Is going into the bank easier for older customers than online banking?

There are two schools of thoughts on this, and we will examine them below:,Press Releases:,May 2, 2019,Canadau2019s Banks Lose Appeal with Younger Customers, J.D. Power FindsTD Canada Trust (Large Banks) and Tangerine (Midsize Banks) Top the Ranks in Customer Satisfaction,TORONTO: 2 May 2019 u2013 While overall customer satisfaction with Canadau201

What are the steps involved when selling property in India?

Here is the step-by-step procedure to sell a property in India.,Step 1: (Property valuation) It's very important to valuate a property to decide the right selling price. Valuating the property saves you from a lifetime regret of having the property sold at a lesser rate.,To valuate a property, understand the market value of your property, also know

What is natureu2019s best view in the Philippines?

Planning a trip to the Philippines in 2020 can be a rather overwhelming and mind-boggling experience for any traveler, with more than 7,000 beautiful islands to choose from. The Philippines has a cornucopia of awe-inspiring destinations worthy of a traveler's bucket list, from the breathtaking idyllic rolling hills of Batanes to the fabulous cascad

What are the best things to do in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania?

Dar es Salaam is Located along the coast of the Indian Ocean, Dar es Salaam is the largest city in Tanzania and home to a wide range of people and cultures. Known for its beaches, islands, seafood and music, the city is brimming with a variety of activities for every type of tourist. The best thing to do in Dar is visit lists of places,eat alot and

Can you show me some pictures of traditional dresses in your country?

Iran is a divers country made up of different ethnicitis. Each of them has unique customs and traditions. I'm gonna post some of their traditional clothings in here:,Baluchi/Sistani peopleKurdish peopleAzerbaijani peopleLur/Ghashghai peopleBakhtiari peopleGilak/Mazandarani peopleTurkoman peopleKhurasani (Persian) peopleAbyaneh (Persian) peopleHurmo

Will China soon become a cultural powerhouse within Asiathe world, like Japan and South Korea up to now, or will censorship continue to prevent that?

Will China soon become a cultural powerhouse within Asia/the world, like Japan and South Korea up to now, or will censorship continue to prevent that?Thanks for A2A. A very good question that makes me pause. Personally, I think that the most quintessential u2018Chineseu2019 culture can not be exported, but maybe some marginal or derivative cultural

What are some types of fashion styles?

Dont forget "Fashion Food"!,,nVegetables have never looked so chic.,San Francisco-based creative young director and fashion designer Gretchen Ru00f6ehrs has blended food and fashion in her illustrations. Instead of creating pen-and-ink sketches, the fashion illustrator has used colorful fruits, vegetables and flowers to form artistic fashion drawin

Where is the best place to surf in June for beginnerintermediate?

Well it depends mostly on where youu2019re surfing. Thereu2019s probably a good chance that you live in California in which case June would be perfect for you because the waves there are small in the summer. Itu2019s the same for the Atlantic coast or the Caribbean. However where I live and surf in El Salvador the waves can get huge in the summer a

What are some delicious but simple recipes involving soft tofu?

I get the low-hanging fruit, since I'm first. :),I'm going to recommend Agedashi Tofu. Simple, affordable and easy to make. Oh yeah, and delicious too (I almost left out the most important comment). If you've never tried it, it is a commonly-served side dish at many Japanese restaurants. Check it out.,You'll have to take a trip to your local Asian

What is the most disturbing thing youve seen while camping?

Undoubtedly, that would be the time a bear tried to rape and probably kill me.,In the Spring of 1971, when I was just turning 16, my mother began badgering me about my Summer plans, and soon we had me signed up for a 7 week bicycle trip through the Canadian Rockies.,Iu2019d been on a shorter and far less rugged bicycle trip the previous Summer, dur

How do I format my GoPro SD card?

Formatting your SD card is a good first step as youu2019re setting your camera up for the first time. Itu2019s also something youu2019ll want to do routinely after youu2019ve offloaded your photos and videos and want to delete them to free up space again on the memory card for new shooting.,Here are some of the reasons why you wish to format GoPro

What is the difference between DDR 3 RAM and LP DDR3 RAM?

