What is a good, free online passport photo making tool?

Passport Photo Workshop is a good and free passport photo making tool. You can easily use for Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10. For using this software you have to download it from their official website.,Passport Photo Workshop is an all-in-one biometric passport photo software for home, business and organization users. It provides step-by-step wizard

What is your most effective method for getting a cheap flight?

Iu2019ve taken u201cquite a fewu201d (300+) flights, 90% of them with low-cost airlines. I wasnu2019t given free drinks and food, but I paid for flights $10 instead of $1000. How?,First of all, I always used some special search engines. My favourite one, that works well with low-cost airlines mainly in Europe, is Azair. You can make several set-ups

What is known about the Derinkuyu underground city?

Many of us have fantasized about having a door in our home that leads us to a hidden world, but can you imagine a buried city laying just behind the walls of your house? In 1963, a Turkish man knocked down a wall in his basement only to discover the ancient 18-story underground city of Derinkuyu.,At one time housing up to 20,000 people, Derinkuyu i

Why do some people not want children?

Iu2019m 25 years old. My boyfriend, Parker, is 26.,Last weekend my boyfriend and I decided to go on a 10 mile hike. It was an arduous hike with sheer rock walls with little ledges that we had to traverse for a good portion. Halfway through the hike we looked at each other and said u201chow the fuck are we going to get down from here?u201d.,Next wee

Whats the downside of a 100% stocks-only portfolio investment strategy?

There are two different issues.,First is that the level of volatility is too high for many people. But this does not mean you need to consider other asset classes, you can reduce volatility merely by keeping some of your portfolio in money market funds or other low-risk investments. You can also buy lower-risk stocks.,But some people can accept the

What are the best drones value for money?

Best drones,1)Dji Mavic pro,2)Dji spark fly more combo,These two drones are the best also having value for money, a new individual may easily learn drones via fully navigated software, obstacle avoidance, vision sensors, and many more things Dji have in thier drones.,Anybody want to buy drones can contact +917776918322.

What should I do if I have gestational diabetes?

I recommend you have your doctoru2019s office find you a nutritionist. You are going to have to make some drastic changes in your diet. Depending on how severe your diabetes is, you will be given pills or insulin. I only had to take pills for a few months. So I canu2019t really tell you about about taking insulin. I, at first took 1/2 a pill, then

How much will it cost for a family of four for a Disneyland tour in Indian rupees?

Thanks for A2A.,By Disneyland, I assume we are talking about Hong-Kong Disneyland and not France or USA.,Disney Land, Hong Kong,Return ticket (Delhi- Hong Kong-Delhi)- Lets say about Rs. 30K per head,Visa fee- would be around 190 HKD (app. Rs. 1700) per head.,Entry ticket to Disneyland- 639 HKD (app. Rs. 5750) per day per adult/ 475 HKD (app. Rs. 4

Whats the best city in Thailand that most foreign tourist dont consider visiting? Why?

I donu2019t know about the best city in Thailand but I think Nakhon Ratchasima (Korat) is often overlooked by tourists. This is quite surprising since Korat is one of the largest cities in Thailand and the gateway to the northeast Isaan region.Korat is probably overlooked for many reasons. For one, it is relative isolated from Bangkok. It takes abo

What is a good way to store raw photos (DNG, RAW, NEF, etc) in the cloud?

The new standalone Google Photos offering supports DNG if you don't use the free/unlimited option and are willing to pay for storage above 15GB.,I'm using it to backup thousands of my DNG photos now. Just make sure you include a full-size preview in the file since this is what's shown online and in the app (this is preview-size setting in apps like

Why is watching a screen harmful to ones eyes?

Harm to one's eyes when using a screen is typically because of improper viewing habits and viewing environments. Though screens do not cause permanent eye damage, they can cause eyestrain because of various factors such as: screen position relative to the head/eyes, lighting of the room, lighting of the screen, and infrequent breaks from screen vie

What is the most rugged mobile phone in the world today?

