What are good hacks for traveling with babies toddlers on long flights?

A lot of good tips. Some more from a mother of a 2 1/2 year old, who has flown with me (one child, one parent) to Europe and back every half year since she was 3 months old:,Clothes: Bring a change of clothes for the child and consider one for yourself as well. When my daughter vomited all over herself and me and everything else in the first half h

What is the most radioactive thing on Earth?

I guess Iu2019m one. Iu2019m 79, Iu2019ve been smoking a pack a day for 63 years, I donu2019t intend to quit, and I donu2019t have any lung-related issues. But I did spend 15 years of my life living in less developed countries with very little air pollution, so that might have helped. That was more than forty years ago. More recently I spent 28 yea

What are the benefits of corporate social responsibility?

Corporate social responsibility is just the right thing to do. Yes, there are positive affects on a company's growth (from a monetary and workforce standpoint). But I believe the conversation needs to shift from "What can CSR do for our company?" to "How can we make a difference in the community?"

What are at least 5 easy balanced dinner ideas for two people that can be rotated throughout the week, with no wild games, hard to find ingredients, soup or stew?

I don't have 5, but here are a few. My husband and I eat pretty lean, so there is a lot of boneless skinless chicken in our diet. We always grill it with either some lemon-pepper seasoning or just a simple helping of salt n pepper to taste. We grill up about 9 pieces for the week. One night weekly is always a grilled chicken salad. With the same ve

Can you share a photo of your house and the reason why you love it?

I recently moved to a new apartment I always wanted to answer this question but was lazy enough to take pictures.,I have put my heart and soul in this house.,Letu2019s take a tour :p. I love colours so be ready to witness rainbow !!,Living room,Dining room,Bedroom,Balcony,Work from home room,Random decor,I love greenery and fairy lights and itu2019

Is Halong Bay cruise in Hanoi, Vietnam worth it?

Definitely worth it!,But beware with the center of Halong - where thousand boats sailing everyday. Itu2019s very crowded with people and it get polluted day by day. It might leave you some bad and uncomfortable experience. Thus, I strongly recommend you choose to visit Bai Tu Long Bay instead. Itu2019s a huge part of Halong Bay the UNESCO Heritage

What will be the best country to live in 2022?

Iu2019m going to purely theoretically say Norway.,It has a high standard of living - all modern technology and top quality goods,Gorgeous nature,Beautiful architecture,Not as affected by severe heat waves,Benefits from high fuel prices and has accumulated national fund from this,Not involved in geopolitical tensions,Doesnu2019t have a society with

What are the advantages of globalisation, if any?

Globalisation lowers the cost of products and increases the profits to capitalists:n,It opens up a larger pool of unskilled and desperate work force willing to work for less, adjusting the supply and demand curve. Countries compete with each other on whose people will work for less (accept a lower standard of living and less safe working conditions

What are some pros and cons of Android and iOS?

Iu2019ve been an iPhone user since the very first iPhone hit the street. This year I was lured away from the iPhone by the Samsung Galaxy S8. Now Iu2019m an Android user.,I prefer the Android. I hated being tethered to iTunes and iCloud and that alone was enough to push me toward Android. Iu2019ve found that the Android apps are just as capable and

What is the best chicken recipe?

INDIAN KADAI CHICKENINGREDIENTS1kg chicken, washed,cleaned and cut into big pieces,4 tablespoons oil,1u20442 cup onion, sliced,1 1u20442 cups tomatoes, peeled and sliced,2 tablespoons fresh coriander leaves, chopped,1 tablespoon ginger paste,1 tablespoon garlic paste,4 teaspoons garam masala powder,2 bay leaves,4 whole red chilies,2 teaspoons coria

What are some hidden features in Windows OS?

There are a number of features in Windows 7, which not many people know. If youu2019re a serious Windows fan, you probably know about these hidden gems already, but if youu2019re just a regular person whou2019s been using Windows 7, you might be surprised at some of the things that are built into Windows 7 Some of them are very useful. To begin wit

How do I install the Google pixel camera APK on my Android phone?

First, you must find an APK file you want. Search online for an APK file and download it to an easy-to-find location on your computer (like your desktop).,Before you can install it on your phone you will need to make sure that third-party apps are allowed on your device.,Go to Menu > Settings > Security > and check Unknown Sources to allow

What is the easiest way of opening a jar that wont open?

