Does socialism mean government control?

This is my own personal view, and observation.,Basically most socialist governments tend to favour more government regulation and control. The purpose is to regulate variation between rich and poor, they do this by reducing the wealth of the rich. So they regulate business and tax anyone who makes more than a preconceived level of profit or income.

What do you live for?

If potatoes have been roasted just right they are hard and crispy on the outside and soft on the inside.,,I talk to my mom on Skype sometimes. On the screen I can only see her eyes and the top of her head. First she surveys me (Whoa! It's time for a haircut!) then we talk about logistics (should my next visit be May or June?) and finally we quickly

Do you think the Martial law was a bad time in the Philippines?

Depends on whether you actually experienced the martial law in the Philippines from 1972 to 1981.The u2018purposeu2019 of President Marcos imposing martial law on the nation was officially twofold:u2014,to suppress or stave off a communist takeover after a series of bombings in Manila,to suppress increasing civil strife throughout the nation,Martia

What are the best free antivirus programs for PC?

The internet. Or to be more precise, after the google search of u201cBest free anti-virusu201d. There are some clarifications though. There is no telling what the best anti-virus software is. They all have their advantages and disadvantages. Currently, Windows natively has its own anti-virus Windows Defender, and it works relatively well. If you wa

How long do modafinil effects typically last?

It depends.,How long do the effects of coffee last for you? Of course, it varies.,Same as caffeine (the main ingredient in coffee), modafinil is a eugeroic (stuff that keep you awake and focused) so the effects are roughly same. You can think modafinil as a supercharged coffee that lasts a bit longer than your regular coffee.Normal dosage of modafi

Why are Fire Starter Pokemon always based on Chinese zodiac animals?

Hmmu2026 are they? Hereu2019s the Fire-type starters up through the 7th generation:,And hereu2019s the Chinese zodiac animals:,Rat,Ox,Tiger,Rabbit,Dragon,Snake,Horse,Sheep,Monkey,Rooster,Dog,Pig,Looking over that list, I do see a few species that have a Fire-type starter representing them u2014 the monkey (Chimchar/Monferno/Infernape), rooster (Tor

What are the best tours of the Grand Canyon?

The best tour of the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas - helicopter tours. There is no better way to see the Grand Canyon than through the windows of a state of the helicopter. Prices from $455.

Aside from the "no hugging" thing, are there any other common Western behaviors that areu201dreal No-Nosu201d in Japan, things that gaijin like me would be unlikely to realize?

Q. Aside from the "no hugging" thing, are there any other common Western behaviors that areu201dreal No-Nosu201d in Japan, things that gaijin like me would be unlikely to realize?12 Things You Should Never Do in JapanAlways Remember These 10 Big No-Nos When You Are in Japan! u2013 Japan InfoHow To Behave In Japan: Essential Japanese Manners And Eti

What colors go well with dark brown?

Colors Go Well With Dark Brown:With regards to brightening homes, we as a whole generally get mistaken for the shading plan. Which color looks best in your place? What color combination would look good on the wall, and what kind of furnishings would it look good on? Which colors go with brown?,There are many beautiful colors, such as vibrant red, c

What age group is Generation Y?

I do not accept the concept of classifying people by age has any validity. I know people much younger than me who have personalities and practices of a person older then me. I also know older people who behave quite young.

What should I make sure to seedo in Hong Kong?

Foodwise: (I always seem to focus on food in travel posts, hmm ...) Try some of the dim sum places in Times Square. There's also some Michelin star rated restaurants there (for more on Michelin rated HK restaurants check this site: For breakfast, I've always loved jook, the Cantonese

What is mathematics?

In the preface to The Princeton Companion to Mathematics, Tim Gowers quotes Bertrand Russell's definition of mathematics.,,"Pure mathematics is the class of all propositions of the form "p implies q", where p and q are propositions containing one or more variables, the same in the two propositions, and neither p nor q contains any constants except

Is India a failed state in 2021 as compared to China? What went wrong?

Yes. We are like Venezuela unless u have white collar job, foreign backing or inheritance money.,What went wrong ? Country's economy is given to trust fund inheritance mad*rch**s and their exam warrior chamchas and their penny for hire tullas. Productivity be damned.,China's economy is in the hands of productive class. The industries guy knows how

How do I cast to LG TV?

First, start by reading your TVu2019s user guide!,Also, similar questions have been asked and answered on Quora:

Which affiliate marketing program pays on the same day?

Looking for the best affiliate programs that pay daily and/or weekly?,Best Affiliate Programs That Pay Daily. ClickMagick. CPA Lead. MobIdea.,Affiliate Programs That Pay Weekly. Entice Cash. MaxBounty.,Affiliate Programs That Pay Weekly (In Cryptocurrencies) PeerFly. AdWork Media.

