What does it mean if my debit is higher than my credit?

If you look at the statement, you will see one entry, balance brought forward. Then there will be credits and debits. At the end, the balance will be shown and if needed, will be carried over to the next statement.,Individual credits and debits can vary and you may find one debit bigger than the previous credit. That does not matter if the net bala

How does Avast Antivirus works?

Not just Avast, but all Antiviruses work in the same wayThere is a file called u201c virus definitions u201c which all Antiviruses have. In that file there is record of all viruses that are currently available or have been made in the world till date.,When you click on SCAN button, your antivirus start matching your files with virus records in viru

How do I get out of a financial crisis?

I know a grocery shop owner. He owned a large scale industry earlier.,Once his industry went in huge losses and there were enormous debts as well.,He went bankrupt and his every asset was sold off.,He was left with a petty amount.,He started a small grocery shop leaving aside his ego of being a big industrialist.,Made immense efforts, started his s

How do I take a good photo at a wedding?

Make your client comfortable.. try to make use of the natural light if it is an outdoor photoshoot and if it is an indoor photoshoot then Bounce the light properly. Get the emotions of the bride and the bridegroom. Remember to capture the happiest moments of the bride and bridegroom because you're not going to get another chance of the emotions

How can something as beautiful as a butterfly or a hummingbird come about by accident?

This question has historical importance. It was the centerpiece of the Duke or Argyll u2018s argument against Darwin. He wrote a book about it and chose the Brazilian hummingbird as his best case of something that could not have come about by accident.,To revive 100 year old debates, that were presented more eloquently the farther back you go in ti

What are considered as professional skills?

You should just look them up on your favorite search engine. I found this on Google and looks pretty complete (Top ten employability skills). Every professional organization has its own list of skills.

What does a single, driven, socially capable, pretty girl in her mid 20s, with no kids or house of her own, do with her life? Should I join the Peace Corps, start a nonprofit, become a hobo, or what?

Days are long, years are short !!Considering that you are right nor 25 and would get married when you are 30 years old, this gives you 5 years of time which will never come back as is. I would suggest you should try any of these things-,Travel ,- Travel to places which help you seek adventure - Alps or Amazon Jungle,- Travel to places which help yo

How do I make fish stock without bones?

Dried Fish Flakes and Dried Squid makes the best Fish Stock.,Put some of Ajinomoyo Bonito flakes onto your pot of water, add some soy paste, dump some msg, toss in your salt, and you have a fishy rich soup stock

Should I go for a SanDisk Extreme or Extreme Pro?

Go for SanDisk Extreme SDXC 64Gb one. You wonu2019t find a lot of difference. When you are copying a file and if you compare the 2, you might not find a lot of difference,in the time. So you can get 64GB instead to 32GB by compromising for a few seconds of transfer time. Hope this helps :)

How do you edit a PDF file in Adobe Reader?

I also used to think that you can edit a PDF file in the Adobe Reader. But then, my colleague told me that it is meant only for u2018viewingu2019 PDF files. It was pretty embarrassing for me, but thatu2019s the truth. So Iu2019m sorry to break the news that you cannot edit your PDF documents with the Adobe Reader. If not the Adobe Reader then what?

Why do Canada and the USA have the same telephone country code?

Originally, the same company developed the technology for both the United States and Canada. Alexander Graham Bell was born in Scotland but immigrated to Canada and did much of his development in Canada before setting up a practice in Boston. After inventing the telephone he continued to do his development in both Canada and the US. Bell maintained

Of the 10 provinces of Canada, the 3 territories of that country, the 50 U.S. states, the District Of Columbia (Washington, D.C.), and Puerto Rico, which ones have you visited (including where you live now)?

Canada: Quebec, British Columbia (have been less than 90 minutes from Ontario for years but havenu2019t gone).,U.S.A. states-Maine. New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhide Island, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, Georgia, Florida, (West Virginia and South Carolina have driven throug

How many shutter counts is the limit of Nikon D3400?

It is a lot. Quite a lot. And besides, it is not the shutter count limit. It is rated shutter life. The rated shutter life for D3400 is about 150,000 clicks.,An owner of d3400 is going to be a casual hobbyist and is expected not to exceed 500 shots per week. Even that is very high and at this very high rate of shooting, the camera will become 300 w

What is the best mid-range CPU for gaming in 2020?

