What are the best ways to learn logo design in Photoshop?

Costas Papaconstantinou already pointed this out, but I highly recommend that you create your logo in Illustrator, not Photoshop. Unless you are 110% sure that your design will never need to be scaled up (which is highly unlikely), Illustrator is the way to go. That said, if you do decide to create your logo in Photoshop here are the tools I recomm

Where do the vehicles in the congested roads of Metro Manila come from?

Mega Manila has no simple structure. There is no single central business district where people from suburbs commute daily. There are 3 major Central business districts where many high rise building are located u2013 Makati, Bonifacio Global City and Ortigas. Aside from those, there are other minor business centers. Most drive up to 4 hours daily, a

What is a healthy, low calorie drink to get at Starbucks that also doesnt cost too much?

The obvious answer here is hot coffee. A tall (12oz) hot coffee will run you about $2.15 not including tax and has about 5 calories. Iced coffee is about the same in calories but a little more expensive. If you donu2019t like coffee, any of their teas (hot and iced) can be made unsweetened and are cheaper than espresso beverages. If by u201clow cal

Is bone marrow edible?

Oh dear gods yesu2026 yes it is. When roasted, beef bone marrow can have a rich flavor not unlike a really fine patu00e9.,(from Pinterest ),I made roasted beef bone marrow bones like twice last week alone, savoring the unusually rich beefy flavor with a great french baguette. It was a bit of an overindulgence admittedly, but itu2019s not often I ha

What makes Korean fried chicken so delicious?

Heaven in a cardboard box!,Iu2019d say that Korean fried chicken is such a deliciously wonderful experience due to (1) overall texture, (2) uniqueness in taste in the world of fried chicken, and (3) contrast in flavors between the u201cfriedu201d and u201cspicyu201d types when eaten together.,The twice-frying technique method helps to maintain juic

What do Filipinos hate the most about the Philippines?

I personally donu2019t like the culture itself. Like how it works and how it affects peopleu2019s mindset and behavior. Itu2019s even very complicated for me to explain how it functions but most people are getting close-minded, ignorant and all those negative traits day by day. I donu2019t think itu2019s the best country to live the freedom that yo

How can I spend my $35 to get the best return on investment?

Here's my idea, and it probably won't cost you $35 to do this.,Buy a cooler with a shoulder strap and some freezer bricks (for those not familiar, these are plastic boxes filled with water or gel that you use to keep food or drink cold. You freeze them in your freezer, then put them inside a cooler you take with you.),Whenever you leave home for a

What is the oldest restaurant in the world?

Credit is often given to an 18th century Parisian entrepreneur named Boulanger (whether this was his given name or his occupation, u201cbread makeru201d, is open to debate). Boulanger sold broths that he called restoreurs, as a sort of pick-me-up. In his time, this was a rather revolutionary concept as the preparation of foods had been the purview

As a high school student, should I get an Android or iOS tablet?

There's a lot of relatively good answers here, but they all ignore the best offering for productivity in a scholastic environment:n nWindows.n nNow, hear me out before dismissing my answer. I have owned an iPod Touch, ASUS Transformer TF101 Android hybrid, ASUS TF300T Android hybrid, Samsung Nexus 10, and there is also a Nexus 9, 7, and 5 in the fa

How much wildlife does your garden attract? What makes your garden so attractive?

Our garden doesn't belong to just us, it also belongs to all the wildlife that lives there, plays there and even takes up residence in it. This could include hedgehogs strolling through your garden at night, birds stopping in the thick undergrowth right down to the beetles and woodlice under the stones at the end of the garden.,Ensuring that wildli

What types of fooddishes does the US do really well?

What food is better in the U.S. than anywhere else in the world?During my travels to 79 countries and all seven continents, Iu2019ve eaten amazing food in every country Iu2019ve visited. Every nation has those dishes that cannot be duplicated elsewhere. The U.S. is no exception. America is most certainly a melting pot of cultures and subsequently i

What is it like to be in Chiang Mai, Thailand during the Yee Peng Lantern festival?

The celebration usually lasts five days.,1st Day u2014 An alms-giving ceremony begins at dawn for locals offering dry food to monks. Visitors have a chance to join in bringing offerings.n2nd Day u2014 A traditional Thai dance and music night show is being performed inside the Wat. This is a great opportunity to enjoy the classical Thai drama and ha

How do you prepare baby back ribs?

Rub with salt and pepper all over.,Sear in a pan.,Wrap with foil so there are no holes.,Drop into water simmer for an hour.,Mix Ketchup, vinegar, Brown Sugar & Paprika, boil, reduce.,Remove ribs from water and foil, brush your sauce all over generously.,Chill in the fridge for 8 hours.,Start a BBQ. A proper one, using wood, not a gas one. If you do

Which countries are located in South America?

From North To South and main national languages spoken:Spanish Speaking:1. Venezuela,2. Colombia,3. Ecuador,4. Peru,5. Bolivia,6. Paraguay,7. Chile,8. Argentina,9. Uruguay,Portuguese Speaking:10. Brazil,English Speaking:11. Guyana,Dutch Speaking:12. Suriname,French Speaking:13. French Guiana (Dependent territory of France, not a free country),

Why did 21 countries refuse entry to Osho Rajneesh?

The US Government under Ronald Reagan put pressure on a lot of countries not to allow Osho entry during his world tour of 1986 .In mid November 1985 , Osho had been deported by the U.S. government and banned from reentering the U.S. for five years, and flew straight to Delhi, and after giving a press conference in the morning, he travelled up to Ku

Do I need an antivirus program for my Macintosh? Why or why not?

No, macOS does not need anti-virus software because it already has anti-virus software that is built into the operating system itself.,Gatekeeper/XProtect was implemented in October 26, 2007, in macOS Leopard and no Macs have been reported to have been infected since then.,In fact the last honest, real, certifiable infection of a Mac in the wild wa

What are some lesser-known facts about the Titanic?

1. The iceberg that sank the Titanic began its journey somewhere around 1000 BC.,2. The last remaining survivor of the disaster, Millvina Dean, died on May 31, 2009, aged 97. She was 2 months old at the time.,3. At the time of her launch, the Royal Mail Steamer was the largest man-made moving object on Earth.,4. The Titanic crash could have been av

How should I prepare for a performance review?

Honestly; and be harsher on yourself than they will be because then that gives your supervisor/boss the opportunity to be a supportive/coach instead of having to burst your bubble of high self praiseu2026.,If there is a larger disconnect than that you might need a third party arbiter

How do you keep fried fish crispy after frying?

Yikes. Not possible. The reason why is the very nature of deep frying.,Now you can see the batter of this beauty is all nice and crispy. But while it was in the oil, it was actually the only thing really being cooked by the oil.,You see, the oil and the coating acts as a BARRIER to prevent the moisture in the fish from escaping, sealing it inside t

What are the benefits of corporate social responsibility?

Corporate social responsibility is just the right thing to do. Yes, there are positive affects on a company's growth (from a monetary and workforce standpoint). But I believe the conversation needs to shift from "What can CSR do for our company?" to "How can we make a difference in the community?"

What is a business SWOT analysis template?

A SWOT analysis is an incredibly simple, yet powerful tool to help you develop your business strategy, whether youu2019re building a startup or guiding an existing company.,It is a useful framework for analyzing your organization's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. It helps you to build on what you do well, to address what you're l