Does becoming Google Certified Partner lower your account CPC?

I consider myself to be the "loyal opposition" to Google's public face on privacy. They are, in my opinion, walking a very thin line on all this. A motto essentially means nothing.,My father sat with me when I was about eight or ten watching a science special, and a bunch of men in white coats were on the screen. The commercial for DuPont ended wit

According to a BMR calculator my BR is nearly 1700 calories a day. I would gain nearly a pound a day at that level of caloric intake. What about the reduced metabolic rate of a person who used to be obese, but lost a lot of weight?

A tiny little old lady in a coma who is being fed 1700 calories might gain a pound a week, but not in a day.,It takes a surplus of 3500 calories to gain a pound, so at an intake of 1700 calories your u201creduced metabolismu201d would have to burn -1800 calories in order to gain a pound. Thatu2019s negative 1800! Your body would need to be absorbin

Which are the best Bluetooth headsets for mobile phones in 2022 in the US?

u27a1ufe0f u27a1ufe0f 8 BEST Similar Bluetooth Headset for Mobile Phones 2022,1. Plantronics - Voyager Legend (Poly) - Bluetooth Single-Ear (Monaural) Headset - Connect to your PC, Mac, Tablet and/or Cell Phone - Frustration Free Packaging - Noise Canceling,2. INDUSTRY-LEADING NOISE CANCELLATION With industry-leading noise cancellation and superior

Why was the Industrial Revolution good for society?

it sure did. Without it we would have no factories, no cars and no electricity. We would still live in villages and work in the fields all day long.,Who wants to do that? A lot of people are leaving the rural areas nowadays and move to the big cities.,But sometimes we need a break and want to know what we have lost. Sometimes it can be a little too

What are some quick easy dinner recipes to make?

Carbonara. Boil spaghetti in one pot with salted water. In a pan, fry bacon. When done, drain some of the grease (not all), and crumble bacon into pan. Beat two eggs together with a healthy amount of parmesan. When pasta is done, dump into the bacon pan and coat the noodles. Turn off heat, pour egg/cheese mixture on top. Stir noodles quickly so tha

Can I take a boat from Thailand to the Philippines?

Sure you can. But it will be impractical if youu2019re in hurry or just few days to spent for vacation. Traveling by plane is easier and faster. But if you prefer to travel by sea, you may check some of Travel Companies in your country who offers trips going to Philippines but not literally u201cin a boatu201d. It should be large sea vessels or shi

How do I enable video calling in Asus Zenfone 5?

Owned a Zenfone 5 from September 2014 - March 2016.,Complete qualification to answer the query:,The Zenfone 5 has a 2MP front camera. Trust me, judging by todayu2019s standards, the camera sucks. But thatu2019s not the topic of the question.,Actually, you donu2019t have to enable any video calling features in your phone. Most applications come with

What is it like to be a dark-skinned person in India?

No doubt, it is very difficult to survive in India if you are a girl who is dark complexioned.,I am a dark complexioned Indian woman who is always treated unfairly because of dark complexion.,When I was born , everyone was unhappy because of two reasons - one, I was 4th girl child in family and two, I was dark complexioned.,When I was enrolled in s

For a single traveler, what is the best way to spend 3 or 4 days in the Philippines?

If you want to be in the country, then get out of the city ! Leave Manila as quickly as possible and head to Cebu, where you are close to Diving and related activities and also close to Cebu City. I suggest that Mactan would be a good place to be and good clean, cheap hotels can be found for $ 20.00 per night ! Some might even provide Breakfast !

What are lightworkers?

Lightworkers come in with a particular code held within their DNA to assist in the ascension process. All twin flames are lightworkers but not all lightworkers are incarnated with their twin flames. I posted this on my facebook page, perhaps this will help clarify:,"Serving humanity doesnu2019t have to be in the limelight, on the stage, you donu201

Can you name a band that starts with the letter B?

Black Crows, BTO, Bangles, Beach Boys, Badfinger, Blue Oyster Cult, Breaking Benjamin, Black Keys, Bad Company, BB King, Bee Gees, Blonde, Black Sabbath, Black Flag, Billie Joel, Bestie Boys, Blink 182, Billy Idol, Billy Ocean, Billy Squire, Buddy Guy, Bob Dylan, Bob Segar, and Boston

Does marijuana affect your food allergies? I had two food allergies test before and after marijuana and the results were quite different (skin test). Most allergies were reduced in severity.

