How can I make my internet connection faster and stable?

You can choose a router if you need a fast, stable and strong network connection as it can bond various SIM cards. It can support bonding internet access, superimposed upload and download speeds. A router also has dynamic transmission channel detection to avoid congestion and bandwidth fluctuations.

Is the Netherlands richer than France?

Thatu2019s depends how do you define richer.,France is much bigger country and much richer as a country.,Looking per capita Netherlands looks pretty good but it doesnu2019t mean that Netherlands is richer country than France generally.,France GNP 2019 s $2,846.91B,,France Gross National Product (GNP) was reported at 2,665.945 USD bn in Dec 2020.,Th

What are the five codes of ethics?

An u201cethical codeu201d is a set of principles that helps societies decide the u201crightu201d thing to do. Respecting the property of others (Thou shalt not steal), not lying under oath (Thou shalt not perjure thyself), paying employees promptly, helping the helpless or infirm, etc. are elements of many ethical codes.,The u201cTen Commandmentsu2

Which are the top 10 most powerful military countries in the world?

Israel is the obvious choice for everyone as you can see from your answers. But the surprise package for me is Iran. nIran armed forces number 1.1 Million making them the largest standing forces in West Asia. Iranu2019s forces are battle hardened and have good training and some exceptional leaders. They not only repelled Iraqu2019s invasion but als

Where can I watch the 2019 Bollywood movie Badla online?

Director: Sujoy Ghosh,Cast: Amitabh Bachchan, Taapsee Pannu, Tony Luke, Amrita Singh, Manav Kaul.,Sujoy Ghosh, who previously directed Kahaani series and suspense thrillers like TE3N, is back with Badla, the official remake of Spanish thriller 'Contratiempo' starring Amitabh Bachchan and Taapsee Pannu. In this season of thick blockbusters, a pictur

Where is NASA situated?

NASA isnu2019t in one location, it is distributed across the country, using centers of excellence. This distribution is a combination of different work being best done in different environments, in availability of one facility large enough for the work, and politics.,The headquarters is in Washington D.C. the NASA staff assigned to headquarters spe

What do I need to know about American food before I travel to the country?

If you eat at chain restaurants, you'll be doing yourself a disservice.,Contrary to popular belief, there is a ton of good, fresh, high-quality food to be had in the States. But you're not going to find it at Olive Garden or the Cheesecake Factory.,Find mom-and-pop places, out-of-the-way places. Ask the locals. And try to stick to cuisine that the

What is a business model template?

Business model template or framework is a set of blocks, sometimes in visual form, that helps you understand key aspects of the business system that you want to build.,For example, there is a u201cBusiness Model Canvasu201d template or framework that can be found on some services like Miro or Canvanizer or Strategyzer or Figma:,It helps you underst

Do Filipino women make good wives?

Before I answer this one, it is necessary to dispel a myth put around by disreputable online dating sites about Filipinas (and, for that matter, equally the women of China, Thailand and the rest of South East Asia, Russia, various African, countries and every other developing country from where women seek unions with Western men). There is a tale p

What is a meal treat for the working class of Britain?

As other commenters have said your idea of Britain might be a bit out of date. I suppose I am working class - well Iu2019m not in management anyway - so special meals?,Going out for a lunch at a nearby gastropub once in a while, they do a fairly fancy roast beef with horseradish, roast sweet potato, kale, all that jazz.,I do Italian chicken rolls,

What does a British person think Americans need to know about making tea?

We were at a wedding in Cleveland Ohio. After the meal the waiter brought round a selection of Taylors of Harrogate tea bags. Top quality and Harrogate is very close to where I live. Taylors are part of the Bettys tea shop company and thats as good as it gets,I was delighted and chose English breakfast tea. My favourite whatever the time of day. Th

What exactly is Internet of Things (IoT)?

There are few definitions that I can think of when it comes to Internet of Things. n,Oxford Dictionary (yeap, IoT was added in August 2013) : A proposed development of the Internet in which everyday objects have network connectivity, allowing them to send and receive data. (Internet of things),Next, wikipedia: uniquely identifiable objects and thei

Can you use your credit card for PayPal?

Thatu2019s Easy. Add the credit card to your PayPal account. Then you can select the send money option with your card. You can also make online purchases and pay with your credit card

Whats the history of the collapse of the Soviet Union?

The USSR bankrupted itself because of the inbuilt inefficiency of economies based on Socialist ideas.,Socialism prides itself on its moral supremacy: u201cman is the measure of all thingsu201d. But if social justice is the highest value of all, you must work towards that goal, no matter the cost. No place for penny-pinching in the noble mission of

Can I eat pizza toppings and cheese on Keto?

