Did actor Johnny Depp say some profound things?

Johnny is on the redirect, answering his lawyers!,"Hurt. Blindness hurts. It was like someone hit me on the back of the head with a 2x4 and, as I said, I didn't have the ability to speak before. Even though I did an interview to try to explain myself, it ended up being a successful play. " - Johnny Depp.,"When did you first learn that Disney wasn't

Why do the British say u201chigh teau201d for dinner?

Dance to your daddynMy little laddienDance to your daddy, my little ladnDance to your daddynMy little laddienDance to your daddynMy little ladnYou shall have a fish and you shall have a finnYou shall have a herring when the boat comes innYou shall have a codling boiled in a pannDance to your daddynMy little lad,Thats a song for tea or high tea. Fat

How can I take an apple cinnamon muffin mix and make cinnamon rolls out of it? I dont have a muffin pan so I need to be able to roll the dough out like old fashioned cinnamon rolls. Please help. Google just gives me recipes.

Youu2019ll never be able to do what youu2019re asking.,The muffin mix is a quick bread, it makes muffins and the batter it like pancake batter. You canu2019t roll out pancake batter.,Cinnamon rolls are made from a yeast raised dough, sweet bread dough.,There might be some parallel universe where you can roll out quick bread batter and turn it into

Is Teotihuacan different from Tenochtitlan?

Yes,They are in different places in the Valley of Mexico.,Teotihuacan rose in the Classical Period, around the first century BC, and collapsed in a peasant revolt in the 8th century AD. A period of drought weakened the city-state in a period of war, and the resulting starvation led to social collapse. The Totonacs of Tula took advantage of this and

Where is Babylon of today?

Original Question: Where exactly is the ancient Babylon located?Itu2019s some 85 km (c. 55 mi) to the south of the modern Iraqi city of Baghdad.,Babylon was last inhabited about 1,000 years ago, and today lies in ruins.,Thanks for the A2A.

How do some people afford to travel so often if they are not wealthy?

Gotta know how to play the system.,If I go to Google Flights and say I want to fly from Detroit to Barcelona next winter, itu2019s going to tell me that a ticket costs $870.,Horseshit.,What you do is buy a bunch of one-way tickets.,You get your first one-way ticket from Boston. Boston to Barcelona (buying it way in advance) is $149 one-way.,Sure, n

What does the Year of the Tiger symbolize?

Just as we here in the West have our Zodiac or Star signs the Eastern culture also has a system of star signs, each with specific and individual strengths and weaknesses attached. The only difference is that the animals and symbols attached vary. So you instead, for instance, Aquarius they would have the Dragon, Ox, Cockrell and so forth, each with

Why do tourists visit the Philippines?

A year ago, the opportunity presented itself to me to travel to the Philippines for business. Coming from NYC, I was hesitant as it's a country that's not often on the radar for many media outlets or general discussion and I had no connection to the country whatsoever. I've come to realize that it's one of the most undermarket Asian countries in te

For beginners, which is the best book?

u201cALCHEMISTu201d- By-Paulo Coelho,Synopsis-A novel rich in metaphors and symbolism, The Alchemist is a story based on the adventures of a young shepherd boy, who, upon deciding to follow his prophetic dreams, sets on a treasure hunt. This journey introduces him to some remarkable people who leave an indelible and profound mark on him.u201cThree

What are the best CV examples for a UXUI designer?

TL;DR: Contact info, experience, education, other skills if applicable (spoken languages etc.), listed in ordered by most recent.The same as for most other professions: A simple one, where you list your name, title, email address, link to your portfolio, and a phone number. You should also list location if it is not obvious that you are local to th

What is the main reason for climate change?

Burning fossil fuels.,Burning fossil fuels.,Burning fossil fuels.,Burning fossil fuels.,Burning fossil fuels,Burning fossil fuels.,Industrial processes such as cement kilns which emit CO2 from limestone.,High-tillage agriculture preventing soil carbon capture.,Cutting down 3 trillion trees of the 6 trillion that used to exist.,Burning fossil fuels.

How do I cast to LG TV?