Which brand is not recommended, but the better model of the mobile phone I use can be recommended,iPhone 8 Plus. iPhone 8 has a more advanced 12MP camera with a larger and faster sensor, new color filters, deeper pixels, and optical image stabilization for photos and videos. With powerful camera function, it is a very good phone.,Ulefone Armor X7.

Which pair of headphones from this bunch is recommend for bass lovers and non-bass lovers, the Sony MDR 950 BT N1 and 1000x, SkullCandy Crusher Wireless, Bluedio Victory and Vinyl, Beats Studio 3, Bose QC 3535 ii, Audio Technica M50x?

Iu2019m not going to answer this questionu2026,What I will say is that most people (probably including the asker) canu2019t tell the difference between these $150 headphones and a $35 pair. For a Bluetooth headset, I chose the Matrix2 by MEE Audio after having a pair from that company that I used for 3+ years. I switched because the ear cuffs on my

Is it possible to show good credit without having a credit card?

You might want to try a co-signed loan,credit-builder loan, or secured loan.,There are ways to use your rent,utility payments and phone to build credit or you can seek the help of a credit expert (which i recommend is the best,safe and fastest method) like myself to help you build your credit without a credit card.

What is the Chinese zodiac for 1998?

Year 1998 was the year of Tiger, but be careful: since this is a date from the Chinese calendar system, only those born in the period from Lichun on 1998 to Lichun on 1999 are considered born in the year of 1998 in this system and hence have the zodaic of Tiger.,Here is more about Lichun:Lichun (u7acbu6625),means the beginning of spring in Chinese.

How can I make good hamburger patties?

Use good quality fresh meat. Season liberally with salt and pepper and put on a medium high grill. Cast iron works too. You want a good initial sear to lock in juices, char the meatu2026grill marks. Good visuals smells enhance taste.,Avoid piercing or flipping excessivelyu2026dries out the patty.

How was the UPSC Mains Question Paper 2017 GS-4?

A2A.,2017 GS-4 paper was analytical and on expected lines unlike factual 2016 paper. Section A included 13 10-markers to be answered in 150 words.,SECTION -A had some questions repeated from previous years including conflict of interest, definitions of spirit of service and courage of conviction and question on integrity.,New applied ethics themes

Should I buy a Redmi Note 5 Pro?

Hi Let's us start by saying that it's October 2018 and somehow (and just somehow) Redmi Note 5 pro is still the most bang-for- buck smartphone on the Indian market.,When it was sold initially at Rs 13999 and then at Rs 14999( due to GST and other tax issues) it was the best sub 15k phone and now it's available at a beggarly price of Rs 12999 on Fli

Did "Sleeping Beauty" have a name, what was it?

According to the disney version, her name is Princess Aurora, but the three good fairies call her Briar Rose while they are hiding her identity. In the old old original version of the story, she is not called sleeping beauty (and the story is not titled as such) and instead is named Talia; She has two children named Sun and Moon. Thus the original

How do you find your credit card number without your card?

The full account number is on every credit card statement I receive from every company I can recall. Should you not have one, here's another trick:,Many credit card receipts (paper or online) will include the last 4 digits of the card account.,Your credit report (available free annually) will contain the first 12 digits, leaving off the last 4. ,Pu

What is the best projector for a bedroom under Euro 200?

The Emotn C1 might be a good option for you. It is a handy projector to get all of your expected wishlist that will meet up within your budget. The cost is about $169, equivalent to u00a3155. And of course, this projector will give you a more brilliant experience in every sense!,In the case of the operating systems, picture quality, connectivity, p

What are the best cameras for beginners?

My best advise is to start with a slightly used DSLR, from last year, with a good prime lens.,If it were me, with your budget, I would get a Nikon D3200, (great sensor for an entry level DSLR) and you can get a used one for around 200 at the link below:nnikon d3200 in United Kingdom | Digital Cameras for Sale - GumtreeThe kit lens is not great, so