What do I need to connect my phone to my regular tv?

To cast the screen of your phone to a TV, it is necessary to use a USB device called Chromecast. Some other devices do allow you to connect the phone directly to a TV only by using an application determined by the TVu2019s manufacturer, but it must be a smart TV. It is also possible for some cell phones to use a HDMI cable to cast the information.,

How do I broadcast on Twitch PC?

You download your streaming program of choice, faff around with the stream key to link it to Twitch, sort out your scenes and sources, hit Start Streaming whenever you want and away you go.

What are some good feng shui plants, and what do they do?

What Are the Good (and Bad) Feng Shui Plants?Plants and Feng ShuiDecorating with living houseplants strengthens the energy of one particular feng shui element: wood. The wood element brings vital energy of growth and action into your space. It can also inspire compassion, kindness, and flexibility. Moreover, the color greenu2014the shade of many pl

What are some historical examples of volcanoes affecting the climate?

Volcanic eruption of land based are extremely rare, because climate change is usually measured at a minimum of 15 years, and most scientists consider 30 years as the best period. However there have been a few eruptions that have disrupted the weather in the areas surrounding the volcanic blasts. The best/most dramatic know example; the year 1816 is

Where can I find some good Lightroom presets?

There is no such software called u2018Photoshop Lightroomu2019. There are Adobe Lightroom (Lr) and Adobe Photoshop (Ps).,Ps is the defacto standard for all photography post-processing applications. The capability of Ps is mind boggling and u2018almost anything is possible to do in Ps on a photou2019. Ps is the standard against which every other pho

What should I order at a Thai restaurant other than pad thai?

A few of my favorites are below. Hubster and I have a few Thai places we frequent. We love Thai food and try a lot of places. The first item below (for me) is a make it or break item. If the place has bland pad see ew, we do not go back. We usually order two of our favorites (Hubsteru2019s is beef and broccoli - which is not Thai) and a third new t

What is the most chilling room ever designed?

Iu2019ve never spoken about this experience, it changed me. The most chilling room was in the Mental Health unit.,Looks like a playroom for children to play? Itu2019s an isolation room, found deep within a mental health facility.,Trying to place words of the experience into a short read, for myself I canu2019t-This photo must have been a brand new

What is the moment you realized youre doing this parenting thing right?

Some time ago, when my son was about 4 and a half, he did something quite peculiar.,It was a normal day. I had the day off from work and was enjoying some R&R, trying to find the motivation to get some things done around the house.,Against all wishes, I finally rose up from my stupor on the couch and forced myself to start getting some work done.,M

Is MyMozaic legit?

Is Mymozaic.com Safe ? | ScamvoidIs Mymozaic.com Safe ? | ScamvoidCheck if mymozaic.com is a scam website or a legit website. Scan http://mymozaic.com for malware, phishing, fraud, scam and spam activity.,MyMozaic - What is MyMozaic?What is MyMozaic?MyMozaic is a recruiting and networking site designed to help middle and high school students create

Is 8GB RAM enough for Photoshop 2022?

If you copied or duplicated anything it may still be taking up memory in your ram. So closing out and restarting should clear the memory. SAVE YOUR WORK and try closing out and restarting Photoshop. Have no other programs running or the least amount you need. Try erasing as soon as Photoshop opens.,Also see if you can increase the amount of ram for

What is SMS API integration?

An SMS API is a precisely established software code that permits sending short messages from one platform to another. It is a steady and straightforward way to connect to an SMS Gateway to send messages rapidly. An SMS API for developers is a reliable and hassle-free guide service. APIs provide protection, dependability, versatility and help enable

What is Zeuss symbol?

The Fleur-de-Lis French Emblem. i.e. the yellow Iris flower.,Zeus sent the goddess Iris down from heaven (1412 to 1431 A.D.) to save the realm on earth which Zeus loves, the Kingdom/Nation of France. Iris drove out the English invaders during the infamous Hundred Yearsu2019 War.,Siege of Orleans, May 8, 1429 A.D., lifted/raised by the Greek goddess

What are some tips for making a better sandwich?

