What is the spiritual meaning of seeing a rainbow?

There are many meanings. In the Bible, the rainbow was shown to Noah at the end of the flood - if I remember correctly, so it symbolizes hope and new beginnings. But it also symbolizes diversity, healing, 7 chakras, hippy generation, LGBT movement (though LGBT rainbow has 6 colors and not 7). To see a rainbow in a dream or real life usually means h

What is your review of the Capital One 360 Savings Account?

I'm pretty happy with Capital One 360.,Although I do have their savings account, their money market account is better. The APR on the money market account is higher at 2%. I also have their checking account and I appreciate the fact that there are no monthly fees or monthly minimums. They have an optional $1,000 overdraft line of credit which gives

What are important reaction intermediates for the JEE Advanced?

Following reaction intermediates are important for jee advanced.1.Carbocationsu2022 Molecules with a positively charged carbon atom are called carbocations.,u2022 Among simple alkyl carbocations, tertiary carbocations are the most stable and the primary carbocations the least stable.,u2022 Carbocations are stabilized by resonance interactions and b

How do I convert Pacific Time Zone to Indonesia Time Zone?

Western Indonesian Time (WIB/UTC+7) = Pacific Daylight Saving Time (PDT/UTC-7) + 14 hours = Pacific Standard Time (PST/UTC-8) + 15 hours.,Central Indonesian Time (WITA/UTC+8) = PDT+15 = PST+16,Eastern Indonesian Time (WIT/UTC+9) = PDT+16 = PST+17

What is artificial intelligence?

Let me give you a code-free example of how AI works and how you can play around with yourself!First of all, it is important to understand that AI can be a lot of things. However, at recent time one would probably refer to more advanced AI such as neural networks. It is also important to have in mind that neural networks can be a lot of things, and

Why does market segmentation exist?

The understanding of the target audience is crucial for building a viable product or service. Companies use the market segmentation in order to focus their production and marketing campaign on a specific niche of audiences. The market segmentation is defined as the process to divide the large market into smaller and clearly identified segments or g

What is your favorite Indian dish, Paneer Kadai or Chicken Kadai?

NEITHERI hate both dishes.,The Word u2018Kadhaiu2019 -be it Kadhai Gosht or Kadhai Vegetables or Kadhai Chicken or Kadhai Paneer doesnt inspire good taste for me.,Mainly because the dish has Capsicums and a Semi Dryness and a Tangy Taste that i find unappealing to the Palate.,,My Favorite North Indian Chicken Dishesu2192 Butter Chicken or Murgh Mak

How can I boost my homes curb appeal?

People pay attention to the exterior, public facing side of their home for a number of reasons. As soon as u2018curb appealu2019 is mentioned, all of those other reasons melt away and boil down to marketability. Not what you find appealing, but what a buyer would find appealing. Here are the top aesthetics a buyer scores high on curb appeal:,Landsc

What are some amazing pictures?

For me following are some amazing pictures.,1. A visitor wearing a protective face mask following an outbreak of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19), looks at cherry blossoms at Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden in Tokyo, Japan, March 15, 2020.,2. Blue flowers and ribbons are tied to the trees outside the Life Care Center of Kirkland, the Seattle-area

What diet should I eat to reduce belly fat?

First the good news, when you lose fat, itu2019s not just your belly, youu2019ll lose fat wherever it sits in your body, including your chest, waist, thigh, arms etc.,What follows is the results of years of experience and a lot of failure! Losing fat is hard and there are a lot of myths. Iu2019ve tried many and failed, taken the time to do the rese

How are cameras helpful for security?

A CCTV Camera System Plays An Important Role In Your Home SecurityTo observe whatu2019s going on, you can add to your home security system a security camera system. They are the ultimate home security product.,Whether you live in a spacious estate, in a gated community, or have a house in the suburbs, they are designed to fit your needs. Video came

What are some ideas for storage in a very small kitchen?