Mobile DDR (also known as mDDR, Low Power DDR, or LPDDR) is type of double data rate synchronous DRAM for mobile smart phones and Tablet PC application. ,Most significant, the supply voltage is reduced from 2.5 to 1.8 V. Additional savings come from temperature-compensated refresh (DRAM requires refresh less often at low temperatures), partial arra

What may be a Hindu name for a baby boy starting with "D, CH, Z Or TH"?

Hindu Baby boy names with MeaningsNAMES STARTING WITH u2018Du2019:,Devaansh - Part of GodsDhanush - A BowDanish - To be CleverDarpan - A mirrorDarshith - DisplayDebashis - Benediction of GodDev - God, KingDaarshik - PerceiverDakshith - Lord ShivaNAMES STARTING WITH u2018Thu2019:,Thaneesh - AmbitionThanisq - JewelTharun - YoungNAMES STARTING WITH u2

What was your experience like travelling to Bangkok and Pattaya?

I had recently travelled to Bangkok and Pattaya and I had an amazing experience . I feel Thailand is a very friendly state for specially Indians. Buddhism is prevalent in Thailand along with other south east asian countries. Bangkok is cacophonic in terms of traffic and is also polluted to the next level. Shopping at Indira Market is a different ex

Is the USA the most evil government in the world?

No. North Korea is.USA is evil only by Western measures; on global measures, USA is far behind such paradises as Russia, Iran, Afghanistan, Yemen, Syria or any similar Arschloch countries in evil.,Whether USA is more evil than China is a question on itself.

What are the scariest bridges to cross in the United States?

Driving over a bridge can induce serious anxiety in some drivers.,But even those who don't slight at heights might think twice about crossing these terrifying bridges. From a haunted walkway to a passage over an active volcanic fault, here are 10 of the scariest bridges in America.,Seven Mile BridgeIn order to get from Southern Florida to the Keys,

How do I astrologically rectify my birth time?

Rectification of the exact time of birth - Meaning and methods!What is horoscope rectification?,Even those who can answer this, in general, a simple question, may be confused by the following: why is it needed?,Why is it so important to know the time of your birth to the nearest minute?,Without this information, the interpretation of the horoscope

Which shotgun microphone should I get for my Canon 600D?

I had great results with Rode VideoMic Pro. Once you learn to tune it and find the best settings, I feel my results are close to professional, but I do use a good external recorder. If you go straight in to the camera, you results will not be as impressive but you will not need to do a lot more work in post.

What should one expect when moving to Long Island?

Youu2019ve heard about the famous white-sand beaches. And the world-class wineries, fresh local produce, and seafood. Long Island was named one of the worldu2019s top 10 wine regions and boasts top-rated restaurants. Two beaches regularly head Dr. Beachu2019s celebrated Top 10 list. But thereu2019s even more to discover.,Only minutes from Manhattan

What is the probability that the Democrats will lose the House and the Senate in 2022?

Conventional wisdom has been rattling a few cages since Joe Biden was sworn in as President. Democrats are going to lose control of at least the House of Representatives in the 2022 midterms. Right?,Conventional wisdom is rarely turned on its head. That is, until recently.,Still, since January 20th, 2021 many a Republican has said Dems will lose co

What is cyber security example?

Cybersecurity is the protection of internet-connected systems such as hardware, software and data from cyberthreats. The practice is used by individuals and enterprises to protect against unauthorized access to data centers and other computerized systems.,below some examples,,Encryption.Encrypting data in storage, transit and use.,Authentication.,S

What is your opinion on Mac and Cheese?

I think it sounds like a great name for a comedy duo. Mac would be the big, sturdy, beer drinking, straight man while Cheese would be the wise guy or gal. Mac is a solid but lovable conservative and Cheese is somewhere off on the far left. Mac can see a brick wall before he runs into it, while Cheese goes hell for leather over the top, not caring w