What are typical key performance indicators for a web product?

Below are a few different tools you can use to do so, but youu2019ll have to use your own judgment to decide which to apply. ,Input vs. Output Metrics. Input metrics measure the inflow of users into your feature. Output metrics measure the value created by your feature on the other end. By measuring both, you are able to distinguish whether gains i

What is something rich people buy that poor people know nothing about?

If you have any suggestions for additions to this list, please comment below. While itu2019s probably the best of such lists anywhere on the web, there must be items missing.,Look for updates. I will be reaching to high net worth friends and a few people with close friends who are billionaires.,Watch winders - Expensive mechanical watches (Rolex, P

In the US, what are considered to be unhealthy foods?

I live in upstate New York, home of the infamous u201cGarbage plate.u201dThere are many variations but it basically consists of,u2022 your choice of two hamburgers or two hotdogs,u2022 macaroni salad, don't let the u201csaladu201d confuse you it is pasta and mayo,u2022 ground beef,u2022 cheese,u2022 baked beans,u2022 ketchup, mustard, mayo,u2022 tw

What do pirates look like?

Just look in a mirror thats what pirates look like no peg leg and parrot no eye patch. Thats Hollywood.

What parts of American history are forgotten by most people?

In the early 1970s, domestic terrorist bombings in the United States were so common, the attacks rarely made national headlines.,Over forty years later, this stunning fact is barely mentioned in modern coverage of terrorist bloodshed.,In Bryan Burroughu2019s fascinating 2015 book Days of Rage, he chronicles the rise of left-wing radicals that raine

What is the symbolism of pastel blue and gold ornate on the Winter Palace?

None.,The Winter Palace was originally painted in light ocher, to mimic the Mediterranean marble architecture. Variation of ocher were used for most later paint jobs on its outer walls. During WW2 it became grey, in order to look as inconspicuous as possible.,After WW2, they decided to repaint it in something more joyous. A committee opted for a co

What will be the best gift for your girlfriendwife on your anniversary?

This is incredibly dependent on who she is and who you are as well. The best gift for me would be an evening out that involved lots of physical contact between us, and public displays of affection - this works because I am an extrovert, an exhibitionist, and my primary love language is touch.,You need to know your girlfriend well enough to know wha

I was thinking about selling full cooked Thanksgiving meals just to start. The meal will include slow roasted turkey breast, glazed ham with all the sides well 7 sides. How much do you suggest I charge?

The best bet, (I was co-owner of a restaurant for several years), is to calculate your cost for the raw materials, then add 34% to that. Your profit margin should always be over 1/3 of your cost or more.,If youu2019re doing this yourself and have very little overhead, such as building, utilities, advertising, staff, etc., you can make a decent prof

Why was the Great Wall of China built?

Letu2019s look at maps first.,1. 400 mm rain drop line,The border between light green and pale yellow is 400 mm rain drop line.,2. How Great Wall goes,A sharp eyed reader would easily discover that the Great Wall goes on the 400 mm line! Ok, roughly, but generally the same. We learned from middle school that 400mm is the minimum for crops growing i

How do I download LIC premium payment receipt?

Two ways-,1- Ask your Insurance Advisor to send pdf receipt or screenshot of premium received from his Customer Relationship Manager to your email id.,2- Register yourself at LIC India website, pay/view/download premium and generate receipts or old payments.,Thanks !

Whats a good vegan breakfast in bed to make for my mother?

You can make a nice tofu scramble with plenty of veggies, or use sweetened silken tofu as a filling in home made blintzes, with fresh berries cooked into a sauce. You can make a variation on avocado toast, adding your own herbs to the mix to make it special. You can dress up a bowl of oatmeal with fresh fruit and coconut cream, or you can make coco

How do you bake home-made biscuits?

If you mean American biscuits like scones, check this simple recipe Self-Rising BiscuitsIf youu2019re from India and by biscuits you mean cookies, do let me know so that I can share my cookie recipes :),Thanks for A2A!,EDIT after Questioneru2019s reply:Here are some simple recipes you can try.,Butter CookiesIngredients:All Purpose Flour (Maida) - 1

How do I make cream sauce for pasta?

I love to use heavy cream for pasta sauces but am usually too guilty. Depending on the other ingredients, I usually make a roux, either with unsalted butter or olive oil, and use it to thicken stock, with wine added. If I am making a shrimp pasta, with frozen, uncooked shrimp, I let them defrost on the counter and add the melt liquid. Shrimp give u

How can you create a digital signature online for free?

