Where is Windows Movie Maker in Windows 10?

Thatu2019s amazing. Eight answers and none provide what I think the person was asking. If Iu2019m right the answer is TA DA:,C:Program Files (x86)Windows LivePhoto Gallery

What is the best lighting for a living room?

Living Room Ceiling Lighting Ideas u2013 This living room ceiling lighting ideas are some simple creative new plan for your luxury home design. A home is a special place for its occupants, ensuring safety and comfort in a corner of their own. People want their homes to be comfortable and inviting, and nowadays with the increasing awareness about th

What are some of the best lyrics from Tamil songs?

Movie Name : Manmadhan, Song : Kaadhal Valarthean.,One of the lovely sad songs with lovely music and beautiful visuals which makes it complete with heartfelt lyrics.,Movie Name : Vikram Vedha, Song : Yaanji.,Soul Stirring Music with lovely romantic visuals and frank loving lyrics.,Movie Name : 3, Song : Poo Nee Poo,Lovely visuals with heart wrenchi

What do college admissions officers look for in a personal essay?

Thanks for asking.,There is no single answer; a lot of it depends on the personalities of the admissions officers, as well as the institutional goals of the school in question. If the personal statement instructions are to produce a document that is much shorter than two pages, it is often being used primarily as a writing sample. Otherwise, itu201

Why does Vietnam still have a long way to catch up to the Philippine economy?

It doesnu2019t have a long way to catch up, actually.,Vietnam (quite low-key, believe it or not) surpassed the Philippinesu2019 GDP (PPP) per capita quite a while ago in 2009. The graph below uses data from International Monetary Fund, and includes their estimates for 2020, and 2021.,In 2020, the GDP (Purchasing power parity or PPP) per capita for

How do you make extra crispy fried chicken?

Science.To be specific, frying it twice.This method, which I learned from studying the works of the great J. Kenji Lopez-Alt, is a brilliant way of not only ensuring that your fried chicken is extra-crispy while remaining moist inside, it paradoxically enables you to serve it more quickly.,It takes a bit of extra preparation, but it works. I did it

What are the best places to work for a petroleum engineer besides the English speaking countries? Where in Europe could I work as a petroleum engineer if I graduate from a top petroleum engineering school in US? Norway? Anymore?

In Europe, the major hubs are Norway and the UK. Denmark and the Netherlands are also on the list, along with a few others. Shell, Statoil, BP, and Total have major offices in Europe. ,You can also also check out a list of countries by oil production, and just pick any of them in the top 20 or so.

How do I run electrical cable through an outside brick wall?

Start with a drill. Then typically conduit is inserted in the hole. In Canada we also use Teck cable which is an armoured cable with an extra waterproof jacket. Note, that you canu2019t run BX armoured cable on an outside wall as it is not waterproof (a basic requirement for an outside wall).

The Philippines appears to have very little to offer tourists and foreign remote workers, relative to Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia. Why does it look like an overpriced trip to dilapidated Cuba on all of social media?

The Philippines is an archipelago nation comprised of more than 7,000 islands dotting the Pacific Ocean, like Indonesia; both Thailand and Vietnam are part of the Asian mainland.,The country's official tourism slogan is u201cItu2019s More Fun in the Philippinesu201d because whatever type of travel adventure youu2019re looking for, youu2019re bound

What is something that you did with your mother that youll never forget?

Years ago, when I was about 21, my family was lounging around in the living room on Memorial Day. My mom was reading the paper and saw a major airline was selling flights for the upcoming weekend for a ridiculously low price ($49 or so) to anywhere in the US. My mom said "Letu2019s go somewhere." My dad and sister had plans, but I said u201cSure! L

What is your opinion on Hong Kongs Sinophobia by some parts of the people?

I do not approve of what China was currently doing in the West Philippine Sea, but I sincerely think that Hong Kong indeed belongs to China. That's it, no more bull.,What is now Xiang Gang, or Hong Kong for that matter, was Chinese territory for more than two millennia. The British only acquired the territory when they defeated China during the Opi

What are the effects of carbon dioxide on the environment?

Greenhouse effect: Carbon dioxide is one of the examples of heat-trapping gases, including methane, nitrous oxide and water vapor. In balanced proportions, these gases act as blanket that keeps the earth surface warm. But at elevated levels, especially of carbon dioxide, it accumulates in the atmosphere, becomes a thick blanket, trapping radiation

What is the best furniture layout in small living room?

