instagram has a wide range of Camera effects created by different creators and everyone can create one. If you want to explore all the AI filters on Instagram,,Open your Instagram and open create story,There you can see a lot of filters at the bottom,Select any of the filter first and There pops the details about the filter like its name and the cr

How can you find all of your Gmail accounts?

How can you find all of your Gmail accounts? This is a question mostly asked in Quora. Many people tried to find the solutions but could not. consequently I am going to find the money for a lively answer that is going to be active for you the most easy way. Reply for,As mentioned above, Instagram doesnt let you entrance deleted messages and way in

What should I keep in mind when visiting the Maldives?

SUNSCREEEEEEEEEN! - I got so many sunburns over the span of three days and Iu2019m not mentioning how long it took for me to get rid of my tan.,If thereu2019s salt water - thereu2019s annoying hair. Your hair is gonna make you look like you got electrocuted. Donu2019t make my mistake of forgetting to bring extra conditioner.,Be a nice person and tr