What are the four seasons in the Philippines?

It will be a surprise to many Filipinos that summer is not one of the two seasons in the Philippines.,Most countries of the world, in fact, have only two seasons. This is because most countries lie within the tropical zone. It is the region between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn, within which, everywhere gets to meet the sun at th

When will India become the largest country by population?

All ready India has second rank in Population. This second rank is very dangerous for India. People lived in India faces many difficulties and problem about there life style at the stage. Many people in would be struggled for 2 times meal. The reason for that problem is population. . At that stage the population of India is 133.92 crores. increasin

What are your opinions on BTSu2019s 7 concept photos?

Overall opinion:I LOVED all the versions of concept photos. First I liked how they linked some colors from the album version into their photo concept (I did some color generating comparison if you want to check). Second, they all represent some kind of mood room for me? I will go into detail about each version.,So we got 4 versions:1- Version 01My

What beaches stand out because they are extremely dangerous?

I once visited Kenya with my girlfriend who was a deep sea diver at the time.,Our hotel was marvellous, and the food was great.,We also went on several trips to see wildlife, and I must admit that the experience was fantastic u2014 just like in Attenboroughu2019s documentaries.,We saw lions, elephants, zebras, hippos and even one jaguar.,Truly amaz

What are the best sights to see in Nashville, TN?

In the downtown area: ,Don't miss the Country Music Hall of Fame, even if you aren't a Country Music fan. Allow several hours.,Walk around downtown -- 2nd Avenue and Broadway. Safe night and day and lots of free music venues. Most will have their doors open so you'll get a taste of their musical offerings when you walk by.,Ryman Auditorium -- origi

What folk stories are behind the order of the Chinese zodiac?

Beside the tricks that rat played in the story youu2019ve mentioned, there are other legends about its priority in those animals:,(From Tales and Legends about 12 Animal Signs),1.The Number of Zodiac Animalsu2019 ToesMany famous scholars in history had their own interpretations about this interesting topic. There was a scholar in the Song Dynasty (

Who invented the mobile?

It was a guy called Martin Cooper.,But u201cscientistsu201d donu2019t generally invent things like this - they might figure out how radio waves work - and find science to make smaller radio transmitters and receivers - but the business of taking that raw science and turning it into actual u201cinventionsu201d is the work of u201cengineersu201du2026

What does "microwave oven safe" mean?

This is an extraordinarily difficult question to answer. Some years ago, I acted as the expert in a class-action suit that involved the term u201cmicrowave-safe, as applied to dinnerware. The reason for the case was that this dinnerware became incredibly hot when it was iused in a microwave oven, despite being marked u201cmicrowave safeu201d. For e

How can I compare the photo quality of a mirrorless vs DSLR vs compact vs phone camera?

Mirrorless camerau2019s photos and Non-Mirrorless photos are no different, itu2019s just the technology that drives the camera is different not the camera itself, itu2019s just like replacing BS4 engine with BS6, it just offers better efficiency. u2018Mirrorlessu2019 The name itself says it allu2026. The camera just cuts lose the Mirror part in the

Where is Hogwarts located? We know its in Scotland highlands and near Dufftown.

According to the Harry Potter books, somewhere in Scotland. I would say lowlands because it takes them about 6u20137 hours to get there from London by train. Now, that estimate from Google maps is for modern trains, but I donu2019t see why a magical steamer couldnu2019t match modern speeds.,So, short answer: for sure in Scotland.,Check out Pottermo

How do the new iPhones (66 Plus) compare to current, top-of-the-line Android phones?

I'm going to compare this to unlocked, stock Android installs, because once bloatware is introduced, Android tends to be much more disappointing. But in short, the iPhone 6 is not as strong a competitor but still has superior processing performance and formidable capabilities that were found in the iPhone 5s. The iPhone 6 Plus, however, adds a top

How do I install a Photoshop plugin in Zeplin manually?

photoshop-panel . Press Win+R, type %APPDATA%AdobeCEPextensions , and press enter. (If the CEP folder doesn't exist, you can create it manually.)n...nInstalling manuallyDownload the plugin from here.,Unzip it and copy the folder called io. zeplin. photoshop-plugin .,Paste it under Photoshop's Plug-insGenerator folder

Which is the best country in 2022?

Top 10 most powerful countries in the world:Countries that consistently make headlines, shape global economic patterns, and have strong defence and military are considered to be great powers but there's no definitive list of them.,However, the US News and World Report devised a way to rank the countries on the basis of their powers. In its latest r

Is it bad that Ive given up on the climate change issue ever being improved?

