Have you ever walked out of an interview?

Yes I have. It was some years ago for a prominent tech company back in Atlanta, who I wonu2019t name. They had actually contacted me as they needed someone with Six Sigma Process Improvement experience and my background was completely on point. The initial phone interview went great and they scheduled me to come in and meet with the COO and someone

What is the UK vs Great Britain?

Just looking down this list, this seems to be a common question and presumably there are multiple answers sitting across Quora. Anyhow, here goes:,The United Kingdom is the nation-state that includes, currently England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.,It was established in 1801 as the union of the existing kingdoms of Great Britain and Irelan

What is your review of Photoshop Elements?

Many people who want to edit images, for their job or as a hobby, think they need the Big Photoshop to do that. While Photoshop Elements is really much easier and more affordable, offering most of the key features of Photoshop, on three super useful levels.,For a novice, the Quick Fixes are great. If you want to be more precise but still need some

Does Apple gives its Apple student discount in India?How to get it?

Yes They Giveud83dude0e!!,For iPad:,Student discount applies on most of their products except their smartphones.,You Need to get Verified by Unidays1.Go to Apple website and open education section,2.Click on Get Verified by Unidays Option.,3.Fill up the details asked and Upload Your Colllege ID pic.,You will be verified within 24hours.,Bonus tip: T

How do credit card disputes work?

If by credit card dispute you mean disputing fraudulent charges on a card you hold and you are in the United States:,Notify the card issuer immediately (by phone) that fraud has taken place. They will ask you to identify the fraudulent charges.,They will investigate the incident on the back end.,They may or may not ask you to sign an affidavit of f

Which cooking oil is good for heart patients?

Oils are a processed food and are not healthy for anyone. The body does need fats but it needs healthy whole food fats. It would be healthier to use an olive oil or avocado oil cooking spray. Itu2019s less fat and less is used and is easier to control how much is added. Heart patients should eat a whole food diet consisting of a variety of plant fo

What is the most overrated American city?

Probably Las Vegas. It must be very rated highly rated to get the huge flocks of Americans and international visitors lining the crowded strip. Can it be fun? - Yes. Is it one of the very best places in American to visit? - Emphatically NO

What is the best tool to remove the background of a product photo?

Digital technology has a long history of standards for remaking, cropping, and changing the background of images. FocoClipping, an online background remover is one of the new names in the market that allows you to remove image background perfectly without wasting time.,FocoClipping is one of the free-to-use online websites that not only removes the

How does Google search work?

There is a new search engine for Wikipedia content. It can be found at www.wikisandy.org. Referred to as Sandy, this search engine provides a Wikipedia search service that indexes Wikipedia data semantically, based on sentence structure; subject, subject complement, or direct object, etc. versus just key words. Results are ordered and prioritized b

What is a cheesy corn cheese ball recipe?

The corn cheese balls recipe is easy when you know how to prepare it right.,Kids love corn cheese balls. If your guest includes kids, you should definitely make corn cheese balls for snacks. Actually, adults also enjoy eating corn cheese balls. So, if you want something delicious for a snack, you know what to prepare.,But do you know how to make co

What are some healthy recipes that I can make on a budget?

It's quite easy to eat cheap and healthy at the same time. First, I'll provide a shopping list of cheap sources of each macronutrient. You'll save the most money if you can salvage coupons or buy things in bulk(from stores such as Costco).,,Shopping ListProteinChicken(Thigh, Drumstick, Wings, Tenderloin, Breast from cheapest to most expensive),Eggs

What are the "must-haves" in modern kitchen design?

I would say ;,Engineered stone or granite. bench tops. ,,Not having u201csoft closeu201d drawers and cupboards doors seems a bit archaic so you need them.,A good range hood is better than any window you could open, and it's definitely a must have.,Anything else is up to the customers space, tastes and preference to design decisions . Since there ar

Why does nobody make an open face grilled cheese sandwich?

They do, itu2019s called u2018cheese on toastu2019. I have just finished eating some.,Lightly toast a couple of slices of bread and butter them especially the edges. Spread on a thin layer of tomato puree, dried basil, black pepper and a bit of salt. Cover with thinly sliced tomato then cover the whole thing with sliced strong cheddar cheese and an

Which is the best SEO tools Discount for July 2022?

It depends on your specific needs and desires. That being said, here are some of the most popular SEO tools that are sure to help you get your website ranked higher in search engines:,Seo Group Buy Tools Coupon, Promo Codes 50% OFF July 202250% OFF July Flash Sale 2022Coupon Code:GBSTJULY501. SEMrush - This tool offers a variety of features that ca

What items are not allowed in checked luggage?

Corrosives such as acids, alkalis, mercury and wet cell batteries and apparatus containing mercury. Explosives, munitions, fireworks and flares, ammunition including blank cartridges, handguns, fire works, pistol caps.

