What are some tips and tricks for getting bigger portion sizes at Chipotle?

I enjoy seeing the faces of the Chipotle cashier when they see how heavy the burrito is they just put in a bag.,I discovered this by accident. It all started because I didn't want my burritos to break as I ate them (solved by step 1) and then found there was plenty of space to add additional burrito stuffings.,Ask for a double wrapped burrito.,Choo

In what fortress can tourists view the Crown Jewels of the United Kingdom?

The Crown Jewels are on display at the Tower of London and can be viewed by visitors during normal opening hours.,Access is included in the price of entry to the Tower although at busy times there may be a bit of a queue but people move through fairly quickly. Photography is not allowed in the Jewel House itself, security is discrete although I sus

What is the most condescending statement a dinner party host ever made to their guests?

A gorgeous tall model like blonde woman, entered the apartment where the dinner party was being held. Her white linen suit was a classic Liz Claiborne and fitted her like a glove. The woman smiled and sunshine radiated throughout the whole room. She held a bouquet of pink roses in her hands. I imagine it was a gift for the hostess.She left the rose

What are the basic principles of Project Management?

Project management is to operate and assist the work of a team from start to end of that particular project and to manage the strategies, criteria to attain a few project requirements.,SOME BASIC SKILLS :Communication.,Team and time management.,Problem-solving.,Decisions making.,Effective planning and time management.,Leadership.,KEY CONCEPT :,Begi

What is summer like in Batangas City, Philippines?

Batangas City in the summer is extremely hot since the place is near the ocean. But if you want cooler place, you can stay at some rural Barangays in Lipa City, Alitagtag, or Cuenca.,The summer getaway in Batangas includes Laiya beaches in San Juan, diving in Mabini, and beaches in Lemery. You can also visit resorts in Los Bau00f1os, Laguna if you

Should I buy the Acer Predator Helios 300 (RTX 3060)? Considering all problems Ive heard from the people with the last generation Helios, should I consider purchasing it because its within my budget?

Helios is undeniably one of the best Laptops in the market. nI really doubt if anyone would have any complains if they looked at it with any normal expectations. It nails almost all aspects - Thermals, display, keyboard, ports, upgradability, durability andu2026. Almost everything. The only major issue is that it doesnu2019t have AMD and wellu2026.

What are some Indian brandsproductsservices that are famous outside of India?

The Story of Thums Upn n,u200b,The brand equity of Thums Up in india was so huge that eventually the cola giant Coca-Cola had to admit defeat and and accept the superiority of Thums Up over Coke.n nIt all started back in 70s when Coca-Cola, annoyed by draconian government rules for foreign investment, shut down its operation in India. Seeing the su

What kind of foods do you cook in your Air fryer?

An air fryer is a multipurpose and versatile cooking appliance. The reason its so popular is because it uses less or no oil when it comes to frying or cooking some of your favorite delicious meals. Making this method of preparation a comparatively healthier alternative.,How do you use an air fryer?An air fryer comes with a removable basket and gril

What are some projects for Jeon Jungkooks birthday in 2021?

Some informations below was compiled and translated by @JungkookPub, the no.1 source for Jungkook's birthday support kindly follow them on twitter ud83dude0aud83dudc9c,1.In 2021, Jungkook'll have the biggest cruise ship on the Han River Seoul, Korea themed for him for entire 24h In addition to a custom made illumination show only for him, exhibitio

What grocery items do you make rather than purchase pre-made?

One of the main grocery staples I make from scratch on a regular basis is bone stock or veggie broth from chicken or turkey carcasses, the occasional bag of beef bones, or the collected frozen stash of veggie trimmings. This liquid is the mainstay of most soups, sauces and cooking liquid for rice or quinoa. Unless Iu2019m cooking several carcasses

How do edits made in Photoshop get saved back to RAW images in Bridge?

Do you mean raw files like .cr3? Those files can not be saved back to original format. Only edits in ACR (Adobe Camera Raw) can be saved, actually attached to .cr3 file. When editing in Photoshop RAW file must be converted before any change can be saved to save of available file formats (does not include CR, NEF and similar raw file formats).

How do I manage subscriptions on my iPhone?

Open the Settings app.,Tap your name.,Tap Subscriptions. (If you don't see "Subscriptions," tap "iTunes & App Store" instead. Then tap your Apple ID, tap View Apple ID, sign in, scroll down to Subscriptions, and tap Subscriptions.),Tap the subscription that you want to manage.,If you donu2019t see Cancel Subscription, the subscription is already ca

Any specific tips on booking a one-way flight from Philippines to New York?