You need to break the vacuum seal of the jar by allowing a little bit of air to get in. Use the tip of an old-fashioned hand held bottle-top/can opener, or the tip of a flathead screwdriver and wedge it under the rim as best as you can, then lift the edge of the lid away from the rim of the jar a tiny bit.,You should hear a soft popping sound from

How does the Philippines compare to Indonesia in all aspects?

Philippines and Indonesia are so similar in general. At least if you only compare the general condition about the area near the capitals.,I am a 22 years old Indonesian and last year (2012) I stayed in Philippines (only Manila) for nearly two months to do my internship. At first, I inquiry about the cost of living from my friends there, and it is q

What is the coolest perk of any job youve had?

Working in consulting at one of the top 3 firms (McKinsey, Bain, or BCG), I experienced the following:,5 weeks of vacation that was not measured at all really so you could go over,20%+ YOY salary increases,Opportunity to take 80% or 90% of your salary in return for 5 or 10 more weeks off per year,12% automatic contribution to 401k without requiring

What are some good examples of employee wellness programs?

The best example of corporate wellness program is what the company I work for is having for all of us. I work for PTC India. We have hired Wellness coach Ashwani Deswal to bring experiential wellness program to the people working here. These wellness workshop provided by Mr Ashwani Deswal have been so effective. It feels alive, fresh and just so mu

What is the exact cost for laying floor and wall tiles in a home?

So many reviews are different because the price can be decided according to what is the size of the house, but here I have given an explanation that can be useful to you in many ways.,If you are planning to makeover/ renovate your home with tiles,Then the first thought that comes to your mind is what will be the complete cost of tile installation,,

What are lightworkers?

Lightworkers come in with a particular code held within their DNA to assist in the ascension process. All twin flames are lightworkers but not all lightworkers are incarnated with their twin flames. I posted this on my facebook page, perhaps this will help clarify:,"Serving humanity doesnu2019t have to be in the limelight, on the stage, you donu201

What sandwiches can you make in an air fryer?

What sandwiches can you make in an air fryer? 09/01/21Hot sandwiches are best grilled or pressed in a sandwich toaster.,If you donu2019t have either, you can make a decent toasted sandwich in an air fryer.,Best with cheese as a filling as a hot gooey filling would be ideally done in an air fryer.,You can add other bits like ham and tomato if you wi

What is the best way to cook tuna steak at home?

Follow our tips for buying and cooking tuna steaks. This meaty, flavoursome fish is delicious griddled or pan-fried, especially when it's marinated in herbs and spices.,Tuna has a meaty firm flesh and a rich, strong flavour due to its high oil content. Because tuna is oily, the flesh goes off more quickly than some other fish, so buy it as fresh as

Why hasnt the UK government nationalised the rail service in England?

For ideological reasons. Until the era of Mrs Thatcher, the nationalised rail service across the whole UK was starved of cash due to the prevailing notion that roads were u2018the transport hub of the futureu2019. It was therefore allowed to fall into a very poor state. She sold the rolling stock to leasing companies owned by the four major banks a

Can you share your experiences in the interview session in CSE?

Date: 21st March 2017 Morning session,Duration: 25u201330 min. (felt like 2 min.),Board: Arvind Saxena sir,Overall atmosphere: Formal, cordial.,Marks: 160/275.,Questions Asked:,Saxena sir: Why do u want to join civil service, Advantages and disadvantages of solar energy, how will you store solar energy without batteries, Indo Bangladesh relations.,

Can an airline pilot buy a 7 million or 10 million house?

Certainly, if weu2019re talking 7 million or 10 million Indian Rupees. (Russian Rubles or Philippine Pesos would probably also work.),7 million or 10 million US dollars, though? That pilot had better be married to someone in a higher-paying career.

What happens if income statement accounts are not closed by year-end?

They almost certainly wonu2019t be. It takes time to compute the appropriate year-end accruals. You have to check your bills that came in near year-end to make sure you have allocated each one to the proper period. You have to finish your end-of-year inventory counts, appropriately value all of the items, and then add everything up so you can compu

Is Portugal a Mediterranean country?

Overall I would say that portugal cannot be defined as a mediterranean Country or at least as exclusively mediterranean. The Atlantic has always exerted some kind of magnetism in the country and explained many of itu2019s strategic options throughout history.,The Craddle of the Country, the Minho and Douro Regions, are geographically and culturally