Meat: It turns out that while many simply take the paper-wrapped deli meats and throw them into the fridge, that will only let them last a day or two until they show significant signs of spoilage, including dried edges and perhaps an off-putting smell. Whatever container you have, even if it's not 100% air tight, put them in that and you'll already

Whatu2019s the best part about getting older that no one ever talks about at all?

Needing reading glasses. Stay with me hereu2026,When I was turning 46 I found myself single once again, after the slow but steady demise of my 2nd marriage of 12 years. Holy cow, where was text messaging and internet dating when I was a kid! At any rate, thatu2019s a rant for another question. Letu2019s just say about the same time that I started n

Is Russia challenging the West?

No, Russia is just drawing a line in the sand. This is how Europe looked like before the fall of Soviet Union,Above is a map showing how Europe was divided before the disintegration of Warsaw Pact. Further down the page is a map of Europe, illustrating the intended division of Europe by China - almost all of the countries in the blue colour used to

Why do I always have a dream of my boyfriend frauding with me?

Dream Vicky is a dick. I mean, a real Class A douchebag.,I cheat on my gf in my dreams.,I cheat on my gf in her dreams.,I stole our new born baby when we were in space and wouldn't give her back to my gf and insisted on taking her outside the airlock into the cold black hole without a space suit.,I kidnapped the dog and wouldn't let my gf near her.

How do I prove correlation coefficient formula?

The correlation coefficient is a definition, so that u201cproveu201d is not how we want to think about it. Itu2019s important to distinguish between the population correlation coefficient, defined as the ratio E[ (X - E(X)) (Y - E(Y)) / [ sd(X) sd(Y) ]. The symbol E here denotes statistical expectation. The sample correlation coefficient is given a

Which clothing brands produce their products in the US?

apple bottomsnlouis vuittonnhollister . contom fordnversacenarmaninburberrynlevisntommy hilfigernzaranUS polo,ngiovaninlacostenmichael korsnralph laurennguessncalvin cliennvoguenchanelnguccinfendindiornpradandolce & gabbananvalentino,thats all what i know :)

What jobs can you get with any degree in business administration?

This is almost too broad a question.,Also, more meaningful I think than the specific name of a degree are the experience and connections you will built along the wayu2014 in college projects, with professors, in internships and/or part-time jobs, etc.,You can get a wide variety of entry level jobs upon graduation as a program coordinator, in a busi

How can I get some illusion photographs, is there any key receipe for it?

First of all observe your subject closely! See how you can improvise the conventional ways of photographing!,Trick photography is used to create illusions that can captivate the people looking by adding special effects to normal everyday scenes. It makes the scenes look exceptional by making it more attractive. Even if you donu2019t want to use tri

What is the best microphone for home recording mostly acoustic guitar and vocals?

Do you really want the best mic, or the best mic within a budget?,The Neumann U87 is generally regarded as the best mic to record vocals.,But that doesnu2019t mean it is the best mic to record your vocals. Bono famously recorded vocals with a Shure 58 standing in front of the speakers.,Also, are you really ready to spend $2500 for the best mic? It

How long does it take to charge a Nikon camera battery?

It really depends on the battery, Nikon uses a few different batteries for different tiers of cameras, as well as itu2019s age, and even environmental conditions.,For DSLRs, the en-el15 is standard, and from full dead (or 10u201315% at least) it takes around an hour to fully charge.

What is the best food to try when visiting the United Kingdom?

Well you know, these types of questions are quite silly. The UK, like a lot of western nations, is incredibly diverse: people from all over the world have settled here, and brought their traditional foods with them. Walk down the average south London high street and you might find an Indian, a Turkish, and a Caribbean restaurant, among others.,Plus