What are some of the best restaurants in Tokyo?

Sukiyabashi Jiro, Ginza - Arguably the best sushi (certainly most famous) in Tokyo.,Sushiko Ginza,Sushi Mizutani,Sushi Kanesaka,Ryugin - Japanese-influenced French,Tapas Molecular Bar - Molecular Japanese,Esaki - New-Japanese,Le Chu00e2teau de Jou00ebl Robuchon,L'Osier,Quintessence,Bear Pond Espresso - For coffee

What are the effects of carbon dioxide on the environment?

Greenhouse effect: Carbon dioxide is one of the examples of heat-trapping gases, including methane, nitrous oxide and water vapor. In balanced proportions, these gases act as blanket that keeps the earth surface warm. But at elevated levels, especially of carbon dioxide, it accumulates in the atmosphere, becomes a thick blanket, trapping radiation

How do decorate 3X3 bedroom?

3d board is Three-dimensional relief, unique and elegant, shaped through pure physical technics. also a kind of environment-friendly and safe decoration material. Structured in three-dimensional design, pure plant fiber materialized, texture naturally, weight light, clean and elegant, environment-friendly and safe, with feature of noise absorption

What kind of professional should I call for putting in an outdoor kitchen? Architect, designer, or contractor and why? The space I plan for is presently a combination of a covered concrete area beside an uncovered flagstone patio.

I suggest calling a general contractor first as many know how to design such things and he/she will know who else to call. FYI you will typically need a plumber, electrician, carpenter and possibly a HVAC installer if you are using natural gas or propane. Often a tiler or stone mason is also used for an outdoor kitchen.

Is ramen really bad for you?

First, there's a question about whether you are talking about prepackaged dried noodles or real ramen. If the former, you can look at the nutrition label (at least in the USA) to see what's in them. Not a lot of vitamins or protein for the calories and quite a lot of sodium (although the extent to which sodium is bad for you is debated and may vary

Whats the difference between an original artwork and a art print?

An original is the actual artwork as it was created by the artist, generally there is only one and it normally costs more, often far more, than any printed reproduction. Modern art prints are made by photographing or digitally scanning the original then printing it out by one of several means. Most common are commercial offset or lithographic print

Which are the best Microsoft Surface Laptop 2022 in the US?

u2665u2665u2665 9 BEST Similar Microsoft Surface Laptop 2022,1. Microsoft Surface Laptop 4 13.5" Touch Screen - AMD Ryzen 5 Surface Edition - 16GB Memory - 256GB Solid State Drive with Windows 11 (Latest Model) - Platinum,2. Microsoft Surface Laptop Go 12.4in Touchscreen Intel i5 8GB 128GB SSD Ice Blue (Renewed),3. Microsoft 12.4 Multi-Touch Surfac

How can one estimate standard deviation?

There are several ways to calculate/estimate.,If you have masses of data that are Normally distributed and symetrical (so Mode, Median, Mean are identical). Take the Range (max-min) and divide it by 6. The outcome will be very close to the true Standard Deviation.,If you have a graph of the data, that resembles the Bell curve (data is Normally Dist

What is the most popular Christmas meat?

It depends on where you live. In southern Italy the main event is the Christmas Eve dinner, and that means fish, not meat (Christmas eve is a fast day, so no meat allowed if you are Catholic). In particular it often means capitone: female eel.,Up here in the north, where I am from, the main even is the Christmas day lunch, which is often crowned by

What are the most amazing photos you have ever taken?

nThis is one of my favourite photographs, mainly because of the perseverance required to take it, and the thrill of finally getting the right conditions. ,Vancouver doesn't get temperature inversions that often, but in January we had a few days where they occurred early in the morning, with the resultant fog typically dispersing by midday.,I'd been

What is a strategy to crack the RBI Grade B exam?

Since I have passed RBI Grade B 2018 with AIR 67, I feel competent enough to answer this question.,First I would share my marks-,Prelims u2013 112.5,Mains u2013 218.5,Interview u2013 30,Total u2013 248.5,Before I give my strategy, I would like to tell that this is my personal strategy and I would not recommend to follow it blindly. Every person is

Where can I find good tutorials about photo editing with Photoshop?

I discovered that the best tutorials for Photoshop is not the written ones, as they consume a lot of time to read and visualize and understand then implement; in the other hand videos are quicker, faster to watch and understand and implement, more over you can write a comment or a question in the video channels, and in most cases you will get an a

What does it mean when I wake up crying?

When you wake up crying, it simply means that your soul is still alive. Functional lacrimal glands is a good sign that still your soul is alive and it can be touched.,Possible reasons behind crying as soon as u wake up can be:,A sad dream (you may not even remember),Something buried deep inside at sub conscious level of your mind might have been af

What was Soviet housing like?

There is a presupposition that Soviet Union provided free housing. It is more of a propaganda taken at its face value, than a reflection of Soviet Union reality.,( Iu2019d be describing the reality in late 1960s to 1980s (late Khrushchev to early Gorbachev era); prior to that period the arrangement was a different and more shared accomodation were

What is the cheapest city in Switzerland?

