What color is the opposite of yellow and why?

If we are going by the color wheel which is typically how people categorize colors(opposites, complimentary, etc.). Then the answer would be purple because it is opposite yellow on the color wheel and thatu2019s not wrong.If talking about by association, then itu2019s different. The answer would be blue because yellow is the most visibly disturbing

If a Sherman 75mm gun fires a high explosive round, how close would it have to land to you for it to be lethal? Also, are there any photos of an HE shell impact?

The 75mm round was based on a artillery gun. Its shell was very thin walled so it put out a large number of shell fragments. It had a kill radius of 20 to 30 meters with a chance for wounds much further out.,https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=http://www.theshermantank.com/wp-content/uploads/75mm-M3-spec-booklet-MK-VI.pdf&ved=2ahUK

Considering the ", "modifiers": {}}, {"text": "list of environmental issues", "modifiers": {"link": {"type": "url", "url": "http:en.wikipedia.orgwikiList_of_environmental_issues"}}}, {"text": ", is science more dangerous to humanity than religion?

The fossil fuel industryu2019s agents in government AKA the Republican Party. They vote the interests of their patrons over those of the American people always, and do everything they can to block any form of legislation / government oversight that tries to protect the planet our children will inherit.,Voting out the GOP at every level should be th

Where can you find a good simple online retirement calculator?

This one s simple however only assumes a 5% return.,Retirement Calculator | How much do you need to retire? | NerdWalletThe right bar does estimate how much you will need.,I like this S&P calculator to see how it does historically.,S&P 500 Return Calculator, with Dividend ReinvestmentIn short 11.5% over the last 35 years.,I'd download this app and

What is a partition wall design?

Open floor plans are known to give a spacious feel to space. However, they take away the privacy element. To reclaim your privacy without compromising the open floor plan in your space can be achieved by partition walls.,The partition walls help in setting up a room within a room. They can be partial walls, open shelves, and fabric dividers. There

How can I fix a Bluetooth headset lagdelay on my Android phone?

Get a different headset or a different phone.,There are a bunch of different CODECs for Bluetooth audio, and most of these CODECs have some latency.,For example, Bluetooth can carry audio over MP3 compression, but compressing that audio in the phone and then decompressing it on the headset takes time - which you hear as lag.,The CODEC youu2019re lo

Does facilitated diffusion carrier require energy?

Facilitated diffusion is the transport of substances across a biological membrane from an area of higher concentration to an area of lower concentration with the help of a transport molecule. Since substances move along the direction of their concentration gradient, chemical energy is not directly required.

What are some examples of excellent customer service for nurses?

I am not a nurse myself but my sisters and a lot of my friends are. Being in the healthcare service industry means the lives of their patients are always their top priority. Customer service will follow thereafter however there are always cases where the patient is stubborn that they overlook their own welfare. Thatu2019s the time nurses throw cust

What is it like flying by yourself for the first time?

With no prior flying experience I soloed on my 5th flight after only 6.5 hours in the Beechcraft T-34 Mentor Oddly enough, I donu2019t really remember anything about the flight while airborne, only just before I launched on my first solo.,I knew my first solo flight was coming about due, but I had no warning. I was caught by surprise. My instructor

Is a diploma holder eligible for the SSC CHSL?

The short answer is yes. Diploma holders are eligible for the SSC CHSL (Staff Selection Commission Combined Higher Secondary Level). Diploma holders can apply for participating in the SSC CHSL recruitment process provided they meet all the other eligibility criteria specified for the SSC CHSL selection process that year.,Note: The eligibility crite

How should a person decide whether he or she needs psychiatrist or psychologist?

Always start with a psychologist unless you are certain you want medication.,I have known and admired many psychiatrists, and was trained in part by great psychiatrists, though Iu2019m a psychologist myself. For much of my career I worked alongside some very good psychiatrists, and I was even clinical director of two multi-specialty mental health c

What are the most annoying things that foreigners do in your country?

Spotted in Indonesia: Beg-packingthe trend of western backpackers busking or begging to fund their travels.,u201cHe is professional beggar, got help as some people collected funds, spend the money on party and continued begging.u201d,Itu2019s bad enough when tourists go on u2018slum toursu2019 in underdeveloped countries and take photos of beggars,

Why are Malaysia and Indonesia different countries?

From the (former) question details:,Considering all that cultural and linguistic similarity between them it seems they are separated just because they were parts of British and Dutch empires... Right?,The short answer is yes, the current border between Indonesia and Malaysia exists because of the Dutch and the Brits. Paradoxically, however, they ar

How do I upload presets to Lightroom mobile?

Unfortunately Lightroom mobile doesnu2019t make it easy to add new presets. Firstly they require that you download the preset in DNG format, then add it to a gallery and finally create a preset from the imported DNG file. Whew.,Hereu2019s an article that helps describe that in more detail,Finally hereu2019s a few free Lightroom presets that you can

How come my Fujifilm Instax Share SP-1 printer doesnu2019t charge?

I am not entirely sure why Quora content review changed Question from SP-2 to SP-1. they are different model,SP-1 requires specific cable to power if you need to run on external power you need to plug that you can get replacement if cable go bad.,Printer itself run in CR2 battery, so it will not charge. You just need to get replacement CR2 battery.

How many calories are there in pineapple juice?

Information like that is easily obtained with an Internet search. I donu2019t think crowdsourcing the information on Quora is the best use of the platform.,Unless this is just a way to score points in Quora for asking questions. Which, I guess thatu2019s OK, but itu2019s not adding value to Quorau2019s warehouse of knowledge.,Since I am already her

Where can I buy office tables and chairs at a good price in India?

The best place to buy the best dining table set is online because you can check lots of the latest styles and designs that too with different material. The biggest advantage of online furniture websites is that they have a wide range of furniture and not just dining tables but you can also buy some other items for your home or office which will com

What can be the best itinerary for a 5 day tour of Thailand?

Thailand is multi destination country which offers various destinations suiting different travel style.,For 5 days 4 Nights I can suggest you 2 options,Options 1: 2 Nights Pattaya 2 Nights Bangkok,Day 1: arrive in Bangkok - transfers to pattaya - Evening Alcazar or tiffany show or visit art in paradise 3D museum.,Day 2: 3 island tour/coral island/N

How do I buy Ethereum?

Would you like to buy Ethereum with credit card instantly? Coinmama has you covered! You can now buy Ether by following three simple steps:,Create Your Coinmama Account,Sign up with Coinmama and create your account in just a few minutes! Click on the confirmation link that will be sent to your email at the end of the registration process.,Get Verif

What is the best way to route multiple locations on Google Maps?

Now you are advertising a u201cnewu201d service to Google maps, you must be getting lots of money. I say u201cnew because it has taken google maps this long to catch up with the rest of the world, they will be introducing a waypoint system for you to plan a route via multiple other destinations. At this time it might be just a simple one, or two wa

What are the 5 healthy low calorie recipes for weight loss?

It is important to eat a nutrient-dense vegetarian diet when you are on a weight loss diet. Make sure you include the following in your diet:1. Whole grains: Include healthy grains like brown rice, quinoa, khapli or farro, millets and couscous.,2. Legumes: There are several healthy options like lentils, kidney beans, soybean, black bean, and chickp

Do countries invest their money in other countries? How?

Absolutely. Any foreign currency accumulated by a government (e.g. by selling oil) that is not converted to domestic currency has to be invested in foreign currency assets. That usually means assets of a foreign country. ,Often the government doesn't want to (immediately) convert the money to domestic currency because of the potential impact on inf