Small Living Room!Small living rooms always needs special attention while planning. Dediner simply cannot eliminate anything even if it is a small living room. Every furniture should be poaitioned well for better movement and usability.,What are basic furnitures kept in living room?A) Sofa (3 seater, 6 seater, 8 seater, X seater depending upon requ

How has a camera in a cell phone changed the world?

Not at all. The world is still the same old, same old.,Camera phones have changed the behaviour of people though. Have you never been in a concert, in a pre-COVID-19 time? Everyone would snap photos and videos during the performance. It was so annoying.,Well, COVID-19 made an end to that. Actually COVID-19 changed the world much more than the camer

What is World Mental Health Day?

World mental health day is observed on 10th October every year since 1992, with the objective of raising awareness of mental health issues and make mental health care a reality to every citizen.,10 October, comes at a time this year when our daily lives have changed humongously as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.Thus, the goal of this yearu2019s

What is the symbolic meaning of butterflies in spiritualism?

The butterfly is an ancient archetypal symbol for transformation. It is known and used universally throughout the world. Many see the metamorphosis, which the caterpillar undergoes from cocooning to the chrysalis and into the butterfly as the ultimate representation of Ascension.,Spiritually, like a caterpillar, we crawl along until we are strong e

Have you ever tried to cook something that ended up a disaster?

1972, I was 22 years old and had been married for three months. There was a festival. My father-in-law was there with us.,u201cI will impress father with my cooking skills. I will prepare carrot halwa (a sweet dish made with carrots)u201d I said excitedly.,u201cAre you sure you can make that sweet? If you want I will purchase something from the mar

Why wasnt the Cologne cathedral bombed during the WWII?

As the others mentioned, the cathedral wasn't spared deliberately - it was both targeted deliberately (probably not on orders though as it wasn't worth the effort) and hit by near misses. You see, the cathedral happened to be built right next to the main train station and repair yards, and the biggest railway bridge across the Rhine - both very imp

How can I force my Canon Pixma MG6300 to print without colored inks?

You still need to have an empty color cartridge installed. Next, you hold down the u201cstopu201d button for at least 5 seconds. This will disable the empty ink detection. Lastly, go into your printer drivers in your computer and select u201cprint black only.u201d,Mac users will have to click on the apple, then choose system preferences. Next, clic

How do you prepare baby back ribs?

Rub with salt and pepper all over.,Sear in a pan.,Wrap with foil so there are no holes.,Drop into water simmer for an hour.,Mix Ketchup, vinegar, Brown Sugar & Paprika, boil, reduce.,Remove ribs from water and foil, brush your sauce all over generously.,Chill in the fridge for 8 hours.,Start a BBQ. A proper one, using wood, not a gas one. If you do

What are the weirdest things flight attendants have seen in their line of duty?

OK this was not so much weird as much as it was absolutely totally freaking awesome! Not something I would have wanted to experience had it not been for the amazing passengers we had on board that day. ,On a flight from somewhere in Germany to somewhere in Alaska, we were transporting USAF personnel back home from a long deployment somewhere in the

Whatu2019s the difference between interest compounded annually and simple interest?

The difference between the two is that in compounding the interest is calculated on interest as well as on the principal amount. Accordingly, the amount of interest increases every compounding cycle.,On the other hand, in simple interest, the interest rate is applied only on the principal amount, resulting in the same amount of interest throughout

What is the best different and unique gift for my boyfriend on my 3rd date?

Tools he doesnu2019t have, Books on a subject he likes, Something for his Car if he doesnu2019t have it or NEEDS it, Does he Like Movies, A paid for Movie Debit Type Card for X amount, A Super Deluxe Romantic Dinner Night Out on you, Tickets to a Sports Event he may really like, 2 ea. one for him and you or a buddy, Magazine Subscription, Cars, Boa

Why is it necessary to study on environmental issues that cause illnesses and diseases?

AIR POLLUTION IS THE MOST DEADLY ENVIRONMENTAL PROBLEM FACING THE WORLD TODAY AND IT IS EXACERBATED BY THE PSUEDO SCIENCE OF CO2 ALARMISM.Air pollution kills more than 4,000,000 in developed world because they lack electricity and cook outdoors where they are subjected to harmful smoke. Bringing more onto grid power will save thousands of lives but