Switzerland is a landlocked country in Europe. The Swiss Federation is situated in the Western-central region of the continent of Europe. The country is landlocked, and it is made up of 26 cantons.,The five cheapest places to live (in terms of lowest combined fixed costs) are:Uri.,Glarus.,Appenzell Innerrhoden.,Obwalden.,Thurgau.,Find more about Wh

Do military members have to pay any fee for leave or fiancee forms?

You do not pay for leave. Leave is a benefit for serving.,There are two things to think of regarding the Navyu2026 LEAVE and LIBERTY.Liberty is any time outside of Military working hours where you are not required to be at your station.,CIVILIAN TRANSLATION: Liberty is when you are u201coff-worku201d and can go home from your job or whatever else y

What laptop configuration is needed for video editing and motion graphics?

Best Laptops for Video Editing & Animation in 2022Apple MacBook Pro 2021 u2014 Best Apple laptop for video editing.,Dell G5 15 SE u2014 Best budget video editing laptop.,Huawei MateBook X Pro u2014 Best Mac alternative for video editing.,Alienware Area-51m u2014 Most powerful laptop for video editing.,Dell XPS 15 u2014 Best value laptop for video e

How much does a good wedding cost?

I donu2019t just mean to toot my own horn here, but my wife and I had a great wedding. Likeu2026 epic great.,Iu2019ve had friends who two years later, still tell us that our wedding was one of the best, most fun weddings theyu2019d ever attended, and absolutely insist that itu2019s not just because theyu2019re our friends and are supposed to tell u

Will Nikon be releasing AF-P prime lenses (say 50mm35mm) anytime soon?

Hard to know for sure, Nikon does not really broadcast that. I am guessing there will be a few more zooms first, but that is gut, not information. I wouldn't wait on it if you need something in that range, unless you are ok waiting for a while.,Make sure you know the compatibility limitations. This might be an issue for you, might not, but it is wo

How could the one set an effective mission and vision statement?

Clarity and focus, also the participation of members of your company in formulating them (buy-in).,A Mission Statement defines the company's business, its objectives and its approach to reach those objectives.,A Vision Statement describes the desired future position of the company.,Some Health Care and Government examples (with analysis) can be fou

What are some ways to get good-looking, cheap sofa beds for a small studio in Manhattan?

IKEA of course. They have the largest and cheapest selection of all sorts of furniture that's Manhattan friendly i.e.: small. They're located in Elizabeth, NJ . It's right outside the tunnel off the NJ Turnpike. Go there and plan to spend the day. You'll be picking up everything you could possibly need to furnish your apartment, all conveniently lo

What are the best things to do in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania?

Dar es Salaam is Located along the coast of the Indian Ocean, Dar es Salaam is the largest city in Tanzania and home to a wide range of people and cultures. Known for its beaches, islands, seafood and music, the city is brimming with a variety of activities for every type of tourist. The best thing to do in Dar is visit lists of places,eat alot and

How can I edit photos without Photoshop for free?

Q: How can I edit photos without Photoshop for free?,A: Its easy,On your iPhone/iPad,Look at the image and tap EDIT,Make your edits,Done,On your iPhone/iPad,There are name free editing and filter apps that you can chose from,On your Mac,Launch the Photos app and double click on the image,Tap on the EDIT button and do your editing,Done,On your Mac,I

Is it safe to visit Dubai?

How is the current circumstance in Dubai?Starting at 1 December 2020, the authority count has revealed a sum of 13,389 dynamic cases in the entire of UAE, with no careful figures accessible explicitly for Dubai.,Dubai depends vigorously on the travel industry and invited 16.73 million guests a year ago, offering over Dh150 billion to the neighborho

What is the difference between sociology and anthropology in UPSC syllabus?

A2A,A somewhat similar discussion was done which might help you greatly. Social Sciences: What is the difference between sociology and anthropology? Although the discussion does not deal with UPSE syllabus specifically I believe it would give you a fair idea.,To me, the scope of anthropology has a wider scope than sociology. Additionally most of th

Why is the Tiffany key pendant so popular?

They are nice looking, delicate pendants. And since the silver ones are just a couple of hundred dollars, they are a lower cost item at Tiffany. For years the entry-level Tiffany item was a key chain, now this is a wearable, affordable piece at a similar price.n nIf you cannot afford their high-end pieces for tens of thousands of dollars, you can s

How do you cook frozen vegetables without them getting soggy?

With the exception of green peas, I would defrost in cold water first then either steam or quick saute. With peas, defrost either in cold water or in the fridge overnight and then place in strainer and dip into slightly salted water to get hot or quick sautu00e9 as well.,If frying is your goalu2026 as a tempura style, after defrostingu2026 place ve

What is the best country in South America to vacation, what are must sees while there?

What is the best country in South America to vacation, what are must sees while there?Does it need to be only one country?,Although far from EU or Canada-USA friendship ties, South America is a fairly integrated continent, land crossing are quite fluid.,I would recomend the former Inca Empire, spanning from Nazca And Cuzco in Peru to Salta, Argenti