How do I earn money from home using the internet?

Donu2019t whether it is possible to earn cash online. Certainly, you can earn money that is deposited into a bank account that you can use later on.,There are lots of ways to make money online. Just find the sweet spot where ALL of the following six criteria intersects:You are so passionate about the money making idea that you will spend ALL your f

How do you make banana pudding?

Southern Banana Pudding 4 tablespoons all- purpose flour 1 1/2 cups sugar pinch of salt, 3 large eggs separated youu2019ll need whites for later for meringue 3 cups of milk 1 teaspoon vanilla extract 1 box vanilla wafers aproximately 45 wafers 5u20136 banana 3 egg whites reserved from above 1/8 teaspoon cream of tartar 1/4 cup of sugar 1 teaspoon v

What does a single, driven, socially capable, pretty girl in her mid 20s, with no kids or house of her own, do with her life? Should I join the Peace Corps, start a nonprofit, become a hobo, or what?

Days are long, years are short !!Considering that you are right nor 25 and would get married when you are 30 years old, this gives you 5 years of time which will never come back as is. I would suggest you should try any of these things-,Travel ,- Travel to places which help you seek adventure - Alps or Amazon Jungle,- Travel to places which help yo

Is it bad that Ive given up on the climate change issue ever being improved?

Yes and no.,Letu2019s start with the yes part. It is too bad that youu2019ve given up because itu2019s eminently possible for us to deal with climate change.,When 199 countries sign a global agreement with reasonable targets, which replaced a weaker agreement with fewer signatories, thatu2019s a positive sign. When the hole in the ozone layer and a

What is the p-value in hypothesis testing?

Background: Before understanding what the p-value signifies, it is important to understand what hypothesis testing is. Hypothesis testing uses sample information to test the validity of a claim about the population. That claim is called the null hypothesis, denoted as H_0. If the null hypothesis is proven to be invalid, the alternative hypothesis,

Can we take a 100ml perfume bottle to a plane?

Yes you can but put it in a transparent ziploc bag together with the other liquids. In some airports you might have trouble if the label of the perfume you want to travel with has the flammable sign on it.

How many guests can I bring to the pool at the Marina Bay Sands in Singapore?

In short:,If you are just visiting, you cannot get in. ,If you are staying at the hotel, there is a way to sneak additional, non-paying visitors in (although it is against the rules),Firstly, the hotel takes steps to ensure that only paying guests are able to access the Infinity Pool. The pool is a major drawcard for people to pay to stay there (se

Which is better: SLTs or DSLRs?

Ok... so for anyone who hasn't been following this, DSLR of course standards for Digital Single Lens Reflex, as in camera. The DSLR is, of course, a digital version of the Single Lens Reflex camera, which has been the most popular professional camera format since the 1960s. ,,The idea behind the SLR is that the very same lens used for shooting the

What is the best keyboard for iPad Air?

I'm a fan of two:n,Touchfire Keyboard and Case for iPad Air -- adds almost no weight, lays directly on your iPad screen, aligns with the magnets that are already built into your iPad, and stows away on the cover when not in use. Caveat: I loved using this keyboard on my iPad4 but they haven't released the iPad Air version yet; can pre-order now, th

How do you fit furniture in a small bedroom?

A small bedroom can be dealt with by smartly choosing the right furniture units.,The process starts with measuring the dimensions of the room.,Accordingly plan the placement of different furniture units in different areas.,Its Better to go for furniture units that won't occupy more area rather go for space efficient furniture units which can be put

Are chips deep fried in extra virgin olive oil healthy? Why or why not?

Definitely not!,deep fried is unhealthy no matter what oil you use, the high temperature degrade even the good oil in inflammatory byproduct, 2nd when you deep fried you destroy vitamins and photo nutrients because of the very high temperature, 3rd you soak the food with this degrade oil that increase the calories dramatically. There is no place fo

Is Palawan part of Luzon Visayas or Mindanao?

Palawan is part of the Luzon group of islands.,There are three main group of island in the Philippines.,Luzon group of islands or kapuluan ng Luzon,Visayas group of islands or kapuluan ng Visayas,Mindanao group of islands or kapuluan ng Mindanao

What are some samples of authorization letters?

What are some samples of authorization letters?Authorization letters are letters that empower someone else to take actions on your behalf. The things associated with this power can be related to taking a decision, sign on documents, participate in some event, give a commitment, etc.,In order to let someone else claim the Documents, Bankcards, Passp

How could the one set an effective mission and vision statement?

Clarity and focus, also the participation of members of your company in formulating them (buy-in).,A Mission Statement defines the company's business, its objectives and its approach to reach those objectives.,A Vision Statement describes the desired future position of the company.,Some Health Care and Government examples (with analysis) can be fou