What is the best project management tool?

As a project manager, youu2019re juggling dozens if not hundreds or thousands of tasks every week. Youu2019re a crucial part of your teamu2019s success, and you donu2019t have the liberty of allowing action items to leak through the cracks in broken processes.,Unfortunately, many project management tools are not adaptable enough for different metho

Is it true that China has become the worlds richest country? Is it possible in 2022?

IT'S TRUE.,A recent report authored by the research wing of McKinsey & Co has said Chinese wealth has surged from $7 trillion in the year 2000 to $120 trillion in 2020. But please not that this is household or personal wealth.,The report however has also highlighted rising inequality in China. More than two-thirds of the wealth is held by the riche

Do NBA players go home after games?

Some do, some donu2019t.,It really depends on the player, if theyu2019re married. Maybe they have kids maybe they donu2019t. It might have been a home game. Did they win or lose?,All of these factors would go into whether or not the player goes home and several more.,If itu2019s a home game then more than likely the players go home at the end of th

Is it time to start using a Windows phone?

nI currently use a Nokia Lumia 930 (Hong Kong version, imported to India, as seen in the picture above) and also an HTC One M8. I've used a Lumia 520 and a Sony Xperia C3 before.,I'll try not to be biased and will be honest on my opinion on Windows Phone experience I had ever since I got one.,PART 1: WHAT I LOVE ABOUT WINDOWS PHONE?LIVE TILES!nYes,

What does it mean if I dreamt of my boyfriend meeting my family for the first time?

Youu2019re asking for an objective answer to a subjective experience, doesnu2019t work.,Allow me to rephrase,u201cI dreamt my boyfriend met my family for the first time and Iu2019m wondering if it means anything. Should I act on the dreams I have?u201d,Dreams are a way for spirits and your subconscious to communicate with you. Your dreams are uniqu

What are the laptop features that an iPad Pro doesnt have?

Not everyone using a laptop is necessarily using all of its features. However, if you are, you will find a number of shortcomings. At present, the iPad Pro lacks:,A screen large enough for real work to be done.,Standard I/O ports like USB 3.0, HDMI/DisplayPort, etc.,Self-development software u2014 I canu2019t develop commercial iPad Pro application

Iu2019ll be traveling frequently from SLC to the Philippines (MNL) for work. What is the best airline to use to earn rewards and receive free upgrades?

You are in an interesting position as there are no direct flights between SLC and MNL and there are no direct international flights from SLC that would position you for a flight to MNL. Complimentary upgrades are tough to come by for transpacific flights but you may be able to earn rewards or miles to apply toward upgrades if you select an appropri

How do I change clothes in Photoshop?

You need to learn good amount of manipulation skill using Photoshop and human body postures.,Or you can hire someone skilled to do this (easy way),:)

Why doesnu2019t Scotland show up on the British Passport even though it is a country in the kingdom, it just says u201cThe United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Irelandu201d? Why do they leave out Scotland?

No need. Do keep up, itu2019s simple:,In 927, on the 12th July to be exact, the Anglo-Saxon kingdoms (the heptarchy of East Anglia, Essex, Kent, Mercia, Northumbria, Sussex and Wessex) were united by AEthelstan to form the Kingdom of England.,In 1283, Edward I conquered the remainder of Wales, which was then administered as the Principality of Wale

How much does 21 cups of all purpose flour weigh in grams?

Hanna Knutson Says that a cup of flour weighs 4.25 ounces. My rule of thumb is that a cup of flour weighs 5 ounces. Who are you going to believe?,A cup is a volume measure, not a weight measure. The weight of a cup of flour depends on the type of flour and how compacted the flour is.,If you want to bake bread or pastries or cake or cookies, buy a k

What are the different elements a contract contains?

When lawyers speak of u201celements,u201d they are generally referring to the essential facts necessary to establish a u201ccause of actionu201d (a right to legal relief) or a defense against a cause of action. As to a contract the elements are a (1) bargained for exchange of (2) legal consideration together with the claimantu2019s (3) tender of pe

What is the best spaghetti bolognese recipe?

I suspect there are a million answers to this, some more traditional in style than others. There are also a few other questions on this topic already posted on Quora, so might be worth some searching.,I personally like to make mine with a combination of ground beef and spicy Italian sausage, a bit of fennel seed, onion, garlic, canned tomatoes, tom

What is the best shutter speed for outdoor photography?

