What are the benefits for kids playing outdoors?

The average child spends a lot more time indoors at this point in their life. A large number of kids are connected to their TVs, smartphones, and other electronic devices. However, watching cartoons on TV or talking on the phone for long periods can affect their health. Childhood obesity can also be caused by being a couch potato. Alternatively, pl

Which one ...iMovie or Final Cut Pro for beginners editing YouTube video?

For beginners, I definitely recommend starting with iMovie on Mac, itu2019s free and is powerful enough to handle most basic edits necessary for beginners. But once you start to work with a complex videos it gets many limited. Final Cut Pro is more powerful(I used their trail version), but $299 is too expensive for me. Now, most of time I use my iP

What are some healthy lunchdinner items at Walmart? I am 16 and looking to lose weight. Shopping is hard when youu2019re on a low budget. Dinner is hard when it feels like youu2019re restricted to just frozen meals.

Go for one pot meals like spaghetti or chicken pasta. You don't have to resort to frozen meals when for the same price, you can make some delicious meals. Casseroles are easy and good to and can make for eating 2 days. And it usually just take easy ingredients. What I still do is look in Google for easy 3u20135 ingredient recipes and mix it around

How do some people afford to travel so often if they are not wealthy?

Gotta know how to play the system.,If I go to Google Flights and say I want to fly from Detroit to Barcelona next winter, itu2019s going to tell me that a ticket costs $870.,Horseshit.,What you do is buy a bunch of one-way tickets.,You get your first one-way ticket from Boston. Boston to Barcelona (buying it way in advance) is $149 one-way.,Sure, n

Whats the most inexplicable experience youve ever had, whether supernatural, paranormal, bizarre coincidence, mysterious intuition, prophetic dream, or unexpected lab result?

27 years ago I was the mother of a 6 year old little boy and we had been trying for another child as my biological clock was ticking loudly. I had been doing regular pregnancy tests then we more or less gave up and thought how lucky we had been to have our son. If a brother or sister didnu2019t arrive, so be it. One day I was looking for the only p

What are the main differences between Google Chrome and Internet Explorer?

IE = Java and Flash,Chrome = No Java, just HTML5, yes Flash, but they are moving away from it in favor of HTML5. This is good because Java is full of security vulnerabilities and Flash can be too. If Java was a water bottle, your lap would be very wet.,Advantage: Chrome,IE = no u201cbookmarku201d dragging, no tab u201cdraggingu201d, very simple and

Is West Bengal becoming Indias first Islamic State?

This example speaks it all,Maulana Nasser Sheikh, 44, looks like an oddity. And speaks and behaves like one too. Standing pretty short at about 5 feet 2 inches, this man is, however, a towering figure at Kebala, a small town near Harishchandrapur, nearly 400 kilometres north of Kolkata, in West Bengalu2019s Malda district bordering Bangladesh. Nass

How can I get the best idea for modern bathroom designs?

If you house has a modern bathroom, then these ideas may help you! I hope you find it helpful!,You can set up bright lamps and a beautiful frame around those lamps, and see how will it enlighten your bathroom!,You can use some simple and minimal design for towel rack. This towel rack is simple and great!,Use similar design mirrors, but in different

Have you bought an old house to restore? Can you show us the before after?

In 1997, my wife and I bought a bedraggled side-by-side two-family house. Each side was 2000 sq.ft., and each side was divided into ten rooms. It had been built in 1877, but had been covered with asphalt siding in the 1950s, so we didn't know much about its original architectural style.,Before we moved into the uphill side, I had the interior of th

What is it like to be an investment banker?

I was an investment banker in London in the early to mid 2000s. I have not been in investment banking for about 7.5 years and I moved away from London in 2011, so it feels a bit like a foreign land in a distant time. I was sort of an accidental investment banker. One turn in my career path led to another turn which led me to investment banking.,Let

Is the Great Wall of China visible from the moon?

nThe Great Wall of China cannot be viewed from the moon by the unaided eye. It might be viewed using a very good telescope.,This is a relatively simple question to resolve (pardon the pun) with trigonometry and a little information about the eye.,A person with 20/20 vision can resolve down to about 1 arc minute (there is some variance because of pu

Can you share a picture of your study room?

Not mine but my younger brother's. He's preparing for his Joint Entrance Examinations this year. I am long past those horrific times now!,He has turned his bed to his study table. You can see books spread all across the bed.,This was clicked by me without his knowledge.,There's a separate study table as well where he sits sometimes depending on his

What is the best phone to buy below 15k?