I am not an expert on this - but from my own experience research -nBook online, not with travel agent.nDelta, American Airlines, Eva, Korean Air serve MNL-JFK with 1 stop, either in Taiwan, Korea or Japan.nFare $850-1000, if flexible on datesnTry a few airfare comparison sites, like Orbitz, Expedia etc. Double check with specific airline carrier wh

What is your review of Livspace?

After trying to create the look I desired for my living room and failing, I signed up with Livspace. As it happens, the entire process started when I submitted a question about coffee tables to the design bar. It was fortunate that an interior designer could answer my question. It was amazing how much she helped me to decorate the living room. I de

What exactly happens when you die in a dream but do not wake up?

Possibly because your death is symbolic in the dream. You're not actually afraid of dying or you'd likely wake up. For example, in falling dreams a person usually awakens before hitting the ground.,In your dreams it's likely that you're reviewing the potential implications of a major life change (symbolized by the death of your old self), and the i

How much does it cost to see the Statue of Liberty?

To see the Statue of Liberty? Nothing.The Statue of Liberty faces towards the water, so the front side isnu2019t easily visible from anywhere on land other than Governors Island, which is only accessible by a ferry that charges a fare .,However, the back of the statue is easily visible from New Jersey, especially from Liberty State Park, which is f

What is the best country in South America to vacation, what are must sees while there?

What is the best country in South America to vacation, what are must sees while there?Does it need to be only one country?,Although far from EU or Canada-USA friendship ties, South America is a fairly integrated continent, land crossing are quite fluid.,I would recomend the former Inca Empire, spanning from Nazca And Cuzco in Peru to Salta, Argenti

What foods are associated with white people?

u201cWhite people foodsu201d usually bear the stereotype due to association with one of the following:,Redneck/trailer trash culture,Chic-urban trends of the upper middle class (including u201corganicu201d eating),White peopleu2019s reputed aversion to spicy ingredients,Without apology or further explanation:,Moscato Du2019Asti,Pumpkin Spice [anyth

Has Huewei gotten stronger due to its ban?

That appears to be the case because Huawei is now known around the world. Before Trumpu2019s attacks on Huawei, Huawei was only known in China and the telecom companies. Today, almost everyone is aware of Huawei and their sales are exploding. Huawei cell phone sales climbed 50% in the first quarter of 2019, and in the month of June added 10 more cu

What is natural selection?

Suppose, you are a moth.nA happy non-melanised moth, camouflaging his way on the lichen covered trees, in pre-industrial england.nYou look something like this (in the red circle). The other one is the melanised moth, we'll get back to him later.,Now, enter the industrialization. nWhere the humans are really happy, for it will be a better world for

Is Nikon D3300 still the best DSLR camera for beginners?

I have a D3300 and I have had a Canon. Anyway all I can say is the D3300 is a lot of camera. Nikon made this camera with the beginning photographer in mind. It has a built-in guide to help you get the very best photos. If you want to take say baby photos the guide will tell you the best settings to use. It has many different help guides you simply

What are the 3 things that make a business career succesful?

Rule #1: Keep your business card to yourself. DO NOT hand out your business card to everyone you see as if you are passing out $20 bills. Have you ever had someone come up to you while you are talking to someone else and slip a business card in your hand and keep moving. Not only is it distracting, especially if the two people are making a great co

How do you cancel Amazon Prime on Amazon?

For computer users,,Move your mouse over the u201cAccount & Listu201d,Left click u201cMemberships & Subscriptionsu201d,Left click u201cPrime Membership Settingsu201d,Left click u201cUpdate, cancel, and moreu201d,Left click u201cEnd trail and benefitsu201d,Left click u201cCancel My Benefitsu201d,Left click u201cCancel membershipu201d,More about paus

What types of motorcycles are for what type of riding?

Super Sport : Aggressive seating position, high speed predators, uncomfortable for long rides. They are desgined for the track & occassional rides. EG : Yamaha R1, ZX 10r, Daytona 675R, KTM RC390.,Sport Tourer : Looks like Super Sport, but more upright & comfortable seating. Eg : Ninja 600, CBR 250, Ninja 1000.,Cafe Racers: Old school charm, small

Who do you think is the ugliest Disney princess?

I do not knowu2026 people say Meridau2026 but I am not sure if there is a right answer for this question even because most of them are very good looking girls. The thing is that the characters of Brave have been designed in a different style from Frozen or Rapunzel.,For me Moana is a princess that has not been designed to be a beauty. She seems to

What is promotion mix?

A promotion mix is a set of different marketing approaches that marketers develop to optimize promotional efforts and reach a broader audience. The marketer's task is to find the right promotion mix for a particular brand.