Here's my quick guide to basic things which you should take care while taking pictures. I'll tell you from simple mobile photography point of view, as there are already many answers which are relating to DSLR. n,Avoid Outdoor photography in afternoon. Sun is overhead and light is maximum. This direct light spoils your photograph, creating over expo

Why is Australia time zone 12 hours ahead of most of the world?

Itu2019s not. Itu2019s actually less than six hours ahead of most of the world.,Australia spans three hourly time zones (GMC+8, +9, and +10), although the actual times in Australia are in five different partial time zones, due to the middle part of the country being offset by a half hour from +9, and due to inconsistent adoption of daylight savings

Whats the best camera app for Android?

Below are the Best Apps for taking DSLR effect pictures,But you will not get the same effect like DSLR because DSLR have more accuracte lense than any other Mobile camera.,Camera FV-5. Camera FV-5 is one of the best DSLR camera apps for Android. ...,Camera MX. Camera MX is a full-featured camera app for 2019 that offers plenty of options for taking

Why hasnt Mount Kailash been climbed yet? Is the reason it hasnu2019t been climbed yet due to spiritual or political reasons, or simply because itu2019s a physically impossible task?

I was randomly watching YouTube videos and saw one about Mount Kailash , Then I spend my whole day reading articles and YouTube videos about Mount Kailash. I am not sure am I eligible to answer this or not but will try.,I am Hindu and my views might reflect Hinduism (sorry for that, I don't know much about the Mount Kailash and its association with

Is this true? Most steak sauce is based on the Roman "ketchup," which you take all the parts you throw away from fish when you gut them, throw them all in a massive vat, then let it rot in the sun for several months?

Is this true? Most steak sauce is based on the Roman "ketchup," which you take all the parts you throw away from fish when you gut them, throw them all in a massive vat, then let it rot in the sun for several months?Not really, but I think I know where you got the idea.,What youu2019re describing is garum, which was a fish sauce used by the Romans.

How do you vectorize an image in Photoshop?

Sorry mate. nPhotoshop is purely meant for raster transformation.n(Static images)nEven though you make images with vector tools like rectangle, ellipse etc. You will have to save it in .jpeg, .PNG etc formats at last (which are all raster type).,So I advice you to use Adobe illustrator which is completely for vectors. (Dynamic non pixelating images

How do I shoot great selfies?

Instagram: arielemily97,Heres some tips!,Put the camera outstretched and high! Men are generally attracted to shorter women so a downward angled picture gives males the impression that a women is beautiful. Having a higher vantage point will also prevent double chins! Heightened angled photos flatter both women and men because they show off collarb

Why did the Industrial Revolution start in Britain?

Itu2019s arguable that it didnu2019t begin here, but in the Netherlands, but it ran out of steam there, while Great Britain was able to pick it up & carry it further.,After achieving independence from Spain the Netherlands created institutions which supported economic development, commerce & industry, but Dutch industry in the boom of the 16th & 17

What moment changed your perspective on Meghan, The Duchess of Sussex?

Well there were many moments, coming in so fast. One that Iu2019ve never seen commented on was when Harry said that Meghan laughed at him for turning off lights in empty rooms when they were at home. Was it her u2018insane intelligenceu2019,lack of joined up thinking or the fact that nobody would see this tiny, tiny gesture? Sheu2019s an odd bod in

Which is the best free stock photo website?

For 5 years I have used 1000u2019s stock images from multiple sites. These sites are too much helpful for marketers or designers. But the problem that started slowly is the same photo has been used by millions of websites or creators which affects the search ranking.,So the trick that I have discovered is when you search for any image, the change t

How do I write my resume for my first job?

Thanks for A2A. I don't know for which job you are applying and for which position. so, I'm answering in a manner that you are degree or B.E passed out.,First of all, Be perfect in the project that you are done your academics and if you had done more than two projects the place the project details one after another according to your knowledge (If t

What are some good mirrorless cameras for a beginner?

Normally I make qualifying statements, but in this case I would say hands down the Sony a6000. It is inexpensive, the kit lenses are very good, and it is a full APS-C sensor. It does amazing in high ISO low light situations. The video is incredible. It is lightweight. The setting where the LCD will brighten and dim as you adjust exposure is incredi

What is the best statistics software?

There is no one u201cbestu201d. Each has advantages and disadvantages.,I have extensive experience with SAS and R. So, of those two:,SAS has much better documentation, better error messages, great tech support, easier output to Word and Excel, easier integration with Office in general, is better able to deal with huge data and has routines that are