Take a look at signatures by people who were taught cursive - often illegible scrawls. Seems you only need to make a distinctive u2018hand spasmu2019 to achieve it.,Seriously, a lot of signatures hardly have a single intelligible letter.

How are passive and active transport different?

The answers already given are mostly right, I just want to clarify/expand a bit. While passive transport does not require energy (well, it does, but the energy is provided without the cell having to contribute, most often by a concentration gradient of the given compound), active transport requires energy provided by the cell. But, there are differ

What is the cheapest good honeymoon destination outside of India?

Well it depends upon your taste.. If you want some peaceful time and you are nature lover then you can go to Bhutan.. It's a cheap destination and you don't even need any visa to go there.. Bhutan is the happiest country in Asia and very peaceful too..There are two cities one is paro other is thimpu and the nature is at its best over there.you can

Which smartwatch has SpO2?

I Will show you 5 Smartwatches with Spo2 Support and Comes under 5K and Weu2019ll start with the best smartwatch under 3k in India.If you want a budget smartwatch with all the necessary features then you need to check these 5 smartwatches right now.,Note: All Smartwatches in this list Supports Blood oxygen level monitoring (SPo2).,1. Fire Boltt spo

What are your most difficult recipes, as a chef?

Thomas Kelleru2019s Ratatouille in Disney's RatatouilleWhen Brad Bird's Pixar/Disney film Ratatouille was released in 2007, I was overwhelmed with buzz. Seldom has any movie gotten so unanimous a lovefest u2013 Rotten Tomatoes gave it a critical 97%, with an audience rating of 100%. Even in the food world, there was a passionate response u2013 "The

What are some awesome examples of simple yet innovative designs?

Innovative design in Visiting CardsCheese Shop's Grater CardButcher's Cleaver CardsDivorce Lawyer's Separating CardPilates Studio's Flexible Figure CardsFilmmaker's Movie Ticket CardsCommunications Expert's Coaster CardsEvent Planner's Zig Zag Ribbon CardFlorist's Flower Bouquet CardsPainter's Paint Chip Cards (My fav design)Clothing Store's Coat H

Which country is cheap for Indians to visit as a tourist?

a. Thailand u2013 1 THB = 2.14 INR (as of November '18),A budget traveler's haven, is exactly what Thailand is. Bangkok maybe a bit more expensive than other places compared to in SE Asia, but the country's accommodating locals, wide range of stay options, cheap delicious food and an effective transport system, puts it high in the list of a budget

What are the main studies used to show that there is a gender pay gap?

Surveys, census, and federal economic data are where the statistics for the wage gap are produced. Studies interpret that data and/or experiment using it and other factors to produce explanatory models or test hypothesis about that data.,The wage gap is diagnosed at a national level, not at the level of a study, which usually either uses the nation

What obstacles are in the way of eliminating desk jobs?

quite frankly, the technology is not there yet to "jack-in". I would suggest reading (or listening to the audio book version as read by Wil Wheaton) the book "ready player one", as the virtual technology described is completely within the realm of possibility of our own future.,Presently, the best we can hope for is using Dragon NaturallySpeaking w

What profession or occupation does Hollywood always portray incorrectly?

The Architect.,100% of the time Hollywood portrays the Architect as a person capable of supporting a family of four while paying the mortgage for a house of his/her own design/construction while driving a nice car (BMW/Mercedes/Lexus) and being able to go out to fancy dinners with his/her spouse and attend functions that require tuxedos. Aforementi

What powerful knowledge have you learnt from just a photo?

This stunning photo of the moon accompanies an ABC article which includes some powerful knowledge regards what will occur tonight over Australia. Enjoy.,Partial lunar eclipse will make Moon look almost 'ghostly' over most of Australia tonight. By Genelle WeulePartial lunar eclipses don't usually go as red as a total lunar eclipse. It will look much

What is the best BBQ rib place in the Bay Area?

I don't have enough experience to say which is the best, but Uncle Frank's BBQ in Mountain View was really good. They are now closed (I tried to order last night). According to Jeffrey Yip, there was a kitchen fire.,They are still available Friday through Sunday at Quarter Note Bar and Grill:1214 Apollo WaynSunnyvale, CA 94085nPhone: (408) 732-2110

Is it true that in Japan, women are looked down upon?

Another answer already highlighted atrocious gender pay gap in Japan, which is currently ranked 105th out of 145 countries. Aside from South Korea which has similar social dynamic at 115th, no other developed countries comes at this shocking low rank.,Also, if you are foreigner living in Japan, and invited to a social or work gathering, you will us