There are many trends in the design of kitchen cabinets in 2022, as there are houses that need certain types of cabinets. One of the trending designs is a gloss white kitchen cabinet.,Gloss White Kitchen Cabinets are cabinets that have never dropped out of the list of trending kitchen cabinet designs. As it has a shining white surface that can refl

What was the scariest day in history?

I canu2019t speak to the history of humankind, but for me, the scariest day in history was the day Kennedy blockaded Cuba during the missile crisis. The Soviet navy was within striking range of the blockade and the two fleets might well have fired on one another, starting World War III.

Excluding pepperoni, what is the best pizza topping on pizza?

I consider the best topping to be the one that lets me eat some of what Iu2019ve ordered.,The u201cpizza snatchersu201d arenu2019t a problem these days, but back in college, I remember ordering a pizza only to maybe get a slice or two by the time it made it to my room. This happened time and time again.,Needless to say, this pissed me off. To fix t

Is Sweden socialist?

It's an oversimplification to call Sweden "socialist". While it's true that Sweden has been ruled by the Social Democratic Party ("socialdemokraterna") for most of the 20th century, and without interruption from 1932 to 1976, there are several reasons which suggest Sweden is not socialist:n,Sweden has had a strong free trade-orientation since the 1

What is the best place to visit in Europe in July?

Croatia is best country in Europe,CROATIA DUBROVNIK SPLIT ZAGREB :Private Dubrovnik sightseeing tour (duration approx. 2 hrs)u00abu2026. Those who seek paradise on Earth should come to Dubrovniku00bb (George Bernard Shaw) This tour will reveal the finest sites of the old walled City Our expert guide will lead you through the narrow streets of the O

What is your definition of computational thinking?

There's a very old joke that illustrates this, quoted in The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time. I've rephased it into slightly more conventional English that that used by the protagonist.,There are three men on a train, an economist, a logician and a mathematician. They have just crossed the border into Scotland, when they see a brown c

How compatible are Sagittarius man and Pisces woman?

To determine the compatibility we must break down both signs in to their elementals. Pisces is water of water & saggitarius is water of fire.,So, the fire & water attraction will be there which will certainly draw them together. Also of all the fire signs, saggitarius is concerned with the poignancy of fire, rather its active energy: art rather tha

How do you order whiskey at a bar?

This is an ambiguous question. It could mean "how ought one to order whiskey?" or "how do *I* personally order it". Then again, the answers are all ambiguous too. There are so many ways, and so many nuances. I'll assume you've already named the type of whiskey you want: Bourbon, Rye, Blended Straight American, Tennessee, and brands thereof, or Cana

Are hanging baskets made to be eaten?

No. Please do not even try to eat a hanging basket. Plastic is not digestible in hanging basket form, and if your hanging basket is made of metal filigree with a coconut coir liner like mine is, I would still not eat it.,If however, you mean that the plants growing in the hanging basket are meant to be eaten, well of course, and here are a few: pea

What is the best way to build muscle?

Consistency and hope- you will not see results overnight but have hope and be consistent, you will definitely get it.,Training routine- Don't stick to same training routine for months ,try changing it every 4 weeks : example- routines for 4weeks;,Monday- chest and back ,Tuesday- Biceps, triceps ,shoulder, Wednesday-legs , then rest and follow the s

What would you advise to someone who wants to start a zero waste lifestyle?

It is such a great news that you are asking this! I have been practicing zero waste lifestyle for almost a year now so I can tell you some steps that I had applied to myself at the beginning.,Look around you and look into your daily routine to see where your wastes (which are not degradable) come fromFood: This should be your 1st focus since most o

Are Librans and Taureans compatible?

I know some couples, libra-taurus, have similarities so it is possible to be attracted to,how be further developed a relationship depends on the comparative horoscope.

How do I cast to LG TV?

First, start by reading your TVu2019s user guide!,Also, similar questions have been asked and answered on Quora: