Where is the highest underwater mountain?

Many of us have learnt that Mount Everest is the tallest mountain on Earth. Well, that is partially true.,Everest rises 8,848 m above sea level. But what is sea level? Well, sea level refers to an "average" of mountains and valleys altitude. But the Earth is not completely round, it is an oblate spheroid. So we forgot to take this into consideratio

What do Singaporeans think about Filipinos?

Iu2019m a Singaporean of Filipino descent and the son of lecturer who taught Architecture at the National University of Singapore for 12 years since 1974. My father was one of the first few Filipino professionals brought in by Singaporeu2019s founding father , Mr Lee Kuan Yew to help build Singapore after Singaporeu2019s indepence from Malaysia in

What should I replace for my lunch and dinner thats healthier and filling but still cheap and needs no real cooking and doesnt go bad easily? Currently I eat a bologna sandwich, and pizza TV tray dinner (has brocoli so somewhat healthy)?

Hmm - it depends on where you draw the line for u201cno real cookingu201d and u201ccheap.u201d Thereu2019s no question that eating healthier costs more and often takes more effort. Good for you to want to try. Maybe vegetable or bean soup - choose the lower sodium varieties, and stick to soups with a clear broth instead of a creamy broth. For sandw

What is Dolly in camera movement?

The dolly is a device with wheels that the camera is mounted to. In the movie industry, the dolly is a specialized and often used piece of gear. It is very heavy and rides on meticulously laid track. On command, a person known as the dolly grip pushes it along as the camera is rolling. Itu2019s a lot harder than it sounds as the camera has to hit c

Iu2019m a Leo man. Why am I strongly attracted to Aquarius women?

You are attracted to her because your the opposite sign u201c6 signs awayu201d you balance each other out, one usually u201cthinks that way" the other one usually u201cfeels that wayu201d but if you wanna find out if your actually compatible, find out your moon sign, it gets more interestingu2026u201dastrology u201c

How many calories are in chicken thighs?

Below is the food composition (skinless chicken leg and thigh, roasted - weight 100 g) by energy source, calories and protein, carbohydrates, fats, sugar and salt. See also the exact composition of food.,Energy 651.53 kJ,155.59 kcal,Fat 4.84 g,Carbohydrate 0.00 g,Protein 27.80 g,Sugar 0.00 g,Saturated fat 1.38 g,Salt 1,293.05 mg

What is Emmentaler cheese used for?

Emmentaler or Emmenthal cheese has been used to bring much fame to a particular region of Switzerland for over 700 years. This is the classic cheese with holes. It is great by itself, all mild and smooth but full of nutty flavor and it is wonderful cooked or melted in thousands of recipes. Because the secrets of this cheese were not protected early

Which is better, Universal Studios or Islands of Adventure?

They each have their perks. They both have a Harry Potter ride. They have the Hogwarts Express to take you between the two parks, but you need the (more expensive) park-to-park pass. Universal has been known to have u201c"interactiveu201d and 3D type rides. It's said to be more family friendly. In recent years, it's added some roller coasters. Isla

What does it mean when you dream about fishes?

Iu2019ve been told that when you dream of live or fresh fish, you will make a journey; while dead or rotting fish means the journey you planned to take, will be cancelled.,I donu2019t know how far this is true for everyone, but it is true for me.

What is the value of an American dollar in Mexico money?

Relatively simple question.,Mexico uses Pesos. They look like this:,The value of the peso in terms of US dollars is a floating exchange rate, e.g. the Mexican government does not regulate its currency; It can be traded freely.,The current exchange rate as of now (6/8/17) is .055 US dollars per 1 peso.,In other words, you can trade 1 dollar for arou

How can we check the shutter count on a Canon 7D Mark II?

Use the last image file taken on your Canon 7D snd upload it to any one of the online free shutter count websites .. such as myshuttercount .. these will read the EXIF Data and display your current frame count/ actuations ..,Enjoy your Photography !

This month I got sick and I also have a sore throat, whats weird is that the fever keeps coming back every week (on weekends specifically) after healing from it for a day or two. what is the exact reason to this? I also avoid unhealthy food

Go to your doctor. When you run a fever sporadically like that, that does mean your body is suffering from some kind of infection. I had something similar years ago, and my doctor had to run multiple tests before he found the cause. If he had not figured it out, I could have died.

What is left for a 55 year old man?

My husband was 56 when we met. Here we are on one of our trips to the Rose Bowl. This was a side trip we took to visit friends in San Diego.,This was our first Valentineu2019s Day together. We were in Fountain Valley near Scottsdale Arizona. Iu2019d been out there for a business trip and he flew out to join me.,Here we are in Michigan at his nieceu

How do they name the generations?

Theyu2019re usually a media construct based on some event that is thought to have defined that generation.,The u201cGreatest Generationu201d I believe was coined because many of that generation fought during World War II and so made great sacrifices. The Baby Boomers were named after the great increase (or u201cboomu201d) in births immediately foll

Is Chrome OS useful like Windows?

Here are the categories you need to keep in mind while choosing Windows and Chrome OS.,For me i would choose Windows :),InterfaceCompared to the two distinct environments of Windows 8.1, Windows 10 feels more integrated and seamless. Pressing the Start button reveals the new Start menu, filled with your most used programs and recently installed app

What are some unusual veggies that taste very good when fried?

A very common appetizer in Greece is fried zucchini (courgette).,This is not just a dish that tastes better than youu2019d expect. Itu2019s a heavenly dish thatu2019s equal to proper french fries/chips.,It is very common, youu2019ll find it hard to find a tavern that doesnu2019t serve this dish, especially around the summer when zucchini is harvest

Which bedroom plants do you love mostly?

I do like indoor plants in the bedroom because of their cleansing affect. I realize they are outdated and you don't see them much anymore, but I absolutely love the spider plant hanging near a window. I like orchids and violets because they don't take much space. I like the snake plant because it is one of the best air cleaning plants. If you have

Which African countries would you recommend for someone who has never been to Africa?

I have been to only 6 African countries (Benin, Togo, Morocco, Tanzania, Namibia and South Africa) and those experiences were all very different. I think it depends a bit on what you want. Here is my go (I added some countries based on what I think).,One thing about Sub-Sahara-Africa in general is that I have noticed two distinct types of tourism.,

Why should I never visit South Africa?

My husband and I visited South Africa for our fifth anniversary three years ago and it was spectacular.,Granted, we visited a teeny tiny piece of South Africau2014which is a very large country. Like many tourists, we visited Cape Town post-safari (which we took in Botswana).,Prior to our travels, I had heard from other travelers to be very cautious

What is the spiritual meaning of chocolate in dreams?

Geneva, chocolate is something we feed on that is sweet to us, but not terribly nutritious. There are experiences we seek out in life (feed on) not because they are going to help us learn something important about life (the mental equivalent of nutritious) but rather because they are pleasurable experiences. Amusements are such experiences, as are

How many billionaires are there in the world?

I've no idea where Abuena is getting his/her number from but according to Forbes latest list there are 1810 billionaires (1st Mar 2016), down from 1826 last year.,The World's Billionaires ,Almost certainly there are not, in fact, precisely 1810. Forbes has to estimate people's wealth as best it can and there can be significant differences between w

How would you suggest a theme party for young children that teaches them to garden?

I organized one that included planting pansy plants and sunflower seeds in a garden where most of the children would often visit. We also planted bean seeds in potting soil filled paper cups for them to take home with instructions on sunlight and watering.,I cut an apple around its equator so that the u201cstaru201d would be seen, and cut some othe