Yes and no.,Letu2019s start with the yes part. It is too bad that youu2019ve given up because itu2019s eminently possible for us to deal with climate change.,When 199 countries sign a global agreement with reasonable targets, which replaced a weaker agreement with fewer signatories, thatu2019s a positive sign. When the hole in the ozone layer and a

How do you take macro photos with an iPhone 12 Max?

iPhone 12 supports Closeup and other modes introduced on the iPhone 13 pro is macro modeAll recent iPhone versions since the iPhone 7 & 8 have amazing camera & photo capabilities!,About Camera features on your iPhoneFind out about Photographic Styles, QuickTake, the Ultra Wide camera and other camera features on your iPhone.,Lock in your look with

What is AnTuTu benchmark?

Thanks for A2A,What is An Tu Tu benchmarking app?AnTuTu Benchmark is a tool for Android, that allow you to check the performance of your device. Also, it is very useful for games with high performance graphics.,How it functions?It tests many parts of your device and assigns an overall score.,AnTuTu gives your device an overall numerical score as we

How do Americans judge people based on their drink choices?

Personally I donu2019t care what people drink, but if somebody orders a Smirnoff Ice my eyebrow will likely raise. We called those u201cbitch beersu201d back in college, and I went to an all-female college.,Basically, if you get something fruity and alcoholic in a bottle and youu2019re not on a beach, you run a high risk of people thinking youu2019

How do I login into the Olymp Trade account from Indonesia? Are there any differences?

I believe Olymp Trade has no discriminatory rules for Indonesia. So Olymp Trade Indonesian clients can login the same easy ways as the other clients all over the world. Such as:,1. The usual way with your login info that you made up at the registration of the account.,2. Via social networks. Your Google, Facebook or Apple accounts. This is the meth

What was the most elaborate meal you have ever cooked and why?

For Easter this past year, due to the pandemic, we were stuck at home without family. So I wanted to make it special. (Little did I know it would be the first of many holidays at home without extended family.) This seemed like a good opportunity to try out some delicious-sounding Martha Stewart recipes Iu2019d been bookmarking.,For breakfast, we ha

If inflation continues at an average of 3.2% a year, then in about 400 years $1,000,000 will be just about enough to buy a loaf of bread. Will we just start dropping 0s at that point, and call a million dollars a dollar?

More often than not when inflation occurs like this either a new currency is issued or notes in new denominations are issued.,For example, in Argentina the peso replaced the austral in 1991 at a rate of 10,000 austral = 1 peso. Before that, the austral had replaced the peso argentino in 1985 at 1,000 to 1, and the peso argentino had replaced the pe

My cellphone seems to be overheating, why is that?

Based on my experience ,,I have an iphone 5 which I already jailbroke. It was fine when I installed a few tweaks , but as i add more tweaks, my phone got hotter. I did put a tweak to monitor my phone temperature ( it was like above 40C when i'm using it ) . My battery also started to drain very quickly .,After uninstalling some tweaks, my phone was

What should I ask in English if I want to know the number of paper note values other people need for $1,000? For example, they might need 200 $2, 50 $20 and 10 $50, or 20 $50 but I do not know which sentence to ask.

I didnu2019t quite understand the question until I read a few of the answers.,I get it now!,You could use the word u201cdenominationu201d but even though itu2019s a perfectly valid word, it might not be immediately clear to some people.,I have an alternative which could work. Rather than asking u201chow would you like it?u201d, you say something li

What are some healthy substitutes for mayonnaise in a tuna recipe?

Mayo substitutes for tunaOne answer already given is good but was colllapsed for some reason: Sandy Fornesi's answer to What are some healthy substitutes for mayonnaise in a tuna recipe?Mayo is not unhealthy in small doses. Other things you can substitute with are sour cream, yogurt, crema, mustard, etc.,Do not use low-fat Mayo as it has extra calo

What is the most British food ever?

Hmmmmmu2026. I am sure my fellow countrypeople will add to this list as there is not one but many extremely British dishes to come from the Sceptred Isles. If you look at the northern hemisphere along latitudes you see that the weather plays a part in culture, agriculture and food. Northern European food shares similarities with British food but he

Would it be possible for a specific fiat currency to become globally rejected (outside the issuing country)? What would the likelihood be of that happening?

Depending on how you define u201cglobally rejectedu201d it happens all the time. In fact, itu2019s easier to answer in reverse. Of 180 national currencies recognized by the United Nations, only 18 are u201cfreely convertibleu201d according to the International Monetary Fund. Call these u201cglobally acceptedu201d:,Australian dollar,Bahrain dinar,Ca

What is the best cell signal booster?

For choosing the correct signal booster you need to know few information,The carriers & networks that you need to support - signal booster only amplify specific frequency of radio waves which pertain to specific carriers (Airtel, Vodafone,Verizon, Sprint, etc.) and networks on those carriers (2G, 3G, or 4G LTE). So you need to know both these info

What does CTR mean on AdSense YouTube?

CTR stands for Click Though rate. i.e it means the number of times an advertisement is clicked divided by the number of times advertisement, ad unit or the page containing advertisement is viewed.,It is the percentage of No of clicks on advertisement and number of page views.,CTR = Number of clicks / Number of exposures.CTR% = Number of clicks * 10