There are a lot of good choices available in the market under the given price tag.,One can go for Moto,Lenovo,Huwaei or Hyve devices and many other too.,Few of my favorites are:,Yu Yunicorn:5.5 inch FHD IPS Display with 1920 x 1080 pixels Resolution with 2.5D Curved Screen.,4 GB RAM and 32 GB ROM with Expandable Memory upto 128 GB,13 MP Primary Cam

What are your photos for the June 2020 contest?

Hiiu2026guys i am back with the great pictures..to get ur mood on u2026.n here we gou2026,1.,The full moon..ud83cudf1c,2.,The cloudy skyu2026,3.,Image just before the sunsetu2026silence before the flood cameu2026.,4.,Portrait viewu2026.,5.,Beautiful wallpaperu2026.,6.,N the favouriteu2026.awsm flowersu2026.,Thank u guysu2026.plsss upvote n shareu20

Is it really hard for Americans to get into Oxford? What does it take?

As noted below, there are very few American undergraduates at Oxford. I happen to be one of them, so let me address the central question: what it takes to actually get admitted.,First off, to understand Oxford admissions you need to understand the English[1] secondary school system. For the two years before they go off to university (called sixth f

What invention had the most impact on changing the world?

The movable type printing press by goldsmith Johannesburg Gutenberg in 1440.,A Swede named Ottmar Merganthaler invented the Merganthaler Hot Linotype machine in 1886 in NYC that made cheap literature and newspapers possible. He was called the u201cSecond Gutenbergu201d. His invention was like the invention of the internet in the 1990s. Some are sti

What is the smallest city in the world by population?

buford , wyoming a town in america is probably the smallest in the term of population. it has the total population of 1u200c in 2012 with a house , a gas station and a post office.the temperature is -2 c. the only resident of buford is don sammons who moved to buford in 1980 with his wife and son .his wife died in late 90and his son move away for s

How do I remove white cement from tiles?

If a Ceramic tile, Granite tile- Acid wash will dissolve the cement.,b. Cement base tile i.e mosaic tile, color cement tile- The white cement will stick hard and it can be removed by polishing only. c. marble tile- Polishing is the only solution.,2 Wall tile. a. Ceramic tile- Acid wash will remove white cement. b. Cement base tile- Polishing with a

Iu2019ll be traveling frequently from SLC to the Philippines (MNL) for work. What is the best airline to use to earn rewards and receive free upgrades?

You are in an interesting position as there are no direct flights between SLC and MNL and there are no direct international flights from SLC that would position you for a flight to MNL. Complimentary upgrades are tough to come by for transpacific flights but you may be able to earn rewards or miles to apply toward upgrades if you select an appropri

What are recommended places to visit in Kyrgyzstan?

These are suggestions for summer:nTash RabatnEki NarynnArslanbobnIssyk-Kul (Bel Tam yurt camp near Bokoenbaev is a great beach spot to chill for a few days after hard traveling)nSary Mogul (yurt camp at lake below Peak Lenin),Here's my blog on our month there in June 2015:,http://www.travelpod.com/z/jamjamdave/2/1438179867?utm_campaign=share_notifi

How many people have died on Mount Everest?

312 people have died on Mount Everest expeditions, as of December 2021.,The number of deaths per year on Mount Everest is listed in the infographic below (click it to enlarge):,The most common cause of death on Mount Everest is death as a result of an avalanche. There have been 78 avalanche deaths up to December 2021. The infographic below groups a

Should we eat street food?

I think so.,I *LOVE* street food. I consider it a major part of the travel experience but you also need to be careful about what youu2019re choosing and sometimes itu2019s the stuff you donu2019t think is a problem, which will be the thing that gets you.,When we went to India, a couple of our local guides were doing the equivalent of slapping stuff

What is the best Photoshop plugin for black and white images?

There are two great plugins for converting colour photos to black and white; Silver Efex Pro and Virtual Photographer. Both are easy to download and install and are fully supported by their makers. The Pexels free plugin for Photoshop will save you tons of time of browsing photos on the web, downloading and importing them in Photoshop. With Pexels

Where can you download PDF files?

All files are stored online on web host servers, on the cloud or Amazon Web Services. Many of these files you can access if the files are not behind a membership or pay wall.You use Google or other search engine to find what you are looking for by typing exactly what you seek. There is no command or keywords that will get you all PDF files. That wo

Why can two people use the same exact ingredients and procedure when making a meal and yet end up with two completely different tasting end results?

Well, if they literally used the exact same ingredients and procedures, their dishes would taste the same. But itu2019s impossible for two people to use the exact same ingredients and procedures.,For instance, ovens arenu2019t identical. Sometimes slight changes in temperature can have a large effect on the outcome. Also, given things like the alti