First, start by reading your TVu2019s user guide!,Also, similar questions have been asked and answered on Quora:

What is a doctor of business administration?

1. Doctorate of Business Administration target groups: young graduates vs. senior professionalsPhD in Management and DBA programs address different target groups. Although there may be exceptions, the general rule is: People study a PhD program when they aim at a career in social sciences and eventually want to become a fulltime professor at a busi

What are the best wedding gifts for avid travelers in 2022?

We just bought 2 suitcases for the wedding of 2 avid travelersu2014daughter of a close college friend. No idea what brandu2014it was on their Registry. But I gather it made them happyu2014and it was exactly the kind of gift I would have wanted at their age. (And since we werenu2019t attending the out-of-town wedding, we were happy to spend the mone

What are some of the best lyrics from Tamil songs?

Movie Name : Manmadhan, Song : Kaadhal Valarthean.,One of the lovely sad songs with lovely music and beautiful visuals which makes it complete with heartfelt lyrics.,Movie Name : Vikram Vedha, Song : Yaanji.,Soul Stirring Music with lovely romantic visuals and frank loving lyrics.,Movie Name : 3, Song : Poo Nee Poo,Lovely visuals with heart wrenchi

Is the $2,000 free money cash app real or fake?

Many people want to earn money without doing anything like a survey. For this, they can do anything. But all this does not happen. This is a trap laid by scammers. In which you guys get stuck. These people lure you. Like you can earn $2000 for free without doing anything on Cash App.,You must have received such emails. I had also got it but I did n

What does the government do for its citizens in the US?

There is no easy answer. Since you said in the US I will assume you mean the federal government. The federal government appoints federal judges such as the Supreme Court and those people make decisions on laws to determine their constitutionality (ensure that the law doesn't violate the rules set for the government). But most things you would think

Does socialism mean government control?

This is my own personal view, and observation.,Basically most socialist governments tend to favour more government regulation and control. The purpose is to regulate variation between rich and poor, they do this by reducing the wealth of the rich. So they regulate business and tax anyone who makes more than a preconceived level of profit or income.

Why did NASA stop exploring the ocean?

Well, Dhruval Patelu2026,You may be a curious Cat, but in this instance, stupidity not curiosity, killed the cat.,Your question is complete BS. No one can answer why NASA stopped exploring the Ocean because they never did in the first place.,It's not the mission of NASA to explore the ocean.,National Aeronautics and Space Administration.,Their job

If the Germans had lasted a year or two longer in WW2, would they have been so technologically ahead that they would have won or had a significant advantage?

The last new type of vehicle the German Wehrmacht ordered in WWII was a horse-pulled cart.,The u201ctechnologically aheadu201d thing was 100% propaganda.,The u201cWunderwaffeu201d thing was 100% lies so that the German population wouldnu2019t just surrender in despair.,The Nazi way of doing things was fundamentally incompatible with large scale inn

What is the best playlist to listen to while programming?

I tend to listen to sound tracks for movies or video games (got the idea from a similar Reddit post). The explanation is that these tracks are specially designed to provide ambient sound that will not distract you from, but rather, enhance whatever you are currently doing. ,Aside from that, I usually spend the first ~10 minutes of work or the durat

What was wrong with Duryodhana?

i canu2019t believe people are still asking this question. there are so many things that are wrong with Duryodhan.,he was easily swayed by evil. people keep blaming his uncle for poisoning his mind but instead of ignoring him and listening to the voice of reason, he agrees with him completely. He IS completely to blame. every person is the sole res

How do I save other peopleu2019s Instagram stories (video)?

There are two ways you can save other peopleu2019s Instagram Stories Video, but both ways required a third-party app to do it. That means you will have to install another app to get it done; you simply canu2019t do it with the Instagram app itself as they donu2019t provide such options. The first way is to record them using a screen record app like

How should the morning meal be?

The reason that breakfast is so important is because after a long sleep (the longest your body normally goes without food) your body and brain are in need of fuel (food) to get them through the morning and set you up for the day ahead. However your body needs the right kind of breakfast, here are some early morning treats to avoid: -,1. Avoid Sugar