Which country successfully modernized its agriculture?

Corn-United States 50.1% ($9.1 billion),Fish - Chinat9.2% ($6.6 billion),Palm Oilt- Indonesiat51% ($10.4 billion),Rice - Thailandt34.5% ($6 billion),Soybeans- United Statest50.5% ($16.5 billion),Wheat- United Statest18% ($5.4 billion),Above countries are the leading producer of the commodities written infront of them.,If we look towards aspect that

How do I make instant crispy chicken mix powder?

I use crushed up Kellogs's Corn Flakes. They also sell them pre-crushed for convenience. It works great on chicken but in particular I think it's really good on marinated pork chops. If you use corn flakes, you can just bake whatever you coated instead of frying it.,Add sesame seeds if you want to tart it up.

How much does YouTube pay per subscriber?

There are thousands of questions appearing in my inbox that focus only on one problem: is Youtube paying for subscribers? The shortest answer is No. YouTube does not pay for subscribers. However, in this article I want to answer you longer because I want you really understand about how we make money through Youtube and what role the subscribers hav

What time do most Spaniards have dinner?

I have dinner at 9:30 - 10:30 pm when I arrive at that time from college.,If I have something to do that evening that makes it later, whatever, then I have dinner at around 11:00 to 11:30 pm. Unless that something includes having dinner with someone, in which case I have it at the normal hour most likely.,If I arrive earlier than 9:30 pm but later

What are ten dishes every person should know how to cook by the time theyu2019re 30?

This is a hard one. Iu2019m going to have to make the answer somewhat vague, because peopleu2019s tastes and abilities are so different.,Eggs. Breakfast of champions. Everyone should know how to make some sort of eggs, but you should make the ones you like best. A good scramble takes 5 minutes or so like this one Gordon Ramsay does:,Or try any of t

What is geography?

The word u2018GEOGRAPHYu2019 was coined by Eratosthenes. He was a Greek Scholar ( 276u2013194 B.C.). The geography is derived from Greek word, geo which means u201cearthu201d and graphy means u201cto explain.u201d Eratosthenes is also known as 'Founder of Geography'.Geography in Hindi is known as u2018Bhugolu2019 in India. The word Bhugol is derive

What did small children eat in the days before chicken nuggets?

In my day (the pre-microwave 1970s), "kid food" consisted mainly of easy- and quick-to-prepare dishes. Simple sandwiches (tuna salad, grilled cheese), peanut butter in celery, canned pasta (including my favorite, Spaghettios; Chef Boyardee was really big as well), Kraft mac and cheese, Lender's frozen bagels with cream cheese, Totino's party pizza,

What are the most populated countries (Top 5) of the world?

The most populous country in the world is China. Itu2019s population is 1.41 billion followed by India.,The second most populous country is India with a population of 1.3 billion. However, the yearly population growth in India is 1.18% which is much higher than that of China.,At this rate, India will surpass Chinau2019s population by 2022.,The popu

What are some items on the Starbucks secret menu?

Hehe, all these answers saying there is no u201csecretu201d menu. Riiiiiight! Thatu2019s exactly what we are suppose to tell you, or else.,I live in South Korea so the Starbucks mafia canu2019t reach me. The Sul Bing Houses are in charge over here.,The secret menu is an oral tradition past down from partner to partner much like how great epics were

Whats the least racist country for black people?

I am a Nigerian girl. 23 years old. Living in Madrid, Spain. Dark skin. Travelled 54 countries, most alone.,This is the list so people can see what places iu2019m talking about:,In Africa:,Nigeria (Abeokuta, Lagos, Calabar, Akwa Ibom, Imo, Oron, Ore, Ile-Ife, Kogi and Abuja),Cape Verde (Praia),Senegal,Morocco,The Gambia,Guinea Bissau,Guinea (Conakr

Can I sell my car in India while living in another country?

What Is An Interstate Car?A car that has been registered in a particular state and has to be sold/ moved to another state on a permanent basis is called an interstate car. It is easy to identify as it contains the number plate of the original state it is registered in.,Documents Required To Sell A Car InterstateIf you have a car that is registered

How do you find the expected distance from the mean of the furthest outlier in a sample of size "n", generated from a normally distributed population with mean "u03bc" and standard deviation "u03c3"?

First lets derive the cdf and pdf of the minimum and maximum,Let {x_1 , u2026 , x_n} be an iid sample of a random variable X,Y := min{x_1 , u2026 , x_n} and Z := max{x_1 , u2026 , x_n},Let F_i, f_i be the cdf, pdf respectively for i = X,Y,Z,F_Y(y) = P(Y u2264 y) = P( min{x_1 , u2026 , x_n} u2264 y) = P(not[(x_1 > y), u2026 , ((x_n > y)]) = 1