Why can I never get my homemade Chinese food to be as good as the food from the restaurants? Is there a secret method or ingredient that Iu2019m missing?

This is a professional kitchen set-up in a Chinese restaurant.,This is a home kitchen set-up,The food in a Chinese restaurant taste better because the chef is able to finish the cooking very quickly due to the extremely high heat generated that allowed the food to be cooked without losing the freshness of the ingredient. You could never cook at tho

Countries with 10 largest oil reserves in the world in 2022?

u201cReservesu201d is a very broad term to use. Letu2019s look at proved oil reserves by country in barrels.,Clearly, Venezuela has the highest u201cProved Oil Reservesu201d as of 2016. It must be noted that u201cProven Reservesu201d change with time and depend upon various factors such as oil price, technological advancement etc.

Why the name "Statement of financial position" instead of "Balance Sheet"?

The reason is described at length in Basis of Conclusions of IAS 1 para BC14 - BC21. In summary, IASB views that the new title better reflects the function of the financial statement. The old title pretty much describes the structure of the statement not so about the function. The board is also in opinion that the new title is more consistent with

How do you calculate the break-even age if you collect Social Security early?

Mr Dunnu2019s answer is probably close enough for your purposes, but I doubt if it is the correct question. Almost anyone will do better financially if they keep working. If they keep working, they shouldnu2019t claim before their full retirement age because they wonu2019t receive the full benefit.,Many people very much do not want to keep working,

As a cookchef, do you use MSG when you cook at home?

Yes.,I bought this in my local Chinese supermarket because I was following a fried chicken recipe that aimed to reproduce the flavour of KFC, and KFC, as everyone should know, uses a metric ****-ton of MSG in its brining and breading. The fried chicken recipe was awesome, by the way. My daughter and I agreed after eating it that we never needed to

Whats one instinctive thing you did that prevented something bad from happening?

When I was 18 years old I moved into a small single apartment in a not-so-great area of Los Angeles. It was a cute little place with a Murphy bed, a tiny kitchen with a window to an alley, and a bathroom.,The refrigerator was old, and this is what saved me. It was a short fridge with the freezer inside at the top, separated by a tray. One morning,

Is the USA the most evil government in the world?

No. North Korea is.USA is evil only by Western measures; on global measures, USA is far behind such paradises as Russia, Iran, Afghanistan, Yemen, Syria or any similar Arschloch countries in evil.,Whether USA is more evil than China is a question on itself.

How has "Game of Thrones" affected tourism in Dubrovnik, Croatia?

For us that do not care about the money as we care about the purity of that town, that is the crown jewel of the whole country - we are happy that people has recognised towns beauty, but sad about unavoidable littering that mass tourism does to destinationsu2026

How do you extract an image from a background in Photoshop CC?

Removing a Picture from it's Background Photoshop TutorialSTEP 1Open your image, and double click on the u201cbackgroundu201d name in your layers pallette. This will turn it into a layer.,STEP 2Open the extract tool: Image>Extract or Option/Alt+Cmd/Ctrl+X,STEP 31. Take the,marker tool and trace around the image you want to extract. Keep the mark

Which brand of lens generally has better quality, Tokina, Tamron, or Sigma?

Itu2019s hard, a bit unfair and often uninformative to make a generalisation as they all make some good quality aftermarket lenses .. as we really need to compare specific examples of a particular lens/es of similar focal length zoom type etc in order to make a meaningful comparison ..,Iu2019d suggest we use a slightly more technical means of compa

What are some of the best ways to decorate a room?

Are you tired of coming home to a nondescript bedroom? Or have you had the same style for years and want to give your room a new look? Here are some great ways to give your bedroom a new look without spending too much money.,Decide how much time and money you want to spend. If you have a lot of money to spend, then you can decorate your room to you

What does "power of attorney" mean and how do they work?

A Power of Attorney (POA) is a document that allows an individual to appoint a person or an organization to manage his/her affairs if he becomes unable to do so.,Different types of Power of Attorneys serve a different purpose and delegate different types of authority.,The person delegating authority under the POA is called the principal and the per

Why do Dunkin Donuts in the same town have different menu prices?

All stores are independent and set their own pricing within guidelines. Products can be specific to each owneru2019s preference as they actually buy the donuts from DDu2019s wholesale bakery which is where the money is really made. They are the true profits, as opposed to individual food sales by store. DD makes its money up front, not after the sa

What is the smallest city in the world by population?

buford , wyoming a town in america is probably the smallest in the term of population. it has the total population of 1u200c in 2012 with a house , a gas station and a post office.the temperature is -2 c. the only resident of buford is don sammons who moved to buford in 1980 with his wife and son .his wife died in late 90and his son move away for s

What European country is the most worthwhile to travel to? Why?

I believe I am the right person to answer your question. nDue to the nature of my previous job, I had to travel a lot.,I mean a lot! I have visited all the countries in Europe.nI like travelling very much.,There are many amazing places to visit in Europe but if you want me to choose only one country the answer is simple. Greece.,Have you ever wonde

Who needs market research report?

Every new business venture, large or small has the need to conduct in-depth (primary or secondary) market research to determine the Total Market Size and the Addressable Market Potential for their product/service.,This helps the business stakeholders to understand the size of the market they are operating in, which customer segments offer the maxim

What is Synology Assistant?

It is a program your install on your computer that allows you to find a newly plugged-in Synology NAS on your network.

Where is the most relaxing place on earth?

Well, according to the recent data of WEM (World Economic Forum) and me also Iceland again stands at the 1st position. See the thing is The Global Peace Index ranks 163 countries according to their domestic and international conflicts, safety and security and degree of militarization. It found 93 had improved, while 68 had deteriorated, and overall

Why is the Harry Potter fandom starting to turn against JK Rowling?

Simply put, because J.K. Rowlingu2019s views, since first writing the series, have changed, especially after she has published the books.,Likewise, her attitude as to her u201cownershipu201d, and the future direction of, Harry Potter vastly differs from the views of many Harry Potter fans, especially those fans who express their opinions online.,Or

What is the vision of all educational institutions in the Philippines and how can this vision be realized as cited in article 1 of the code of ethics of professional teachers?

You should probably ask people who are involved with u201callu201d educational institutions in the Philippines, rather than random persons on the internet.,I am particularly interested, though, in your final phrase referencing the u201ccode of ethics of professional teachers.u201d,Given the sheer amount of A2As I receive per day from students in te

What things do people from Philippines miss most when they go abroad?

Affordable massage.A 2-hour massage in my city costs 500 PHP or 14 AUD at most.,A 30-minute Thai massage in Sydney costs 35 AUD.,Cool weather.Itu2019s relatively cold in Baguio City, my hometown throughout the year. In Sydney, the heat can kill you in summer days. Singaporeu2019s hot weatheru2019s the same but the cool winds make it tolerable throu

What does GDPR mean for Wordpress?

In May of 2018, the European Union passed the General Data Protection Regulation. Itu2019s a new law that is designed to protect the safety and privacy of every EU citizenu2019s personal data online. It also has a global reach u2013 and itu2019s forcing all businesses with an online presence to make essential changes to their websites within one ye

How do you upgrade a MacBook Pros graphics card?

Like any other laptop, MacBook Pro also doesnu2019t support upgrade of graphics card. The graphics card is embedded to the motherboard and upgrade means replacing the motherboard. Apple would hardly support this, as they request the users that while configuring, ensure the best configuration is selected as once finalized modifications are not suppo