AMD Ryzen processors have bounced back in the last couple of years, and their sales are currently rising. However, there are older Intel processors models that are still good for gaming. For example, some consider Intel Core i7-4790K to be the best cpu for streaming and gaming among entry-level models. It's an older model with CPU socket type LGA 1

Is feminism taking a wrong turn in India?

First, they taught me that Feminism means equality for both gender. At least comments on this answer says so. And I taught them that equality can not exist everywhere. Now, in comments on that answer they are teaching me that it's not about equality. It's about choice. It's about freedom.,So here I am again.,,Raj earns u20b92,00,000 per month. He i

How do I remove app from internal memory to SD card?

For instance, my Galaxy Note4 ,1. open the setting ,2.Find the Applications, open the application manager,3.click the app you want to move,,4. tap the move to SD card. ,The android device is similar in this operation. You can also download other application manager tools to move apps.

Where is Hogwarts located? We know its in Scotland highlands and near Dufftown.

According to the Harry Potter books, somewhere in Scotland. I would say lowlands because it takes them about 6u20137 hours to get there from London by train. Now, that estimate from Google maps is for modern trains, but I donu2019t see why a magical steamer couldnu2019t match modern speeds.,So, short answer: for sure in Scotland.,Check out Pottermo

What is electronics engineering?

I would like first to put forth a very common definition for Electronics Engineering:,u201cElectronics Engineering is a discipline of engineering which focuses on topics such as circuits, microprocessors, Digital signal processors, electrical and electronic components, etc.u201dThe question states what do I mean by electronics engineering. I would

What are the best technological inventions and gadgets of 2016?

CES 2016, the first and debatably most important consumer technology show of the year, is over. Weu2019ve already gone over some of the weirdest technology from the show (and there was plenty to choose from), but now weu2019re going to list off the stuff from CES that actually got us excited about the future.,There are some mainstays of the show su

Does Sony have good cameras?

Yeah of course! Sonyu2019s cameras dates back 1981 when they launched their first digital camera named Mavica (Magnetic Video Camera). Afterwards with the passage of time Sony kept on introducing one after another marvelous creation in the form of Sony A-mount cameras, Sony alpha cameras, Sony E-mount cameras, Sony CyberShot cameras, Sony DSLR came

What are some pictures (without text) with deep meaning(s)?

Here are some pictures that are worth sharing.,Incredible india reservation inside talent outside that's why many foreign companies have indian general caste candidates as their CEO or in other posts.,:( :(,You have maximum resources but you don't know how to use it.,Sometimes your one step backward can save others life.,You have to use them exactl

What are some breakfast recipes that use two eggs or less but serve at least two people?

Egg Mayonnaise Toast,u30fbSliced bread (5 or 6 slices) ...... 1 slice u30fbEgg ...... 1 piece,u30fbMayonnaise ...... as needed,u30fbSalt ...... a little,u30fbCoarsely ground pepper ...... small amount,1. Put mayonnaise on the bread.,2. put an egg on,Sprinkle salt over the eggs.,3. toaster,4.Sprinkle coarsely ground pepper and it will be complete.,B

What is the best way to set up a 247 live bird feeder public webcam viewable through a browser wout a PC? I have power at the location & wifi to my router but have only seen stuff that needs a PC, or streams to a device at a time or needs an app.

Almost any network camera can do this - but it really is u201calmostu201d, and unless you're buying from a retail store, it can be a pain to confirm in advance. I would support the game camera idea, although they are more expensive - but that might only record to a memory card for manual retrieval.,I have bought several cheap cameras that would suf

How much it cost for Italy tour from India?

If you are traveling from India to Italy then the Italy tour for 6 Nights and 7 Days will be around INR 65,000 per person for the Land part and Flight cost depends on the month of Departure and based on the availability of the Airlines.,The above package for 6 Nights and 7 Days includes:,Accommodation2 nights stay in Rome with breakfast,2 nights st

What is intended with a letter of application?

An application letter is very important because you are more than likely sending it for a potential job or to get into a university. The way you present yourself in that letter will give an immediate first impression.,You should definitely have this letter proofread as it would not be impressive if it was riddled with typos and incorrectly spelled