What could happen if a 50-year-old sick asthmatic woman keeps sleeping with her window wide open in winter? Shes also allergic to dogs and sleeps with the dog. Shes been with allergies for three months.

Well, I'm a 45 year old asthmatic woman. I've had asthma ever since my premature birth and I'm allergic against everything, including human proteins.,And yes, two dogs in my bed. You don't want to know which human proteins I can't tolerate, but believe me, I'll never marry.,It is winter. I sleep close to the garden door, which is wide open. We've -

What is the most chilling room ever designed?

Iu2019ve never spoken about this experience, it changed me. The most chilling room was in the Mental Health unit.,Looks like a playroom for children to play? Itu2019s an isolation room, found deep within a mental health facility.,Trying to place words of the experience into a short read, for myself I canu2019t-This photo must have been a brand new

What are some common movie tropes that you know are silly because of your profession?

Let's from being a mechanic/millwright/maintenance planner:,1. Let's fix this old and rusted vehicle and get out of here - Yeah...no. It could take days or weeks to get a vehicle which has been sitting (or buried) to run again. Even then, if you do anything wrong, it might only run for a few minutes or hours and then never run again. Cars, boats an

What are some unique ideas for an inexpensive outdoor wedding reception?

I had my wedding ceremony and reception at our local sportsmanu2019s club. Itu2019s bordered by two lakes and woods so it is very pretty. They have a big cabin with kitchen, bathrooms and a large hall we couldu2019ve used if it had rained. It had plenty of tables and chairs. It was free.

How does Persian sound for non-Persian speakers?

Itu2019s music to my ears. Itu2019s the cry of Persian Kites flying over pitiless deserts. Itu2019s the light reflected off the jewels of the Peacock throne. It is, at once, both the booming proclamation of a Shah and the quiet profession of love of a Persian Shehzadee. We hear Persian and we hear the voice of the fire.,My maternal grandfather spok

Which places are worth all the hype?

Though Iu2019ve traveled a lot, nearly every hyped place Iu2019ve been has been worth it. Call me idealistic, maybe. ;),My list:I agree with Alex Stoll on the first. Machu Picchu, and the hike in on the Inca Trail (despite travel mags telling you itu2019s too trafficked and you should target an alternative route like Salkantay), is pure magic. What

How do I repair my credit report?

Increase your credit limitsCredit card companies give each borrower a credit limitu2014denoting the maximum amount that can be spent before paying off at least some of the balance. Depending on the credit card and your creditworthiness, your credit limit might be a few hundred or a few thousand dollars. If you ask your creditor to increase your cre

Why do Jehovahs Witnesses refer to God as Jehovah when that name was invented by Catholic Raymundus Martini in 1270AD and did not exist before that?

The Watchtower clearly knows that the name u2018Jehovahu2019 was derived by the Jewish Catholic monk (Raymundus Martini) by inserting some vowels into YHWH. Now, doesnu2019t that clearly mean they know that Jehovah is not the true name of the Almighty God?Note: The original question has been edited and/or merged. Some of my response may seem off in

My laptops screen changes color when I plug an external monitor. The laptops screen becomes washed out as if I increased the contrast. This is on windows 11. Does anyone know how to prevent this from happening?

Iu2019ve got a few guesses:,When you plug in the external monitor your system goes to mirrored mode, so the laptop screen moves to a different resolution which is not a very good fit for the display. Sometimes the drivers, when scaling a resolution, make guesses on what to put on the pixels, and they do not do a very good job.,Same as 1 but your re

Cooking: ", "modifiers": {}}, {"text": "What is the recipe for garlic bread?

This is my way, which seems to go down well with family and friends. Have your oven heated to around 350 - 375 degrees F. This variance is because I usually have a baked pasta or lasagne that's just come out if the oven.,Take a quarter up of good olive oil, and mix it with half a cup of soft butter. Mix in three or four minced garlic cloves, a tabl

Who made the rose window of Notre Dame?

The rose window of Nu00f4tre Dame Cathedral was created by the architect Jean de Chellas during the years of 1250u20131260.,Most of the original 13th century glasswork is still intact (this being before the burning. I believe the window was not touched during that horrid day).,Jean de Chellas is also credited with the creation of the south end of t

What are the most clichu00e9d answers on Quora?

Q1- Do you have a pretty smile?Answer- Yes, of course.,This is a candid photo which was shot by my friend.,Actually thereu2019s a story behind this photo. So my boyfriend left me. That day I forgot how to smile. A few days later my photographer friend called me and asked me to get ready for a photoshoot. I immediately got ready as I needed new phot

What are some DIY crafts for home decor?

Clarification on the question would be helpful. By u201cbest,u201d do you mean, the best return on your investment, or easiest to do?,Updating kitchens and bathrooms give you the highest return on the money you spend. From the simple u2014 such as new faucets, to the complicated u2014 like tiling a backsplash or shower, changing out the cabinets or

Will people someday use only a smartphone but not a laptop?

According to an article in Wired, that day was sometime in 2017. But I think they were a bit behind reality on that oneu2026 Iu2019d bet that some people had moved substantially to their smartphone as their primary computing device, if not only one, before the article was written.,For others, the phone will never replace a u201creal computeru201du2

Which typically offers a better currency exchange rate: a currency exchange or a bank?

My experience in London is that banks and other broad-based financial retailers (building societies, the Post Office and so on) tend to offer markedly poorer terms than specialist ForEx providers, but a number of other factors dictate the rates offered by both parties, most important of which appears to be how urgent your requirement for ForEx appe

How do I shoot great selfies?

Instagram: arielemily97,Heres some tips!,Put the camera outstretched and high! Men are generally attracted to shorter women so a downward angled picture gives males the impression that a women is beautiful. Having a higher vantage point will also prevent double chins! Heightened angled photos flatter both women and men because they show off collarb

Where can you park and sleep in your car in San Francisco?

Okay my dude. You are hearing it from a guy whos done it.! But get this i live in a car on the san francisco penninsula for over 6 months! So you are hearing it from a guy with experience Listen to me nobody else okay? i actually did it and loved it to fufill my dream of living in california and going to college there and even working there. I actu

How good are the workshops organized by Pixavince Creations on photography?

I am Rohit from Sangli doing commercial photography for last 4 years. I have joined 2 Months Professional Photography Course at Pixavince creations to learn advance lighting setups and use my camera at it's best. My purpose is fulfilled, now I am confident about handling studio lights creatively. I have also learn fashion, portrait, landscape and f

Which is the best free stock photo website?

For 5 years I have used 1000u2019s stock images from multiple sites. These sites are too much helpful for marketers or designers. But the problem that started slowly is the same photo has been used by millions of websites or creators which affects the search ranking.,So the trick that I have discovered is when you search for any image, the change t

Is Googles password manager just as safe as Bitwardens?

Bitwarden is a highly secure password manager that is significantly less expensive than similar products. Bitwarden is an open-source product with local data storage, which security-conscious users can appreciate.,The Google password manager protects your password with cutting-edge protection technology. It eliminates the need to recall or repeat p