It can. It can have a cross-reacting affect with a number of other plants, such as tomatoes and peaches, so there is substantial peer-reviewed clinical literature documenting marijuana causing allergic reactions to other foods.,It was long thought that CBD was even worse, but some studies have demonstrated that it is relatively benign. Though many

Can you suggest me some budget video editing laptops?

When you are gonna buy laptops for editing. 3 major things need to be kept in mind,Memory ie) Hard drive. If you are editing 4k videos you need a lot of space.Speed ie) RAM. It should be higher to create, open, render and lot more need to be faster.Resolution ie) Graphics card,for better quality pictures.So I list the laptops which is best to buy,,

What is your unique fruit combination that you juice?

Don't juice much anymore. The main reason being, you end up removing essential fibre from your diet.,However, if you save the pulp residue, and use within 24 hrs, or freeze, its very versatile for soups, stews, and stocks.

Is there a way to photograph the moon using a smartphone?

If you mean detailed photo, no. However, some of my cellphone photos of the moon have turned out okay.,My current phone (Samsung) takes crappy photos.,The moon looks like this:,My Sony took better moon photos:,The camera with telephoto lens (and even betteru2013our telescope) gave us the most detailed moon photos. Like this:

When will the refund processing for AY 2017-18 start?

Not sure of your question.,If you are asking when will the IRS begin processing refunds for calendar year 2017 tax returns, the answer is u201cit depends.u201d,Historically congress has passed last minute tax modifications to the tax code late in the year that made it difficult for the IRS to produce the forms (not so much paper but electronically)

Are there any national parks in the Philippines?

Yes.,There are several national parks in the Philippines. And, these national parks are under the list of the protected areas in the country administered by the Philippine Department of Environmental and Natural Resources.,Here are some of the national parks in the Philippines which are my personal favorites.,Puerto Princesa Subterranean River Nati

How do you get VC or angel funding for a start-up idea?

The best funding you can get for the idea is that first paying customerIf you get that one paying customer, you are off to the races (it is very hard, trust me). You have a reference for future clients, validation for your offering, feedback for improvement, proof of concept for investors, and so on. As they say, money follows money.,Itu2019s stran

Can I carry a hair straightener on a flight?

Yes. I have always carried it in my hand luggage and never faced any issue. Have carried it on travel to Europe, South Asia and SEA. Airlines - Air India, Turkish airlines, Scoot, Air Asia, Jet star, Jet Airways, Indigo, Norwegian air. So I think you will be okay too :)

Ive been reading alot about Joseph Stalin. He was incredibly talented and lived a extraordinary life but he was responsible for the deaths of millions. Should I hate him or admire him? What does the average Russian think of him?

An average Russian here.,According the polls - which my personal experience agrees with - about 70% of Russians have a generally positive opinion of Joseph Jugashvili.,u201cShame thereu2019s no Stalin to make you do your jobs!u201d - a Russian grannyu2019s stock phrase.If youu2019re a westerner reading this, youu2019re likely to be shocked. And thi

How can I download PowerDirector Pro APK for free?

This is very easy and you can download it for free in latest version. Just watch this video and you will understand The whole process. There is a link through which you can download it easily.,Thank youud83dude07

How long does it take to charge a Nikon camera battery?

It really depends on the battery, Nikon uses a few different batteries for different tiers of cameras, as well as itu2019s age, and even environmental conditions.,For DSLRs, the en-el15 is standard, and from full dead (or 10u201315% at least) it takes around an hour to fully charge.

What was the biggest missed opportunity in business?

True Story:,One lady went to her mentor crying because she had just lost her job 10 minutes earlier. She sobbed u201cI don't know what to do, I have my rent to pay and children to look afteru201d u201cI have been a good worker but to be honest from the time we lost our contract from the military the business has struggled. We all knew this day coul

What do you think of Prince Harry saying social media is creating a crisis of hate?

Deanna, anything for you!,As we already know, Prince Harry has asked social media companies to redesign digital platforms that have u201ccreated the conditions for a crisis of hate.u201d,Letu2019s go back to 2018, the year of Prince Harryu2019s wedding. During this time, Prince Harry had been chosen as the most popular member of the Royal Family, n

What kind of insurance do I actually need?

Iu2019ll start the answer to this question with a question: what is insurance?,Insurance is the pooling of risk. People enter into a pool. Each person pays the expected cost of the risk being insured against. The insurance pays out each personu2019s actual cost, should they befall said risk. By doing so, they pay an amount they can afford (a premiu