Maintaining a keto diet often means giving up some foods that used to be our favorite, but that might not have to include pizza. Obviously, the traditional high-carb crust isnu2019t compatible with a keto diet, but can you just eat the pizza toppings instead?,Free Get Your Custom Keto Diet Plan - Click Here to Read <<<Many standard pizza t

Whou2019s the most stuck up person you have ever met?

My cousin's wife. She is a real stuck up snob.,We had the pleasure of being invited to Christmas dinner at my cousin's house one year a long time ago.,I had a toddler nearly the same age as her daughter at the time, so I made sure to bring gifts for everyone. I was living in Germany and home for the holidays, so I brought her family some really bea

Which is the best wireless branded mouse in India under 1000 Rs?

There are so many available in the market mouse for laptops and computers available in the market.,But selecting the best under 1000 rs in India 2020 from them is slightly difficult. So I made a list of 5 Best mice under 1000 rs.,All these are wireless and good for gaming and video editing.,5. Logitech M235 mouseThis mouse in this budget is the goo

How can I calculate my capital gains?

Hello,,Capital Gain is the profit or gain that arises when you sell a Capital Asset. If you sell a Long Term Capital Asset, you will have Long Term Capital Gain and if you sell a Short Term Capital Asset, you will have a Short Term Capital Gain. If the result from sell is negative, you will have a capital loss. The Capital Gain will be chargeable t

How do I stop a picture poster discolouring? I have a black and white printed photo framed on my wall in a very sunny spot but it very quickly turned pink. Its printed on poster type paper. I want to know how I might stop this happening next time?

Bright, sunlight will damage many things over time, including photos in color or black and white. The best for long-term display is to place the picture poster in an area that is in the shade or not overly lite. Have UV glass covering the image and framed and sealed to prevent environmental effects. With photos have a spare copy stored in a box in

Whats so special about Indiau2019s light combat fighter jet Tejas?

The LCA Tejas project portrays the saga of the incredible persistence & determination of ADA & HAL.,The Light Combat Aircraft project started way back in 1983 to develop a futuristic aircraft to replace the MiG-21s & lower Indiau2019s dependency on foreign imports of critical military hardware. But since then it has faced numerous challenges,Failur

What is the best alternative for iMovie for Windows?

iMovie is a big name in video editing. Mainly because itu2019s a great software for beginners but also because it's very well suited for macOS. However, there is no way you can use iMovie for Windows because itu2019s Apple's own macOS only app.,But there are also some of the best alternatives for iMovie for Windows. These apps are great if youu2019

How much will it cost to rent tables and chairs for a 120-person party?

In what country?,In what state?,In what city?,What date?,For how long?,What shape table?,What size table?,A wood table? If so, what kind of wood? Solid or veneer?,Metal chairs or wood chairs?,Folding chairs?,Will you need them delivered?,I'm sure there are plenty of other bits of info needed to give an adequate answer.

Which clothes would best suit a pear shaped body?

A famed Hollywood stylist once gave me a great tip about dressing for any body shape.,She told me a quick way to learn about dressing any body shape is to identify celebrities or stars with the body shape and follow their lead.,Makes sense, right?,Sex And The Cityu2019s Kristin Davis is famous for her pear body shape.,Image Of Beyoncu00e9 Posing On

Are the latest Samsung Galaxy S series phones which feature only 12 megapixel cameras actually better than comparable phones boasting 48 megapixel or more?

Frankly, my phone is able to take pictures at 48 or 12 MP.,I never use the 48: it makes bigger files, and the quality is not better than the 12 because diffraction kicks in pretty quick.,And I also use a real camera to take photos, most of the time: the phone is there only for when I donu2019t have a camera with my - my Z6 does not fit in a pocket.

What are some cool facts about the Universe?

These are some of the cool facts about the Universe:-,The sun takes about 230 million years to travel around the Milky Way galaxy.,2. Neutron stars are the fastest spinning objects known in the universe.,The core of a neutron star is very dense. A spoonful of a neutron star weighs about a billion ton.,3. Quasars are the brightest objects in the uni

What is the probability that the Democrats will lose the House and the Senate in 2022?

Conventional wisdom has been rattling a few cages since Joe Biden was sworn in as President. Democrats are going to lose control of at least the House of Representatives in the 2022 midterms. Right?,Conventional wisdom is rarely turned on its head. That is, until recently.,Still, since January 20th, 2021 many a Republican has said Dems will lose co